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"Weak? Stronger, I say, for I resisted the temptations you could not."

My take on the white alternate-universe version of Makuta for BBC Contest 78. One of the few interesting details that I enjoyed out of the serials otherwise ranging from forgettable to dreadful was the idea of an alternate good-aligned Makuta, and the ultimately canon depiction of him by BZP's own ToM Dracone was the best design there ever was out of the canonized MOCs. Given those, it seemed fitting to make him for the contest, as both standout moments for the story and BZP itself. Naturally, the build is based heavily on both the classic canonized version of him as well as the original Makuta set.


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Very cool (and I'm very envious of your pearl gold Kraahkan as well, I have the dark gold one as well, but I always liked pearl gold a little more personally). You did a good job with the warhammer, and the color scheme is very accurate to the original model. Very well done!



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Saw this recently and I gotta say I love it. Such a clean and smooth moc. I really don't see enough melded Teridax mocs around. However this makes up for the lack of them. Great job.


"I believe in certainties. The strength of my limbs, the power of my mask, the sharp edges of my blades — that is what I build my plans around. Trickery, deception, complex strategies, they are for the weak! If you want power, and another has it, you get it not by outwitting him — you get it by stepping over his corpse." Makuta Icarax


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