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Toa Mata, Turaga, Rahkshi, and more for Sale

Nick Silverpen

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Hello! Time to downsize the collection a little. I have the following for sale: 



Completed turaga $5 apiece obo 




Matau x2




Vakama $1

Nokama and Nuju $3 obo 


Mctoran 2$ obo 




Toa Mata $7 apiece obo 



Pohatu x2



Incomplete Lewa 6$


Incomplete and mismatched Nui Jaga: $10



Korahk no krana $6 obo

Levahk no krana $6 obo 

Korahk va $2 obo



Bohrok Kal $6 obo

Korahk Kal 

Parahk Kal 

Levahk and Galohk Kal— incomplete/parts swapped— $4 apiece 


Toa Nuva: $6 apiece for completes 

Kopaka Nuva

Onua nuva 

Pohatu Nuva


4$ for part swaps/ incompletes 

Gali Nuva 

Onua Nuva 

Tahu Nuva

Lewa Nuva



Rahkshi: All are 5$, most are missing pieces or parts swapped out. 



Toa Whenua no brainstalk $7


Vahki—all vahki are $6 apiece 

Incomplete bordahk is 4



Incomplete Kongu Mahri $5


2008: incomplete Tanma: $3 obo 


Masks: 50 cents apiece 

Bag of parts featuring Rahkshi, Bohrok, 03 Matoran parts, various armor and limbs: make me an offer or ask to see if I have certain parts 



03 Find the Power Live the Legend book: $3 obo


Imgur Link for you to see the inventory:




If possible I'd like to sell the bags of pieces in bulk. 

Thanks and hopefully you guys want something from this! 

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Updated inventory for trade/sell
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I may be interested in the bohrok shields you have, especially the colored pahrak shields.

Bazinga! I've been a Bionicle Fan since early 2015 and have been aware of it since 2008. Was a bit late to the party due to my age, but that doesn't matter now. Looking for krana and sealed G1 sets at below market value if possible, (otherwise it'll be a few years before I care to collect sets I don't care as much about) Bohrok Kal and Krana Kal Mask Pack sets are ones I am particularly looking for atm.

I go by Nektann or Marcato usually online.

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