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Hello!!!! I haven't been on here in about 8-9 years!!

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Hi! I used to frequent this board around 2012ish when I was around 10/11 and it was my first online community, and I'm heading to uni in September and I wanna reminisce and catch up :D I wonder if anyone remembers me? I used to go helryx280, I remember at the time that I was the youngest active member of the community I think? Crazy to see some of you guys are still around!


P̴̡͘r̛̕a̵͟i̷͞s͢͠é̴̢̛̕ ̛͡t̴̶̨͞h͢҉̶e̢͟ ̸̢͢͠R͢é̷͏̶d̸͘͞ ̴͟͡͏͞a͞n̶̛̕̕҉d̶͠͞͞ ̶̡̧B̷̛l̀҉a҉̢́͟c̕͠k̢͠ ̶̸̡͟͢Ģ͞͝͏͝ó̕d̛͢͢͡͠.̧҉.̷̧̛͟͞.̀҉̴

Minecraft username: furno5943

3DS Friend code: 5043 2524 8032

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Hi, welcome back. I can't say I really remember you too well, but I do remember your signature for sure if nothing else.

By the way, we do have an official topic for these types of things over in general discussion. Alternatively, blog privileges have been extended to all members in the time since you've been gone, so feel free to make use of that too.

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