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2001-2003 masks looking to trade/buy


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Looking to trade for certain kanohi, mostly the nuva versions.


I have masks, krana (va and kal), and sets (both loose and sealed) for trade. Dm me to setup a deal. I will update the thread in a while to show off more of my collection for trade. Picture below is what I am looking for.


Update #1: All masks obtained, copper komau has not arrived yet but has been purchased.




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1 hour ago, doodleloot said:

Hey, I have a spare protodermic Akaku Nuva. I'm personally still looking for a bunch of Kanohi Nuva, including the protodermic Kaukau and Pakari, but also a whole bunch of standard colored ones.

I think I will save the protodermic kanohi for the end, they are really expensive and I still have so many I need to collect as it is.

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I own one of the transparent Mirus, but I don't know if I'd part with it.

Bazinga! I've been a Bionicle Fan since early 2015 and have been aware of it since 2008. Was a bit late to the party due to my age, but that doesn't matter now. Looking for krana and sealed G1 sets at below market value if possible, (otherwise it'll be a few years before I care to collect sets I don't care as much about) Bohrok Kal and Krana Kal Mask Pack sets are ones I am particularly looking for atm.

I go by Nektann or Marcato usually online.

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I have some more sets to offer.



Super Robot (dreambuilder/finalfighter/last warrior/masters of disaster) "Vahki" - 20 dollars (I have a few)

Image 1 - Bionicle Knock-Off Super Robot

Bela/Alien in the Bank gen 1 bootlegs - dm for prices


Mutran and Vican - sealed - 250 sold

Nidhiki/Turaga Dume - sealed - 150 each sold



Various Krana - Normal/Va/Kal - dm for trade or prices.



If I have anything else I will reply again. I also have 2 1 sealed Pohatu Nuva, sealed Kopaka Nuva,4 2 sealed Bomonga, a sealed inika hewkii, a sealed kiina, and a sealed kongu tohunga polybag that I forgot to take pictures of. I might have some 01 kanohi recolors but I can't find them now so will update when I find those.

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