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BZPRPG - Ko-Wahi

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IC: Sir Dahkapa (Sanctum)

There she went. Dahkapa turned to face Joskander. "So, that wasn't too bad, was it? At least, I hope so."

He sighed, feeling tension leaving his body. Now there was little more they could do besides wait. In his mind, he prayed to Ak'rei'an so he would be allowed to learn more about Him.

OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)

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IC: Vakua - Ko-Koro Sanctum, Akiri's Office

The De-Toa coughed, clearing his throat as though he were about to talk. It was a quiet sound, but it overcame the small office; possibly because all other sounds were drowned out; matoran walking in the hallway, the wind outside, the hiss of Tarkahn's disassembled machinery, for a moment it was gone, replaced with an expansive stillness. Slowly, the quiet background noise returned, becoming a dull roar in comparison.

"I trust the Dasaka," Vakua signed, spelling the foreign term phonetically, "Out of all of us, I've been direct mind-to-mind communication with several of them. Individually, they're not so different than us; I think we need to treat them in equal measure as long as they remain our guests. Instead, we should reserve our worries for the Makuta."

He of course hadn't been on Mata Nui the last time the Rahkshi tore across the island, but unlike any of the other Kalta, he had seen the memories of those who had; madness and cruelty beyond measure. Even in the relative warmth of Tarkahn's office in his cold weather gear, the thought of touching the wretched mind of one of the beasts almost made him shiver.

OOC: @Visaru @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl @The UltimoScorp

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