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Happy 10th anniversary, Savage Planet! :)


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Hi, guys. Today is the 10th anniversary of the summer 2011 story arc called Savage Planet, when its two-part TV special was aired on Nicktoons on September 5, 2011. The story arc is about six members of the Alpha 1 Team, Stormer, Furno, Bulk, Stringer, Nex, and a new rookie named Daniel Rocka fighting against a new tall and monstrous skeleton-based villain called the Witch Doctor, who was an ex-teacher from the Hero Factory organization named Aldous Witch and is obsessed with collecting and using Quaza, and his army of mind-controlled techno-organic animals to save a jungle planet called Quatros (the place could give you what Bota Magna from Bionicle 2001-2010 looks like). 

It’s all started after the villains from the Ordeal of Fire arc in 2011 were defeated, Aldous was trying to use the Quaza, the thing that is used to make the Heroes’ Hero Cores, to supercharge himself because he is interested in it, but Stormer stopped him, and Aldous was exiled as a result. He went to Quatros, where its core is sustained by a large amount of a special kind of Quaza to keep the planet healthy. Mining Quaza in the place is illegal because of that fact about the core, but Aldous collected a corrupted piece of Quaza and a skull from a mysterious and ancient temple. When he created a staff of these things, it turned into into the evil monster called the Witch Doctor, who uses the staff to become powerful. He put corrupted Quaza on four species of animals in the planet and then uses his staff to mind-control them. It’s like how Makuta Teridax from Bionicle 2001-2010 mind-controls many species of Rahi with his Infected Kanohi masks (this similarity was to celebrate Bionicle’s 10th anniversary during the time?). The species of animals are Fangz, Waspix, Raw-Jaw, and Skorpio. He collects the Quaza from the core to make an evil army, and doing so is hurting the planet. 

The Heroes got new animal-based armor and weapons, and they are called Heroes 3.0 because of them. Their armor gives them the abilities of the animals, and they wear them to adapt to the planet. This is the last set wave to use numbers, sadly, when Breakout, Brain Attack, and Invasion From Below should have used 4.0-6.0. I was also expecting the coming years to do a similar tread with the six heroes in the early and late 2011 story arcs, but there’s inconsistency. At least I was happy with Breakout having all nine heroes in a way. Anyway, the story arc also introduced Heroes’ “XL forms”, which are Hulk-sized forms similar to Takanuva in 2008. In this story arc, Rocka is the first to have that. Speaking of Rocka, his design is based on Furno, and he wants to be like Furno. Stormer, Furno, and Rocka are basically the main protagonists of Hero Factory. His first name was unknown until Leto decided to have Daniel as his first name officially, right? Wished Lego could have said it right away, like how the other heroes happened. 

The story arc ended when Rocka XL and Stormer defeated the Witch Doctor by destroying his staff while the other heroes removed the Doctor’s animal servants by removing their corrupted Quaza to free them. Furno then returned the core’s stolen Quaza back to it to save the planet from dying. The Doctor is affected for his crimes. According to a guide book, Nex was looking for something that rumors were talking about, but there weren’t. He fought a snake, and that was about it. Weird. Anyway, the leader of the Hero Recon Team, Merrit Fortis, got upgraded with the 3.0 armor and was exploring Quatros a little bit. Nothing much from there, either. Weird. Hero Factory FM never continued since the Ordeal of Fire story arc. 

As for the sets, they are good for the most part. Some of the Heroes and WD have weapons for hands, though, and Stringer has uneven forearms. Bulk has a flimsy design on his wrist blades. WD is the tallest HF set in general, but he has a wonky design. I mean, there’s an asymmetrical waist and stiff joints here and there when the set tried to be giant. For my favorite sets, I love Nex, Furno, Waspix, Skopio, and Rocka XL the best because Nex has a weapon on his forearm, which most his friends don’t have, Furno looks awesome, Waspix has four arms, wings, and a stinger, Skorpio is an intimidating scorpion, and Rocka XL looks awesome with his spiky design. :) 

The episodes are good, as it shows a rivalry between Furno and Rocka, Rocka trying to be like Furno, and I love the fight with Waspix and Skopio, and final battle the best. :) It’s pity that Surge, Breez, and Evo missed out. Breez could have tried to talk to these animals. :( It’s quite interesting that Nex said that he loves her, even though that Natalie doesn’t have any romantic relationships with any Hero. 

There are two online games that the story arc is known for, Mission: Savage Planet and Jungle Crushers. They are good games. :) Sadly, we never had new installments from these things. Well, we have the Breakout online game in 2012, which is a very great game. 

So, what do you guys think of the story arc? Happy 10th anniversary to it! :)

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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On 9/5/2021 at 9:39 PM, Lenny7092 said:

There are two online games that the story arc is known for, Mission: Savage Planet and Jungle Crushers. They are good games. :) Sadly, we never had new installments from these things. Well, we have the Breakout online game in 2012, which is a very great game. 

I would do anything to get more if those games, especially the Mission ones. Before I was able to upgrade to a computer that could actually run "proper" games, Mission: Von Nebula was my favourite game (after MNOG, of course. :) ).

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