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Taka Nuvia

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Turns out I never shared this, only had it as a banner for months. Whoops. Anyway, I'm fairly happy with how this turned out, so I felt it merits its own topic, for a change.

This was entirely experimtental, painted with gouache over a pencil sketch. I always liked the whole mood of the Vahki era.

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fixed a typo ^^'
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 My art collection topic - updated! (21/09/2021)

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Purely spellbinding! Aw, every one of your works is more than topic-worthy-they are gallery-worthy! The implied motion brings the scene to life and makes it feel as though one's been transported into the painting! I adore the gentle purple details and the subtle U-shaped vignette effect of the darker colors. Also feels very fitting for the season! :D

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IMG_0692.GIF.3309bb29bcc7460f3b8786a87af44771.GIF Member-Made Emote Topic IMG_0693.GIF.e0e3371af529fa2449b443e99300a8b5.GIF

Mush art thanks to @Bambi




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