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The LEGO Group is Ready for Girls

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Earlier today, The LEGO Group shared a press release stating that girls are ready to overcome gender norms but society continues to enforce biases that hamper their creative potential. The release shares the results of a study conducted with the Geena Davis Institute into the biases that still pervade society when it comes to gender roles and career paths for men and women. It's very clear that there's still a lot of work to be done in this area to break down the barriers and create equal opportunities for all. In an effort to help with this, the company is kicking off its Ready for Girls campaign and have, "developed a fun 10-step guide and invite parents to share photos of their child's LEGO creations against a pre-defined AR backdrop featuring the words 'Get the World Ready for Me'." Every little bit helps, so it's great to see The LEGO Group adding their resources to the effort!

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Interesting, I don't know if there is any true way to prove why the disparity in roles happens, but I would be excited to see the results of what happens regardless of the outcome.

Bazinga! I've been a Bionicle Fan since early 2015 and have been aware of it since 2008. Was a bit late to the party due to my age, but that doesn't matter now. Looking for krana and sealed G1 sets at below market value if possible, (otherwise it'll be a few years before I care to collect sets I don't care as much about) Bohrok Kal and Krana Kal Mask Pack sets are ones I am particularly looking for atm.

I go by Nektann or Marcato usually online.

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