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Johnny Thunder and the Amulet of Wisdom! (PG-13)


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This is a fanfic I started yesterday, based on a plot me and my brother made over a decade ago that I happened to write down.  I have all the chapters more-or-less planned out, and it looks like there will be 9-10 chapters.   Items of note is that it's a very odd take on the characters, but every event of the Adventurers toylines, Lego Racers 2, and Lego Island 1-3 happened in the years those things were released (so between 1997 and 2003).  The story picks up (after some flashbacks) two weeks after the end of the Orient Expedition in 2003 and John Marten from the Red Dead Redemption video game exists here as well.  There are multiple new villains my brother and I created , that are very simple ideas; Elliot Jackhammer carries a jackhammer as a weapon, Spaceman Stu is an astronaut-turned-mercenary, Robo Man is a dude with a robot arm, and Brute Guy (with no sleeves) is exactly what he sounds like. I hope someone finds some enjoyment in this little story!

Here is the review topic: 





A beautiful green pasture expanded before him.  He blinked twice, looked around and couldn’t believe it.  He noticed something and hurriedly put his hand to his eye; both eyes were intact.  He blinked again, numerous times, and then realized he hadn’t hit his own face with a claw.  He stood up from the cool ground and let the sunlight hit him face-on.  For a distance in front of him there was only the grass, golden in the sun, with spots of green, and a cool breeze sending shimmers through the blades that glistened with the sun.  He relished in the gusts gently washing over his body, holding out his hand and feeling sensation in it for the first time in years.  

Slowly he realized he knew just where he was.  A while out in front of him, past the pasture and past a small bit of sand, was the Phanta Sea.  He was on Sandy Bay, the second home he ever knew.  He looked around, suddenly realizing his friend should be meeting him here soon.  Yes, it was just after nine in the morning.  Where was he?!

He heard a rustling from behind him, the direction of the town. He turned around and saw his friend, Little Johnny Thunder, running toward him.  Tears in his eyes.  The golden, glowing pasture began to lose some of its shine.  Little Johnny neared him and gave him a hage hug.

“Sam! Sam! I’m sorry I’m late! I got detention again!” He was crying on Sam's shoulder now, and Sam pushed him off.

“It’s okay, Johnny, now that you’re here we can play!” The two looked out at the large field in front of them.  The sunlight was growing darker, and the grass was no longer shining like it was before. Sam looked back to Johnny who was covered in shadows even though they weren’t under a tree nor was there a cloud in the sky.  This wasn’t right.  This wasn’t how this day went; it was sunny the whole time!  They played until it got dark! Why was it going so wrong so fast?

Then the dread set in.  He grew angry at Johnny for taking away the light, taking away the warmth and sunshine.  He didn’t want Johnny there anymore but any time he tried to run away from him, he was still right there.  Any time he tried to do something without him, Johnny was suddenly barely behind him.  Then he woke up.

He had been knocked unconscious just a couple moments earlier; he could tell by the blood on his head that he was hit with a brick. Maybe multiple bricks.  He looked around and felt the stinging pain shoot down his spin. There was so much blood he was surprised he became conscious at all. He stood up and started to hear the faint sounds of crashing debris and he realized it wasn’t coming from just one spot, but all around him.  He remembered again; the second time today he realized where he was and what was going on, and he hoped this wasn’t the last, because his world was crumbling way faster than last time.

He saw an exit from the building collapsing around him and got to his feet.  Dashing toward the hole in the wall, he hoped he wasn’t too late; after everything, he wasn’t going to die here, in the destroyed Dragon Temple.  He looked to his left while running and saw Emperor Chang Wu’s body under multiple layers of bricks.  Last Sam Sinister remembered, Chang Wu had been beaten by Jing Lee along with multiple guards of his and was laying on the floor, and Sam was attempting to outrun a statue come to life.  Johnny Thunder must have uncovered the Golden Dragon, which set into motion the destruction of the temple itself.  No doubt a failsafe Marco Polo put in when he created the temple years ago, long before Chang Wu took it over.

Sam finally made it to the hole in the wall just in time.  He jumped through it and landed on the other side just as the doorway collapsed.  He looked up and saw the sun again. He looked behind him as he stood up and saw that the entire building was about to crumble, and there was no way off the balcony he found himself on.  He heard the sound of a rumbling engine and squinted to see down the dirt road that led to this temple; Johnny Thunder and his horrible friends were careening down the road in their beat up car, with the Golden Dragon itself in the back seat. 

Johnny and Pippin were in the front seats laughing and joking and barely paying attention to the road.  Dr. Kilroy was in the back hanging onto the Dragon, almost falling out of the vehicle, but he was as jubilant as the others, laughing and yelling along with them.  How could they be so happy while he suffered so. 


And before he could finish his sentence, the temple gave way beneath him, and he screamed as darkness shrouded his mind once more.




Johnny Thunder was always at the top of his game; whether he was just waking up or had been awake for hours or was mourning the death of his grandfather soon after his graduation, he never let himself slip in any way.  He was proud of this fact, and thought he had accomplished much due to this state of mind.  But nothing could prepare him for what lay ahead, what lay on the perilous trek of obtaining the Amulet of Wisdom.  But on the other side of that coin, Sam Sinister was the most well-prepared he had ever been for the journey that lay ahead…


Sam Sinister walked along the road leading to the Brickolini’s Pizzeria, skipping and jubilant.  Snap Lockett looked over and grimaced, clearly upset at seeing him there.  

“Mondo bummer, bro,  what the heck is Mr. Hates doing here?”

“Mind your business, you simpleton!” Sinister screamed across the street.  “And that alias is two years out of date!  I’m going by my real name now!”

“-Face?” Pepper Roni, skateboarding by, yelled out as he passed.  He attempted to hit Sinister but he stepped out of the way just in time.  “Whatever,” Pepper added over his shoulder once he was well passed.  He kept going, probably delivering a pizza or something else unimportant.  Not nearly as important as what Sinister was about to do.  He was about to finally end the life of Johnny Thunder.  And make the most important discovery he’d ever made.  

He finally arrived at the Pizzeria and Mama Brickolini greeted him. “Hello! Why, you look a-very familiar!”

“Quiet, wench!  I require a pizza!  Two, maybe!” Sinister said as he entered the building, spotting the table with the guests he invited to this location for a meeting.  

“That’ll be eight dollars!’ Mama said, holding her hand out for the money.  Sinister started rummaging through his multiple pockets but found no bills.  He walked over to the table with his colleagues. “Anyone got eight bucks?”

Spaceman Stu, Brute Guy (with no sleeves), Jackhammer, and Robo Man all looked up then, surprised to see him and even more surprised to see that he was asking them for money.  

“Didn’t you ask us here?  Shouldn’t you pay?” Robo Man asked.  He tensed up and had his arm ready to punch Sinister if need be.  

“Make no mistake, I have plenty of money, let alone all of the checks to pay you all with once we come to an agreement,” Sinister started saying, sweating and clearly lying, until his sister stepped out of the shadows.

“Here’s the money for some pizza.”  Alexis Sinister handed Mama Brickolini the bills with an arm Sam Sinister didn’t recognize.  It was large, bulky, clearly difficult to use, and the money was being held with a weak suction at the end of what appeared to be a barrel of a large weapon that took the place of her hand.  Sam looked at the arm up and down and finally met eyes with his sister.

“What happened to you?” he asked, astonished and visibly delighted at her transformation. 

“Like you don’t know,” she said, “After you abandoned me on Dino Island I had to adapt.  After being injured...I built this, using pieces of racers that had crashed there.”

“It’s remarkable!  How powerful is the weapon?!”

“SINISTER! Why did you call us all here?!” Brute Guy (with no sleeves) yelled, fuming.  “We all came here with little warning because you promised good pay and a way to get back at Johnny Thunder.  How do you plan on doing that?!”

Sinister took a moment to sit down and look around the table, a way to assert a little bit of dominance if he could at this point.  He had to back track, gain back some the footing he knew he used to have with the criminal underworld.  He needed all of this to pan out, and he knew it would.  He had no doubt he would make them all rich once this was all over.  It was just a matter of going through the motions and getting to that point where he could share the wealth.  

“My friends, I--”

“Most of us barely know you,” Robo Man said.

“I’ve never even met you,” Jackhammer said.

“Ah, but your reputation precedes you!” Sinister said. “All of yours do!  You’re the best of the best.  Robbers, globe-trotters, assassins.  There isn’t one of you I would trust.  And that’s exactly why I called you all here.  I have a fool-proof plan to kill Johnny Thunder, once and for all.”

Mama Brickolini perked up from her piano. 

“We’re going to lure him to Technician Bob’s space shuttle… where a bomb is waiting for him.”

“How do you know he’ll be correctly lured?!  What do you have as bait?” Robo Man asked.  The others seemed to be getting angry, glaring at Sinister. “If this doesn’t work Thunder will be after all of us!”

“It will work!  I swear it!” Sinister cried.  He needed to work on sounding confident.  “I sent Thunder a note, from myself, that his partner and best friend Pippin Reed has been captured and brought to Technician Bob’s lab.  Once he arrives,  I will activate the bomb.  In fact…”  Sinister looked out the window and saw Johnny Thunder heading in the direction of the Space Station.  He went to the window and watched as  Johnny disappeared from sight.   He took out a pair of binoculars and watched.  The others were ducking under the table at this point, hopeful Johnny didn’t notice them as he walked by. 

Apparently he hadn’t, and Sinister watched as Johnny, halfway across the island on top of Space Mountain, boarded the space shuttle.  He could barely contain his joy when he pressed the button to detonate his bomb.

There was a loud boom and everything went quiet for a moment.  Mama ran to the window next to Sam and looked out; all she could see from here was flames on top of the mountain.  Big, red and orange flames, growing higher, with smoke reaching out toward the heavens.  “Must be another one of-a Bob’s experiments gone wrong!” she exclaimed, and Papa behind the counter seemed completely unperturbed. He’d barely looked up when the explosion happened.

The other villains looked around in disbelief at each other.  

“This is an elaborate joke, right?  Johnny Thunder can’t be dead.  That was the dumbest plot you’ve had yet,” Robo Man said, putting up the hood of his large parka.  The robotic implants on his arm made him constantly cold.

“Quiet, imbecile!  You cannot comprehend the ingeniousness of it all! I’ve finally done it and you’re questioning me?!  You will want part of what comes next.”

“Then tell us what comes next!  If Johnny Thunder really is dead, we need to act quick!  We’ll be found out as soon as someone sees us!”  Alexis Sinister looked over to Mama Brickolini at her piano who didn’t seem to be paying much attention.

“Yes, yes, of course!  So let me tell you what we all need to do now.” Sam dug into another pocket of his after putting up his binoculars.  He strolled over to the table and Jackhammer moved his jackhammer so Sinister could take a seat.  Sam pulled out a piece of paper that was worn on the edges and was incredibly dirty, no doubt worn nearly beyond legibility.

“On this parchment is one of the long lost writings of Ignatious Amelio himself!”

“Ignatious Amelio?! Impossible!  All of his writings were destroyed when the Lego City Museum burned down years ago!” Jackhammer said.  Sinister wasn’t expecting him to chime in, and gave him a knowing look.

“Don’t think we all don’t know that was your doing, Elliot!” Sam said to Jackhammer.  He blushed and sank into his chair at the use of his real name. “This item was never in the museum.  They advertised they had found every piece related to Ignatious but they hadn’t! Johnny had assumed and that’s what the museum went with!  Johnny missed quite a lot of things, this map is the most important.”

When he didn’t continue, just looked around grinning, Alexis spoke up, mouth full of pizza. “And? What’s on the paper?” she asked.

“A map!” 

“That much is obvious!” Brute Guy was getting impatient, an annoying trait, Sam thought. “What on Lego Mania does it lead to?!”

“It leads to pieces of another map,” Sam said as everyone on the table rolled their eyes. “Once this map is fully complete it leads to an object here referred to as The Amulet of Wisdom.”  Everyone’s mouths gaped open in astonishment. “Yes, the very amulet referred to in the most ancient texts we’ve recovered as a species.  Dating back to near the time the Infomaniac created the first minifigures, almost forty zillion years.  The most powerful of all things, the ability to see and know all!  It could be ours.  Or we will sell it and split the earnings, it would no doubt bring us fortune beyond what we could ever hope!”

The others sat, stunned.  All of what he was saying was true; the Amulet of Wisdom was talked about in multiple ancient texts, and scripture even, but no one had written of it beyond referencing that text in zillions of years.  It was long since believed to have either been destroyed, lost to time, or just a complete myth to begin with.  It was said to grant all the knowledge in the world at once.  Which could drive you mad, most people assumed, so perhaps this was why it was no longer around. It would be the find of not only the century (which was young) but it would be the find of their entire civilization. 

“I’m in,” Jackhammer was resolute.

“Me, too,” Alexis chimed in.

“I wanna know everything,” Brute Guy (with no sleeves) yelled.

Sinister looked over to Robo Man and Spaceman Stu, awaiting their response.

“Screw it, I’m in too,” said Robo Man. Spaceman Stu simply nodded.  

“Great.  We are all on board then!” Sam was getting excited.  All according to plan. “I’ve made a copy of this map, and we will divide into groups to get our map segments.  Once we have our segment, we will rendezvous at the Cognac in Nesheem; Alexis, our usual meeting place.  Everyone must be prepared; be on your feet!  There’s no telling how you will need to acquire the piece once you arrive at the location specified.”

“So we’re goin’ in blind?” Brute Guy was getting angry again, and Sinister was getting tired of it.  

“God, you dolt, of course!  This is unprecedented territory!  It’s up to you to get your piece of the map, the reward will be worth any difficulties you face!”

Brute Guy grunted. 

Sam continued, “Now, I'll hand you what piece you'll go after.  Team ups are fine, as well. However we want to do this, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes us. Remember, Johnny Thunder will no longer be a problem.” Sam started snickering, jubilant as ever that his adversary was dead once for all.  There’s no coming back from what he did to him.  That space shuttle was absolutely obliterated, and no one on Lego Island even seemed to care what had happened, so he was in the clear.  He figured no one would even find out, most people on this small island were the stupidest people he had ever met.  Sure, Pepper Roni had thwarted his plans on Dino Island a couple years ago which set him way back right before the big races started, but that seemed more like dumb luck than anything.  He decided he’d never team up with Brickster again after that.

Sam handed each person a copy of the map; Sam explained he had circled a piece of the larger map for each of them to find, one piece per copy, and he handed them out randomly.  

“Let’s get to it, my friends!”

Brute Guy (with no sleeves) spoke up, yet again.  Sam thought he would have to shoot the man at some point. “We’re not friends, Sinister!  I’ll be happy to be rid of you once this is all over!”

Sam wanted to shoot him in the stomach him right there.  He withheld. 

“Right then, see you all later!  Remember to keep in radio contact with updates!’ Sam tossed the last thing he had for them; little walkies.  They each caught one, one after the other.

“Sam, I--” Alexis started, but by the time she looked up from catching her walkie Sam had already dashed out the door and was heading for the nearby airport. The other shot up and ran after him, not wanting to miss out on any planes or helicopters he could steal before them.


Once every mercenary and hired help was out of the Pizzeria and it was quiet again, Mama Brickolini took one last look around to confirm no one was around any longer.  She grabbed her face and pulled off a mask to reveal…

Johnny Thunder himself!  Secretly undercover as Mama Brickolini since before Sinister stepped inside.  He took the pizza hat off and handed it to Mama as she walked in from the kitchen, who slapped it on her head.

“I didn’t-a know you were good at the piano!” she exclaimed.

“Theres a lot people don’t know about me!” Johnny flashed her a smile and put on his fedora, flipping the brim with a snap while he winked and stepped outside, shedding the red shirt and apron. 

“Alright, mates, on yer feet!” Johnny said to a couple of bushes.  Dr. Ethan Kilroy and Mrs. Pippin Reed rose from the brush and dusted leaves off themselves as they stepped over and around the shrubbery to meet Johnny.

“Did you guys get all that? That dastardly Sinister tried to kill me again!”

“G-good thing we anticipated his actions, J-Johnny! We had George, our good friend, be your decoy!  Too bad he died with the space shuttle!” Dr Kilroy lamented.

Johnny perked up, “He knew what he was getting into! We couldn’t have stopped him without alerting Sinister to our presence! But we need to focus on that Amulet! Do you think he’s telling the truth?”

“I see no reason to believe he’d go to all this trouble without knowing exactly what he’s doing.  I think we seriously have something to worry about!” Pippin was pacing, considering their situation, and even larger, the situation the whole world may be in soon if they didn’t do anything.

“Doctor, did you have a chance to get a picture or video of that map he’s got?” Johnny snapped his fingers at Kilroy, knowing his friend well enough to know he would try to get all the info he could.

“I-I’m afraid not!  He always had it facing directly up, I wasn’t at a good position in the bush to get a clear look or shot!” Kilroy was gesticulating wildly with his arms, and grabbed at Pippin’s camera around her neck.  She swatted him off.

“Well we’re in a mighty fine predicament then, aren’t we! No matter! We always find a way!” Johnny skipped a bit as he started pacing as well, excited for the possibilities this new adventure so soon after the last one would rear. 

“I reck’n you guys might need the help of an expert,” an unfamiliar voice rung out from a ways away.  All three looked up at the same time, mouths gaped open and staring blankly.

“Who the heck’re you, then, ah?!” Johnny yelled out at the man.

He was of average height and wore what Johnny could only  describe as cowboy clothes.  Boots, a hat not unlike his own, a leather vest and black gloves.  He had a horse by his side, large and strong and pooping.

“Ah’m John Marsten,” he said, hoarsely. “And I know where the pieces of yer map are.”




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