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Bricklink Designer Program Round 2 Is Coming

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Count your pennies, because Bricklink has revealed details regarding the second round of the Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Invitational, sharing the projects' prices and piece counts, and they are expensive. The crowdfunding phase starts on November 9th at 12:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM CET, and the first five of the nine projects to achieve three thousand pre-orders will go into production. Here's a quick list:

  • Mountain Windmill, $179.99, 2085 parts
  • Modular LEGO Store, $179.99, 2149 parts
  • Science Adventures, $35.99, 414 parts
  • Seasons in Time: Calendar, $249.99, 3010 parts
  • Retro Bowling Alley, $229.99, 2779 parts
  • Brickwest Studios, $279.99, 3741 parts
  • Ruined House, $299.99, 4002 parts
  • Clockwork Aquarium, $64.99, 874 parts
  • Quest Builder, $259.99, 3415 parts
They're all beautiful models and great values, but I do think the prices will keep some of them from being made.

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Although I had gotten myself a Bricklink account a few months ago in a futile effort to obtain that Bionicle model back in the first round, I think I'll pass on the remaining rounds as I feel like I've already spent plenty on purchasing other Lego sets this past year.

If I was able to afford any of these special models, I would probably go with Science Adventures, not just because it just so happens to be the cheapest (though that certainly helps), but mainly because I find anything involving science to be interesting.

So which of these models do you find most interesting? Would you be willing to actually purchase them? And which ones do you think are most likely to actually become the five that reach three thousand preorders?

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These days, I am perhaps best known for my obsession with all Lego video games.

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Knew most of those buildings would be ridiculously overpriced.  Aquarium was always of interest, and at least it's more affordable than the others.  Fingers crossed that it doesn't have any issues making the cut.  I do wonder how many AFOLs would go crazy for the big complicated buildings.  Science Adventures also looks like a fun small set but I think it's going to get steamrolled in the competition.


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