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The Latest Episode of the LEGO Gaming Podcast Hits

Hapori Tohu

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Earlier today Bits N' Bricks Season 4 Episode 39 went live on YouTube and podcast platforms. While I'm not a fan of giving publicity to the franchise-that-shall-not-be-named, I don't want to completely ignore Ethan Vincent and Brian Crecente's work that went into making this installment. They chat with game director Arthur Parsons, producer John O'Brien, and lead technical artist Deborah Crook, all from TT Games, about the development of the games based on a popular franchise that wasn't quite as combat-focused as their past titles. It was definitely interesting to hear about how they overcame that problem and other challenges that came with the adaptation, like the darker tone of the later chapters. Go give it a listen!

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First of all, I still find it a little ridiculous how this site continues to go to great lengths to pretend that Harry Potter doesn't exist, despite being one of the larger and more popular Lego themes that's still ongoing to this day. Sure, I still understand the reasons (and I certainly don't stand opposed to the official stance that was taken here), but my concern is that, given enough time, some people might end up confused by an apparent double standard regarding this site's policy against any form of political discussion.

Anyway, despite not being much of a fan of Harry Potter, I certainly found this episode interesting. What I found most notable was how Years 1-4 was the first Lego game to feature a real open world to explore, rather than just a simple hub room like in the earlier games, and making that possible was quite an interesting process. Not to mention, being a franchise with less frequent battles and fewer enemies to fight presented the challenge of trying to focus less on action and more on exploration, which certainly helped make some later Lego games much more practical. Overall, a nice addition to this podcast series.

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Formerly known as Takanuva's Symbol, I rejoined BZPower on October 10, 2012.

These days, I am perhaps best known for my obsession with all Lego video games.

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