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Where can i learn more about the story of knights kingdom?


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The first option are the web comics, i watched them, but most of them don't even have text anymore, because that version of them was lost.

And they also don't cover the 2006 story, and are kinda hard to consume.

The other option are the books, but where ever i find them, they are pretty expensive.

I personally wouldn't mind if i got them digitally, because that is what i usually do, but can't seem to find digital copies of those 5 books.

Do any of you know where can i find them, or do you have them digitally? Or do you have a different solution? Please let me know in the comments.


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As far as I'm aware, the comics were the primary source for the first two years KK story. I confess I didn't even know there had been books, but I'm curious now - were they novels, like the Bionicle ones, or were they more like guides to the storyline?

I'm not sure how much it helps, but I have screencaps of all the online comics from back when the text was working. They're a bit messy; but if you want, I can tidy them up and upload them somewhere, as they provide a fairly complete overview of the first two years' story on their own. Or I could provide just a written transcript of them to go with the versions you've seen, if that's easier ^^

I don't have anything to offer regarding the third year's story though, I'm afraid. As far as I'm aware, it was never finished... but as I'm learning, there was more story material than I knew of, so I may have just missed it!


"New legends awake, but old lessons must be remembered.
For that is the way
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