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Kaitas, Combiners and Alternate sets for sale


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Hi everybody, tritoa here, I have been putting all my bionicle stuff up for sale on Bricklink(tritoas store), but there are various things that I can't list. Mainly the Kaita and combiner models that aren't listed on Bricklink.I also have A full set of roborider wheels, Throwbot/Slizer thrownig disks, Rhotuka Spinners and Krana masks. Here is a list of the combiners I have. Feel free to make serious offers. everything is bagged up and clean, some of the alternate sets have the box and instruction, ask if you would like photos, Thanks.


Throwbot/Slizer combiner 1 (sets 8500-8503)

Throwbot/Slizer combiner 2 (sets 8504-8507)

Throwbot 8520 (alternate model with original box)

Throwbot/Slizer combiner 3 (sets 8521-8523)

Roborider combiner 1 (sets 8509,8510,8512)

Roborider combiner 2 (sets 8511,8513,8514)

Roborider 8516 (alternate model with original box)

Akamai combiner (8531,8532,8534)

Wairuha combiner (8533,8535,8536)

Evil Toa (8534 with Poisoned Hau)

Nui-Kopen 8537 (alternate model)

Kuma-Nui 8538 (alternate model)

Mana Ko 8539 (alternate model)

Kahu 8548 (alternate model) 

Tarkava Nui 8549 (alternate model)

Wairuha Nuva combiner (8566,8568,8572)

Bohrok Kaita Za (8560,8561,8563)

Bohrok Kaita Ja (8562,8564,8565)

Bohrok Va Kaita Za (8550,8551,8552)

Bohrok Ja Kaita Ja (8553,8554,8555)

Boxor Walker 8556 (alternate model with box)

Exo-Raptor 8557 (alternate model with box)

Bahrag Spider 8558 (alternate model)

Bohrok-Kal Kaita Za (8573,8574,8577)

Bohrok-Kal Kaita Ja (8575,8576,8578)

Rahkshi Kaita Vo (8587,8590,8591)

Rahkshi Kaita Za (8588,8589,8592)

Takutanuva (3287 with box)

Krahli (8601,8604,8605)

Kraawa (8602,8603,8606)

Kranua (8614,8616,8618)

Kraahu (8615,8617,8619)

Ultimate Dume (10202 with box)

Lohrak (8621,8622)

Cable Crawler (8736,8738)

Sea Spider (8737,8741)

Rock Raptor (8739,8740)

Gate Guardian (8742,8744)

Kahgarak (8743,8747)

Chute Lurker (8745,8746)

Sentrakh (8755,8756)

The Shadowed One (8755,8761)

Ice Vermin (4868,4869,4870)

Colony Drone (4877,4878,4879)

Protocairn (8736,8738,8740)

Frostelus (8737,8739,8741)

Parakrekks (8742,8744,8746)

Venom Flyer (8743,8745,8747)

Voporak (10203 with selaed box)

Zivon (8742-8747)

Lava Hawk (8721,8723,8725)

Dagger Spider (8722,8724,8726)

Piraka combiner 1 (8900,8903)

Piraka combiner 2 (8901,8904)

Piraka combiner 3 (8902,8905)

Botar (8733,8734)

Protodax (8901,8903,8904)

Toa Jovan (8728,8729,8730)

Pit War Tortoise (918,8919,8920)

Zyglak (8916,8917,8921)

Manutri (8913,8915,8918,8919)

Spiriah (8686,8691,8944,8947)

Trinuma (8688,8689,8690)

Swamp Stalker (8694,8695,8696)

Destral Cycle 8942 (alternate model wrong pilot)

Sand Stalker (8979,8990)

Golden Bionicle (7116,7117,7135-7138)

Gaardus 87116,7117,7135-7138)


Full set of Roborider Wheels

Full set of Throwbot/Slizer disks

Full set of Rhotuka Spinners

Full set of Krana Masks with both light and dark purple versions


Feel free to ask for fotos, all the combiners are broken down and in their boxes or ziplock bags, thanks and hope to hear from you soon, Mitch

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Hi Starset and thanks for your message. Here are some prices for the combiner and alternate sets you asked for. The prices are generic, depending on the percentage of parts that are used to build the alternate models. And depending on the amount you would like to buy, the prices are nagotiable. Here are the prices, Kuma-nui 75€ (with instructions), Botar 75€, Shadowed One 75€, Nui-Kopen 20€, Mana Ko 125€, Kahu 40€, Tarakava-Nui 75€, Bahrag Spider 125€, Boxor Walker 70€ (with box and instructions), Exo Raptor 90€ (with box and instructions), Sentrakh 50€, Lohrak 40€. If tyhere are any more you would like from my lists let me know, and as I said, the prices are negotiable depending on the amount purchased, thanks again, Mitch


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