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Bionicle and Hero Factory United


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This is where I can talk to you guys about my new story in Lego World Builder if you don’t have an account for that website: https://worldbuilder.tongal.com/world/c16c1073-c5d6-4a05-90a3-4074c42fc50f

Here’s the synopsis: 

“A sequel and crossover story that gives a real ending to Bionicle 2001-2010’s/G1’s and Hero Factory’s stories and make them share the same universe. It is about the main heroes from both themes, who are both involved with the Great Beings in their past, working together to fight their united evil enemies, who attack both of their worlds and try to take over the universe. This will celebrate Bionicle’s 20th anniversary.”

I will update this with chapters soon here and there. Get ready to read! :) 

We can talk about my story here: 


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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Over 150,000 years ago, 19 people of the Glatorian species from seven of Spherus Magna’s eight known tribes, the Fire Tribe, Water Tribe, Jungle Tribe, Ice Tribe, Sand Tribe, Iron Tribe, and the Earth Tribe, formed the Great Beings because they love to build, study, and invent. There was the Rock Tribe, but the Great Beings are all members of the Glatorian species, so they would not allow a Skrall to join them. The Great Beings discovered a monster named Annona. She tried to feed on their dreams, but their minds are too strange for her to alter. The Great Beings used this energy to improve their ability to create. They made many creations. The world’s people were amazed by these wonderful things, so the Great Beings were worshipped as scientist-kings. They have many labs in their world.

In a lab called the Valley of the Maze, the Great Beings created a robot named Akiyama Makuro, the first robot in the universe to come to existence. When Makuro is activated, he wonders what is going on. The Great Beings are happy that their first robot is a success. They taught him about things in life and the planet. Makuro witnessed the first destruction of Mata Nui’s prototype robot. He was shocked and had sadness in his face. 

The Great Beings wanted to focus on creating more than ruling their world, so they were looking for a solution. They discovered G1’s Elemental Crystals, which are crystals that have elemental powers! They tested the crystals’ properties. They used the crystals to make seven magical creatures with elemental powers called G1’s Elemental Creatures. They used the creatures as templates for their future elemental creations. In a hidden underground lab in a village that would be called Tajun, the Great Beings used Elemental Chambers and Crystals to make such creations. They selected a warrior from each of seven of the eight tribes, the Fire Tribe, Water Tribe, Jungle Tribe, Sand Tribe, Earth Tribe, and the Rock Tribe, and then used the chambers and crystals to turn them into mighty creatures with elemental powers called the Element Lords. The Iron Tribe was disbanded by the Dreaming Plague before this happened, so there was no Element Lord of Iron. The Great Beings had the Lord watch over their tribes for them, so the Great Beings will focus on creating. However, this is a huge mistake that they made.

More than 100,000 year ago, the Element Lord of Earth sensed Energized Protodermis in the planet’s core. She wanted the substance for herself, but she did not want her tribe to be a target to the other tribes. She decided to let the other tribes discover and try to get it, so she would claim it. She announced her discovery and plan to her tribe. Among the members of the tribe is Nynrah, who is a Great Being, and Tera, and his three Earth Agori friends, were interested. The Lord told the tribe to keep the information a secret. Nynrah smiled because he dreamed of using the substance for his own creations. Tera and his Agori friends are concerned about this. The Tribe encouraged two Ice Agori to discover the substance. This eventually caused the Core War on the planet. The Tribe stayed out of this to wait for the other tribes to defeat each other to claim the substance, so it will claim it from them. Nynrah smiled to look at this. 

The Great Beings and Makuro were saddened by the war and their discovery that the substance was going to shatter the planet into three large pieces if it would get tapped by their people. Nynrah suggested to his fellows to make killer robots that the Skrall would then call the Baterra, which are designed to kill armed fighters, to end the war before it could cause the Shattering. These robots were efficient when they killed some warriors, but the Great Beings should not shut them down, so the robots do not stop. The Great Beings and Makuro decided to use another solution to undo the Shattering, which was a 40-million-foot-tall robot called Mata Nui.

The Great Beings created many things in the robot’s interior world called the Matoran Universe to help the robot function. They created magical masks called Kanohi and the Matoran species, the world’s primary nano-bots, as well as many other species, including Axonn’s and Hydraxon’s species. The creators also created Tren Krom, who was based on Annona. They named many of the world’s islands after themselves, including Nynrah, Zakaz, Odina, Destral, Daxia, Stelt, Xia, and Artidax. The Great Beings put Elemental Crystals in the world, so people from there would then use them to create elemental beings. A Great Being from the Jungle Tribe named Zakaz wanted to create a giant robot called Silver, but the other Great Beings believed that it would be too dangerous, so that project was not made. Zakaz was upset, but Nynrah cheered him up.

The Great Beings tested Mata Nui’s camouflage system by creating an island called G1’s Okoto, which is on Aqua Magna and near Bara Magna. The Great Beings used the island for testing some of their creations. They put the Mask of Control, Mask of Ultimate Power, top half of the Mask of Time, Skull Creatures, and Umarak on the island because they consider these things to be dangerous. The Great Beings wanted to have a complete Mask of Time, but they felt it was too dangerous, so they divided the materials for the Mask into two smaller piles, so the halves of the mask can be stable on their own. One was used to make the top half, which is stored on the island. The creators never made the bottom half because the Shattering was happening soon, so they gave the materials to Artakha to bring them to the Matoran Universe. He too was concerned about the bottom half, so he turned them into six Great Kanoka Disks to see if someone was worthy of making the bottom half. The other creations were Odina’s ideas. Some failed and others were just proven too dangerous by the Great Beings. Odina was upset about it, but Nynrah and Zakaz cheered him up.

After Artakha fought and defeated Karzahni to claim the right to have the Mask of Creation, they decided to create G1’s Ekimu, who is inspired by Artakha, as he wears a variant of the Mask of Creation. There is a subspecies of Agori who would then be called Okotans. These people have shorter lifespans and can wear magical masks called Kanohi. The Great Beings have Ekimu, the Okotans, and the Elemental Creatures live on Okoto to have a new life and protect the masks from the evil beings. The creators also gave Ekimu Elemental Creatures of Fire, Water, Jungle, Stone/Rock, Earth, and Ice, so he can make masks and armor.

Nynrah was upset about the Shattering and wished there could have been a stronger hand to prevent it from happening. He believes that he is smarter than his people and that he should rule the planet his way, so he became corrupt and made a secret evil plan. He told his fellow Great Beings that he is going to exile. He secretly created a Po-Matoran named Velika and tested a device that gave that Matoran complete sapience, which the Great Beings did not want to happen. He switched bodies with Velika and then put Velika in Nynrah’s body in stasis. Velika is terrified, but Nynrah promises to switch bodies to get their bodies back when his mission is done. He entrusts Akatus, Perditus, Odina, Zakaz, and the Sand Tribe and Iron Tribe members in Bota Magna to be his secret agents who would watch over Spherus Magna’s fragments. He gave them special communication devices to contact each other. Nynrah has Atakus and Perditus watch over Bara Magna. Odina is told to watch over Aqua Magna, observing Okoto. The secret agents in Bota Magna later on recruited the Earth Tribe in Nynrah’s cause, and the tribe agreed to help Nynrah. He went inside the Matoran Universe to observe it, pretending to be Velika.

When the Shattering happened, Mata Nui flew to leave Spherus Magna to do his mission to observe the universe while Makuro and two Great Beings, Stelt and Xia, used a space shuttle, which they built with special materials from Spherus Magna, to leave the planet and find another planet for their planet to live in just in case Mata Nui could not do his mission to restore Spherus Magna. Nynrah noticed this, so he had Zakaz watch over the trio. The other Great Beings are trapped in the planet’s fragments. Odina is still in Okoto, Artidax and two Great Beings in Bara Magna, and the rest in Bota Magna. Everyone was sad and distressed. 

In the Matoran Universe, Nynrah used the same complete-sapience-giving device to give everyone and future people in the Matoran Universe complete sapience to test to see if they could function like normal people. Thus, many events in that world and the island of Mata Nui happened, and he was involved with some of the events. 

After the Shattering, Makuro, Stelt, and Xia were exploring the universe, looking for a place to settle in just in case nothing goes well with Mata Nui. Also, just in case Spherus Magna is restored, the Great Beings have Artidax use special communications technology to let them know if the planet is healed. Makuro and the two Great Beings noticed Mata Nui traveling along the way.

The trio travelled from planet to planet, learning about them for a long time after the Shattering. In the late 1800s, the trio went to visit the planet Earth. While Spherus Magna is in the Milky Way Galaxy, it is extremely far from Planet Earth. The trio learned about the Earth’s cultures and the English language from there. They moved to a planet that would then be called Makuhero, in the Makuhero Belt in the Milky Way Galaxy. There, they made millions of robotic people. Most of these people’s designs are based on Glatorian. Some of them went to make some civilizations on some places in the galaxy, like Mekron City and Antropolis City. Many other kinds of robots are made to live with these people. Makuro became a businessman, as he founded Makuro Industries, with the help of the two Great Beings.

When they were worried about evil and crime in the universe, Makuro decided to found the Hero Factory, so the two Great Beings helped Makuro build the factory and then the city around it, which is Makuhero City, which is inhabited by millions of the robotic people. The Great Beings did that because they do not want any peaceful place to end up like Spherus Magna. The Great Beings have been helping Makuro with advancing his culture by looking at the Earth’s advancing cultures, even if Makuhero City’s technology is more advanced, and the duo also helped Makuro with making upgrades for the factory‘s Heroes. Makuhero hired thousands of people to be in the organization, and these people’s jobs are to help the Heroes with their missions. This is how the Hero Factory organization is today. The two Great Beings are hiding in the outskirts of the city, waiting for a call from Artidax to happen.

Zakaz had secretly followed Makuro, Stelt, and Xia the whole time. He also saw Mata Nui traveling in space while they saw Mata Nui at the same time. When he followed them to the Earth, he learned about the Earth’s cultures and the English language from there. When the trio moved to the Planet Makuhero, Zakaz moved to a planet called Cereblak, Black Phantom‘s, Voltix’s, and Speeda Demon’s home planet. It is also in the Milky Way Galaxy, and is far from Planet Makuhero.

When Hero Factory had influenced other societies in the galaxy, including Mekron City and Antropolis City, Zakaz established a base in Cereblak and did a secret criminal business while he was watching over the trio. He also saw the Hero Factory developing, but he did not want the Hero Factory to find out about Spherus Magna, or they would protect it from Nynrah to foil his plan. Thus, Zakaz became a reason why the Hero Factory’s, mostly one of the Factory‘s first and best teams called the Alpha 1 Team’s, enemies are evil. He supplied them various weapons, including Meteor Blasters. Some of the weapons are inspired by the Great Beings’ tech while others are a mix of that and some things from other places.

He made the would-be members of the Legion of Darkness, consisting of Black Phantom, Toxic Reapa, Jawblade, Splitface, Thornraxx, XT4, Voltix, and Speeda Demon, evil. He also made Black Phantom’s brother called the Black Maker, who would then create the Brains, evil. He ordered Black Phantom to form the Legion to destroy Hero Factory during the factory’s early days, but the Legion was stopped by the Alpha 1 Team, which consisted of Terence Thresher, Preston Stormer, Dunkan Bulk, Jimi Stringer, and Baron Von Ness. Zakaz created Silver and sent him to attack New Stellac City, but Stormer destroyed it. However, Zakaz noticed Baron Von Ness became a coward, so he convinced Von Ness to turn against the Hero Factory and avenge himself for his cowardice. He turned Von Ness into the evil and monstrous Von Nebula. When Zakaz also noticed a Hero Factory Hero named Connor Hitter going rogue from the Hero Factory, he convinced Hitter to go against the factory. He turned Connor Hitter into a villain called Core Hunter. Core Hunter tried to defeat the Alpha 1 Team at one time, but they defeated and imprisoned him.

Recently, Zakaz corrupted people would then become XPlode, Corroder, Thunder, Rotor, and Vapor, and he also had some scientists create Meltdown. He had Von Nebula form an evil gang called the Black Hole Gang with these six villains. The gang tried to defeat the Alpha 1 Team, where Stormer is the leader and it had William Furno, Mark Surge, and Natalie Breez as its rookie division, but the gang were defeated after several missions. Stormer used the Black Hole Orb Staff to imprison Von Nebula, but it actually teleported him to Zakaz’s base. Zakaz is also the one responsible for the Fire Lord and his gang called the Fire Villains‘ corruption by removing the safeguards in their new energy-absorbing hands, so the miners’ circuits got fused to turn them into villains that want to absorb fuel. These villains tried to absorb fuel from a fuel station called Tanker Station 22, but the Alpha 1 Team, which had Julius Nex and Nathan Evo as its new rookies, got upgraded with the 2.0 upgrade and stopped them. When Aldous Witch became obsessed with collecting Quaza, Zakaz noticed and then told Witch to go to Planet Quatros to mine Quaza, where Witch would become the Witch Doctor. He then ordered Witch Doctor to get him the planet’s Quaza. However, the Alpha 1 Team, which had Daniel Rocka as its new rookie, stopped him and returned the Quaza to the planet and saved it from dying.

Zakaz may have had some failures, but he does not give up. Among all of the Heroes, he grew to hate the Alpha 1 Team the most. He believed it was time to fight fire with fire. He discovered Anti-Quaza from Cereblak, and learned that it is the polar opposite of Quaza. Quaza makes Heroes good, but Anti-Quaza could make Heroes’ evil counterparts. So, he planned on having a Villain Factory. He ordered Black Phantom to start a Breakout in the Hero Factory in order to get the plans for the Hero Factory building. He gave Black Phantom Anti-Quaza to help him. After Black Phantom caused the Breakout, so the Heroes would chase after their prisoners across the Galaxy, he was able to steal the schematics for the factory. Black Phantom was trying to make evil counterparts to Heroes in the factory, but most of the Alpha 1 Team stopped him. All of the prisoners except Voltix and Core Hunter are eventually recaptured. Voltix went back to Zakaz’s base. Core Hunter absorbed a device called the Doom Box, and then when he absorbed its powerful energy and Surge redirected it to attack Core Hunter, the energy made Core Hunter disappear, but it actually and luckily sent Core Hunter back to the base alive.

Zakaz knows that the Hero Factory will eventually come to find the stolen plans and stop him from making the Villain Factory, so he got some precautions to buy him some time to build the factory. He had the Black Maker create the Brains to attack the Hero Factory, even though the Alpha 1 Team defeated the Brains. The Brains made a hole in the factory and then mind-controlled two Hero Factory workers that found them to try to destroy the factory on the inside, but the Heroes also stopped them. Zakaz founded the Galactic Conspiracy, which has a red-armored robot named Cletus Oappoas as the group‘s leader. The conspiracy tried to fight the Heroes, but the Heroes thwarted their plans. Zakaz tricked people of Antropolis City into making a tunnel below the city, so they would accidentally awaken a species of monsters called Jumpers, and then an invasion happened. The Alpha 1 Team went to stop the monsters, but during that, Zakaz had Core Hunter secretly put an unhatched cocoon in the Heroes’ Drop Ship, so when the Heroes were done, the Jumper would hatch and attack the team in their ship. Throughout all this time, Zakaz has built the Villain Factory. Nynrah loved to hear this. 

In the present, after Nynrah left the Matoran Universe as a result of the Battle for Bara Magna and a villain named Makuta Teridax being destroyed by the former Great Spirit Mata Nui, he believes that the people of the Matoran Universe are no better than the people of Spherus Magna because he believes a stronger hand could have stopped the Shattering and societies in both worlds always have problems, so he decided to rule Spherus Magna tyrannically. That includes Bara Magna, Bota Magna, and Okoto in Aqua Magna. Zakaz told him about the Hero Factory, so Nynrah wants the factory to be destroyed. He orders Zakaz to use the Villain Factory to destroy it, so the Hero Factory will not stand in his way to take over Spherus Magna and then the universe because he sees Hero Factory and its associated civilizations to be as problematic as Spherus Magna and the Matoran Universe. He also wants the Mask of Life, Artakha and Ekimu’s Masks of Creation, Mask of Control, Mask of Ultimate Power, the halves of the Mask of Time, and the Mask of Dimensional Gates, the latter is fused to Vezon’s body, to ensure Nynrah’s conquest. It is a good thing that he has Zakaz and his friends from outer space build his secret ultimate weapon, which is a giant and powerful mech, just in case something does not go well. That is where his plan started.

Vakama, in a new hut in a newly-built village, made of dismantled parts from Ta-Metru in Bara Magna, was writing his book called the Bionicle, which records his adventures and information about the Matoran Universe and Spherus Magna. He has a vision of a big new battle in Spherus Magna, and the battle has many combatants, both people that he knows and people he does not know. He is worried about this now.

In Okoto, Ekimu looks at the sky. He remembers seeing a vision provided by the top half of the Mask of Time where the big new battle in Spherus Magna is about to begin. The same vision that Vakama had. Before this, the top half of the mask also gave Ekimu visions about the Shattering, ordeals in the Matoran Universe and the island of Mata Nui, Bara Magna, the Hero Factory’s adventures, and many more trials before the big new battle will begin. Ekimu knew all of this. He is worried, so he is making preparations. Ekimu is worried about the new trails, so he is making preparations. His friends, the Elemental Creatures, are expecting this, too. 

When seven members of the Alpha 1 Team are using their Drop Ship to fly home after defeating the Jumpers, one of them named Preston Stormer is thinking about the time when Black Phantom stole the plans for the entire Hero Factory building. He knows that some villain will build an evil version of the factory, but no one still knows where the factory is being built, who is that villain, and why. He worries that it must have been built by now. He must prepare himself and the whole Hero Factory for this. 

Meanwhile, Zakaz and his associates are making an army of Villain Factory Villains to prepare for Nynrah’s conquest of the outer space universe. 

The big new battle for the universe will begin soon.

Go to Chapter 1. 


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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Chapter 1: Attack of the Baterra 

Tahu looks around his new village in Spherus Magna. He remembers all of his adventures. He learned about the Mask of Life’s adventures and history in Spherus Magna. He is intrigued to learn about all of this because he feels he could use this on his future adventures.

As Tahu remembered, it’s all started when he and his fellow Toa Mata were created by Artakha long ago because the Great Spirit Mata Nui would help their help someday. They were trained to be Toa by Hydraxon. They protected Karda Nui. When the storms hit the place, they went inside their Toa Canisters to wait for a signal for a need to help Mata Nui. However, when the Great Cataclysm in the Matoran Universe happened, it malfunctioned the canisters, and the Toa were in pieces and forgot who they are and what they could do.

However, recently, an Av-Matoran named Takua used six Toa Stones to summon the Toa on an island named after the Great Spirit. When they got there, they reassembled themselves and then learned that Makuta Teridax put the Great Spirit to a coma around 1,000 years ago. They fought Makuta Teridax and his army of Rahi wearing his Infected Kanohi masks. They fought the Bohrok next. After defeating their queens, the Toa became the Toa Nuva, who are stronger. They fought the Bohrok-Kal and Rahkshi. Then, Takua became a seventh Toa called Takanuva, the only Toa of Light. After Takanuva defeated Makuta, the Toa and the island’s people discovered the ruined city of Metru Nui.

The Turaga of Mata Nui had to explain what it was by telling stories about them as the Toa Metru and the Toa Hordika. It was shocking and amazing about the Turaga being once Matoran and then Toa. 

When the Great Spirit was dying, the Toa Inika happened and the went to find the Mask of Life to save Mata Nui. They fought the Piraka there. The Inika even became the Toa Mahri and fought the Barraki along the way while the Toa Nuva were preparing for Mata Nui’s reawakening. The island of Mata Nui got cleaned by the Bohrok when people no longer live there along the way. Sadly, Mata Nui died, but one of the Mahri named Matoro sacrificed his life to use the mask to revive Mata Nui, saving the Matoran Universe. The Toa Nuva went to Karda Nui to fight eight most skilled members of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Teridax’s organization ans who attacked Av-Matoran in the place, and reawaken Mata Nui. Along the way, the Toa and Takanuva remembered their past when they were in Karda Nui. After the Mask of Life, which took the form of a Toa because it has a mind of its own, revived Mata Nui, they, Matoran in Karda Nui, and Takanuva, who helped them, escaped from the newly-returned Energy Storms and returned to Metru Nui. The Nuva fulfilled their destiny, but Teridax took this as an advantage, so he could take over the Matoran Universe and banish Mata Nui and the Mask to outer space.

It was a great struggle fighting Makuta and his forces to try to save their world. The fight travelled to a desert-covered planet called Bara Magna, where Tahu and Takanuva teamed up with a Glatorian named Gresh, whose good-hearted people were helping Mata Nui fight Makuta. The mask devolved Tahu into a Toa Mata because he had to wear a magical set of golden armor. It was a struggle getting all six pieces of the armor away from the heroes’ enemies’ hands. After getting the pieces, Tahu used the armor’s power to destroy every Rahkshi on Bara Magna. That helped Mata Nui destroy Makuta for good. Mata Nui also turned the planet back into a much more prosperous and paradisal planet called Spherus Magna, which is very much like the island of Mata Nui. It was a miracle. It is sad that there were many people died to help others win, but Makuta is gone. That was what mattered. People from both the Matoran Universe and Spherus Magna are now trying to live together in harmony. 

Tahu and his allies had defeated Makuta not long ago, but he knows there are still other menaces to take care of. People from the Matoran Universe and Bara Magna have dismantled the Great Spirit Robot and its prototype and used them to make new homes and facilities. Both of these giant robots are heavily damaged, so they no longer could move. Tahu was surprised that the Great Spirit Mata Nui had the Great Spirit Robot as his original body, and it contained their home world called the Matoran Universe. Tahu learned that Spherus Magna was shattered around 100,000 years ago, and Mata Nui was created by the Great Beings to restore it. Tahu remembers that he went to Bara Magna, the planet’s main desert that became its own planet when the Shattering happened, when Makuta invaded it. Mata Nui restored Spherus Magna and filled most of the desert plant life. It is better to live in Spherus Magna rather than Tahu’s world, anyway. Spherus Magna is a beautiful planet, after all. Everyone is glad that Teridax is gone finally. It wasn’t easy to defeat such a powerful and power-hungry villain. 

His village is made with some of the parts of the robots. It is a part of a new city. Many Matoran and Agori are making new buildings for the city, and the Bahrag has the Bohrok help these people since they have nothing that they have to destroy when the Great Spirit Robot is heavily damaged. Some of the buildings are used for storage. One contains the Golden Armor, which he discarded because it became useless when it was used to destroy Kraata from all Rahkshi on Bara Magna before Makuta was destroyed. The armor gave him the powers of the destroyed Kraata, like Heat Vision and Quick Healing. He still wears his Adaptive Armor, and his original Adaptive Kanohi Hau, the Mask of Shielding. He wishes to become a Toa Nuva again because he loves being that, wants to make his fights easier, and have five new Kanohi Nuva masks and five new Kanohi Noble masks again somehow because the original ones were destroyed when Rahkshi destroyed Ta-Koro long ago. It isn’t fair that Tahu is the only member of the Toa Nuva to not have these things now. He knows that Energized Protodermis could destroy him if he would try to use it to regain his Toa Nuva form because he may not be destined to be that way. He would rely on the Mask of Life to do it, but Mata Nui is sleeping in there and is dominating the mask, so the mask couldn’t be used to do feats like this. The mask did devolve Tahu back to being a Toa Mata, after all. He would need his Toa Nuva form and these Kanohi of his just in case his fights would be too difficult for him.

He sees seven more heavily-guarded buildings. Six for the six Nuva Symbols, one building for each Symbol, the very tablets that contain the Nuva’s elemental powers. Since Tahu is a Toa Mata, his link to his symbol got severed, even thought he still wants to become a Toa Nuva again and perhaps find a way to help himself and his team not rely on the symbols while they are the Toa Nuva anymore. Life is not fair that way. Anyway, the seventh building contains the Nuva Cube, which can connect the Symbols onto itself like keys. The Toa Nuva do not see the cube as much use, but they are keeping it for memories. 

The Mask of Life is contained in a building guarded by Umbra, and one requires six pieces of the Makoki Stone to open the building. Tahu sees that Umbra is wondering where are the Great Beings. Tahu knows that Mata Nui would wake up when the Great Beings are found. Mata Nui would re-activate the mask’s powers and hopefully give Tahu his Toa Nuva form back. He would need someone like Artakha to make the new replacements for his lost extra masks. 

He, Ackar, Kiina, Gali, Onua, and many others have been helping people from their worlds settle with each other. The Order of Mata Nui are peacekeepers. There is a prison that is equivalent to the Pit from Tahu’s world, and it is run by Dekar-Hydraxon, who is working as a bounty hunter. Many Maxilos and Energy Hounds are guarding the place. Tahu and his friends are looking for a good place to make New Atero, a new version of a city in Bara Magna that was destroyed by the Skrall some time ago. That is not easy to take care of. People also recovered Varian and then freed her from stasis. She is happy to be freed. People also recovered all alternate versions of Takanuva, who are from close to a hundred alternate universes. Some are alive and in stasis while the others are dead. These variants were taken by Makuta Tridax from their alternate universes when he used a Kanohi Olmak. He turned them into Shadow versions of themselves, some of them partially, and some of them fully.  People are finding Klakk to change the Shadow Takanuva back to normal, but they don’t know how to get these variants back to their universes. Takanuva wishes that Brutaka is there to send all of Takanuva’s variants back. He hates looking at his variants like this because they remind him of him as a half-victim of a Shadow Leech. It wasn’t easy resisting his dark urges caused by the effects of the Shadow Leech. It is a good thing that he was cured. Everything has been busy. Tahu wishes that there are more Toa and Turaga to help people, as there are tons of them rather than thousands anymore. He hates the Matoran Universe’s villains for their bad actions after around 100,000 years. 

People from both worlds are getting to know each other and are making new friends. Gavla is happy about her friends from Karda Nui, Metru Nui, and Bara Magna after a long time of embitterment in Karda Nui. Since she moved to Metru Nui right before Teridax’s reign in the Matoran Universe, she learned to make friends from other people. Kopeke, a Ko-Matoran Chronicler, Nixie, a Ga-Matoran astrologer, and Tarduk, a Jungle Agori, are excited to learn. These three became friends. 

Tahu knows that Mata Nui wants to have both worlds have peace with each other after Spherus Magna is restored. However, there are many villains hiding and planning for revenge. There was an incident where Karzahni was killed. It is suspected by Kopaka and Pohatu that Lesovikk may be the murderer, and Tahu knows that this could endanger the peace. Raanu, who is wary of both Glatorian and Toa, is hearing rumors about this, but his Fire Agori friend, Kyry, tells Raanu that he should respect both a Toa and Glatorian as much as Agori because Kyry does not see anything wrong with Toa in the village. Raanu understands, but still wants an answer to this mystery. Tahu wonders where are Kopaka, Pohatu, Lewa, and many more of his friends, but he does not know that they are in the Red Star and a fortress in Bota Magna. Tahu and Onua sent Gelu, a Glatorian from the Ice Tribe, and three Toa, Orde, Chiara, and Zaria, to find the Great Beings and let them know about the planet’s restoration. Everyone always wonders where the Great Beings are. Did they die, went to another world, or are they hiding in secrets bases on Spherus Magna? He is hoping for the third possibility. Takanuva is thinking the same thing, and he wants to find the Great Beings and help Gelu and his three Toa partners with that, too. Both are wondering why the Great Beings gave the people of the Matoran Universe the ability to think like people when they were created to help Mata Nui restore Spherus Magna, and what the Great Beings have been doing since the planet was shattered long ago. These answers will come later on.

Tahu is talking to Ackar and Kiina about their past adventures, including how they met Mata Nui. The two Glatorian say that Mata Nui is their friend who always helped them and their people before he was able to complete his mission. Mata Nui is good to many people. Tahu says that he only knew Mata Nui as the Matoran Universe’s ruler who took care of his people, and they worshipped him. When Makuta Teridax put Mata Nui to an eternal sleep, Tahu and his Toa team had to reawaken Mata Nui. That was how Makuta was able to control the Matoran Universe, and Tahu and his allies did not know that. Tahu would love to socialize with Mata Nui when he wakes up and since he is his world’s ruler while the two Glatorian are socializing with Mata Nui’s people, including Gali and Onua, very well. They all laugh a little. 

Suddenly, the three’s conversation is interrupted when there are noises in one part of the village. Kopeke shows up and says that the village is under attack by strange Bohrok-like robots! Tahu, Ackar, and Kiina rush in to see the attack. They discover Baterra attacking Toa and Glatorian and frightening Matoran and Agori! 

Meanwhile, Mazeka has been guarding the new Pit in Spherus Magna. The new Pit is built by Hydraxon, the jailer of the original in the Matoran Universe, and some Agori using dismantled parts of the original. Next to the prison is a facility with stasis pods from the Matoran Universe. They contain dangerous and hostile Rahi, including Kardas. Mazeka remembers the time when he and his archenemy, Vultraz, accidentally went to an alternate universe where the Makuta species is good. Vultraz was kidnapped and was used for study on why he is a being of Shadow. The Great Beings from there had Mazeka choose to bring Makuta Teridax from that universe to Mazeka’s universe to fight its Teridax. After the Great Beings teleported the two to the Matoran Universe in Mazeka’s universe, they fought three shadow Takanuva. Alternate Teridax killed them all, even though one of them damaged his armor. Both Alternate Teridax and Mazeka got out the Matoran Universe because the original Teridax is dead. After the two went to Bara Magna, they learned what was going on, and then Mazeka took Alternate Teridax to a kind Nynrah Ghost to fix his armor. After the armor is fixed, Alternate Teridax’s Great Beings opened an inter-dimensional portal and proudly said that Teridax did a good job helping the Matoran Universe. They then brought in Vultraz, who changed back to being a normal Ta-Matoran and was trapped in chains. Alternate Teridax felt happy for his work and then used the portal to go back to his universe. The portal closed. Mazeka keeps Vultraz, who is angry about his ordeal. Vultraz swears revenge, but Mazeka imprisons Vultraz in the new Pit. Mazeka is content that Vultraz gets what he deserves after all of the injustice that Vultraz had done. 

Mazeka looks around the new Pit. He sees Vultraz’s cell being next to many other prisoners’, including Ahkmou, a Po-Matoran traitor from Metru Nui, Robkel, a corrupt and mad Turaga of Stone that sent Matoran of the Southern Continent to the island of Karzahni, and Nektann, a Skakdi warlord. Prisoners of the original Pit, including Roodaka, the leaders of the Matoran Civil War, and five other prisoners of the Pit, Drewdika, Tinnurron, Xyron, Zakron, and Zarnak, are transferred there, too. The latter five were mutated by the Pit Mutagen, but Mata Nui cured them. He also destroyed the substance to prevent it from mutating people again when he was revitalizing plant life in Spherus Magna. Hydraxon is the new jailer of the new Pit, and goes to find some criminals to capture. He has many allies, including many Glatorian, guard the Pit for him when he is away. These allies include Mazeka, some Order of Mata Nui members, Blazus, a Fire Agori who brought in six warriors to defend the village of Vulcanus from Bone Hunters at one time, Sarda and Idris, two Matoran of Mahri Nui, Flamo and Burmus, the two Ta-Matoran who failed to find the island of Artakha at one time, Nobua, an Onu-Matoran from Metru Nui who is good friends with Onepu and Onua, four Spherus Magnan warriors, Tera from the Earth Tribe, Likus from the Ice Tribe, Oris from the Jungle Tribe, and Stoanus, a Skrall with a good heart, and three Earth Agori that Tera is friends with. The four warriors and the Earth Agori all felt like outcasts long ago, but they are friends that used to live alone together near the Valley of the Maze. When Mata Nui found them when he was going there, he convinced them to go to the Mega-Village to have better lives there. They accepted. They fought in the battle against Makuta Teridax in Bara Magna. When Spherus Magna was restored, they are happy about it. In the present, some of the new guards in the new Pit barely know each other, but they have some conversations, which include their adventures. They are having a good time, as they are making friends. Sarda and Idris are happy to see each other again, but they do not know where Lesovikk is, and they are worried about him. They hope he will be okay. 

Tahu, Gali, Onua, Takanuva, Ackar, Kiina, Gresh, Tarix, Vastus, Varian, and many others fight the Baterra. There are 49 of these killer robots. Ackar explains that these robots were made by the Great Beings to kill warriors during the Core War in Spherus Magna long ago. Some of the heroes took on one Baterra after another. Some of them combine their powers to destroy five of the Baterra. Tahu uses his Kraata powers to destroy five more Baterra, as he uses Heat Vision to defeat one Baterra, Laser Vision on the other, Lightning on one, Plasma on one, and Fragmentation on the last one. Some of the Bohrok fight and destroy some of the Baterra. It is an intense fight. All of the Baterra are destroyed.

Perditus is watching the fight the whole time. He is one of Nynrah’s secret agents. Ackar, Tarix, Vastus, Kiina, and Gresh notice Perditus and question him on what he is doing when the five notice the special communication device that Perditus is holding in his hand. Perditus was talking to Nynrah about the situation! Perditus warns the Glatorian that they should get out of his business and then uses the Thornatus V9 to get away before the group would be able to get him. The Glatorian feel sad that Perditus betrayed them and their friends. Ackar feels sadder about it because Perditus was Ackar’s student for the Glatorian arena match system. It is no wonder why Perditus never participated in the Skrall War much. Why did he do this? What is he and someone that he talked to up to? Who is that someone? They have a feeling that something bad from that will happen later on.

Then, a group of villains come in and start attacking! 

To be continued in Chapter 2.

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On 12/17/2021 at 7:56 AM, Heyzorks said:

Nice story, but Maybe include some dialogue? 

Two things: 

1. Talk in the Discussion topic next time. Please. 
2. I am not good with dialogue. I see some projects in Lego World Builder don’t use dialogue. Must be hectic. :( 

Anyway, thanks. Well, if I would be use quotes, here’s what I could think of: 

Kopeke: Help! Strange robots that look like Bohrok attacking the village! 
Tahu: We will be down there! 

Tahu: What are those things? 
Ackar: These are what Skrall call Baterra. They’re killer robots that killed many people during the war 100,000 years ago. 
Kiina: I hate those things. 
Tahu: Well, let’s destroy them to protect our people. 

Tahu: Take that, you dumb machine! Bohrok can fight better than you. 
Ackar: This is for every one of my people that you killed! 
Kiina: They are no match for our Toa powers! 
Gali: It’s like fighting Bohrok! 
Onua: The Baterra are tough fighters, but they are not as tough as Bohrok. 
Tarix: But they are skilled. 
Vastus: Yeah, and they can shape shift. 
Gresh: I never fought Baterra before, but this is fun. 

Ackar: Combine your powers! 
Kiina: Alright! 

Tahu: It’s a good thing that the robots are no match for the Kraata powers. I’m no Makuta, but yeah. 

Tahu: That’s all of them. 

Tahu: Huh? 
Ackar: Let’s go! They may need our help! 

There. I’m sure Lego World Builder could figure something out. Plus, do you have a Lego World Builder account?

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I added quotes for the characters.

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Chapter 2: Escape from the Red Star 

Today has been a strange day for Kopaka and Pohatu. First, they noticed Karzahni being by someone using Lesovikk’s sword. That made the duo believe that Lesovikk is the murderer who broke the Toa Code, which states that no Toa should kill their enemies. The duo later discovered the death of Tren Krom in a forest, but they do not know who freed him from the Matoran Universe or killed him. He exploded, but sent the duo a telepathic message about the Red Star, the very thing that Takanuva said that he examined when Makuta Teridax used Infected Rahi against their people, during Tren Krom‘s dying moments. They remember Gali telling them about the Red Star having people in there, and they learned that it is actually a space ship that allowed the Great Spirit Robot to fly off a planet. They believe there could be a pattern with the two recent deaths. They do not know why Tren Krom gave the duo this message, but if it is connected to his death, they had to be there. They were lucky that they had a mutated Matoran hunter with eight long limbs named Gaardus, who had the same telepathic message, teleport them there. When the three arrived inside the ship, which felt like a Toa’s body, three Kestora, which are variants of the beings that Takanuva said that he encountered in a pocket dimension where there are no Toa, appeared and threatened to dissect them. They run the ship and said that it is supposed to bring people back to the Great Spirit Robot. However, something prevents people from leaving the ship, and the Kestora blame Gaardus for it. Gaardus is afraid of the Kestora and then teleported away, ditching the Toa duo. That was rude when he was an easy way out of the place. The Kestora may be puny, but they are fierce with their bladed energy weapons! The duo did not like their situation, so they have to get out of there! Kopaka froze the three Kestore before he and Pohatu ran away. Pohatu scouted around the place, and saw a lot of strange rooms. Then, many people everywhere are making noises and coming to find the duo. The duo were about to fight these people when an Onu-Matoran saved them by bring them to a secret empty room! He said his name is Mavrah! 

The duo are surprised to hear that! They say they remember him from Turaga Vakama’s Toa Metru stories. They ask him how did he survive the flood long ago.
Kopaka and Pohatu in unison: Mavrah?! 
They look at each other in surprise. 
Kopaka: You are the Onu-Matoran from Turaga Vakama’s stories about the Toa Metru! 
Pohatu: How did you survive the flood? How did you get to this place? 
Mavrah says “I will explain everything. Come with me. I have allies for you to meet.” Mavrah takes them to a room where his allies are hiding. 
Pohatu: Should we trust him? He fought the Toa Metru. Or, do you think this is an illusion created by the Kestora? 
Kopaka: If he does anything treacherous, we have to make him pay. 

Turaga Lhikan, Turaga Jovan, Botar, the original Hydraxon who died during the Great Cataclysm, Ihu, a Ko-Matoran who is Turaga Nuju’s friend, Tetrarmus, the Order of Mata Nui member with four arms, a group of Nynrah Ghosts who created the Fohrok, Plahe, a Toa of Plasma that used the Kanohi Olmak that Vezon is fused to, a Ga-Matoran who was drowned by Tuyet, many Toa of Magnetism and Iron who got killed by the Brotherhood of Makuta, and many more. They also include many Toa, Matoran, and Turaga of Fire, Water, Air, Stone, Earth, Lightning, Magnetism, Plant Life, Sonics, Plasma, Gravity, Iron, and Psionics. These people had already unscrambled their minds. The Toa duo are amazed to see them! 
Kopaka and Pohatu: What in the name of Mata Nui?! 
Lhikan: Let us explain. 

The good people explain about their history, the Red Star, its reviving and returning abilities, the effects from the revivals, the Kestora, what kind of dead people could the Red Star revive, how Gaardus accidentally sabotaged the returning function, and how the Red Star created the Toa Inika. The Toa duo explain about the Matoran Universe’s situation, Spherus Magna, and how they got to the Red Star. The duo recognize Lhikan and some others.

Lhikan: I told Mavrah about everything that happened since he disappeared to hide from Turaga Dume. He understood and learned from his mistake. 
Marvah: Yes, and I want to apologize for my actions if I see the Toa Metru. 
Kopaka: Well, the Toa Metru had became Turaga. 
Pohatu: They would be happy to see Lhikan. They miss you. Everyone thought you guys are staying dead. The Turaga would be glad to forgive Mavrah. I’m glad that he learned from his mistake. Who wants to attack people, anyone? Heh, heh. 

Hydraxon recognizes the duo because he was the one who trained them and their four fellow Toa Mata long ago while the duo know that there is Dekar-Hydraxon in Spherus Magna, so they are confused.

Hydraxon: I remember you two Toa. I trained you two and your four friends on how to fight like Toa. 
Pohatu: Well, it’s been a long time. Heh, heh. 
Kopaka: Wait, there is Hydraxon on Spherus Magna. 
Hydraxon: What? 
Kopaka: We will explain when we go back to Spherus Magna. Don’t think about it right now. 
Pohatu: This is getting weird. I’m seeing double. 

The duo are sad that they could not see Matoro or other dead heroes revived because these Toa could not meet the requirements to be revived, but they are relieved that there is no member of the Makuta species or other dead villains revived, as these villains also did not meet the requirements and the duo had enough of Makuta Teridax and his fellow villains. 

Both the Toa duo and the good revived Red Star people team up to find a way out of the Red Star and return to Spherus Magna. Kopaka uses his Kanohi Akaku Nuva, the Nuva Mask of X-Ray Vision and shares the masks’s power to some of these people. They see Spherus Magna through one of the Red Star’s walls. They are amazed at all of this, including the planet’s beauty. Since Botar is with them, Botar is about to teleport himself and everyone to a grassy part of the planet, but something hit him with an energy blast on the back, knocking him unconscious! 

Everyone is shocked and they look around to find where the blast came from. Also, there are strange noises of Kopaka’s and Pohatu’s attackers again. Kopaka and Pohatu remember hearing the strange voices when the people who made them were coming after the duo before Mavrah rescued the duo, and these people are coming! They reveal themselves to be evil revived people in the Red Star, including Guardian, many other Dark Hunters, Nocturn, Nynrah Ghosts who mutated Gaardus, and they have found the Toa Nuva duo and their allies! The evil revived people still have their minds scrambled by their revivals. The good guys have no choice but to fight the bad guys in order to survive. So, both sides fight! Lhikan, Jovan, other Turaga, and Matoran stay back from the fight because they do not want to get hurt or killed, and they want to protect Botar, but the Turaga are leading their allies to fight, and the Matoran help the heroes out a little for their own safety. The battle is fierce. Kopaka fights Nocturn, Pohatu fights Guardian, and the good Nynrah Ghosts fight the bad ones along the way. Kopaka saves Pohatu from getting defeated by Guardian along the way. Kopaka freezes Guardian. Pohatu thanks Kopaka. 

Pohatu: Oh, my! They can’t think normally! 
Kopaka: Let’s all defeat them! Kestora may be one thing, but these guys are another. 

Pohatu: Uh, help?! (He is going to get crushed by Guardian) 

Pohatu: Thanks. 
Kopaka: Don’t mention it. 

After the bad revived people are defeated, all of the Kestora notice and have found the good people!
Kestora number 1: I heard noises. 
Kestora number 2: There they are! 
Kestora number 3: Let’s get them, so we will dissect them! 
Kopaka: Oh, no. Not them again. I always knew we will have to fight them. They are becoming annoying. 
Pohatu: I agree, but it shouldn’t be too hard when we got a lot of new friends. Heh, heh. 

They fight the good people because they want to dissect them! The good guys fight the Kestora, as they charge at them, while they are finding the Red Star’s driving section because the good guys have no choice but to use the driving section to try to get out of the Red Star while surviving in there. They defeat the Kestora along the way, like a charging army.  
Kopaka: Get them! 
Pohatu: Charge! 
The three angry Kestora that Kopaka froze earlier are freed by their fellows and then attack him in revenge. Pohatu saves Kopaka from these Kestora. Pohatu defeats these Kestora. Kopaka thanks Pohatu for that. 
Kopaka: Uh! 
One of these Kestora: This is revenge for freezing us! 
Pohatu: I got you, buddy. 
Kopaka: Thanks. 
Kopaka finds the space ship’s controls and is trying to steer the space ship to Spherus Magna. Pohatu is trying to figure this out, too. However, when the last Kestora left standing tries to harm the Toa by throwing a bladed weapon at them, Plahe notices and then says “Look out!” Just when Kopaka finally figures the controls out, he and Pohatu heard Plahe and then notice the attack! They swiftly dodge it, and then the weapon stabs at the controls instead, damaging them, so the ship cannot be properly controlled. Kopaka is having a hard time steering the space ship to find a safe landing while Pohatu attacks and defeats the last Kestora. Kopaka tells everyone to brace for impact. The space ship crash-lands near G1’s Okoto, which is on Aqua Magna and is near Bara Magna. 

Kopaka: Come on! How does this thing work? 
Kopaka: I got it! 

Kopaka: No! 

Pohatu: Kopaka, that Kestora accidentally damaged the ship’s controls. I believe we are going to crash! 
Kopaka: You take care of that Kestora. I am going to take care of the controls! 
Pohatu to Kestora: Take that, you crazy creep! You and your kind don’t have good manners! 
Kopaka: Hang on, everyone! We are going to crash, but I am trying to get to a safe landing! 
Kopaka: Brace for impact! 

The Red Star is damaged by the impact, never to use its abilities again. Kopaka and Pohatu make sure that everyone in the Red Star is safe during the crash. The good guys wake up Botar. He is fine as well. 
Kopaka: Is everyone alright? 
Pohatu: Everyone is okay! 

The bad guys from the Red Star in general are tied up by the good guys while the Kestora swear revenge.
Kestora: We will get you for this! 
Pohatu: Yeah. Go talk to the jailers about it. Heh, heh. 

While everyone is not sure where they are in Spherus Magna, they see the island. They are amazed by its beauty. It reminds the Toa duo of the island of Mata Nui before the Bohrok successfully destroyed it to allow the Great Spirit Mata Nui to be reawakened. The duo miss the island of Mata Nui.

Kopaka and Pohatu in unison: Wow! What in the name of Mata Nui is this island? 
Pohatu: It looks beautiful, like the island of Mata Nui. 
Kopaka: Yes. I remember our adventures over there. We started everything in a way. The Rahi with Infected masks, us and our fellow Toa collecting masks, fighting the Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal, collecting Krana, becoming the Toa Nuva, fighting the Rahi Nui and the Rahkshi, Takua becoming Toa Takanuva. Everything. 
Pohatu: I miss that place. It would have been nice if the island wasn’t the Great Spirit Mata Nui’s face. It was a safe haven, you know. 
Kopaka: Well, our people had to go back to Metru Nui because that was their original home. Makuta Teridax had a way of coordinating all of this before he took over Mata Nui’s gigantic body. 

They are still wondering if the murder of Tren Krom and maybe Karzahni may be so powerful and smart that Tren Krom was trying to tell the duo to get help from the Red Star people to fight this threat? If that is the case, then that must be serious. The duo never forget Gaardus, and when they find him, they will have a talk about him abandoning them in the Red Star because that was unacceptable. Then, a group of many people from Okoto show up to see what is going on. They notice the Red Star and the people that came out from there.

Okotan number 1: Hey! I heard someone talking! 
Okotan number 2: Let’s go see what’s going on over there! 
They notice the Red Star and the people that came out from there.

Okotans: Wow! 
Pohatu: Who the heck are these people? They look like Agori, but sort of different. Their masks remind me of Jaller Mahri’s. 
Kopaka: I don’t know, but let’s get ready if they attack. We don’t know everything about Spherus Magna. 
One of these Okotans is their leader named Ekimu, who looks very different from the rest. He says “Hello, everyone. We have been expecting you”. 
Kopaka and Pohatu in unison: Huh? 

Meanwhile, Odina, a Great Being who is watching over Okoto, notices the crash undetected. He uses a special communication device to talk to Nynrah, the Great Being who pretended to be Velika, about it, as he says “Sir, we have a problem.” 

To be continued in Chapter 3.

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Chapter 3: Reunion in Bota Magna 

Lewa had suffered a lot of things in his life, even though he comes out okay every time. However, will he be okay with the Agori from the Jungle Tribe that captured him? In Bota Magna, he is captured by these people because they hate the fact that he is involved with an insane Great Being named Destral. Lewa was trying to warn them about a large bio-mechanical lizard that would threaten them, but he could not speak or understand the villagers’ language. He doesn’t know who these people are, either. Mata Nui may have given people from the Matoran Universe the ability to speak and understand Agori, but not Lewa and his associates in Destral’s fortress because the fortress prevented that from coming to them. He wonders where are these savage Jungle Agori taking him. 

The villagers take Lewa to their camp. When they are discussing about their history and what to do with Lewa, Lewa discovers that they blamed the Great Beings for the disaster that broke their home world, which is Spherus Magna. Lewa surprises the villagers with his elemental air power, which was not produced by a machine, so the people decide not to kill him immediately. Lewa is happy that he survived for now. Before he would go back to the fortress, he hears noises coming nearby. 

“What’s that?” he thought.

Somewhere nearby, there are Gelu and his three Toa partners, Zaria, Chiara, and Orde, running away from Bota Magna’s Vorox and Zesk during the Vorox’s hunt. They come to find the Great Beings, but the Vorox get in their way. What is worse is that the Vorox’s leader, Kabrua, uses an Elemental Power Inhibitor that can prevent Toa from using their elemental powers, and is associated with an evil Great Being who pretended to be an inhabitant of the Matoran Universe. The team has no idea who that Great Being is exactly because they are still getting chased. Their weapons are confiscated by the Vorox. When all four reunite, they are cornered by the Vorox and Zesk hunters. Kabrua is happy to kill the heroes. 
Gelu: Guys, it looks like this is the end of us. 
Chiara: Orde, can you figure out a way to get out of this? 
Orde: I’m trying to do telepathy on these scorpion-like cretins, but they are using that machine to prevent me from doing so. I’m sorry. 
Zaria: We’re doomed! I feel like I deserve it because I broke the Toa Code by killing a Makuta in anger, anyway. 
Kabrua: (laughs evilly) It’s useless, fools! Now, prepare to become our dinner! 

However, suddenly, Lewa and the Jungle Agori, who agree to help him, show up and fight the Vorox and Zesk soldiers. However, Lewa loses his air powers, and he has no idea why, but he still wants to fight. 
Lewa: You leave these guys alone! 
Kabrua: What? I don’t understand your language, but you will pay for interrupting my dinner! 
Lewa: Huh? How come my air powers aren’t working? 

Gelu, the four Toa, and the Agori work together to fight the Vorox and Zesk. Gelu fights and defeats Kabrua while destroying the Inhibitor along the way, making the fight with the Sand Tribe members easier.
Chiara: Hooray! We’re free from the device! We can now use our powers! 
Gelu: Get them, guys! 

The Toa use their elemental powers to defeat the Sand Tribe members.
Zaria: I’ll take your fancy blasters away. Thank you. 
Orde: Same here. Also, your blades.

Chiara uses his electricity powers to blast near the enemies, scaring them. Lewa uses his air powers to blow them away. Jungle Agori fight Zesk. 

Every Sand Tribe member runs away. Kabrua yells that this is not over yet. Orde uses his mental powers to give Lewa the ability to speak and understand the Agori language, so Lewa can talk to the Agori.
Lewa: (to Orde) Thanks.
Lewa: (to the Jungle Agori): You guys can understand me now, huh? 
One of the Jungle Agori: Yes, now we can understand. Who are you people, anyway? We know Gelu long ago before the Core War, but we don’t know you and the other three strange beings with magical powers. 
Lewa: I would love to do introductions, but let’s talk about it when we have to go to that fortress over there. I have people that I want you guys to meet. It’s very serious. 
The Jungle Agori: Hold on, there. That place has a Great Being named Destral, who got cursed by a magical mask called the Kanohi Ignika, the Mask of Life. Are you sure about this? I don’t like him or the other Great Beings because they are the ones who broke our planet. 
Gelu: The Great Beings’ creation named Mata Nui restored the planet recently. You could thank the Great Beings and him if you want, but we have to follow Lewa to the fortress first. 
Lewa: It will be fine, guys. Trust me. 
Orde: This could be it. We are going to see a Great Being! :D 

Chiara: Alright! 
Zaria: Let’s go! 

Gelu and his three Toa partners get their weapons back. Lewa is happy to meet the four heroes, but he wants them and the Agori to come with him to Destral’s fortress. Lewa convinces the Agori that everything will be fine when they come with him and his four new friends, as he smiles to show that there is no need to have a grudge. The Agori are sort of hesitant, but they can trust them now that they can understand Lewa. 

Nynrah has been thinking about his plan while he is setting up a complex system of explosives on Destral’s fortress and making tombstones for a group of Matoran Universe people and Destral himself inside. He is a Great Being from the Earth Tribe. When the Core War and Shattering happened, he blames the Great Beings for their incompetence, so he became corrupt. 

He made a huge plan that involves taking over Spherus Magna tyrannically. First, he created a Po-Matoran named Velika, and then tested using a special device that he and the other Great Beings created to give this Matoran complete sapience, something that the Great Beings did not want to do for the Matoran Universe’s people. He told the Great Beings that he is going to exile. He then switched bodies with Velika to pretend to be him and then imprisoned Velika’s mind in Nynrah’s body in suspended animation. “Velika” recruited many people who agree with his cause. These corrupt people are a Vorox named Kabrua in Bota Magna, a Rock Agori named Atakus and a Fire Glatorian named Perditus in Bara Magna, a fellow Great Being named Odina from the Water Tribe in G1’s Okoto, another one named Zakaz from the Jungle Tribe in Von Nebula’s and Black Maker’s secret hideout on Planet Cereblak, and many other people in Bota Magna. Nynrah gave special communication technology for them to use. He went inside the Matoran Universe before Mata Nui left Spherus Magna during the Shattering. In there, he used the sapience-giving device to give every being in the Matoran Universe complete sapience to see if they could function like normal people. His agents have told him about the lifestyles and events in Spherus Magna’s three fragments and the Hero Factory while he told them about the lifestyles and events in the Matoran Universe. They all shared information with one another for over 100,000 years up to Spherus Magna’s restoration. 

Throughout the Matoran Universe’s history, “Velika” had a habit of speaking riddles, and he never told anyone from the world about his true identity or his plan. Some people went erratic. A ruler named Karzahni twisted Velika’s body to a weaker form. Nynrah hated that. He and many other Matoran moved to Voya Nui. He experienced the Great Cataclysm, Toa’s battles against the Piraka in Voya Nui, leaving Voya Nui before it sank, Makuta Teridax’s reign over the Matoran Universe, and the world being damaged. When he and all of the world’s people moved to the newly restored Spherus Magna, he feels that the Matoran Universe people are no better than people of Spherus Magna, and the Hero Factory and its associated civilizations are doing the same problems, so that is a reason why he makes his move. 

He knows that Toa, their allies, powerful Matoran Universe beings, and Hero Factory’s Heroes would oppose him from his rule over Spherus Magna, so he made many strategies on how to take care of these interlopers, as he doesn’t want them to unite against him. He has Zakaz and his villainous allies from outer space attack the Hero Factory to prevent them from discovering Spherus Magna. Nynrah freed Karzahni from the Matoran Universe’s Pit, fought and defeated Lesovikk to get his sword, and then used it to kill Karzahni in revenge for the “repairs”. Lesovikk is a suspect for the murder. Nynrah freed Tren Krom from his island prison and then killed him. He wants to inspire fear to people in Spherus Magna to allow him to become their ruler. He gave Kabrua and his fellow Vorox in Bota Magna sophisticated blasters that he created, and then has them attack Gelu and his three Toa partners. He plans to have the Vorox as his stock troops so far, would have the Element Lords as his lieutenants, and force the Toa Nuva into helping him when he gets an advantage since people respect these Toa. 

Right now, he sees his old friend named Destral, and people from the Matoran Universe, Helryx, Axonn, Brutaka, Artakha, Makuta Miserix, Hafu, Kapura, and Vezon in Destral’s fortress. These people are still talking about what to do with Destral, whether they would free him from his prison or not. Some of them are scared because of the Great Being‘s cursed powers when they see Helryx suffering of Destral’s animating power on her armor. Nynrah sees them as obstacles, so that is why he is using the explosives. He is making tombstones for them when this strategy is done. He has plenty of work to do after this. He smiles sinisterly and laughs quietly as he starts to trigger the explosives. 
“It’s time to say goodbye”, thought Nynrah. 

However, suddenly, Lewa, Gelu, Orde, Chiara, Zaria, and the Jungle Agori show up to find the people in the fortress. They notice the explosives ticking, so they warn the people about it, so all of them run out of the building!
Lewa: Huh? I heard ticking. 
Chiara: Hmm… (gasps) Oh no! Someone is triggering the explosives! We have to evacuate everyone from the fortress immediately! 

Lewa and Chiara: Everyone! Leave the building! There are explosives around the building ticking! 

Everyone run for their lives! The explosives destroy it. Everyone survives. They do not notice that Destral, who could have been killed if he had stayed in his prison, escapes as well, as Helryx’s armor is no longer alive.
Destral: I’m free! (Laughs maniacally) 

After Orde uses his mental powers to give Helryx’s group the ability to speak and understand the Agori language, both groups go to find Destral.

Lewa: Is everyone alright?
Hafu: Yeah. 
Kapura: Who did this? 
Helryx: My armor went back to normal. 
Helryx looks around. 
Helryx: Hey! Where’s Destral? 
Brutaka: I see him! He’s getting away! 

They eventually find him and then capture him by having Miserix use his confusion power to confuse Destral and then use his stasis field power to freeze him. Lewa uses his air powers to carry him, but at a safe distance, so nothing on the group will come alive, as warned by Helryx. 
Lewa: Got him! 
Destral: Drat! I was free for a moment, but this happened! You’re going to imprison me again, are you? 
Helryx: Maybe. We will be thinking about what will we do to you later on. 

Meanwhile, Nynrah is shocked at this, so he is running and hiding in the woods.

Nynrah thought “Drat! Everyone survived!” 
He uses his special communication device to tell his secret agents about the situations and to attack his enemies. He goes to his secret hideout, where he switches bodies with the real Velika to have their original bodies back. He tells Velika that he will be in stasis while laughing evilly because he has another strategy in mind. Velika is shocked in horror before being imprisoned again! It is very unfair for Velika just when he was freed after stasis the first time. 

Velika: No! 

Nynrah tells Zakaz through his communication device to open a Black Hole Orb Staff portal to send some of the Bota Magna Vorox to Zakaz‘s location. Nynrah and Zakaz tell the Bota Magna Vorox about it.
Zakaz: Copy that, sir. 
Vorox: Understood, sir. 

When the portal is opened, Kabrua sends some of the Vorox through the portal, and then it disappears. Something bad will happen when they will return. 

Helryx’s group, Gelu’s group, Lewa, and the Jungle Agori talk to each other about who they are for those who do not know and about the recent events.
Helryx: Where is the one who triggered the explosives? 
Gelu: I think that probably could be the guy who sent the Bota Magnan Vorox to destroy me and my group. 
Artakha: I wonder what is his plan, though?

They all also wonder where is the one who triggered the explosives, but they hear someone saying that he found them, so his tribe shows up to see the group.

Unknown person: Guys, we found them! 

That tribe is the Earth Tribe, and they want to destroy the group. Lewa’s group feels surprised and angry, getting ready to fight. Vezon wants to use the Kanohi Olmak to escape, but Destral shut down its power before the explosion, so he cannot do it. He feels doomed. 

Vezon: Drat. :( 

To be continued in Chapter 4.

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Chapter 4: Anti-Hero Factory 

Akiyama Makuro has been thinking about his early life. He is the oldest robot in the universe because he was created by the Great Beings over 150,000 years ago in Spherus Magna. He is their very first robot. Spherus Magna was a prosperous place, but the Shattering happened, so he, along with two Great Beings, Stelt and Xia, went in a space shuttle that the two created to escape before it happened. He remembers witnessing the creation of the Great Spirit Robot before he and the two Great Beings left the planet. Since then, Makuro and the duo were exploring the universe, looking for a place to settle in just in case nothing goes well with Mata Nui when Mata Nui was a 40-million-foot-tall robot. Also, just in case Spherus Magna is restored, the Great Beings have a fellow Great Being named Artidax use special communications technology to let them know if the planet is healed. Makuro and the two Great Beings noticed Mata Nui traveling along the way. 

In the late 1800s, the trio went the planet Earth, and learned about its cultures and the English language from there. They moved to a planet that they would then called Makuhero, in the Makuhero Belt in the Milky Way Galaxy. Everything has been so fascinating. Makuro became a businessman, as he founded Makuro Industries, with the help of the two Great Beings. When they were worried about evil and crime in the universe, Makuro decided to found the Hero Factory, so the two Great Beings helped Makuro build the factory and then the city around it, which is Makuhero City. The Great Beings did that because they don’t want any peaceful place to end up like Spherus Magna. The Great Beings have been helping Makuro with advancing his city’s culture by looking at the Earth’s advancing cultures, even if Makuhero City’s technology is more advanced because of the Great Brings’ technology are incorporated into it, and the duo also helped Makuro with making upgrades for the factory‘s Heroes. Millions of robotic people are created, most of them’s heads look like Glatoiran’s, and live in many places in the galaxy, like Mekron City. Makuro hired thousands of these robotic people to be in the organization, and these people’s jobs are to help the Heroes with their missions. This is how the Hero Factory organization is today. The two Great Beings are hiding in the outskirts of the city. 

Makuro now wonders if Spherus Magna has restored yet. He and the two Great Beings never told the Heroes about the planet because they believe that Spherus Magnans would get angry about it, as if they would believe that the Heroes could have helped them with their problems if they knew the Hero Factory existed earlier. However, the Heroes are always busy, and it was primarily Mata Nui’s job, anyway. If the planet is restored, Makuro and two Great Beings are thinking about telling about it soon. 

The Hero Factory has done a great job over the years. Many Heroes have been made, and are doing what they are built to do: solving the galaxy’s people’s problems. There have been two Heroes that turned evil, who are Von Nebula and Core Hunter. They were defeated by one of the factory’s best Hero teams, the Alpha 1 Team, some time ago, but the traitors are not in prison and are nowhere to be seen. The Heroes are hoping to find and bring them to justice, but they are not aware that they are hiding in one planet, Cereblak. Voltix is also on the loose, and the Hero Factory doesn’t know that he is hiding in Cereblak. The Heroes want to find and recapture him, too. Other than that, the Villain Storage in the Hero Factory is in good shape again, and has all the other villains that escaped during the Breakout. 

There is also a question in the factory’s minds that is still lingering: Who and where is the villain who Black Phantom sent the stolen Hero Factory building plans to after the Breakout? They know Black Phantom masterminded the Breakout in order to get the schematics. Everyone knows that this mysterious villain will using the plans to make its own evil version of the factory. It’s been some time, after hunting down and recapturing most of the escaped villains and the fights with the Brains and Jumpers, so the factory would most likely be completely made. There is also the Galactic Conspiracy hiding and plotting. It is a bad sign because it will endanger the Hero Factory. Makuro is still wondering about it, and he wonders if everything that the Alpha 1 Team has faced is connected to something bigger and more sinister. 

Elsewhere, in the planet Cereblak, a corrupt Great Being named Zakaz built an evil version of the Hero Factory called the Anti-Hero Factory, thanks to Black Phantom stealing the plans for the entire Hero Factory building and sent them to Zakaz. Zakaz did it with help from other villains, including Von Nebula, Voltix, Core Hunter, and the Galactic Conspiracy.

Zakaz has been thinking. When the Shattering in Spherus Magna happened long ago, Nynrah talked to Zakaz and many others about his plan to rule Spherus Magna. Zakaz agrees because he is Nynrah’s close friend and, like Nynrah, believes that a stronger hand could have stopped the Shattering, so he became one of Nynrah’s secret agents. When Nynrah was pretending to be Velika and went inside the Matoran Universe before the Shattering happened, Nynrah ordered Zakaz to spy on Stelt, Xia, and Makuro when these three left the planet. Nynrah gave Zakaz a special communication device, so they can contact each other.

Zakaz stalked Stelt, Xia, and Makuro with his little space shuttle, as the three travelled to many worlds. Zakaz and the three noticed the Great Spirit Mata Nui on the way. Zakaz was amazed that the robot actually worked. He continued to follow the trio. In the late 1800s, when the trio went to the planet Earth and learned about its cultures and the English language, Zakaz did the same thing. When Makuro founded Makuro Industries and then the Hero Factory, with the help of Stelt and Xia, Zakaz established a secret based in Cereblak and watched everything, and he is still watching now. He and Nynrah knew that the Hero Factory would pose a threat to Nynrah’s plan, so Zakaz did a little business with many villains to try to stop the factory.

He is the one who caused the events of the Hero Factory theme’s story. He is why the Hero Factory’s Alpha 1 Team’s villains are villains, and their weapons are either made by him or he helped the villains make them. For example, the Meteor Blasters are based on the Thornax Launchers, but they shoot energy blasts. Zakaz hired Black Phantom to form the Legion of Darkness long ago. However, it failed the first members of the Alpha 1 Team defeated the Legion. He created Silver, the very robot that attacked New Stellac City when Baron Von Ness was so scared that he abandoned Preston Stormer and Terence Thresher. Of course, Stormer destroyed Silver, but Von Ness got away. Zakaz notices a Hero named Connor Hitter turning evil, so he has Hitter to help him. That was where he turned Connor Hitter into Core Hunter, who loves to steal Hero Cores. 

Zakaz also turned Von Ness into Von Nebula because Von Ness wants revenge on the Hero Factory and Stormer for his problem. Zakaz had Von Nebuka form a gang called the Black Hole Gang. That failed, through, but when the Black Hole Orb Staff, which Zakaz and Von Nebula created, was used by Stormer to suck Von Nebula, it actually took Von Nebula to Zakaz‘s secret base. Zakaz removed safeguards from four miners’ new energy-absorbing hands, so when the miners absorbed so much fuel, this turned them evil. They were called the Fire Villains. Zakaz had them commit crimes and then attack one of the Hero Factory’s fueling stations called Tanker Station 22. That failed, too, while the Hero Factory’s Heroes got the 2.0 upgrade. When Aldous Witch was exiled from the Hero Factory because he tried to install a Hero Core, Zakaz convinced Witch to go mine Quaza in the planet Quatros. When Witch became a Witch Doctor, Zakaz then told him to collect the Quaza from the planet’s core. That failed. Zakaz had the Black Phantom mastermind a Breakout in the Hero Factory, so Black Phantom could steal the plans for the entire Hero Factory. That went out well when Zakaz got the plans, despite Black Phantom being arrested and most of the escaped villains were recaptured. Voltix is still on the loose, so Voltix came to Zakaz’s base. Core Hunter was lucky that the energies of the Doom Box, which went berserk when he took a Hero named Makr Surge, took him to the base, too. Zakaz was using the plans to build the Anti-Hero Factory, but he needed time to do it because he worried that the Heroe should be able to find and stop him, so he made some strategies. He had the Black Maker create the Brains and have them attack the Hero Factory. That did not go well. Zakaz founded the Galactic Conspiracy. They failed, too, but they are still active. He tricked Antropolis City into digging a tunnel underground, so the Jumpers would be awakened and attack the city. That did not go well, either. He had Core Hunter collect an unhatched Jumper cocoon and then place it in the Alpha 1 Team’s Drop Ship, so the Jumper would attack the team.

All of the failures were caused by the Alpha 1 Team. Zakaz hates them the most, as they are the biggest obstacle to take care of. They are one of the Hero Factory’s best teams, after all. 

When it comes to the Anti-Hero Factory, everything is according to Zakaz’s plan, and Nynrah is the one responsible for it since Nynrah told Zakaz to build the Anti-Hero Factory to prevent the Hero Factory from discovering Spherus Magna. The Anti-Hero Factory is very much like the Hero Factory, but uses the letter ”A” as their symbol, the technology has darker color schemes, and creates evil counterparts to Heroes called the Anti-Heroes. The Anti-Heroes use evil versions of the Heroes’ Hero Cores called the Anti-Hero cores, which are made with a mineral that Zakaz discovered before giving it to Black Phantom called Anti-Quaza. The Anti-Quaza is very much like the mineral called Quaza, which is used to make Hero Cores is what makes the Heroes good, but the Anti-Quaza is the polar opposite of that, so it makes the Anti-Heroes evil. After many Anti-Heroes are made, Zakaz unleashes these new villains to attack the Milky Way Galaxy and the Heroes’ locations. He laughs evilly. He hopes these new villains will not fail like the other ones. 

Zakaz: Anti-Heroes, today we will have my revenge on the Heroes! Go find and destroy them! Some of you over there, go to Earth, attack it, and steal some plutonium for my employer’s mech. If Heroes come to stop you, destroy them. (Laughs evilly) 

A few Anti-Hero Factory Drop Ships show up on Planet Earth, in Caldwell, New Jersey. Christian Finkelstein and Gregory Ward notice. They think these Drop Ships belong to the Hero Factory’s Heroes, so they are happy and want to welcome them by approaching one of them nearby. However, when the door to that Drop Ship opens, the Anti-Heroes, who look like Hero Factory’s Preston Stormer, William Furno, Daniel Rocka, Dunkan Bulk, Jimi Stringer, Mark Surge, Natalie Breez, Julius Nex, and Nathan Evo, say hello, introduce themselves, and then say that they are here to attack the planet. The boys are confused, scared, and surprised! They notice the “A” symbol on the Anti-Heroes’ Anti-Hero Cores, their darker color schemes, and their menacing faces and red eyes. They discover that these robots are not the heroes! They run and then call the Hero Factory for help, as all of the Anti-Heroes from the Drop Ships come out of there and attack the town! 

Christian: Look! It’s the heroes! 
Gregory: I wonder what do they want? I see no danger, or is there? 
Anti-Preston Stormer: Hello, little ones. We are the Anti-Heroes, and we are here to attack. (Laughs evilly) 

The boys: What?! 
Christian: Hey! You are not the Heroes! 
Gregory: Run! 
Both boys screaming and running for their lives. 
The Anti-Heroes laugh evilly. 

When seven members of the Hero Factory’s Alpha 1 Team, Preston Stormer, William Furno, Daniel Rocka, Dunkan Bulk, Mark Surge, Natalie Breez, and Nathan Evo return to the Hero Factory from their mission in Antropolis City, they are attacked by a hatched Jumper that Core Hunter put in their Drop Ship! They wrestle and then defeat it, as it is no match for the seven of them.
Preston Stormer: Home Sweet Home. 
William Furno: Can’t wait to do Robo-Ball with the whole team. 
Daniel Rocka: Yeah. We could use some break after fighting the Jumpers. 
Mark Surge: Hey! A Jumper! How did it get in here? 
Nathan Evo: We can never catch a break, now can we? 
Dunkan Bulk: Nope. 
Natalie Breez: Stop that Jumper! 

Stormer: There. Let’s imprison it before it would attack anyone else. Good thing there is one Jumper. 

They imprison it in the Hero Factory while Jimi Stringer and Julius Nex return from their mission elsewhere. The first seven are happy to see the other two after so long after Mission: Catch ‘Em and Cuff ‘Em, despite a brief encounter in Tranquis VII. All nine miss doing missions together since then, but missions are missions. What can they do?
Bulk: Hey! It’s Stringer and Nex! 
Furno: Hi, guys! How are you doing? We haven’t seen you guys for a long time since the mission in Tranquis VII! 
Jimi Stringer: Well, we have been busy. Heh, heh. 
Julius Nex: Yep. Anyway, we’re home, so we have a lot of catching up to do. 
Evo: Yes.

Breez wishes to teach the creature on how to behave, so it would not end up like its extinct species. She and her team wanted to make peace with the species, but that never went well, as the creatures had short temper, were very territorial, so they could get easily confused. The team had no choice but to eradicate them to save themselves before going back home. It was not easy. The first seven washed their dirty Battle Machine Pilot armor because the armor has cocoon goo covering it. On the next day, all nine members of the team prepare to play Robo-Ball, but Lucy from the Call Center tells the team that they are needed for a new mission. Surge is upset that they can never catch enough break, but Breez and Furno politely tell Surge to not complain about it while laughing. They are all joking, of course. All nine members of the team notice the attack on Earth on one of the computer screens in the Mission Management Station. Zib and Quadal prepare a new upgrade for Heroes called the Breakout 2.0 forms, which look similar to the Breakout forms that the Heroes used to recapture villains who escaped during the Breakout, but they are slightly different in some ways, and are stronger. The team gets the new forms, and then use their Drop Shop to get to Earth. 
Stormer: Nice! 
Nex: Awesome! 
Bulk: I look good! 
Furno: It’s like Breakout, but no prisoners escaping. 
Rocka: I must admit, 2.0 forms, 3.0 forms, Breakout forms, Brain Attack forms, and Battle Machine Pilot forms are good, but these new forms are better. 
Stringer: I like Breakout 1.0 forms the best, but this is better. 
Evo: Agreed. 
Surge: Same. 
Breez: Me, three. 
Zib: Guys! You have to go. 
Stormer: Oh, right. Let’s go, everyone! 
Nex: Nice to be with you guys again! 
Stringer: Same! 
Breez: But what about Cade Commando, Aaron Arsenal, and Bruce Bravery? 
Stormer: They’re always busy. We can take care of this ourselves. 

When they arrive, they notice Anti-Heroes attacking Caldwell and stealing plutonium!
Stormer: Who the heck are those guys?
Furno: They look like Heroes! 
Nex: Including us! 
Surge: But evil. I don’t like this. 
Rocka: Whoever they are, we have to defeat them! They are making us look bad! 
Evo: Let’s put our upgrades to the test on these imposters! 
The Heroes come out of their ship and then fight their evil counterparts. Good thing that the Alpha 1 team brought some reinforcements along the way, so the Heroes will take care of the other Anti-Heroes. Furno and Rocka, who defended them from Voltix earlier when Voltix caused the Breakout, defend Christian and Gregory again from Furno’s and Rocka’s counterparts. It is a tough fight. During the fight, the Anti-Heroes taunt the Heroes that they are weak, but the Heroes get angry and refuse to surrender.
Furno: Hey, you!
Rocka: Yeah! 
Gregory: It’s the real Heroes! Hooray!
Christian: We’re saved, and by Furno again! 
Furno: Don’t worry, kids. We’ll handle this! 
Rocka: It’s nice to see you guys again. 

Stormer: Who the heck are you villains and why do you guys look like us? 
Anti-Stormer: We are the Anti-Heroes from the Anti-Hero Factory. We are the polar opposites of you and the other Heroes. We’re here to steal some plutonium. Since you and your pathetic friends came, we’re going to destroy you. (Laughs evilly) 

Stormer: Not if I can say about it, imposter! 
Stormer: You look like us. Why? Why are you guys evil? 
Anti-Stormer: We use Anti-Quaza, the polar opposite of Quaza as a power source. Quaza makes you losers good, but Anti-Quaza gives us our evil personalities. Heh, heh. 
Stormer: Hey! It’s the substance that Black Phantom used to shut down some of the staff in the Hero Factory after the Breakout happened! Who made you guys and where is your maker? 
Anti-Stormer: Heh, heh. If you defeat me, I might tell you. Heh, heh. 

It is a stalemate at first, but then the Anti-Heroes in general retreat for some reason. Some of them stole some plutonium. The Heroes are upset about the theft and wondering who are the Anti-Heroes, what are they up to, and why did they steal the plutonium. The boys cheer up the Heroes by reminding them that they are great and they protected Earth, which is what matters the most. The team thanks them for that, and the boys thank them for protecting them while showing their enthusiasm for them, mostly Furno and Rocka. They remember the fight with Voltix, and this is why the boys are fans of Furno and Rocka.
Gregory: Guys, I’m sorry about what happened, but you guys protected our town from those imposters. We’re safe! 
Christian: Yeah, and Rocka and Furno protected us, too. 
Gregory and Christian in unison: Thanks, Rocka and Furno! 
Rocka: You’re welcome.
Furno: Happy to help. :) 

Then, the Heroes in general get a call from Lucy from the Hero Factory’s Call Center, who tells them that the Anti-Heroes are attacking other Heroes in their missions and also Makuhero City! The Heroes on Earth are shocked, so they go to their Drop Ships and then hurry back to the city. 

To be continued in Chapter 5.

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Chapter 5: Challenge of the Shadowed One

The Shadowed One has been thinking about his job as the leader of the Dark Hunters. His real name is Krakuno. His species had a civil war on their island in the Matoran Universe long ago. He and his old friend, with the codename “Ancient”, founded the Dark Hunters, who are evil mercenaries and bounty hunters, on the island of Odina. At the time of Makuta Teridax’s rule over the world, there were at least 250 members of the group. Most of the Hunters have codenames, and the Shadowed One and Ancient are among those Hunters. The Hunters are a large variety of villains. Some of them have their own species, and others are mutated. Minion is a creation of the Brotherhood of Makuta. Ancient and Lariska are some of the One’s most trusted friends. Ancient was the One’s lieutenant, and Lariska is also there for the Hunters when the One goes somewhere. 

Throughout the Hunters’ history, they experienced a lot. They stole many things and fought a lot of enemies. They killed a lot of people, including Toa. They even kidnapped a Toa of Psionics named Varian. Many Hunters are killed by their enemies. When Makuta Teridax killed Nidhiki and Krekka, the One declared war on him and the Brotherhood. When the Order of Mata Nui had a war called the Destiny War on the Brotherhood, the Order asked the Hunters to help them, and the Hunters agreed because of their grudge with the Brotherhood. The One found some Viruses made by the Makuta, and then killed Ancient to keep it a secret. 

The Brotherhood was destroyed, but Teridax took over the Matoran Universe. No one but him knew that their world was inside a 40-million-foot-tall robot, which was controlled by Mata Nui’s spirit, the very ruler of the world, and he was called the Great Spirit because of that. Makuta killed many people, including some of the Dark Hunters, like Guardian, as Lariska reported to the One about it. The One was surprised by all of this. The Hunters allied with the Barraki and many others to try to fight Makuta, but he was unstoppable. However, Mata Nui destroyed Makuta, and then their world was heavily damaged as a result, so everyone came out of it and moved to a new world called Spherus Magna. Everyone makes new lives here. 

The Dark Hunters are scattered. Varian is rescued and freed from her stasis. Mimic is able to find and reunite his lost female champion, so he decides to end his job as a Dark Hunter. The One is disappointed at these situations, but he develops a new evil plan to take over Spherus Magna. He gathers all of the remaining Hunters and villains from Bara Magna, who are Bone Hunters, Metus, Strakk, Malum, Vorox, Zesk, Skrall, both male and female, Tuma, Rock Agori, and Iron Tribe members that live there. Metus is thinking about his miserable life, but the One promises Metus that he will help him get revenge on the very people who defeated him when Mata Nui arrived on Bara Magna. Strakk wants revenge on Mata Nui and Ackar, so he joins. He and Malum forgive each other about the very arena match that got Malum exiled from the Fire Tribe, as both hate Ackar for their exiles. The One also has Rock Steeds, Spikit, and Skopio as his new army’s steeds. 

The Shadowed One: It’s doing well so far. (Smiles evilly) 

The One has many new lieutenants in his new army, including Gaardus, who returned from his recent visit to the Red Star.
The One: Hey, you! Yes, you! Who are you? 
Gaardus: I’m Gaardus. I’m a Ta-Matoran that got mutated by Nynrah Ghosts. I’m a hunter, and I killed these guys for revenge. I just got back from a trip to the Red Star. It’s dangerous over there. I left two Toa behind because of that. 
The One: Interesting. Say, how about you would join my army? You could be very useful because I and my friends are hunters. I promise I will give you anything you want. 
Gaardus: Hmm… Alright. 
The One: Excellent. (Smiles evilly) 

The One loves the fact that Gaardus is a hunter, so he has Gaardus join his army. He has Lariska as his new lieutenant for the Dark Hunters. The One has Fero as the leader of the Bone Hunters, and is good friends with him.
The One: I like you and your kind, Fero. 

The One also has Malum as the leader of all Vorox and Zesk in Bara Magna, and Strakk is Malum’s lieutenant. The One reforms the Rock Tribe, as the male and female Skrall forgive each other, and has Tuma as its leader again. Stronius is Tuma’s lieutenant and Branar is Tuma’s third-in-command. The One promises the tribe that he will help them get revenge on the people who defeated them when Mata Nui arrived. The females lost their psionic powers when Annona left Spherus Magna, so they agree to work with the males. 

The male Skrall: The female Skrall? Why do we have to team up with them? They have psionic powers, and they do not like us. 
The female Skrall: We don’t have psionic powers anymore. It’s just that a monster named Annona took them away when she left the planet. 
The One: Now, I want both of you to reunite. If you misbehave, I will do something worse than people with psionic powers. I have more powers than the females, and my dear friends have powers, so you people would not want to mess with us. You understand that? 
Skrall in general: Alright. 

The One finds and forces Mimic to work for him again by imprisoning his female friend again. Mimic does not like this, but the One wants him to work for the One if he wants to see his friend again, so Mimic agrees. It is not fair for Mimic, but he has no choice.
Mimic: Hey! How dare you! I thought you are my friend! 
The One: I am not done here. Oh, and it was I who kidnapped your friend the first time. I could use your skills again. If you misbehave, you will never see your friend again. 
Mimic: Okay! Okay! I’ll help you again! Please don’t hurt her! 
The One: Good, and I promise I won’t hurt her. (Laughs evilly) 

When Voporak, a servant for the Dark Hunters and who undid the aging that he accidentally did to the One long ago when they were fighting Teridax, returns to the One with the bottom half of the Vahi, this impresses the One so much that he makes Voporak an official Dark Hunter. Voporak is happy to hear this.
Voporak: My lord, I have found the Mask of Time, again.
The One: Ah! Thank you, Voporak. I was wondering if you had survived Makuta Teridax’s reign. Finally, the mask is ours again! Voporak, as a reward for getting me the mask, I name you an official Dark Hunter! 
Voporak: Thank you, master. (Bowing his body down) 

The One also finds the Dark Hunters’ other servants, the Hordika Dragons and the Recorder, and recruits the Tarakava Nui, some Tahtorak, Karzahni’s armed Manutri, Manas, the Kanohi Dragon, and some Exo-Toa as new servants. He also has some Rahi for his army to use as new steeds. He has Rahi Nui as his servant again since the Brotherhood is no more.

The One: It’s nice to see you again, my old pet. 

A few Dark Hunters also found Conjurer, who is in a coma. They show the Shadowed One the sleeping hunter. The One has the Hordika Dragons use their power to create electric shocks to wake him up. Conjurer finally awakens. The One is happy to have him back. 
Conjurer: Uh… What happened? I remember fighting Makuta Tairanka, the Makuta of Stelt. I tried to defeat him, but he defeated me. How long was I in a coma for? 
The One: For a long time. You did not miss much. Well, everyone in the Matoran z universe moved to this new world called Spherus Magna. Anyway, it is nice to have you back. 
Conjurer: You’re not going to punish me for the coma, are you? I remember the time where you cut my tail off. 
The One: Now, now, my fellow member of my species. I was teaching you a valuable lesson. You did not do anything wrong now. You were foolish enough to fight a Makuta like that. Now, all of the Makuta are dead. You do not have to worry about the Makuta anymore. Please rejoin my army. Perhaps you could make up for your coma that way. 
Conjurer: Alright, master. It’s good to be back. 
The One: Excellent. (Smiles evilly) 

The One also has evil Nynrah Ghosts in Spherus Magna, including the one who got his right arm repaired and got a new mask, as his servants, as he needs them to fix or make anything for him. 

The One also finds the Barraki again, since he was going to meet them when they wanted to go to Metru Nui during Makuta Teridax’s reign over the Matoran Universe. Takadox rejoins the Barraki because he feels lonely and he apologizes for working with the Brotherhood fo Makuta against the Barraki, so both of them forgive each other. Of course, Carapar isn’t here because he’s dead. The Barraki get their and Carapar’s underwater armies again while they still have their surface armies. The Barraki and their new armies agree to be in the One’s army since Teridax was destroyed, and they want to have some domain in Spherus Magna. A Dark Hunter named Amphibax is happy to see Ehlek again because he was Ehlek’s lieutenant long ago. He becomes Ehlek’s lieutenant again. 

The One: Hello, Barraki, my friends. I see Takadox. Hello, there, too. 
Pridak: Shadowed One! I was worrying where you are. Where were you? 
The One: Things went beyond my control. Sorry. Anyway, I see that you went back to your old looks. You look handsome. How about you five would like join me? I want to conquer this new world. I promise I will give you some land to rule when we are ready to rule. 
Pridak: Alright. I trust you. 
The One: Yes. (Smiles evilly) 

The One makes sure his old and new friends behave because of their past grudges against each other. The One is powerful and charismatic, after all, so he is able to make them set their differences aside. He has them build new camps for the army. He also keeps the viruses, which he will use as a secret weapon against his enemies. 

Meanwhile, Tyrant, who still wants revenge on the One for betraying him long ago, secretly talks to Darkness, who is always hiding and watching the Shadowed One, about their alliance and his plan to take down the One. Darkness agrees with the plan because both want to overthrow the One and become leaders of the army. Both agree that they will be co-leaders when this is done. The Shadowed One knows Darkness’ intention, but he does not know about him allying with Tyrant. 
Tyrant: Psst! You, Darkness. Over there. 
Darkness: What is it, traitor? (He remembers Tyrant wanting to overthrow the Shadowed One at one time, but the One stopped him and then betrayed him by sending him away to an ocean in the Matoran Universe.) I thought you are dead by drowning in an ocean. 
Tyrant: I am not here to fight you. I know that you want to overthrow the Shadowed One and become the new leader of the Dark Hunters. Tell you what. If you decide to team up with me in defeating the Shadowed One, I promise we will be co-leaders of the organization. Deal? 
Darkness: (thinking about his plan, then says) Alright. Deal. 
Tyrant: Yes. (Both shake hands.) For now, let’s wait for the Shadowed One to show his weakness, so we can take him on together. I hide while you go spy on him as always. 

The One sends a small group of spies to check on the good people of Bara Magna. They observe the fight between them and the Baterra. After the heroes are done, the One sends a small group of his minions, led by Gaardus, to attack them. 
Gaardus: Everyone, attack! 

After Tahu and his allies defeated the Baterra, a new wave of enemies appear. It is those of the One’s minions! Tahu and his fellow heroes fight the minions. Tahu complains that he and his friends never catch a break. 

Meanwhile, the Toa Mahri are running away from tons of Skakdi who are chasing them. When a golden-skinned being named Repgole was fighting Annona, he accidentally let go of his mind-control over the Toa Mahri. The Toa Mahri take this as an advantage, so they run away. When the Repgole defeated Annona and then is repairing his destroyed fortress from the battle, he notices that the Toa Mahri are missing, so he sends the Skakdi to find and recapture them. The Toa may have fought the Piraka when they were the Toa Inika, but they cannot fight that many Skakdi. They want to find somewhere to hide and some help, but this is a new world, which is Spherus Magna, so they do not know how to hide in a place like this.
Hewkii: What in the name of Mata Nui is this place? Reminds me of Po-Wahi on the island of Mata Nui. 
Jaller: I don’t know, but keep on running! Let’s try to hide somewhere to hide! 

Things get worse when the Skakdi corner them when the Toa reach to a canyon.

A Skakdi: You’re finished, Toa. Go back to our master, Repgole. 
Nuparu: Fighting the Piraka with the five of us and Matoro is one thing, but Matoro being gone ans an army of Skakdi attacking us is another. 
Hahli: I wish Matoro is still alive and us still being Toa Inika. 
Kongu: What do we do now? 

It seems hopeless for the Toa to escape, but the Toa Hagah, who are led by Norik, arrive to help the Toa Mahri.

Norik: Don’t worry! Help is on the way!

Both Toa teams fight and defeat the Skakdi, causing them to run away. The Skakdi vow revenge on the Toa. The Toa Mahri thank the Toa Hagah for saving them. Both teams remember meeting them in the first time when Destiny War was happening. It is nice to see each other. They do fist bumps to celebrate. 

When the teams arrive back to Tahu’s village, where Tahu and their fellow heroes will meet them, they notice the fight between the heroes and the One’s minions. The teams help their fellow heroes fight the villains. It is an intense fight. During the fight, Gaardus and Tahu have a talk about Kopaka’s and Pohatu’s whereabouts. Tahu demands Gaardus to bring them back, but Gaardus doesn’t listen because he is not interested, and he is afraid of the Kestora in the Red Star. The heroes win the fight, so the minions run away. Everyone cheers and Toa do fist bumps to celebrate. The Toa Mahri’s friends are happy to see them again, as Macku is happy to see Hewkii again, and Varian is happy to see Norik again after a long time since they were captured by the Shadowed One before the One put Varian in stasis. Takanuva and Tahu are happy to see Jaller again. Tahu gives Jaller his Kanohi Hau back. However, Tahu is still worrying about Kopaka and Pohatu. He hopes they will be okay.

The minions report to the One about the situation. 

Gaardus: My lord, they got help. We could not defeat them. 

The One just used this attack as a warm-up and preview of what the heroes can do when they are united. He is planning another strategy that he hopes will not fail this time. Toa may be one thing, but Glatorian are another when they help the Toa, so the One starts to dislike the Glatorian. 

Meanwhile, Ackar, Gali, and Onua notice Perditus and Atakus on the other part of the village. The two are seen with some Skrall, and they are alone and hiding. The two are talking through one of their special communication devices. A Black Hole Orb Staff portal opens up in front of the villains. Atakus tells the Skrall to enter and get reinforcements, so they are willing to follow Nynrah’s plan to get revenge on their enemies for their humiliating recent defeats, and then when the Skrall do so, the portal disappears. Ackar, Gali, and Onua jump in and interrogate Perditus and Atakus on what they and the Skrall are up to, but Perditus goes to his vehicle, Atakus hops on it, and then Perditus drives away with Atakus. Ackar cannot believe that Perditus is working with those villains. Malum is one traitor from the Fire Tribe who leads Vorox against good people, but Perditus is another traitor who works with the Rock Tribe for some reason. Ackar feels sadder about it. Gali and Onua cheer Ackar up, so they will help him take care of Perditus when they find him. Ackar, Gali, and Onua fear that something bad and strange is going to happen. Ackar, Onua, and Gali come in and tell their fellow heroes about what they just discovered. Everyone is worried about Perditus and Atakus now. 

Tahu and his allies tell the Toa Mahri about what happened recently, and the Toa Mahri do the same thing with them. The Toa Mahri get their Cordak Blasters, which they discarded for stealth in Zakaz before Repgole was formed, back while Kongu gets his weapon called the Cyclone Sword, which he discarded near Mahri Nui, back. Takanuva has his Power Lance and Midak Skyblaster again. He is curious about what is taking Gelu and his Toa group so long, so he goes to find them and the Great Beings, the latter is when he feels that it is his destiny to do so. The Toa Mahri and Gresh want to come with him because they fear that Takanuva cannot do this dangerous task alone. The Toa Mahri remember Matoro’s death, so they do not want to lose another friend. Gresh and Takanuva are good friends, and Gresh does not like losing people, either. Tahu lets them all do it for Gelu’s and his Toa group’s safety. He is still wondering where are the Great Beings, too. Takanuva, the Toa Mahri, and Gresh ride on Fenrakk Spawn that the Toa Mahri recruited on Voya Nui when they were the Toa Inika. All of them start their search for their fellow heroes and the Great Beings.  

Suddenly, Metus comes in and tells the Shadowed One that there is a strange being and hundreds of more Baterra coming near one of their camps. Metus shows the One this being and the Baterra. That being is Marender, and he is leading the Baterra. The Shadowed One is curious and interested in this newcomer and his army, so he plans to do something with them. He smiles evilly. 

To be continued in Chapter 6.

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Chapter 6: The Skull Creatures

Ekimu tells the good Red Star people who he and the Okotans are. They are harmless. The Okotans bring the good Red Star people to the City of Ekimu. Some of the Okotans put the bad Red Star people in prison in the island of Okoto. Ekimu and the Protectors talk about their history, Okoto’s history, Elemental Crystals, and their involvement with the Great Beings. Ekimu was created by the Great Beings to look after the Okotans, and he is based on Artakha when Artakha has great honor for the Great Beings. The Okotans are a subspecies of Agori with a shorter lifespan. The Great Beings created the island of Okoto to test the Great Spirit Robot’s camouflage system. The Great Beings have Ekimu and the Okotans live in the island since it is beautiful and prosperous. They gave the people Elemental Crystals of Fire, Water, Jungle, Ice, Stone, and Earth to use in making Kanohi. People in Okoto did notice the Shattering in Spherus Magna, but they survived.

They also talk about the society in Okoto, Ekimu’s job as its Mask Maker, and Okoto’s Kanohi. They talk about Ekimu’s Mask of Creation and the top half of the Mask of Time, which gave Ekimu many visions. The visions were about the events in the Matoran Universe, the Toa Metru’s/Toa Hordika’s adventures, the Toa Mata’s/Toa Nuva’s adventures, the Toa Inika’s/Toa Mahri’s adventures, the battles in Karda Nui, the events in Bara Magna, ones in Bota Magna, the events in Spherus Magna after its restoration, the events of the Hero Factory, including the Alpha 1 Team’s adventures, and the Red Star crash-landing near Okoto. There are some more, like the one for a big new battle for Spherus Magna and the universe, and is contained in the Temple of Time. The vision with the battle gives Kopaka and Pohatu the chills. The Red Star people are surprised that Ekimu already knows all of these events. Ekimu and the Protectors talk about the Mask of Control, which is guarded in the Labyrinth of Control, and the Mask of Ultimate Power, which is guarded in the Capital City. They also talk about the masks’ history. They have to guard the masks from Okoto’s villains, otherwise it will mean great danger to the island and Spherus Magna when the villains get their hands on the masks. All of these masks were created by the Great Beings. However, the Masks of Control and Ultimate Power were too dangerous to be in the Matoran Universe, so they have to be guarded in Okoto.

During the Core War, while the Great Beings were planning to make the complete Vahi (as in both halves being put together), they figured that it would be too dangerous to put the Mask in the Matoran Universe like this if the mask were to be tampered or damaged, and they were aware that the Shattering was coming very soon, so they came up with an idea. They split the materials for the complete mask into two halves. They made the top half first, they made it stable on its own, and then gave to Ekimu to hide it in Okoto, in the Temple of Time, for safekeeping. They wanted to make the stable bottom half, but they decided to give the materials for the bottom half to Artakha, the creator of the Toa Mata, for safekeeping. The Great Beings did this because they want to lessen the risk of having and destroying the Mask of Time in the Matoran Universe. Artakha felt that it was dangerous to keep the bottom half in the Matoran Universe when it was directly made, so he decided to turn the materials into the six Great Kanoka Disks to test to see if someone is worthy of making and using the bottom half of the Mask.

The good Red Star people are interested at the new discovery, as Kopaka, who is an analytical intellectual, shows his great interest. The island reminds him and Pohatu of the island of Mata Nui, which was based on Okoto by the Great Beings. Ekimu also reminds the two Toa of their creator named Artakha. The Toa tell Ekimu and the Protectors about the bottom half of the Mask of Time, the fact that Voporak stole it, and Artakha. Ekimu says that he will help them get that half back when the Toa need him because the bottom half could mean trouble when it is in the hands of a villain. The good Red Star people also tell Ekimu and the Protectors about themselves, Spherus Magna being restored, and the recent events. Ekimu and the Protectors are willing to help them with their current problems. They are interested in their histories.

Ekimu gives six revived Toa from the Red Star new weapons that he created. These Toa were a part of Toa Lhikan’s army in the Toa-Dark Hunter War long ago the Matoran Universe. After the war was over, the six Toa left. They were attacked by the the original six Piraka when the Piraka were once Dark Hunters before Zaktan revolted against the Shadowed One. During the fight, the Piraka destroyed the Toa’s weapons, which were similar to Ekimu’s new weapons, by throwing them to a nearby volcano. The Toa fought bravely against the Piraka, but the Piraka killed them. However, the Toa were revived in the Red Star. It is a good thing that Ekimu provided the Toa the new weapons. These Toa are Lagma, the Toa of Fire, Marina, the Toa of Water, Jotan, the Toa of Jungle, Fracer, the Toa of Ice, Montone, the Toa of Stone, and Grake, the Toa of Earth. Lagma now uses a pair of Elemental Fire Blades, and wears a Great Kanohi Calix, the Mask of Faith. Marina now uses an Elemental Water Spear, and wears a Great Kanohi Elda, the Mask of Detection. Jotan now uses a pair of double-bladed swords called Razor Crystal Blades, and wears a Great Kanohi Suletu, the Mask of Telepathy. Fracer now uses an Elemental Ice Blade and an Elemental Ice Blaster, and wears a Great Kanohi Iden, the Mask of Spirit. Montone now uses a Crystal Flail, which has a spear on one end and a flail on the other, and he wears a Great Kanohi Sanok, the Mask of Accuracy. Grake now uses a Blazing Crystal Hammer, where its hammer head has a drill in the front and a machine gun that looks similar to G1’s Korgot, the Protector of Earth’s Rapid Shooter. Grake wears a Great Kanohi Kadin, the Mask of Flight. The Toa are happy that they got new weapons. These Toa’s masks match the primary colors of their wearers. They remind Kopaka and Pohatu got the Toa Inika, but these new Toa’s faces are not organic like the Toa Inika. 

Meanwhile, Odina gets told by Nynrah through their special communication devices that Odina has to take care of the good Red Star people on Okoto to prevent them from reuniting with the good people in Bara Magna. Odina has been thinking. When the Shattering in Spherus Magna happened long ago, Nynrah talked to Odina and many others about his plan to rule Spherus Magna. Odina agrees because he is Nynrah’s close friend and, like Nynrah, believes that a stronger hand could have stopped the Shattering, so he became one of Nynrah’s secret agents. When Nynrah was pretending to be Velika and went inside the Matoran Universe before the Shattering happened, Nynrah ordered Odina to spy on Okoto. 

When Mata Nui was put to sleep over 1000 years ago, Odina noticed that and told Nynrah about it. Nynrah told Odina to look over the island of Mata Nui. Odina observed the events that took place on that island. When the island’s surface was destroyed by the Bohrok swarms, Odina returned to look over Okoto. He is never detected by anyone who live in those islands. Odina did see the Great Spirit Mata Nui reawakening and then the Great Spirit Robot leaving Aqua Magna. Odina was amazed. 

When Spherus Magna was restored, Odina had to make sure the people of Okoto would not come help the good people of Bara Magna. However, when he saw the Red Star crash-landing near the island, he has to act fast, as he is told to take care of the good Red Star people. He finds the Skull Creatures and Umarak. He uses a special device, which can nullify someone’s powers, to make them listen. He tells the Okotan villains about Nynrah’s plans and promises them that they will get what the villains want if they help them defeat heroes from the Red Star and Okoto. Nynrah also wants Ekimu’s Mask of Creation, the top half of the Mask of Time, the Mask of Control, and the Mask of Ultimate Power. The Okotan villains accept the offer. Odina also calls Zakaz to open a Black Hole Orb Staff portal to bring some Skrall, Bota Magna Vorox, and Anti-Heroes to Okoto to help its villains out. After Zakaz does what Odina says, the villains in Okoto are ready. 

After Ekimu’s tour is done, he is going to help the good Red Star people go to the good people in Bara Magna because they have to, but something makes a noise. It is the Skull Spiders attacking the whole island of Okoto, including the City of Ekimu! They are trying to steal Okotan Kanohi! They even mind-control some Okotans! Kopaka and Pohatu are leading the good Red Star people to battle while Ekimu joins them. Matoran and Turaga stay put along with Okotans for their safety.

Ekimu instructs six more revived Toa from the Red Star, Firace, Toa of Fire, Watra, Toa of Water, Plangel, Toa of Jungle, Izer, Toa of Ice, Rone, Toa of Stone, and Teron, Toa of Earth, to go get Okoto’s Golden Kanohi while Ekimu and the Red Star heroes go fight the Skull Spiders in the City of Ekimu to protect it. Firace wears a Great Kanohi Firaki, the Mask of Fire, and uses a pair of Fire Blades and a pair of Golden Swords stored on his back armor. The Fire Blades can combine to form a surfboard called a Lava Surfboard, which can surf on lava, like a Lavaboard in the island of Mata Nui. Watra wears a Great Kanohi Gater, the Mask of Water, and uses an Elemental Trident which has a big axe on one end and a trident on another. It can split into three objects. One is her weapon called the Power Harpoon, which is the trident part. The other two are Shark Fins, which are the axe blades. They can be attached to her feet, so she can travel underwater. Plangel wears a Great Kanohi Boplan, the Mask of Jungle/Plant Life/the Green, and uses uses a pair of Battle Axes, where each has an axe head on one end and a sword on the other. The Battle Axes can split into swords called Jungle Swords and X-Glider wings, the latter can be attached to his forearms, so he can fly. Izer wears a Great Kanohi Icod, the Mask of Ice, and uses an Ice Spear and a Frost Shield. The Frost Shield can create a spherical force field around Izer. It can also split into a pair of skis called Avalanche Skis, which can travel through icy places. Rone wears a Great Kanohi Storok, the Mask of Stone/Rock, and uses a pair of Stormerangs and a dagger called the Stone Dagger. The Stormerangs are giant boomerangs that can be thrown to attack and can create sandstorms. They can turn into a pair of Jetarangs, which can be attached to his feet, so they can allow him to fly. Teron wears a Great Kanohi Erond, the Mask of Earth, and  uses an Earthquake Hammer. It can turn into a pair of shovel-like claws called Turbo Shovelers, which can dig through ground. The Toa’s masks share the same colors of their wearers’ primary colors.

The Toa were also soldiers of Lhikan’s Toa army in the Toa-Dark Hunter War, and are good friends with Lagma and his five Toa friends. They got killed by some Dark Hunters in the war, but they got revived in the Red Star. Both groups of Toa were happy to see each other again when Lagma’s group got revived in the Red Star. Ekimu sends each Protector to help and guide one of the members of Firace’s group of Toa of the same element to Ekimu’s Golden Kanohi counterpart of that Toa’s mask. This is because Ekimu says that the masks can enhance the Toa’s elemental powers, and he made these masks with Elemental Crystals. He saw through the top half of the Mask of Time that the Red Star people will come, that was why he made these masks. Each of the Golden Kanohi is located in a secret shrine in one of Okoto’s six regions of the same element. Ekimu wants the masks to be collected because the heroes in general will need them to make their fight with their enemies in Okoto easier. The Toa also have to protect the regions from the Skull Spiders in there along the way. 

The Toa and Protectors split up into teams of two while the other heroes go take care of the Skull Spiders in the City of Ekimu. Firace and Narmato, the Protector of Fire, go to the Region of Fire called Ikir, named after the Elemental Creature of Fire, and the Fire Tribe’s home region. Watra and Kivoda, the Protector of Water, go to the Region of Water called Akida, named after the Elemental Creature of Water, and the Water Tribe’s home region. Plangel and Vizuna, the Protector of Jungle, go to the Region of Jungle called Uxar, named after the Elemental Creature of Jungle, and the Jungle Tribe’s home region. Izer and Izotor, the Protector of Ice, go to the Region of Ice called Melum, named after the Elemental Creature of Ice, and the Ice Tribe’s home region. Rone and Nilkuu, the Protector of Stone, go to the Region of Fire called Ketar, named after the Elemental Creature of Stone, and the Stone Tribe’s home region. Teron and Korgot, the Protector of Earth and the only female Protector, go to the Region of Earth called Terak, named after the Elemental Creature of Earth, and the Earth Tribe’s home region.

Before Ekimu joins the other heroes, he tells a group of six Okotoans, who are members of the Protectors’  tribes, to get the Unity Kanohi because the heroes in general would need them if the Okoto’s villains would endanger the Elemental Creatures about the way. 

Kopaka’s and Pohatu’s team and Ekimu fight and defeat some of the Skull Spiders in the City of Ekimu. They also free the hostages by removing the spiders from their faces. Then, the Lord of Skull Spiders, who is commanding the spiders, approaches. Kopaka, Pohatu, and some other heroes also fight and defeat the Lord with teamwork while the others are taking care with the other Skull Spiders. It is a tough fight. Then, Skull Warriors, Skull Scorpios, and Skull Slicer approach. Pohatu hates scorpions because he had to fight Nui-Jaga when Makuta Teridax was mind-controlling them with Infected Kanohi on the island of Mata Nui a year ago. Kopaka remembers fighting them, too. These fights were not easy. The fight against these Creatures has begun. 

Each duo in their region fight many Skull Spiders on their way to the shrine. When they arrive, the Toa gets its Golden Kanohi while the Protector fights the Skull Spiders to protect the Toa. The Toa wears the mask. It increases his elemental power! The Toa protects the Protector from the Skull Spiders and defeats the whole swarm in the region! The Toa have saved all six regions of Okoto! Ekimu telepathically communicates the Toa through the masks that they have to join the other heroes in the City of Ekimu to help them win the fight against the Skull Creatures there. The Toa and the Protectors head to the city.

The Red Star heroes and Ekimu are having a hard time fighting Skull Slicer’s group of Skull Creatures. The Skull Warriors are the easiest foes to defeat, but the Skull Scorpios are tough. Skull Slicer, who is leading both the Warriors and Scorpios, is even tougher.

The Skull Creatures outnumber the heroes! But then, help has arrived! The Golden-Kanohi-wearing Toa and the Protectors have arrived! They fight some of the creatures. the other heroes continued to fight the creatures. Everything was fine, but then a Skull Warrior steals Izer’s Golden Kanohi, a Skull Scorpio stole Rone’s, and Skull Slicer steals Plangel’s, making the three Toa weaker. They wear the masks and then suck the elemental energies from them, discoloring the top parts of the masks to represent the elements. The other three Toa and some Red Star heroes fight some of the Creatures, including the three thieves while the others are protecting the first three Toa for their own safety. The heroes also have the weakened Toa wear their original masks to give them their strengths back. Ekimu tells the heroes in general to do teamwork and do some strategies. The heroes followed his instructions, as they fight and defeat these creatures and remove the masks from the thieves along the way. The heroes return the masks to their Toa wearers. When the Toa wear their masks again, the golden colors on the top parts of the masks returned! The elemental energies have restored! 

Just when the fight was over, Kulta the Skull Grinder arrives! He brought some Skull creature reinforcements! He introduces himself and the Skull Creatures to the Red Star heroes. The Skull Creatures fight the heroes in general. He takes the top half of the Mask of Time, but the heroes in general stop him. The mask is safe. He summons his Skrall, Bota Magna Vorox, and Anti-Heroes to attack the heroes to avenge this moment. He rips the Mask of Creation from Ekimu’s face. He runs off with it to an underground city beneath the mountains, and the Skrall, Vorox, and Anti-Heroes follow him. Also, the heroes follow him there to try to get the mask back after defeating the Skull Army. Ekimu wears a powerless golden replacement mask that looks like the Protectors’ masks along the way. During the fights, Ekimu and the Protectors explain who the Skull Creatures are. They are from another island near Okoto, and they came from other species of people. They were dead, bit the Great Beings were testing reanimating the dead long ago, but the experiment goes wrong, as they are evil living skeletons, so the Great Beings have Ekimu, Protectors, and Elemental Creatures protect Okoto from them. The Skull Spiders and their Lord are also the Great Beings’ evil and faulty creations that Okoto’s heroes have to protect Okoto from. 

When they arrive at the city, Kulta is expecting them. He summons the Skull Raiders, including Axato and Skull Basher, and has them attack the heroes. Both groups have a tough fight with each other. Axato and Skull Basher are harder to beat before they are defeat while Skull Basher is tougher than Axato. Some of the Skull Creature soldiers steal nine of the heroes‘ masks. These masks are the Protectors’ masks, Firace’s Golden Kanohi, Watra’s Golden Kanohi, and Theron’s Golden Kanohi. Axato has Izotor’s Protector Mask of Ice while Skull Basher has Teron’s Golden mask. The theft of the Golden Kanohi has weakened their Toa wearers! The nine thieves wear the stolen masks, draining their elemental powers to strengthen Kulta. However, some of the heroes in general fight the Skull Creatures while the other heroes protect the weakened Toa. The heroes have the weakened Toa wear their original masks to give their strengths back. Ekimu is annoyed by how the theft of the Golden Masks happened, so he reminds the heroes in general to use teamwork and some strategies. The heroes do what Ekimu says, and they fight and defeat some of the Skull Creatures, including all nine thieves, and remove the masks from their faces. The heroes return the masks to the Protectors and the Golden Kanohi’s Toa wearers. When the Toa wear their Golden Kanohi again, the masks’ golden color on the top parts are restored! All nine of the masks’ elemental energies have restored, too!

Kulta does not like seeing his minions losing, so he wears the Mask of Creation, and uses its powers to try to defeat the heroes while the heroes are fighting more of the Skull Creatures. He also summons the Skrall, Vorox, and Anti-Heroes again to attack the heroes. After the heroes defeat the Skull Raiders and their new allies, they avoid his attacks. The Golden-Kanohi-wearing Toa try to charge against Kulta together, but Kulta uses the power of the Mask to increase his strength and then swings his weapon, the Mask Stealer Staff, at the Toa, weakening them and destroying their Golden Masks along the way. The rest of the heroes in general are shocked to see this! Kopaka and Pohatu do not like this, and this reminds them of their, the rest of the Toa Nuva’s, and the Voya Nui Resistance Team’s similar defeat by Brutaka when they were on Voya Nui to look for the Mask of Life. While the rest of the heroes in general fight Kulta, the weakened Toa wear their original masks to get their strengths back and then surprise attack Kulta. However, Kulta is the toughest Skull Creature to defeat, even without the Mask of Creation, so he hits the heroes a lot to weaken them. This is not good. However, Ekimu makes a plan. He tells the heroes to distract Kulta while Ekimu charges at Kulta. While the heroes do that, Ekimu charges at Kulta and then attacks him by using his powerful hammer to knock the mask off from Kulta’s face. Ekimu wears the mask again. The heroes win! Kopaka and Pohatu jokingly find the monsters disgusting. Pity that the Golden Masks are destroyed, but the heroes won. 

However, it is not truly over, as Umarak ambushes the heroes. He introduces himself, “congratulates” them for defeating the Skull Creatures, and tells them that he will claim the Elemental Creatures and Mask of Control while laughing evilly. Ekimu and the Protectors are alarmed! They urge the heroes to help them! The heroes start running after him. When they exit the Skull Creatures’ underground city, they do not see Umarak anywhere. Ekimu is worried about Umarak’s intention. 

Unbeknownst to them, Odina has watched the events the whole, time. He notices the defeated Vorox, Skrall, and Anti-Heroes, so he calls Zakaz to send them to Nynrah to get rid of the evidence. Zakaz does what he is told. 

To be continued in Chapter 7.

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Chapter 7: The Earth Tribe

The Element Lord of Earth has been thinking. She was a warrior named Seisma from the Earth Tribe. The Great Beings transformed her, five other warriors from their five tribes, and a leader-class Skrall into the Element Lords. Each has a different elemental power. They led their tribes for the Great Beings because the Great Beings want to focus on creating things.

The Earth Tribe was the first to discover the Energized Protodermis, but the Lord didn’t want to make her tribe a target if they get it, so the tribe let the substance be discovered by the other six tribes. The Lord had hopes that she would fight the tribes for the substance and claim it herself when it happened. The tribes started the Core War long ago when the Earth Tribe said to the Ice Tribe that since that tribe was the first to discover the substance, the Ice Tribe can claim it. The Earth Tribe avoided the war. 

The tribe tried to get the substance, but it caused the Shattering on Spherus Magna. A few Earth Agori and an Earth Glatorian named Tera were trapped in Bara Magna while the rest of the tribe was trapped in Bota Magna. It became common knowledge that it was the tribe’s fault that all of this had happened, so it was exiled from the rest of Spherus Magna society. 

When Spherus Magna is restored, the tribe plans to make the other tribes go against each other to prevent them from joining forces against the Earth Tribe. Luckily, they have help from a Great Being and Earth warrior member named Nynrah. Nynrah and his secret agents, including Kabrua, convinced the tribe that they have to help them in order to get what they all want, so the tribe is following Nynrah’s plan. They are aware about what happened in Spherus Magna’s fragments, Bara Magna, Aqua Magna, and Bota Magna, the Matoran Universe, and the Hero Factory, thanks to Kabrua telling the tribe about them. 

Since Nynrah couldn’t kill people in Destral’s fortress, he used his communication device to tell Kabrua to get the Earth tribe fight the people and their allies who get involved. Kabrua did so, as he told the tribe to find and attack the people. Now, the tribe is getting ready to attack. 

After finding Lewa‘s group, the Lord of Earth introduces herself and the tribe, talks about their history, and her plan to destroy Lewa‘s group. Nynrah and Kabrua gave the tribe the same power inhibitors as the one Odina has to make Lewa‘s group unable to use their powers. The people are shocked! 

However, they still have their weapons, some of the people have great natural strength, and some of them are twice as tall as a Glatorian, so they have some hope in defeating the tribe. Both groups fight. It is a tough fight, as both are very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and with their weapons. The Earth Tribe summons Kabrua and his fellow Bota Magna Sand Tribe members to help them. The fight is getting harder for Lewa‘s group to bare, and Vezon jokes that the tribe is fighting dirty. Lewa wishes that Onua Nuva were here to fight the Lord of Earth since she is powerful with the elemental power of Earth. 

Makuta Miserix remembers his struggles with Makuta Teridax, his Makuta henchmen, and Klakk in the island of Artidax. He fought Teridax, as Teridax used his Makuta Nui form to fight Miserix while Miserix was in a form of a dragon to fight him. When he saw Makuta Tairanka, the Makuta of Stelt, some time ago, he showed no mercy, as he killed that Makuta in revenge for being one of the Makuta that helped Teridax overthrow him. With such rage, he is annoyed by the Earth Tribe and Vorox, so he is going berserk! He uses his incredible strength to bash some of them. His allies are amazed to see Miserix do this. 

This gives Gelu the chance to go smash the power inhibitors. He tells the others to get the enemies out of the way, so he can go and destroy the devices. The plan worked! With the devices destroyed, his allies get their powers back! Now, they are able to make the fight easier. Axonn uses his axe to bash some of the enemies. Brutaka does the swing of his Rotating Blades to strike twelve of the enemies. Helryx and Tuyet shoot water at some of the enemies while Vezon calls this muddy. Vezon dodges an Earth warrior’s attacks and then punches the warrior in the face, defeating him. He wishes he has the powers that the Mask of Life had gave him and Kardas with him to take care of the enemies in general easier. Lewa blows some of the enemies away with his air powers. Jungle Agori are fighting Earth Agori and Zesk. Kapura does his speed trick on some Earth Agori and warriors and Vorox and Zesk by dodging their attacks, so Gelu and Hafu can defeat them. Zaria, Orde, and Chiara use their powers to repel some of the enemies. Miserix is still bashing the rest of the enemies while enraged. Artakha bashes some Earth Glatorian and Vorox. Miserix and the Lord fight with their their elemental powers of Shadow and Earth. The Lord reminds Miserix of Gorast for how dirty she fights. Miserix defeats the Lord. Gelu and his group defeat the tribe and Sand Tribe members, causing them to retreat. Not even the Lord of Earth can defeat Gelu’s group like that. 

Meanwhile, Nynrah has a secret hideout that has hundreds of more Baterra. He activates and reprograms them to attack good people in Bara Magna to force the fortress people and their allies to surrender just in case his allies in the battle cannot defeat them. These Baterra eventually meet Marendar.

After the Earth Tribe and the Sand Tribe members retreated, they meet Nynrah, and then Nynrah tells them to follow him to find the Great Beings. He calls Zakaz to open a Black Hole Orb Staff portal for them. The portal is opened, so Nynrah and his allies head to the Northern Region to meet the other six Element Lords first. 

After the fight was over, Gelu and his allies are looking for clues about Nynrah, his allies, and the Great Beings’ whereabouts. They discover a facility where Toa were originally made. Toa in the group are fascinated with this. Next to the facility is Nynrah’s hideout, so they enter it. They discover Velika in stasis! They free him. Velika thanks them, introduces himself, and warns them about Nynrah. He is afraid of Nynrah. He asked them who they are. The group tells him about themselves, what he had missed, and to come with them, so he can be with the other Matoran in Bara Magna. The Toa and Matoran promise him that he will have a real and better life with real friends. He accepts, so he comes along. He is happy about it. Helryx uses her mask to analyze the history of things on the buildings along the way. He tells her group about them, and they are fascinated, so they wonder what were the Great Beings doing since the Shattering in Spherus Magna. The group continues to find the Great Beings, with Destral still in stasis. 

To be continued in Chapter 8.

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Chapter 8: The Second Breakout 

As the Hero Factory’s Alpha 1 Team returns to Makuhero City, they notice Anti-Heroes attacking the city! They are shocked! The city is sort of damaged, and many civilians are running in terror. When the Alpha 1 Team reaches the Hero Factory building, they land their Drop Ship on one of the ports in the building. When they get out, they charge to start fighting the Anti-Heroes! All other Heroes are fighting the new villains, too. The other Heroes also report that Anti-Heroes attacked Heroes in their locations where they were doing their missions. These Heroes over there survived the attacks, and then these Anti-Heroes went to attack the city and have another chance on fighting their counterparts. It is a fierce battle between both forces in the city. Meanwhile, Daniella Capricorn is reporting the battle, and says that she is wondering who will win. Mak Megahertz is talking through a new podcast in Hero Factory FM about this. Capricorn is trying to survive getting attacked by Anti-Heroes along the way.

Zakaz has outdone himself. He had the Anti-Heroes attack Heroes in some planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, and then has the Anti-Heroes attack Makuhero City. He smiles evilly. This is according to Nynrah’s plan. He wants to cause another Breakout because he is notified by Nynrah about Spherus Magna’s restoration and his problems with the planet’s heroes. Nynrah and Zakaz need help from at least Von Nebula’s gang, the Fire Villains, the Legion of Darkness, the Black Maker, the Brains, the Galactic Conspiracy, Witch Doctor, and Core Hunter, who are evil enemies of the Hero Factory. Zakaz already has Von Nebula, Voltix, Core Hunter, the Black Maker, some of the Brains, and the Galactic Conspiracy in his secret base, but XPlode, Metldown, Corroder, Thunder, Vapor, Rotor, the Fire Villains, Witch Doctor, Black Phantom, Toxic Reapa, Jawblade, Splitface, Thornraxx, XT4, and Speeda Demon are recaptured in the Hero Factory’s Villain Storage. The rest of the Brains, Dumacc, and Perjast joined them. All other escaped villains are recaptured as well. Zakaz wanted to recruit the whole species of Jumpers if they were to survive their fight with the Alpha 1 Team and destroy them, but they are almost extinct. There is the last of the kind, and that is a baby Jumper that Core Hunter placed in the Alpha 1 Team’s Drop Ship. The creature could not defeat seven members of the team and then the Hero Factory imprisoned it, so Zakaz would not be planning to recruit such a creature into his ranks anymore. It is also a pity that Silver is destroyed long ago by Preston Stormer. The Heroes are always pests to Zakaz and his friends. Zakaz would expect the Anti-Heroes to get inside the Hero Factory, but of course, the Heroes are evenly matched with the Anti-Heroes due to the Anti-Heroes being their evil counterparts. 

That is where he needs more help. He talks to Nynrah through their communication devices about the situation and asks him to send in some Skrall and Bota Magna Vorox, and Nynrah lets him do that. Nynrah lets Atakus, Perditus, and Kabrua know that Zakaz needs the Skrall and Vorox. Zakaz made another Black Hole Orb Staff since the original one was destroyed to start the Breakout some time ago. Zakaz uses the new staff to open portals to bring the Skrall and Vorox to his base. He tells the Skrall and Vorox about the Hero Factory, Anti-Hero Factory, and his current situation. He also tells them his plan to release at least certain villains while the Anti-Heroes distract the Heroes, so the Heroes could not stop the Skrall and Vorox. He brings the Skrall and Vorox into three of the Anti-Heroes’ Drop Ships. These villains go to Planet Makuhero. 

The Spherus Magnan villains arrive on the planet, in Makuhero City. They sneak into the Hero Factory. The Heroes notice and wonder who are these strange-looking villains that look sort of like the Heroes, but they are too busy fighting the Anti-Heroes. The Spherus Magnan soldiers scare the employees in the building, and everyone go into hiding for their safety. 

They break into the Villain Storage and then free all of the villains stored in there when one of the Vorox destroys a device on a wall that keeps the prison room’s imprisoning function operating, opening the villains’ prison cells. These villains are happy to be free again. The Skrall and Vorox tell XPlode, Metldown, Corroder, Thunder, Vapor, Rotor, the Fire Villains, Witch Doctor, Black Phantom, Toxic Reapa, Jawblade, Splitface, Thornraxx, XT4, Speeda Demon, the rest of the Brains, Dumacc, and Perjast that Zakaz wants them to be in their base. They also tell Black Phantom to steal the plans for the Heroes‘ Brain Attack forms and equipment, Battle Machine Pilot forms and equipment, including the Battle Machines, and Breakout 2.0 forms and equipment, and send them to Zakaz first, so Zakaz can update the Anti-Hero Factory, so the factory can upgrade the Anti-Heroes to make them stronger. Black Phantom does it in the same way he did with the plans for the Hero Factory building when he was invading the factory while the Heroes were hunting down and recapturing their escaped villains after the Breakout. The Black Phantom then rejoins the Spherus Magnan villains and their allies. The other villains, including Monshark, Scorpigun, and Shock Smash, go distract the Heroes who followed the Spherus Magnan soldiers in the room. The Alpha 1 Team’s three new rookies who were made right before the Breakout, Cade Commando, Aaron Arsenal, and Bruce Bravery, fight Monshark, Scorpigun, and Shock Smash, respectively, who want revenge on these Alpha 1 rookie Heroes for defeating and imprisoning them during Mission: Catch ‘Em and Cuff ‘Em. This is Breakout all over again. Megahertz is panicking about this. 

The Spherus Magnan villains and their new allies, who get all of their weapons back, escape the Hero Factory building! They are heading to the Spherus Magnan villains’ Drop Ships! The nine members of the Alpha 1 Team outside of the building notice this, complain that they worked so hard to recapture their enemies before, so they defeat their evil counterparts quickly to try to catch them. The Spherus Magnan villains and their new allies use their shooting weapons to try to stop them, but the Heroes dodge the attacks quickly. Some Anti-Heroes and escaped villains come out of nowhere and attack the team, helping the Spherus Magnan villains and their allies use their Drop Ships to escape the city! While more Heroes, including Terence Thresher, the ex-leader of the Alpha 1 Team who got out of his retirement for the emergency, Lucas Valor and his team called the Delta 9 Team, and Merrick Fortis and the Hero Recon Team, take care of those villains, so the nine members of the Alpha 1 Team outside the Hero Factory can use their Drop Ship to follow these villains. The three Anti-Hero ships fly out of the planet and into outer space. The villains are heading toward the planet Cereblak, but they are not noticing that the team is following them. 

To be continued in Chapter 9.

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Chapter 9: Lesovikk 

Lesovikk is wandering around Bara Magna. He is trying to look for “Velika”, who defeated him and stole his sword for some reason recently. “Velika” also used it to kill Karzahni, the very villain who somehow escaped from prison and that Lesovikk wanted to have a score to settle. Karzahni is Lesovikk‘s enemy to deal with, not that person’s. Lesovikk saw his fellow Toa, Kopaka and Pohatu, talking about him being the suspect for the murder. They believe Lesovikk killed Karzahni and broke the Toa Code that way. It is bad enough that Lesovikk always blames himself for the deaths of his Toa team, making him feel that he is not worthy of having the title of Toa and would break the Toa Code if he really wants to kill his enemies desperately, despite his morals on the inside, but this is worse. If Lesovikk would show up to people, they would put him in prison. Things are not getting any better for him. He is worried about this, and is angry at the person who framed him. 

He wants to find “Velika”, capture and bring him to justice, clear Lesovikk’s name, and to try to discover what is going on. None had never seen a Matoran act like this. He is outraged and confused. He sees “Velika’s” footprints to the north, so he is following them. He noticed Tren Krom being destroyed by “Velika”, but “Velika” got away before Lesovikk could catch him. Lesovikk noticed Gaardus teleporting Kopaka, Pohatu, and himself somewhere. Lesovikk did not know what is going on there, and he moves on. Things are getting weirder. 

When he arrives at the White Quart Mountains. It is a cold mountain range, but he can brave it. While he is traveling there, he is surrounded by Surel and his Iron Wolves. Surel demands Lesovikk to state his business. Lesovikk explains who he is and why he came to the mountains. He means no harm. Surel accepts Lesovikk, and the two become friends. Surel explains himself, too. Lesovikk talks to Surel and his problem about the death of the Toa Cordak, but Surel says that it is not too late to make up for this, as Surel had lost some friends during the Core War. Since Surel is incredibly injured by the war, Lesovikk kindly tells Surel that Mata Nui would use the Mask of Life to heal Surel if Surel would come back to the good people of Bara Magna. Surel kindly accepts because he wants to feel better, misses his friends, and would gladly help Lesovikk with his problem with “Velika”, but he tells Lesovikk that he and Lesovikk would have to take care of six Element Lords near the mountains first because the Lords are dangerous and would get in their way. Lesovikk is a Toa of Air, so they believe this should not be too hard. 

They are leaving the mountains to go to the village while Surel brings the Iron Wolves along for protection. Lesovikk watches around them to see if any Element Lord would dare to fight them. When they leave the mountain and reach the sandy ground, the Element Lord of Sand shows up! She introduces herself and explains what she and her fellow Lords in Bara Magna are doing nowadays. They are fighting each other to get the power from the Valley of the Maze. She then fights Lesovikk and Surel because she mistakenly thinks that they want to get the power. The two try to correct her, but she does not listen. Lesovikk tries to defeat her, but she is too powerful with her element, so the two run to a safe spot. When they look over their spot, the Element Lord, instead of looking for them, goes somewhere else because someone is calling her from there. The two are confused and wonder why that happened, so they decide to follow her. 

They sneak behind her. She is reunited with the Element Lords of Fire, Water, Jungle, Ice, and Rock, in the Northern Region, and they are talking to Nynrah, who used a Black Hole Orb Staff portal to get from Bota Magna to the Northern Region and uses an elemental power inhibitor to make the Lords behave. Nynrah says that he would help them get the power of the Valley of the Maze if they are willing to help him with his evil plan. He explains his plan to them, including the part where he pretended to be Velika and framed Lesovikk for the murder of Karzahni. Lesovikk and Surel are surprised! Nynrah uses his communication device to have Zakaz open another portal. He says he, the Lords, and his secret agents in Bota Magna are going to the Great Beings’ hiding place in Bota Magna to settle a score with them. Everyone in the meeting spot goes through the portal to get to the Great Beings’ hiding place in Bota Magna. The portal closes. 

Lesovikk and Surel are surprised at this, so they go back to Bara Magna to warn everyone about Nynrah! Lesovikk feels outraged by Nynrah for the treachery, and Surel does not like what Nynrah is doing. On their way, Lesovikk and Surel notice Takanuva, the Toa Mahri, and Gresh riding Fenrakk Spawn. None of the two know who these people are, but Lesovikk knows that all but one are Toa and they could mean hope. Lesovikk has heard about the Toa Mahri, anyway. Lesovikk, Surel, and the Iron Wolves go to approach Takanuva’s group. Lesovikk is worried that the Toa and Gresh would know about the him being a suspect for the murder of Karzahni, but he has to try for the sake of Spherus Magna and his name. 

To be continued in Chapter 10.

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Chapter 10: The Mask of Control 

Kopaka, Pohatu, their Red Star team, Ekimu, and the Protectors are worried about Umarak the Hunter. Kopaka and Pohatu ask Ekimu who is Umarak. Ekimu explains the history about Umarak. Umarak is a creation of the Great Beings who is evil and faulty, so the Great Beings banished Umarak in Okoto, and Ekimu, the Protectors, and Elemental Creatures has to protect Okoto from Umarak. Umarak wants to capture and use the powers of six of the seven Elemental Creatures, Ikir, Akida, Uxar, Melum, Terak, and Ketar, to try to take over Okoto, for he is called the Hunter. Ekimu also talks about the history of the Elemental Creatures in general. The Elemental Creatures are creations of the Great Beings that are used for templates for some elemental beings, like the Element Lords and Toa. The Great Beings used Elemental Crystals to create the creatures. The Great Beings have the Elemental Creatures help people in Okoto and protect them and the island. The creatures and people help Ekimu make Okoto’s Kanohi.

Ekimu tells his allies that they must find the Elemental Creatures before Umarak does because they know where the Mask of Control is. The mask is in the Labyrinth of Control. Ekimu and the Protectors go back to the underground city and the City of Ekimu to bring all of the Skull Creatures to a prison in the City of Ekimu, so the creatures would not cause any more harm. Many people from the Protectors’ tribes come to collect the creatures. Ekimu and his people also have to protect the City of Ekimu just in case more enemies dare to threaten it due to the presence of Skrall, Vorox, and Anti-Heroes in Okoto. He has the six people that he talked to earlier come to the heroes. The six people bring six new Kanohi. Ekimu says that they are the Kanohi of Unity, or Masks of Unity, Unity Kanohi, or Unity Masks. They are a special form of Kanohi that can enhance the Toa’s Fire, Water, Jungle, Ice, Stone, and Earth powers and track down and sense the Elemental Creatures. These masks were once normal Great Kanohi that Ekimu created, and then Ekimu turned them into the Unity Masks. Toa are still powerful enough to use the masks. They are made of Elemental Crystals in a special way. The masks look mostly different from their normal Great Kanohi forms, and their top parts are silver and smooth. The Red Star heroes will need the new masks to find the creatures. 

Lagma’s group of Toa get and wear these new masks. Lagma wears the Unity Mask of Fire, which is red like him and can track down Ikir, the Elemental Creature of Fire. Marina wears the Unity Mask of Water, which is blue like her and can track down Akida, the Elemental Creature of Water. Jotan wears the Unity Mask of Jungle, which is green like him and can track down Uxar, the Elemental Creature of Jungle. Fracer wears the Unity Mask of Ice, which is white like him and can track down Melum, the Elemental Creature of Ice. Montone wears the Unity Mask of Stone, which is brown like him and can track down Ketar, the Elemental Creature of Stone. Grake wears the Unity Mask of Eartj, which is black like him and can track down Terak, the Elemental Creature of Earth. The Toa feel stronger. Ekimu then tells the Red Star team that when they find the Creatures, they will guide the team to the temples, where they will get enhanced versions of the Unity Masks called the Golden Kanohi of Unity. These masks will allow Lagma’s team to combine with the Creatures to enhance their same elemental powers and learn about the Mask of Control’s location. He also tells them that they have to watch out for traps in the Labyrinth and then when they reach the center of the Labyrinth of Control, they must use their ability to combine with the creatures as six keys to open a mechanism over there, so they can get the Mask. 

Ekimu tells the Red Star team to split up to find the Creatures in their regions before Ekimu bids farewell and leaves because of his own emergencies. Ekimu will reunite with the team soon. The team understands. Lagma goes to the Region of Fire to find Ikir, and he has Firace and some other heroes to help him. Marina goes to the Region of Water to find Akida, and she has Watra and some other heroes to help her. Jotan goes to the Region of Jungle to find Uxar, and he has Plangel and some other heroes to help him. Fracer goes to the Region of Ice to find Melum, and he has Izer, Kopaka, and some other heroes to help him. Montone goes to the Region of Stone to find Ketar, and he has Rone, Pohatu, and some other heroes to help him. Grake goes to the Region of Earth to find Terak, and he has Teron and some other heroes to help him. 

Umarak watches the heroes separate. He believe it will be easy to take them down like that. 

While the heroes are traveling in the regions while they are using the Unity Masks, Umarak summons the Shadow Traps to fight the heroes. A Jungle Shadow Trap got a Skull Spiders by mistake, but Umarak removes the Skull Spider from the Trap, scolds at the Trap, and then tells the Traps that they should not make this mistake again. Shadow Traps come out of their hiding places and attack the heroes. However, the heroes destroy them. They also sense through the Unity Masks that the Creatures are under attack, too! They hurry! Umarak then summons Shadow Spawn to fight the heroes. The heroes destroy these monsters. He also summons more Bota Magna Vorox, Skrall, and Anti-Heroes to fight the heroes. However, fighting and defeating these minions is easy for the heroes. 

However, they are distractions, so Umarak and his other minions are able to capture the six Elemental Creatures one by one, who are trying to fight back. The Creatures have similar heads, but they all look like different animals. Ikir looks like a bird, Akida a shark, Uxar a dragonfly, Melum a polar bear, Ketar a scorpion, and Terak a mole. They are the size of an Okotan. The heroes find the creatures cute. Umarak fights the heroes along the way. It is a tough fight when it comes to him, as Umarak is powerful, very good at shooting, hand-to-hand fighting, uses shadows to teleport from place to place to do sneak attacks, and has the Bone Hunting Bow Shooter and a giant blade. The Shooter also shoots Shadow Traps and six elements, Fire, Water, Jungle, Ice Stone, and Earth, as his enemies. He blasts Shadow at his enemies, too. He uses his Shadow powers to force the creatures into Uniting with him, as in making each of them combine with him by attaching the front of their torsos to his back. Umarak can use the creatures’ elemental powers and knowledge that way. Umarak gets and Unites with Ikir first. However, Lagma saves Ikir by separating Ikir from Umarak. However, Umarak does not give up, as he uses Akida to replace Ikir, but that fails and Marina does the separation, too. The same pattern happens with Uxar when Jotan separates him from Umarak. Umarak goes to Melum next, but Kopaka distracts Umarak while Fracer removes Melum from Umarak. Umarak get Terak next, but Grake removes Terak after Umarak. Finally, Umarak gets Ketar, but Pohatu distracts Umarak while Montone separates Ketar from Umarak. Umarak almost beaten, so he brings down some trees on some of the heroes. The other heroes save the others from being crushed by the trees while Umarak uses this as a distraction to escape. He is heading to the Labyrinth of Control! 

Kopaka and Pohatu dislike Umarak because he reminds them of the Makuta species and the Dark Hunters. These Matoran Universe villains are one thing, but Umarak is another. The Toa wish that they have Tahu, Gali, Onua, and Lewa to help them fight Umarak. The Elemental Creatures are grateful for the Red Star heroes, so they lead the heroes to their secret temples. In there, the heroes discover the Golden Masks of Unity! The creatures are guarding the masks. The Golden Unity Kanohi look like golden versions of the regular Unity Masks, but each has a different color representing its elemental power on the top part of the mask. The Creatures allow the wearers of the regular Masks of Unity to take the masks. Each of the Toa who wear the regular Unity Masks wears its Golden Unity Mask. Then, the Toa combine with the Elemental Creatures! Each of the creatures connect the front of their torsos to the back of its Toa counterpart and then “bite” the backs of the Toa’ head. The Toa feel that their elemental powers get stronger! Lagma has the Golden Unity Mask of Fire and then Unites with Ikir, strengthening his Fire powers. Marina has the Golden Unity Mask of Water and then Unites with Akida, strengthening her Water powers. Jotan has the Golden Unity Mask of Jungle and then Unites with Uxar, strengthening his Jungle powers. Fracer has the Golden Unity Mask of Ice and then Unites with Melum, strengthening his Ice powers. Montone has the Golden Unity Mask of Stone and then Unites with Ketar, strengthening his Stone powers. Grake has the Golden Unity Mask of Earth and then Unites with Terak, strengthening his Earth powers. The Toa also see a common vision of the Mask of Control and the Labyrinth of Control. The Toa know where the maze is! It’s in the shoreline of the Region of Jungle, in the Southeast of Okoto. Their Red Star allies are at first stunned but the blinding lights created by the Unity, and then they open their eyes when the lights fades, they are amazed by the Unity! It reminds Kopaka and Pohatu the time when they and Lewa combined with three Av-Matoran in a similar way when they were fighting the Brotherhood of Makuta in Karda Nui. 

The Creatures are guarding the maze, so they guide all of the Red Star the heroes in general to it. Kopaka is good friends with Melum since both of them have ice powers. Ketar, however, is somewhat feisty to Pohatu while Pohatu does not like scorpions. The heroes and Creatures find the Maze of Control and then meet each other there. Everyone is reunited. Many of them are commenting how good do the Toa that wear the golden masks look with the Elemental Creatures attached to them. They talk about their journeys to find the creatures and the masks, and their encounters with Umarak and his minions.

The heroes and the creatures enter the maze. They do not know that Umarak is watching them. The maze is filled with many dangerous traps, which involve flying stone blocks trying to crush the heroes! The heroes survive them while they are traveling in the maze. When they reach to the finish room in the center of the maze, they learn that the Toa who wear the Golden Masks must Unite with the creatures while standing on six small pads in the center that match the colors of the top parts of their masks, like a compass and map of Okoto. As the heroes are about to combine with the creatures, the other heroes are looking for Umarak, who is hiding and stalking them. They ready their weapons and powers and are ready for an upcoming attack. Umarak unleashes more of his minions to attack the Heroes! While the heroes are distracted, he and some of his minions are able to stop the heroes with the Golden masks and then capture the Creatures! He Unites with Ikir to activate one of the six parts of the center, and once it happens, the pad lights up. He repels the heroes to keep them from coming near him along the way, and that includes using the creature’s elemental power to do the heroes. He does the same thing when combining with Akida, then Uxar, Melum, Terak, and finally Ketar. Activating all six parts opens the center, so he can get in! It leads to a basement-like room where it contains the Mask of Control, which is contained in a large green crystal. Umarak uses his sword to break the crystal to free the mask. He gets it!

He runs away near the edge of the roof of the maze that he uses Ketar’s Stone powers to break through. He is getting away! However, the heroes and the rest of the Elemental Creatures follow them after defeating Umarak’s minions. Pohatu urges Ketar to use his willpower to fight Umarak while Pohatu gets ready to hit Umarak to make Umarak let go of Ketar. After Pohatu succeeds in doing that, he is trying to get the mask, but Umarak threatens to drop Ketar off the roof while his minions fight the heroes to force Pohatu into choosing between the mask and Ketar. Umarak drops Ketar, forcing Pohatu to go save Ketar, allowing Umarak to become able to run to get the mask. He berates Pohatu that caring makes him and his friends weak before Umarak uses his Shadow powers to disappear. The heroes are too late to stop him. Pohatu feels sad about it and blames himself for it, but Kopaka, Montone, and Rone comfort him and tell him that Umarak is wrong, and caring can make the heroes stronger. Pohatu did the right thing, and the heroes and creatures are glad that Ketar is saved. Pohatu feels better, and Ketar feels that Pohatu has earned his respect finally. The heroes in general are talking about a theory that Umarak might get the Mask of Ultimate Power next, as they remember Ekimu talking about that mask. Kopaka fears that would most likely be the case. Meanwhile, Umarak is hiding in his lair. He puts on the Mask of Control and then uses it to become a more powerful monster called the Destroyer. 

To be continued in Chapter 11.

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Chapter 11: The Great Beings

The Great Beings in Bota Magna have been thinking, and there are nine of them. They are extremely intelligent scientists, engineers, and inventors, as they always love to build, study, and invent. They are members of the Glatorian race. They come from eight tribes in Spherus Magna. Long ago, they encountered a monster named Annona long ago. She tried to feed on their dreams, but their minds are too strange to alter, and they instead used the energy to enhance their creating. 

Their creations impressed the tribes so much that the tribes worshipped the Great Beings as scientist-kings. The Great Beings ruled over the planet. They built bases of operations that have laboratories. They created many things, like Makuro, their first robot, the prototype for the Great Spirit Robot, which sadly exploded, and various kinds of equipment. They also altered some species of creatures, like Iron Wolves and Skopio. They also discovered many things, like G1’s Elemental Crystals. It was a beautiful and peaceful life. 

However, this was not to last. The Great Beings wanted to spend more time creating, so they got substitutes. They turned six warriors and a leader-class Skrall from the Fire, Water, Jungle, Ice, Sand, Earth, and Rock Tribes into special beings called the Element Lords. They have elemental powers related to the tribes called the Element Lords. It was a pity that the Iron Tribe never got their Element Lord because of the Dreaming Plague that Annona caused. The tribe got disbanded because of that, so why having a Lord? There was no reason to. Everything was okay until people discovered that unpredictable substance called Energized Protodermis in the Element Lord of Ice’s domain. The substance emerged from the planet’s core, and can transform or destroy something, based on its destiny. The Lords, except for the Lord of Earth for some reason, tried to share the substance, but they argued for some reason, as the Element Lord of Ice wanted the substance for himself because it was found in his domain. So, their tribes declared the Core War on each other over the substance. It was terrible. 

The Great Beings tried to talk to the Lords out of this, but the Lords never listened. The Great Beings sent Raanu and Kyry to get a little sample of the substance during the war. The Great Beings studied it, and they discovered that the substance will break the planet into three large pieces if anyone taps into it. That was where they created a solution to undo the upcoming damage. 

They built killer robots called the Baterra to try to stop the war, but they could not shut the robots down, so the robots always attack. The Great Beings created a substance called Protodermis, which is an atomic number. They used it to create the Great Spirit Robot and many other things in there, most of them in the robot. Mata Nui Nui’s spirit was created to control it because the robot was meant to heal the planet when the damage is done. The robot would first learn about cultures from other worlds, so another war will not happen again. The robot would than unite the fragments of Spherus Magna to restore it. This task required two robots, but the Great Beings sadly never had the time to build the second robot, so they replied on Makuta Teridax to take control of the Mata Nui and have Mata Nui’s spirit rebuild and control the prototype, so they could work together to heal the planet. 

The Great Beings created a new world in the robot called the Matoran Universe, and they named some of the islands after themselves. They created the Matoran species as the first inhabitants of that world, all because the robot needed them to be able to function. They also created some objects, like Legendary Kanohi, and some beings, like Axonn’s species, Hydraxon’s species, Artakha, and Karzahni, to help the Matoran. They even tampered with some of the upcoming creations in the world, like the Blade Burrowers, and they gave the world’s people the Matoran language, which is their programming language. The Great Beings used some of the Energized Protodermis to help regulate the Great Spirit Robot. 

Of course, there are some creations, like Silver, the Mask of Time, Mask of Control, and Mask of Ultimate Power, that would be too dangerous to be used or damaged in the world, so the Great Beings put all but Silver in an island that they created called Okoto. Silver was not made, but the Great Beings did not know that Zakaz built him elsewhere. The island was there for testing the Great Spirit Robot’s camouflaging system. They created Ekimu and the Elemental Creatures, and have them guard the masks. They have Okoto’s own people live there. The Great Beings decided to split the materials for the Mask of Time into halves to lessen the risk of having the mask in the Matoran Universe because they believe the Matoran Universe would need the bottom half of the Mask. They made the top half and made it stable on its own, and they have Ekimu guard it in Okoto. They gave the materials for the bottom half to Artakha because the Shattering was happening soon. Artakha brought the materials to the Matoran Universe.  They are sure that Artakha will use the materials to make the bottom half of the Mask, even thought this happened indirectly in the Matoran Universe. 

One of the Great Beings named Heremus hoped that Mata Nui will do and complete his mission. Mata Nui left the planet right before the planet broke into three pieces, Bara Magna, the main planet, Aqua Magna, a water moon, and Bota Magna, a jungle moon. The Shattering happened when the Fire Tribe were able to claim the Energized Protodermis pool on the Lord of Ice’s region. When they tapped onto the substance, it broke the planet. It was horrible. Many people died. People in the fragments were trapped. Nine of the Great Beings, Nynrah, Odina, Zakaz, Stelt, Xia, Angonce, Artidax, and the two Great Beings that hid the Mask of Life are nowhere to be seen. Makuro has disappeared, too. They probably got killed or are still trapped. The other ten Great Beings, including Heremus, are trapped in Bota Magna. One of them named Destral is still cursed by the Mask of Life and is still insane, so he was locked up in a fortress somewhere in Bota Magna. The Great Beings in Bota Magna and Bara Magna feel bad for everyone. 

Life in Bota Magna was not too bad, as it has resources and materials. Also, the Great Beings that are not cursed have their own hidden base. While they were waiting for the planet to be restored, the Great Beings felt bored and still feel sorry for Spherus Magna’s people, but they cheered themselves up by doing their hobby, which is creating things. They created new Matoran, Toa, and Turaga in Bota Magna. Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Fire, Air, Stone, Earth, Ice, Magnetism, Plant Life (or Jungle), Plasma, Gravity, Sonics, and Iron in the Matoran Universe are male, and Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Water, Lightning, and Psionics in there are female, the Great Beings created more members of the 14 Matoran types with opposite genders (for examples, female Ta-Matoran and male Toa of Water) in Bota Magna for fun (I want to break the gender lock). While there are Av-Matoran from the Matoran Universe, Takanuva is the only Toa of Light in existence in there, and there are no Turaga of Light in existence in there, the Great Beings also created more Av-Matoran, more Toa of Light, and Turaga of Light in Bota Magna. There are hundreds of these new creations, and they act as guards for the Great Beings because the Great Beings would need protection from Bota Magna’s hostile monsters. The Great Beings gave the creations complete sapience and the ability to speak and understand the Agori language. None of these qualities were in the Matoran Universe because the Great Beings did not want to cause more trouble, but it is Bota Magna, so it was another world. Creating the new Matoran species people in Bota Magna was one of the Great Beings named Daxia’s idea, and they approved it. He is Heremus’ close friend. The Great Beings in their base in general had created their own new society in Bota Magna with the new Matoran species people, as they created a small city around the base for everyone. They have been wondering if the Mata Nui robot had restored Spherus Magna yet because it was an awfully long time since they created Mata Nui, but their answer will come, and it comes from someone unpleasant. 

Nynrah appears from the trees surrounding the people and meets them. The Great Beings’ allies ask them who is that guy. Nynrah introduces himself and tells all of them what he has been doing since the creation of the Great Spirit Robot, the restoration of Spherus Magna, and his plan to conquer Spherus Magna. He snaps his fingers to signal some Bota Magna Vorox and Zesk, all seven Element Lords, the Earth Tribe, some Anti-Heroes, and Bota Magna’s Iron Tribe members, to have them come out of the surrounding trees. The Iron Tribe members are also Nynrah’s secret agents who spied on the Great Beings and the new Matoran species people in Bota Magna And then told Nynrah about them. They appeared on Bota Magna thanks to Zakaz for using Black Hole Orb Staff portals to get his comrades to the Great Beings’ hideout. The bad guys aim their shooting weapons at the good guys, and they use elemental power inhibitors to prevent the new Matoran species members from using their powers. The people of the city are scared! Nynrah scolds the Great Beings for Spherus Magna’s and the Matoran Universe’s problems, and then forces the Great Beings and their allies to surrender to Nynrah and have him be the only king of Spherus Magna. The good guys are shocked and scared! The Great Beings try to reason with Nynrah, but he doesn’t listen. The Great Beings and their allies do not know what to do. The Great Beings are sad that Nynrah has betrayed them the whole time. Nynrah laughs evilly. He has gone mad!

Meanwhile, Lewa’s groups have been traveling in Bota Magna for a long time. They search for the Great Beings, which is not easy to do. The good guys are hoping that they are not dead or if Nynrah hasn’t attacked them. However, their search is over when they notice something through the trees. They see Nynrah and his comrades harassing the Great Beings and new Matoran species members! They are surprised to see them! They have to help them! Tuyet, Miserix, and Vezon are reluctant, but they have to if they want to get out of Bota Magna. 

Before the Great Beings start to surrender to Nynrah, help has arrived! Someone shoots elemental blasts, Thornax, Adaptive Armor blaster bolts, and other kinds of energy blasts at the inhibitors, destroying them. Then, Lewa’s group arrives, and it was them who created the blasts. The Great Beings and their allies are surprised to see Lewa’s group and are happy that they got help! Both Lewa’s group and the new Toa fight the bad guys. Even though that the good guys and their cooperating allies are winning, the fight is cut short because Nynrah tells his minions to use power inhibitors to prevent his enemies from using their powers! Things are hopeless for Lewa’s group and the Great Beings’ allies, and they shocked! Nynrah mocks them for trying to win and then laughs evilly again. This is very unfair for the good guys, Vezon, Miserix, and Tuyet. 

Elsewhere, in Bara Magna, Takanuva, the Toa Mahri, and Gresh have been traveling from Bara Magna to Bota Magna to find Gelu and his Toa partners. Takanuva’s group is riding on the Toa Mahri’s Fenrakk Spawn. Nuparu used to not trust the giant spiders when the Toa Mahri were once Toa Inika and when they were in Voya Nui, but he grew to accept them. Takanuva’s group hopes Gelu’s group is not dead or captured. They have a casual conversation about their adventures. Then, someone appears. It is Lesovikk, Surel, and Iron Wolves. Lesovikk and Surel introduce themselves to the Takanuva’s group. They want to come along because it is an emergency, so Takanuva’s group lets them hop on the spiders. The group also talks about their mission, and they are grateful that they have some help just in case. The Iron Wolves join them on the journey. Lesovikk tells the group about his problems and discovery about Nynrah, but the group cheers him up, as they believe there is a way to make up for the bad things that happened to Lesovikk. Surel is pleased to see Gresh because he remembers seeing Gresh as a boy who was too young to fight in the Core War long ago. Both groups talk about themselves and the events that happened recently. Takanuva’s group is surprised about Nynrah. 

The whole group makes it to Bota Magna. The place reminds Takanuva and the Toa Mahri of Le-Wahi in the island of Mata Nui and they miss the island, even though Takanuva hates jungles. Jaller remembers him saying that when they were Matoran looking for the Seventh Toa and cheerfully tells him that now they are Toa, so they will be fine. Takanuva and Hahli remember traveling around Le-Wahi when they were Matoran doing adventures. Kongu loves jungles because he and his tribe used to live in Le-Wahi. Gresh remembers Bota Magna as the original home for the Jungle Tribe, so he is happy to see it again. Lesovikk and Surel look at the jungle as calming. When the group is traveling, the Toa and Gresh notice that their powers are not working here. They do reconnaissance in the jungle to find out why. They discover Nynrah’s group fighting against Lewa’s and the Great Beings’ allies! They are surprised to see the groups! When Nynrah’s group is winning, Takanuva’s group discovers that it is the inhibitors that are helping Nynrah’s group to win. Takanuva’s group aim their Midak Skyblaster, Cordak Blasters, and Thornax Launcher at some of the inhibitors that are near their hiding spot while hiding in the bushes to avoid being noticed. They shoot their projectiles at the inhibitors, destroying them. This restores Lewa’s group’s and the Great Beings’ allies’s powers! Nynrah’s and Lewa’s groups and the Great Beings and their allies are surprised and wonder how did it happen. Takanuva’s group comes out of the bushes and starts attacking Nynrah’s group. Lewa’s group and the Great Beings’ allies are happy that help has arrived, so they join them. They destroy the rest of the inhibitors to help more of the Matoran species people along the way. Now, the fight is getting easier for Takanuva and his allies, old and new. Nynrah is angry at this situation, so he tells his forces to get them.

Takanuva uses his Light powers to blind some of the villains and then uses his lasers and Midak Skyblaster to blast them. He uses his illusionary power to trick two Anti-Heroes into blasting each other. He uses his speed light power to strike many villains with a punch. The Toa Mahri use their Cordak Blasters to blast many of the villains, including the Element Lords. Jaller and Hahli combine their Fire and Water powers respectively create a boiling jet stream of water to try to boil the Element Lords of Water and Ice. Kongu, Lesovikk, and Lewa combine their air powers to create a large tornado to repel some of the villains. Hewkii and Nuparu use their Stone and Earth powers respectively to defeat some of the villains. Helryx and Tuyet do the same thing, as they shoot jet streams of water at some of the villains and the Element Lord of Fire. Tuyet also uses her mask to become intangible, so she goes through an Iron Tribe warrior and then hits him from behind, knocking him unconscious. Zaria, Chiara, and Orde use their powers to defeat some of the villains. Surel is fighting an Iron Tribe member, but he is greatly hurt, so the villain tries to do a final blow at him while smiling evilly, but Lesovikk saves Surel and defeats that villain. Gelu fights more Iron, Earth, and Sand Tribe members. Gelu fights Kabrua, but Kabrua knocks Gelu down. He wants revenge for defeating him earlier, but Gresh comes in and saves Gelu by blasting Kabrua with his air power to repel him from Gelu. Gelu thanks Gresh for that. Kapura does his speed trick again on a few enemies, so Lewa defeats the villains, and Hafu and Velika help Lewa. Vezon is fighting a Vorox, who is trying to strike him with his stinger tail. Vezon dodges every strike, but Vorox knocks the mad Skakdi down. The Vorox is about to do a final blow at Vezon when Tuyet shoots a jet stream of water at the Vorox to repel him, saving Vezon. Vezon thanks Tuyet and makes a smile, but Tuyet tells Vezon to continue fighting. Brutaka, Axonn, and Miserix use their strength and blades to take on many enemies. Miserix uses Shadow to cover some of the enemies in darkness, confusing them, so he can hit them. Axonn and Brutaka fight against the Lords of Jungle, Rock, Earth, and Sand, and they use their powers at the Lords. Brutaka is using his new Kraata powers given by the Antidermis that he absorbed to fight the Lords along the way. The Great Beings and their allies fight the Anti-Heroes, as the Great Beings use their special weapons, their Matoran species people use their weapons, and the Toa and Turaga use their elemental powers, weapons, and Kanohi to defeat them. All seven of the Element Lords are so frustrated by their enemies that they combine their powers to create a powerful blast to try to annihilate at least most of the enemies, but many of the Great Beings’ Toa combine their powers to repel that blow. Their attack also repels the Lords with a powerful force. Takanuva and Nynrah fight with their weapons, as Nynrah uses a sword that has Earth powers and a sophisticated blaster. Takanuva is winning that part of the fight. In fact, he and his allies are winning the whole fight, so Nynrah and his forces retreat because their enemies’ teamwork is too overwhelming for them. Nynrah swears revenge the next time they meet, and says that it is not over, as he has other things planned in his plan. 

Takanuva, Lewa, and their heroic allies are happy to see each other. Some of the people were never met, so everyone all introduces each other. Takanuva’s and Lewa’s groups are happy to see the Great Beings and the new Matoran species people in Bota Magna. Every Matoran Universe person bow down to the Great Beings. Gelu, Gresh, and Surel, though, just say hi to the Great Beings because the Great Beings had indirectly caused the Shattering long ago, but they needed help when it came to Nynrah attacking them. Orde is happy to see more male Toa of Psionics, Ce-Matoran, and Turaga of Psionics. He is glad that the Great Beings are very courteous to make these new Matoran species people. Takanuva is happy to see more Toa of Light, Av-Matoran, and Turaga of Light. Miserix, Tuyet, and Vezon, though, are hesitant because of Destral. Everyone talk about what happened recently. 

During the conversation, Takanuva is shocked to see Tuyet because of his fight with her variant in a universe where Toa had an evil empire, but Tuyet tells Takanuva that she’s not evil like the variant and not to worry, even though she is actually pretending to be nice without revealing her evil plan to become an evil ruler who would harass good people. Takanuva wants to keep an eye on her for now because he feels something suspicious about her, and he will find out when this is all over. Helryx puts her hand on Takanuva’s shoulder and agrees with him because she knew about Tuyet doing bad things in Metru Nui long ago, so she will keep an eye on Tuyet. The Toa Mahri are shocked to see Vezon due to their grudge, too. Vezon at first doesn’t recognize the Toa Mahri because they don’t look like the Toa Inika, but the Toa Mahri tell him that they were once the Toa Inika who got changed by the Mask of Life to become these new forms, so Vezon is clarified. Vezon pretends to be nice and smiles, even though the Toa Mahri keep on eye on him because they feel suspicious of him, and they want to find out about him when this is all over, too. Helryx agrees with the Toa Mahri, as she will keep an eye on him, too. 

When the Great Beings are shocked to see Destral, they are worried about him because of his curse, but Orde assures that Miserix is taking care of him when Destral is in stasis, and when everyone comes back to the good people in Bara Magna, Mata Nui will use the Mask of Life to cure Destral of the curse and insanity. The Great Beings at first jokingly call the Matoran Universe people as just machines, which is an insult to the Matoran Universe people in the area, and the Bota Magna Matoran species people and Spherus Magna warriors agree with the Matoran Universe people about this. However, the Great Beings realize this as a mistake to say that, so they apologize, as they know it was Nynrah that gave the Matoran Universe people complete sapience. Since the Matoran species people in Bota Magna have complete sapience, the Great Beings now respect that. The Great Beings remember Takanuva, Helryx, Orde, and Lesovikk as some of their first Matoran species creations, and they remember Artakha as well. The Great Beings are happy that they learn that Mata Nui restored Spherus Magna, as Heremus says his hope has finally came true. Everyone in the area is also worried about Nynrah and his plan, and they are curious about the Anti-Heroes, so everyone has to go back to the good people of Bara Magna to warn them about Nynrah and his forces. 

Everyone, as in Takanuva’s group, Lewa’s group, the Great Beings, and the new Matoran species people in Bota Magna, is heading back to the good people of Bara Magna while they bring Destral with them. When they arrive, they notice Marendar and the Baterra attacking the good people! 

To be continued in Chapter 12.

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Chapter 12: The Mask of Ultimate Power 

Umarak has become the Destroyer. He is more fearsome and powerful. He is bigger, stronger, and tougher.

He is thinking about the heroes in Okoto. He does not forget what Odina said to him. He wants to destroy the heroes, and he is wearing the Mask of Control, so he believes he is ready for that and getting the Mask of Ultimate Power next. He remembers Odina telling him that Nynrah wants both of the masks. The two Great Beings promise Umarak that he will get what he wants when he does what they want.

Umarak starts using the Mask of Control while he roars. He uses the mask to turn some of the elemental Shadow Traps, which are Fire, Water, Jungle, Ice, Stone, and Earth types, into Elemental Beasts. Each type of Beast is based on the corresponding type of Trap. They are Lava Beasta, Elemental Beasts of Fire, Storm Beasts, Beasts of Water, Quake Beasts, Beasts of Stone, Plant Beasts, Beasts of Jungle, Avalanche Beasts, Beasts of Earth, and Blizzard Beasts, Beasts of Ice. He orders them to attack the City of Ekimu to distract the heroes while he goes to the Capital City to get the Mask of Ultimate Power. A bird-like creature named Agil, the Elemental Creature of Light, notices the attack on the city. He then goes to find Umarak. He is on his way to the Capital City. He notices Agil, so he generated acid on his large claws and then throws the acid at Agil, but Agil dodges the attack. He then flies down to hit Umarak on the face with his claws, but Umarak presses on on his way to the Capital City. He then flies away to warn the heroes about Umarak.

Meanwhile, the heroes and the other six Elemental Creatures leave the Maze of Control, with sadness in their eyes because they could not get the Mask of Control. They want to tell Ekimu about it. On their way to the City of Ekimu, they heard noises around the island, and then notice the Region of Jungle’s village got sort of destroyed. People living there are sad and hiding. The heroes also notice strange footprints made of the Elemental Beasts’ elemental powers on the village, and they all lead to the City of Ekimu! They believe it is Umarak that created these monsters. Pohatu still blames himself for the incident, but Kopaka reminds him that he had to protect Ketar and he did the right thing. They just had no choice, and it was beyond their control. They will avenge Okoto by finding and stopping Umarak, get the Mask of Control, and protect the Mask of Ultimate Power from him.

When the heroes and Creatures arrive at the City of Ekimu, they notice the Elemental Beasts attacking it when they are trying to get through the city’s main gate! Kopaka uses his Kanohi Nuva Akaku to see what the monsters are asn then shares his power with his fellow heroes and the Elemental Creatures. The heroes are surprised that the monsters are made of the six elemental powers! People from the City, the Protectors, and the Red Star Turaga and Matoran are trying to defend it from the monsters. Lagma’s Toa group combine with their Elemental Creatures. All of the heroes in general help the people fight the monsters. It is a tough fight when there are a lot of the beasts. Pohatu and Kopaka use their elemental powers and Adaptive Armor guns to defeat some of the beasts. Pohatu uses his Kanohi Kakama Nuva to defeat ten of the beasts. Firace’s group defeats some of the beasts. Hydraxon uses his weapons to take down some of the beasts. Botar and Tetrarmus use their strength and blades to take down some of the beasts. Lagma’s group defeats many of the monsters, and they use the Creatures’ powers to defeat more of the monsters. However, the heroes try to completely defeat the Beasts, but when they do, the beasts turn into their elements and their magical masks called the Beast Masks of Corruption are lying around, and the beasts reform to restore themselves, as if nothing happened. The monsters keep on fighting. This is not good for the heroes and their allies. However, when Grake is fighting two Quake Beasts and then defeat them to turn them into piles of crystals, he notices their masks lying on the ground. He smashes them, and this prevents the Quake Beasts from reforming! He discovers that destroying the beasts’ masks can destroy them completely! Every hero and ally hear him and then follow his words by destroying many of the monsters’ masks to destroy the monsters. Things are getting better for everyone, but there are many Elemental Beasts coming. The heroes are worried that they will tire out. They need to find a way to stop the monsters from coming.

Ekimu is in the Temple of Creation in the city, which is not attacked by the Beasts because they have not reached there. He is wondering why the beasts attack the city. Agil flies in and then tells Ekimu what he noticed. Ekimu understands and then goes to the Temple of Light, which is near the Temple of Creation. When he gets inside, the Temple of Light turns him into a blue Toa-sized and Toa-like being! He is stronger than his short self. He has the same powers as a Toa of Light. He is glowing like the sun. Agil flies to stand on his left arm. Ekimu has an idea. He leaves the Temple to meet with the heroes in the city.

While the heroes and their allies fighting the Beasts, Ekimu appears and calls all of the heroes to come to him in the city. The heroes are surprised to see Ekimu having changed! They come to him in the city. Ekimu tells the heroes about his form, which sort of reminds Kopaka and Pohatu of Takanuva. Kopaka asks if Ekimu is a Toa of Light now, but Ekimu laughs and says that he is not really that. He then has Agil report to the heroes about what he saw. As Ekimu interprets what Agil is saying, Agil uses his power to give the heroes a vision of Agil’s encounter with Umarak the Destroyer. Umarak is on his way to the Capital City! The Red Star heroes did not recognize him at first, but Agil and Ekimu tell them that this is Umarak using the Mask of Control’s power to become this monster. Pohatu jokingly calls Umarak ugly, but then he feels regretful about Umarak having the Mask of Control to cause the problems, but Kopaka and Ekimu remind him that he did the right thing with saving Ketar. 

The heroes are conflicted, as they do not know which action they should take: protecting Ekimu’s city or going after Umarak. However, Ikir, Akida, Uxar, Melum, Ketar, and Terak separate themselves from their Toa partners and then volunteer to help the city while all of the heroes, Ekimu, and Agil have to go get Umarak, with Ekimu and Agil as their guides. The heroes, Ekimu, and Agil leave the City of Ekimu and then start their journey to the Capital City. Pohatu uses his Kanohi Nuva Kakama to make himself and his allies run a lot faster to the city. When they arrive, they discover that Umarak is there!

He notices them, too, so he unleashes more Elemental Beasts to stall the heroes while the heroes protect the Capital City’s people from the monsters. Kopaka and Pohatu use their Ice and Stone powers respectively to defeat some of the Beasts, and they use their Adaptive Armor blasters and their Kanohi Nuva and Noble Kanohi to defeat more of the monsters. Botar and Hydraxon smash some Beasts with their brute strength, and they use their weapons to destroy some more Beasts. Tetrarmus uses his four arms to smash the monsters, and uses his axe to destroy some more. Toa of Magnetism and Iron are fighting and smashing the Beasts with their powers over magnetism and metal, respectively. Each member of Lagma’s and Firace’s Toa groups fight against Beasts that match its elemental power. Other heroes fight more Beasts. While Ekimu is fighting some of the monsters, one of the Storm Beasts lunges at Ekimu and tries to remove Ekimu’s mask! However, Agil arrives to remove the Beast’s mask, so Ekimu can get the upper hand and destroy the monster. The former Olmak wielder notices Umarak getting away and then tells the heroes about it! Pohatu hates wasting time, so he is so annoyed that he forms an extra armor of stone and then uses it to make an explosion that destroy the rest of the Beasts. Kopaka asks Pohatu why didn’t he do that before. Pohatu jokingly says he wasn‘t mad enough. However, Umarak notices Pohatu’s powerful attack, so he unleashes more Beasts on the heroes. He also has the Vorox, Skrall, and Anti-Heroes to fight the heroes again to help with the stalling. After the heroes defeat the Elemental Beasts, Vorox, Skrall, and Anti-Heroes, they catch up with Umarak and fight him.

It is a tough fight. Kopaka tries to freeze Umarak, but Umarak breaks out of the ice. Pohatu tries to cover him with rocks, but Umarak breaks out, too. Botar, Hydraxon, and Tetrarmus try to fight Umarak in hand-to-hand combat, but Umarak repels them. Lagma’s and Firace’s Toa groups try to use their elemental powers to hit Umarak, but Umarak is very tough, so he is not stopped. The heroes dodge Umarak’s acid-throwing attacks. Umarak blocks the heroes’ attacks and punches some of the heroes. He also grabs some of their attacks and then hits them. He still presses on to the Mask of Ultimate Power. He is heading towards a central temple in the city. When he is at the entrance, he traps all of the heroes except Ekimu, who is far from them, with a mud-like shadow attack that stops them from moving. However, Ekimu and Agil combine their Light powers to free the heroes and hurt Umarak along the way. That also weakens Ekimu while he changes back to his original form. Agil sees this. Since Umarak is weak, the heroes take an advantage to try to fight and defeat Umarak, but they are stopped by the Vorox, Skrall, and Anti-Heroes. This gives Umarak time to go inside in the temple.

When he finds a small vault in the center of the temple, he breaks it open to reveal the Mask of Ultimate Power! He puts it on, and this increases his strength. The heroes are horrified to see this! Umarak laughs evilly and then says that the heroes are doomed. After the heroes defeat the extra enemies, they go get Umarak. He then starts fighting the heroes while saying that he will take over Okoto when he is done destroying the heroes. He also says that none of the heroes can stop Umarak now. It is a tougher fight between the heroes and Umarak, who uses the mask’s powers, as the mask has the same elemental powers as Toa. Also, it can create explosive blasts. However, the heroes finally defeat Umarak, as Kopaka and Pohatu work together to remove the Mask of Ultimate Power from Umarak and then get the Mask of Control from him. Pohatu punches Umarak in the face to finally defeat him, knocking him unconscious, as payback for making him feel bad at the maze. The heroes finally win! The city is saved! People from the people cheer for the heroes! 

Meanwhile, Odina, who watched the fights with Umarak the whole time, calls Zakaz to send the defeated Vorox, Skrall, and Anti-Heroes to Nynrah. Zakaz does as he is told, as he uses a Black Hole Orb Staff portal to send them to Nynrah in order to get rid of the evidence. He gets away when the heroes are done defeating Umarak. 

The heroes return to the City of Ekimu with Umarak captured by them. They see the people of the city, the six Elemental Creatures there, and the Red Star Turaga and Matoran. All of the Elemental Beasts are destroyed, and the city is safe, despite some of the damages caused by the monsters. People in the city cheer for the heroes on their victory against Umarak! The heroes smile and feel proud of themselves. People from Okoto have captured and collected all of the Skull Creatures, too, but both the people and the heroes are wondering where did the Vorox, Skrall, and Anti-Heroes in Okoto go. Kopaka and Pohatu remember investigating the murders of Karzahni and Tren Krom, so they convince Ekimu, the Protectors, and all seven Elemental Creatures that it is best to bring the top half of the Mask of Time, Mask of Control, Mask of Ultimate Power, and the Red Star’s and Okoto’s villains to the good people of Bara Magna, so Bara Magna’s people could protect Okoto. That is because they feel that someone has coordinated the attacks because of the presence of the Vorox, Skrall, and Anti-Heroes, so the island is no longer safe if this keeps on happening. The Red Star heroes could use thr Okotan heroes’ help with investigating the murders. The Okotan heroes are a bit reluctant at first, but they see the Toa duo’s point, so they agree. All of the heroes in Okoto in general must hurry. 

People in Okoto use boats as transports for the three masks and villains. All of the good Red Star people, Ekimu, the Protectors, Elemental Creatures, and some Okotans are using these boats to go from Okoto to the shore of Bara Magna since they are near to each other. Unbeknownst to the people, Odina secretly follows them to Bara Magna while spying on them undetected. 

When the people arrive, they notice a small hidden base in Bara Magna along the way. Kopaka, Pohatu, and Ekimu open the door to the place. It reveals three Great Beings! They are Artidax and the two Great Beings who put the Mask of Life in Chamber of Life long ago. The Toa are surprised that the Great Beings are from the Glatorian species, as they expected something else. The Great Beings laugh at their disproved assumption, introduce themselves, state why they were hiding, and they remember making Ekimu and giving Artakha the materials for the Toa Mata. Kopaka, Pohatu, and Ekimu explain what happened to them recently, their current mission, and the fact that Spherus Magna is restored. They ask the Great Beings to come with them. The Great Beings agree, as they are happy to hear that the planet is restored. Artidax tells his fellow Great Beings, Stelt and Xia, in Planet Makuhero through his special communication device that Spherus Magna is restored, so they can come back home in Spherus Magna now.

Meanwhile, Odina is watching the meeting. He is surprised at all of this! He talks to Nynrah through his communication device about it. He says “Sir, we have a bigger problem.” Also, Narmato hears and notices Odina! He tells everyone about it. Artidax and his fellow two Great Beings recognizes Odina! Odina is shocked, so he calls Zakaz to open a Black Hole Staff portal for him! The heroes and the Great Beings are trying to get Odina, but the portal is opened, so he jumps through it and then the portal closes. Artidax and his two fellow Great Beings are surprised that Odina is doing something suspicious while the others are wondering what is going on. The Great Beings sad about it, and they do not know why Odina is doing this. They have not seen Odina for a long time since the Shattering, but this happened. Not the good kind of reunion. The Great Beings explain who Odina is to the heroes. Kopaka and Pohatu have a bad feeling about this. The other heroes and their allies feel the same way. 

The good people of the Red Star and Okoto and the three Great Beings are traveling to the good people of Bara Magna, bringing the Red Star’s and Okoto’s villains and Legendary Kanohi with them. Unbeknownst to them, Odina is still hiding behind a sand dune, spying on them. The people notice Bara Magna’s good people’s village being attacked by Marendar and Baterra!

To be continued in Chapter 13.

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Chapter 13: Attack on Cereblak 

Zakaz is informed by the Anti-Heroes and his Bota Magna Vorox and Skrall that they have the escaped villains from the Hero Factory that he requested. He smiles and laughs evilly. The three Anti-Hero Factory Drop Ships with the villains land on landing pads on the Anti-Hero Factory, in planet Cereblak. When all of the villains come out of them, Zakaz, Von Nebula, Core Hunter, Voltix, Black Maker, the Galactic Conspiracy, with Geb and Deneb as their new recruits, and the Brains approach and welcome them. The escaped villains ask what is going on. Zakaz tells everyone to come with him and the others to his office in the Anti-Hero Factory, where he will explain. In there, he tells everyone about his plan to help Nynrah. Dumacc and Perjast are not happy about the plan, though.

The Alpha 1 Team is following the Anti-Hero ships with their Hero Factory Drop Ship. They are surprised at the Anti-Hero Factory because it looks almost like the Hero Factory, even though it has the letter “A” as their symbol and darker color schemes. They are attacked by high-tech turrets from the factory, which are used for security. The Heroes hardly avoid the attack and then land their Drop Ship elsewhere in an empty area near the factory, so they cannot be detected. When they land their ship there, the Heroes are discussing how to approach the Anti-Hero Factory. They come up with a plan that involves stealth because the place is heavily guarded. After they get out of their Drop Ship, they do some stealth to get to the factory. However, villains in the Anti-Hero Factory, who are Anti-Heroes, the ones from the Hero Factory’s Villain Storage, Von Nebula, Voltix, Core Hunter, Galactic Conspiracy, Black Maker, the Brains, Vorox, and Skrall, find them and start to fight them. The Heroes fight hard, but more Anti-Heroes show up to help their allies. The Heroes are surrounded bu the villains, nowhere to run. Zakaz shows up and “congratulates” them for coming so far. He forces the Heroes to surrender. The Heroes do so because they cannot fight that many villains like this.

Meanwhile, in Makuhero City, as the Heroes, aided by Quatros animals and Makuhero animals, which the Alpha 1 Team and they freed from the Witch Doctor’s and Brains’ control, respectively, and are willing and tamed by the Heroes to help them, fight the Anti-Heroes, Makuro is safe in his office for now. He is shocked and sad to see this new attack. He hopes the Heroes can defend the city from the Anti-Heroes and destroy the factory that created them. Elsewhere, in the outskirts of the city, there is a secret base for two Great Beings, Stelt and Xia. They have always been helping Makuro with managing the Hero Factory. They are surprised to see the Anti-Heroes. They wish to help the city’s people somehow, but something else gets their attention. Their special communication device is activated. Artidax is calling the two Great Beings! He tells them that Spherus Magna is restored! The two Great Beings are happy to hear that, but they are still concerned about the attack on the city. They say they will come back to Spherus Magna soon after they take care of something. They use another communication device to talk to Makuro. They tell him the news. Makuro is happy, but he is still concerned about the attack on the city, too.

Zakaz and his fellow villains imprison the Alpha 1 Team in the Anti-Hero Factory’s equivalent to the Hero Factory’s Villain Storage called the Hero Storage. The team’s enemies make fun of them by saying that this is revenge for imprisoning them in the Hero Factory. They laugh evilly about the irony. He tells the Heroes that he is working for someone named Nynrah to take over his planet called Spherus Magna and then the universe. He also tells the Heroes that he is responsible for everything in the Hero Factory theme’s story arcs, how the Alpha 1 Team’s villainous enemies became villains, the formation of the Legion of Darkness long ago, and Silver’s attack on New Stellac City. He tells the Heroes about what he knows about Makuro and what Makuro, Stelt, and Xia, have been doing since the Shattering in Spherus Magna, too. The Heroes are surprised about Zakaz’s actions and that Makuro never told anyone about this. 

Zakaz is recharging the Black Hole Orb Staff to get it ready for the next step of his plan. Zakaz plans to send every villain in the Anti-Hero Factory to Spherus Magna to invade it, so they can help Nynrah take over it, use special equipment from there, and then all can take over the universe. 

The Alpha 1 Team feels hopeless. They are upset that they were doing a great job through their history, but they end up in the prison. They wish they should have done better, as they have sad faces. However, luckily, Dumacc and Perjast, feeling regretful for what they have done, decide to free them because this is getting out of hand, ending their alliance with Zakaz and the Galactic Conspiracy. The Alpha 1 Team is happy to be freed! They thank Dumacc and Perjast for this. The eleven are sneaking their way out of the Anti-Hero Factory. However, when the eleven good guys reach the exit, some Anti-Heroes in general notice them, so they attack the good guys to try to stop them from escape. The heroes fight and defeat the Anti-Heroes to get them out of their way, but more villains show up to surround the eleven good guys, stopping them from escaping. Zakaz shows up and says that the good guys are doomed while he wants to punish the two traitors for betraying him and his comrades. 

All hope seems lost, but the Hero Recon Team, Terence Thresher, the new Alpha 1 Team rookies, and the Delta 9 Team show up and attack the Anti-Hero Factory, saving the eleven good guys thanks to Daniel Rocka contacting the Hero Recon Team when the Alpha 1 Team just got out of their prison. All of the Heroes fight the villains again. It is a tough fight. While the Heroes are winning and destroying the Anti-Hero Factory, Zakaz is able to fully recharge the Black Hole staff, and then opens a portal to send himself and all of the villains to Spherus Magna while the Galactic Conspiracy secretly escapes the factory. The portal closes. The Anti-Heroes in the factory are defeated and the factory is destroyed. The battle has won by the Heroes, but they are sad that they could not stop Zakaz, Von Nebula and his gang, the Fire Villains, Witch Doctor, the Legion of Darkness, Core Hunter, the Black Maker, the Brains, Vorox, or Skrall from going to Spherus Magna, and they also do not know where is Spherus Magna or did the Galactic Conspiracy go to. Worse, Zib contacts the Heroes that Makuhero City is destroyed. The Heroes are shocked! They feel sad about it.

The Heroes, who bring Dumacc and Perjast with them, who wish to make amends for their bad actions for Zakaz and the Galactic Conspiracy, with them, head back to Makuhero City in Planet Makuhero. They are shocked and sad to see the wreckage upon their precious city, including the Hero Factory building. Everything is in flames. Zib and Quadal report that the Anti-Heroes and the rest of the escaped villains have caused the destruction of the city and factory building, but every civilian and hero is sake. The villains are defeated by the Heroes in the city and locked up in an emergency prison in the city. Everyone in the city is also sad. This is the Hero Factory’s darkest hour. 

Preston Stormer, William Furno, and Rocka are upset about the destruction and blame themselves for this. Their six fellow teammates comfort the three. The team wants to do justice on Zakaz and his cronies for everything they have done and want to find them first. Nine members of the Alpha 1 Team, Stormer, Furno, Rocka, Dunkan Bulk, Jimi Stringer, Mark Surge, Natalie Breez, Nathan Evo, and Julius Nex, tell Zib about Zakaz’s actions, and then go to talk to Makuro. When they meet him, Stormer says to Makuro about what Zakaz told them and asks him about his origins and Spherus Magna because their enemies went there, and the villains have to be stopped for the sake of that planet and the universe. Makuro hesitates at first, but ultimately agrees. He tells the Heroes about his origins and Spherus Magna. He also calls Stelt and Xia to come to his location.

Stelt and Xia arrive, and Makuro tells the Heroes who they are while the Heroes are surprised to see them. The Heroes explain their encounter with Zakaz and his plan to the two Great Beings. Makuro, Stelt, and Xia want to go back to Spherus Magna. They are hesitant to bring Heroes to the planet at first, but they ultimately agree because the planet could be in great danger if the Heroes would not be there to save it from their enemies. The three only bring the nine members of the Alpha 1 Team to their hidden space shuttle while Makuro tells everyone else to rebuild the city. 

Makuro, Stelt, and Xia reveal their hidden space shuttle from a large tree in a forest near the city. The vehicle is still fine and operational. The three go inside the ship and then the Alpha 1 Team go inside their Drop Ship. As the space shuttle flies out the planet and goes into space, the Heroes follow them to Spherus Magna. 

Meanwhile, in planet Cereblak, when all of the Heroes are gone, as they bring Dumacc and Perjast, and when their mission is done on that planet, as the good guys go back to their home city, the Galactic Conspiracy comes out of hiding from their hidden base. Their red-armored leader named Cletus Oappoas has a gadget called the Repair Staff, which is based on the Staff of Artakha and made by Zakaz. He uses it in a power cradle to rebuild the Anti-Hero Factory. Since Black Phantom stole the plans for the Hero Factory’s Brain Attack, Battle Machine, and Breakout 2.0 equipment and sent them to Zakaz, who then incorporated them into the Anti-Hero Factory, the Galactic Conspiracy is running the factory and making Anti-Heroes that utilize the upgrades. Oappoas tells some hidden Anti-Heroes to get all of the villains from Makuhero City. They want to upgrade all Anti-Heroes. They upgrade the hidden ones first. They have to wait for Zakaz’s signal to attack, and while that, they are building a giant mech for Nynrah to use in their base, as told by Zakaz, who started building the mech before he went back to Spherus Magna, which will mean great doom to both Makuhero City’s and Spherus Magna’s heroes. 

To be continued in Chapter 14.

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Chapter 14: Reunion in Spherus Magna 

Marendar is a sapient and powerful bio-mechanical being with silver armor who only does what he was built for: destroying Toa. He is 10 feet tall, as he is bigger than a Toa or Glatorian, who are 7 feet tall. Destroying Toa is the only thing that he does because he was never in the Matoran Universe when Nynrah made everyone in there completely sapient. The Great Beings fear that the Toa would go rogue when they arrive in Spherus Magna, so they created Marendar to counter them. Until then, he was contained in a vault in Bara Magna for around 100,000 years. He was contained until now, when Mata Nui restored Spherus Magna and the Toa moved to Bara Magna. He senses their Toa Power, so he broke through the vault and goes to find Toa, even though the Toa are not rogue. The Toa are in great trouble. Things get worse when Nynrah unleashed hundreds of Baterra from Bota Magna to Bara Magna. Marendar can control these robots when he is near them, so the robots obey him. Now he has an army, which is even worse. 

On Marendar’s journey to find the Toa, Metus notices Marendar and the Baterra, so he tells the Shadowed One about it. They learns that Marendar is not a normal person, so he has Takadox hypnotize this being to be the Shadowed One’s servant, recruiting both Marendar and his Baterra army to be in the One’s army. Metus also tells the One that the Baterra can only fight armed people, so the One has some engineering Dark Hunters reprogram them to fight the One’s enemies just in case something happens to Marendar. 

After Gaardus’s group of the One’s minions is defeated by Tahu and his allies in Tahu’s village, the One orders Marendar and his army to attack Tahu’s village. A Great Being named Angonce, who has been watching Marendar the whole time and wants to stop him, is shocked to see all of this, so he runs to the village to warn them about the upcoming attack. After that, Marender and his robots attack the village! Everyone panics, and Matoran and Agori run for their lives! 

Tahu and his allies notice Marendar, so they come to fight him and his minions. They are surprised to see more Baterra along the way. It is a more intense fight than the other two fights. Marendar attacks Toa because of the Toa Power in them. A Toa of Fire tries to use the elemental power of fire to defeat Marendar, but he can resist elemental powers, as his metallic skin becomes icy, resisting the fiery blast. A Toa of Water tries to defeat him with a jet stream of water, but his body becomes fiery, so he can evaporate the water. He uses the elemental power of water to hit the Toa of Fire and elemental power of fire to hit the Toa of Water. Many other Toa, both of the same elements as the two Toa and of all other elements, are trying to defeat him, but they cannot defeat him. He keeps on resisting their elemental powers, and then hits them. He says to the Toa that it is futile to defeat him. He is very strong, as he can smash through walls to find Toa to fight. He is also very fast and very tough. 

Tahu, Gali, and Onua use their elemental powers to defeat some Baterra. Ackar, Kiina, Vastus, Tarix, and the Toa Hagah do the same thing. All of these Toa and Glatorian combine their powers to defeat many of the Baterra. Their allies, which include Glatorian, Agori, Matoran, Toa, Order of Mata Nui members, and the Bohrok swarms, come to help. 

During the fight, Tahu learns that Marendar is a person that thinks like a machine. He tries to convince Marendar to stop by saying that Marendar is a person rather than a machine, but Marendar doesn’t listen. The good guys need help because Marendar and the Baterra are overwhelming. The enemies have destroyed some buildings in the village along the way. Tahu tries to use his Kraata powers to defeat Marendar, but Marendar dodges them. Tahu then tries to use his Kanohi Hau, but Marendar does a surprise to resist that powers. Things are hopeless when Marendar knocks Tahu down to the ground and readies to kill Tahu. Tahu prays Mata Nui to forgive him. 

However, someone shoots an Adaptive Armor blaster bolt at Marendar to repel him from Tahu! Everyone looks around. They notice two large groups of people coming from both sides of the village. On one side, Kopaka, Pohatu, Botar, Hydraxon, Tetrarmus, Turaga Lhikan, Turaga Jovan, Ihu, Mavrah, their good Red Star allies, Ekimu, Protectors, Elemental Creatures, their Okotan allies, Artidax and his two Great Being friends have arrived. On the other side, Lewa, Jungle Agori from Bota Magna, Gelu, Zaria, Orde, Chiara, Helryx, Axonn, Brutaka, Kapura, Hafu, Artakha, Vezon, Tuyet, Miserix, Velika, Takanuva, Toa Mahri, Gresh, Lesovikk, Surel and his Iron Wolves, and Bota Magna’s Great Beings and Matoran species people arrive. Both groups are shocked to see this, so they come to help. Help has arrived for Tahu and his allies! People in the villages are happy to see them. Now, the fight gets easier for Tahu and his allies. 

The One notices this, and he doesn’t like the looks at it, so he sends a large number of his minions to help Marendar and the Baterra defeat their enemies. These minions, consisting of Bara Magna Vorox, Skrall, Rock Agori, Iron Tribe members, Dark Hunters, their Rahi allies, and the Barraki’s soldiers, show up to help their new allies. 

The fight is a little harder, but the Toa and their allies refuse to stop. Elemental blasts and other kinds of powers are shot everywhere. Many warriors clash their weapons against each other. Some do hand-to-hand combat. Some do teamwork to perform more powerful attacks. Some combine their elemental powers to create larger and more powerful blasts. Many Toa use their elemental powers, weapons, and Kanohi to fight many enemies. The Toa Nuva, Tahu, and Takanuva combine their powers to defeat some of the One’s minions and Baterra, and the Toa Nuva and Takanuva use their blasters to blast their enemies. The Toa Mahri do the same thing with their elements and Cordak blasters. The Toa Hagah with their elements, magical spears, and Rhotuka Launching Shields. All other Toa fight many Baterra and Dark Hunters. Lesovikk, Varian, Orde, Chiara, Zaria, and Firace’s Toa group fight some Baterra and Dark Hunters. 

Some Matoran fight many enemies. The Ta-Koro Guard, Ga-Koro Guard, Gukko Force, Sanctum Guard, Po-Koro Guard, and the Ussalry and their various Rahi steeds fight against the Barraki’s armies. Some of these Matoran use modified Boxors. Kopeke, Kapura, Hafu, Macku, Taipu, Tamaru, Onepu, Nobua, Nuhrii, Ehrye, Vhisola, Orkahm, Tehutti fight some soldiers from the Barraki’s armies, as they use their Bamboo Disks and Kohlii sticks to fight. Flamo and Burmus come to help. Garan, Balta, Dalu, Piruk, Kazi and their fellow Matoran of Voya Nui fight with their weapons. Velika comes to help them. Defilak, Sarda, Idris, and many others from Mahri Nui fight with their Electro-Blades and Shredder Claws. Tanma, Solek, Photok, Raidak, Gavla, Kirop, and many other Av-Matoran from the Matoran Universe fight with their Power Swords. Vican comes to help. 

Ackar, Tarix, Vastus, Kiina, and Gresh combine their elemental powers and Thornax Launchers to defeat many Baterra, Vorox, and Skrall. Many other Glatorian use their weapons, including Thornax Launchers and vehicles, to fight many enemies, including the Baterra. Gelu and Surel work together to fight some Vorox and Skrall while Gelu protects him from some enemies who get an advantage of him due to his injuries. Surel is lucky to have someone like Gelu to help and protect him. Surel has his Iron Wolves attack some enemies. Tera, Likus, Oris, and Stoanus fight some Vorox and Skrall, the latter calls Stoanus a traitor, and Stoanus is proud to be that way. Tera has his Earth Agori friends to help him and their friends. 

Many Agori fight many enemies, and they use their weapons and vehicles. Raanu, Berix, Tarduk, Kirbold, and Kyry fight some Zesk and Rock Agori. Blazus comes to help. Kirbold also protects Surel from getting more injured from their enemies. Crotesius uses his Cendox V1 to defeat some enemies, and rammed to some of the Baterra. Scodonius and Kirbraz do the same thing with their Kaxium V3. They split up their sides of the vehicle into two smaller vehicles as a strategy during the fight. 

Ekimu, the Protectors, Elemental Creatures, and their Okotan allies fight some Baterra, Bone Hunters, Dark Hunters, and the Barraki’s soldiers, as they use their weapons and Elemental Blasters. Lagma’s Toa group combines with their Elemental Creatures to defeat some of these villains. 

Axonn, Brutaka, Krakua, Hydraxon, Botar, his replacement named Telpor, Tetrarmus, Kabrua, Mazeka, Jerbraz,  Johmak, Tobduk, Helryx, and many other members of the Order of Mata Nui fight the Dark Hunters, Protocairns, and Frostelus. They have their servants, some Maxilos robots, Energy Hounds, and Mana Ko, to help them. Dekar-Hydraxon joins the fight to help the Order. Krakua and his people made a fortress with parts from the two giant robots on an island right before the fight happened. Some of the Dark Hunters attacked the fortress, and Krakua is angry about it, so he fights them before he and them join the battle. 

Keetongu and Krahka fight some Baterra and Dark Hunters. Keetongu keeps on absorbing some blasts and then uses them against their senders. Krahka uses his six-Toa-Metru-combination form to defeat some of the enemies. She has the Tahtorak of Metru Nui to help her. The Bohrok, Bohrok Va, and Bahrag are fighting the Baterra and some Dark Hunters. Miserix fights many Baterra, as he uses his bladed staff to cut some in halves and uses many of his powers to destroy some. Tuyet uses the Nui Stone to enhance her powers, so she can defeat many Baterra. Vezon is fighting some Vorox, Skrall, and the Barraki’s soldiers. He tricks one of them into attacking another by dodging the attack. He also uses his dagger to fight, and sometimes does punches and kicks. 

The Great Beings, both from Bara Magna and Bota Magna, are watching the whole fight. They are surprised that this is what people from the Matoran Universe and Spherus Magna have been doing since the Shattering on Spherus Magna. They are also surprised that all Matoran Universe people have complete sapience. Both worlds’ people’s problems make them regret causing the Shattering a little more, but they are impressed with their allies’ teamwork and sense of justice. 

Marendar refuses to give up. He kills many Toa with specialized weaponry and swats some Glatorian and other allies out of the way. Many heroes are trying to defeat him in many ways, but he is nearly unstoppable. Many heroes are injured when they tried. Not even the Toa Nuva could stop him. People that are not Toa want to fight Marendar, but they are too preoccupied with other enemies. Also, many heroes try to tackle Marendar to restrain him, but he is strong enough to break out, creating an explosion of heroes being scattered in the area. He also always dodges attacks. Is there any hope to defeat him? 

Marendar knocks Takanuva on the ground and prepares to kill him. Angonce is horrified to see this, as he respects the Matoran Universe people as completely sapient people, so he uses his sword that shoots fire to distract the monster. Many Toa and Glatorian are able to attack Marendar. Artakha uses his hammer to push the monster to a wall of a building. It is a huge slam, and Marendar is weakened. However, he is slowly moving, but the Toa Nuva, Tahu, Takanuva, Lesovikk, Orde, Chiara, Zaria, Helryx, Krakua, Varian, the Toa Mahri, and the Toa Hagah combine their elemental powers to create a Toa Seal to trap Marendar on the wall. Marendar cannot resist the combined might of the elements. He is finally defeated! All of the Baterra in the battlefield are destroyed, too. The other villains are running away because of these defeats. They are no match for the Toa and their allies when they are united. They say that this is not over and they vow revenge before they go into hiding. The Toa and their allies win! 

The Great Beings are happy to see this victory! They are impressed! Everyone is happy to see each other, and some are happy to be reunited with others. There are some people who never met others, so everyone is introducing each other. The Matoran Universe people are happy to see the Great Beings for the first time, but they are surprised that they are members of the Glatorian species rather than they were expecting. The Great Beings laugh. Tahu approaches and then tells them that everyone needs to talk because there is a lot to deal with. 

The Shadowed One and Lariska watched everything. The One is very upset at his minions’ loss in the battle. He is thinking of a plan to get his revenge on his heroic enemies. He and Lariska go back to their headquarters, where the One will make the plan. 

Odina,, Atakus, and Perditus is spying on them. They also watched everything in the battle. Odina tells Nynrah through his communication device that we would help the One and his allies’ help to defeat their enemies. Nynrah agrees. 

To be continued in Chapter 15.

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Chapter 15: Mata Nui Returns 

Since the fight against Marendar and his forces was over, everyone in the village is happy to see each other, as they hug each other. They also introduce themselves and others to those who never met them before. They are making friends with each other, as they shake hands. The Matoran Universe’s Matoran species people are happy to meet Bota Magna’s. The Toa Nuva are back together. Kopeke, Taipu, Macku, Tamaru, Kapura, and Hafu are happy to see each other again. Turaga Vakama, who was writing and updating his book called the Bionicle, which records the history and adventures in the Matoran Universe and Spherus Magna, and his six fellow Turaga of Metru Nui are happy to see Turaga Lhikan again. They thought he was dead. When Tuyet notices him and the Ga-Matoran that she drowned long ago, she is surprised that they are alive, so she hides behind the crowds to avoid being seen. 

Mavrah is too shy to face the Turaga of Metru Nui because of his ordeals with Turaga Dume and the six of them as the Toa Metru, but Kopaka assures him that he will be fine. Mavrah and Lhikan explain the Red Star’s reviving abilities and Mavrah’s change of heart, as Mavrah apologizes for his misunderstanding too long, so the seven other Turaga understand and forgive Mavrah. Turaga Whenua is happy to see Mavrah again since they are close friends. 

The former Matoran members of the Voya Nui Resistance Team are happy to see Velika again because they were worried about him since people left the Matoran Universe. However, he doesn’t remember them because he was replaced by Nynrah in the Matoran Universe the whole time, which the other Matoran find that awkward, but he is happy to make friends. Kazi wants to teach Velika not to speak riddles, like Nynrah did, because he finds them annoying. Kazi was wondering why “Velika” spoke riddles habitually, and the real Velika clarifies that it was Nynrah that pretended to be him the whole time. Sarda and Idris are happy to see Lesovikk again. They were worried about him. 

The Order of Mata Nui is happy to see Helryx, Axonn, Brutaka, Botar, and Tetrarmus again. When the Order notices the real Hydraxon, they are surprised and confused because they have the Dekar-Hydraxon with them! Artakha and his island’s people are happy to see each other again when Artakha was gone for some time. Flamo and Burmus are happy to meet Artakha the first time, and Ekimu is happy to see him again since the Shattering. Gelu, Kirbold, and many other Glatorian and Agori are happy to see Surel since the Shattering. Kirbold remembers Surel on his journey to find the secret about the Red Star. Surel explains his situations, and he is happy to be back since he has his Iron Wolves with him. Gelu’s Glatorian and Agori friends are happy to see him again. The Bara Magnan members of the Jungle Tribe and the Jungle Agori from Bota Magna are happy to see each other again after a long time since the Shattering. Zaria, Orde, and Chiara are satisfied with their deeds. Chiara now appreciates having company. Matoran and Agori are interested in the Elemental Creatures. The Great Beings from Bara Magna and Bota Magna are happy to see each other again. Everyone is happy to be reunited. Even though they are sad about the many Toa killed by Marendar, everyone is happy that they survived. 

Everyone is telling each other about what they had been doing lately, and they are taking turns. Tahu and his Matoran Universe and Spherus Magna friends talk about the history of Spherus Magna, the battle against Makuta Teridax for Bara Magna, Mata Nui restoring Spherus Magna, people from both worlds having a new society with each other, and Tahu’s fights in the village before Marendar appeared. Kopaka and Pohatu talk about the murders of Karzahni and Tren Krom, their theory about Lesovikk killing Karzahni, their encounter with Gaardus, their ordeal in the Red Star, the Red Star and its abilities, the revived people from there, the Kestora, their adventures in Okoto, and their encounter with Artidax and his two fellow Great Beings. Lewa and Helryx talk about their ordeal in the Matoran Universe’s Core Processor, their encounter with Destral in his fortress and Lewa’s encounter with the Jungel Agori in Bota Magna. Gelu, Zaria, Chiara, and Orde talk about their quest to find the Great Beings, encounter with Bota Magna Vorox, Nynrah destroying the fortress, their fight with the Earth Tribe, and their discovery of the Great Beings’ buildings in Bota Magna. Lesovikk clarifies that it was Nynrah who framed Lesovikk for the murder of Karzahni, so Lesovikk’s name is cleared. Takanuva, Jaller, and Gresh talk about the fight between Nynrah and the Great Beings. The Great Beings talk about what they had been doing since the Shattering. 

Everyone talks about their encounters with Nynrah and his minions, including the presence of the Anti-Heroes in Spherus Magna. None of the people knows who are the Anti-Heroes or where do they come from. The Great Beings apologize for the trouble that they have caused since the Core War, and everyone forgive them. The Great Beings also warn everyone that there is Nynrah planning to take over Spherus Magna and he has his minions to help him. Tahu also warns that there is the united army of villains planning to attack people again, so he wants everyone to be ready for the next attack. He then brings the Great Beings to Mata Nui, who he says would be reawakened and be happy to see them. 

Tahu approaches Umbra at his building. He shows Umbra the Great Beings, and Umbra is happy to see them after a long time. Tahu tells him to open the door, and then Umbra uses the Makoki Stones to open the door. The Mask of Life is stored in the center of the room. Tahu talks to the mask to reawaken Mata Nui because the Great Beings want to see him, as he requested when he restored Spherus Magna. Mata Nui uses the mask to remake himself the Toa body that he had when he arrived on Bara Magna. He and the Great Beings are happy to see each other, so they hug each other. The Great Beings congratulate him for restoring Spherus Magna. Tahu is happy to see that. He is glad that he and his friends had followed Mata Nui’s word. 

Mata Nui, Tahu, and the Great Beings come out of the building to see everyone. Everyone is happy to see and meet Mata Nui. Ackar, Kiina, and Gresh run to Mata Nui and hug him. Mata Nui is also happy to see them again. People tell Mata Nui the recent events that he had missed since his exile from the Matoran Universe, since he restored Spherus Magna, and what the Great Beings and Nynrah had been doing since the Core War. They also warn him about Nynrah and other villains. Mata Nui is happy that people from both worlds are making their new society and is fascinated on other things on Spherus Magna, but he does not like what Nynrah and other villains are doing, so he wants everyone to get ready for their upcoming battle for Spherus Magna. Everyone believes that Nynrah would somehow recruit every villain on Spherus Magna. 

There have been a lot of preparations in the village. A lot of warriors of various kinds are training for the upcoming battle. Mata Nui uses the Mask of Life to do many things for people to help them along the way. Tahu has Mata Nui restore Tahu’s Toa Nuva form, so Mata Nui does so. Tahu is happy to be a Toa Nuva again, and his Kraata powers are enhanced. He has Artakha make replacements of Tahu Nuva’s five destroyed Kanohi Nuva and Noble Kanohi. It is a good thing that Artakha is able to find an Energized Protodermis pool from his dismantled island named after him in the village, so he can make the Kanohi Nuva. 

Mata Nui changes nine Turaga, Vakama, Nokama, Matau, Nuju, Whenua, Onewa, Dume, Lhikan, and Jovan, back into Toa because people would need more firepower. The Toa Metru, Toa Dume, Toa Lhikan, and Toa Jovan has returned! Mata Nui fixes the Matoran of the Matoran’s Universe’s Southern Continent and Velika’s bodies that are badly repaired by Karzahni long ago. They hated the bad repairs, anyway. When Dekar-Hydraxon and the real Hydraxon notice each other, they are surprised and confused! There are two of them! However, Mata Nui changes Dekar-Hydraxon back to being Dekar, the Po-Matoran of Mahri Nui. Dekar’s friends, including Defilak, are happy to see Dekar again because they thought he was dead. Mata Nui undoes the fusion of the Kanohi Olmak and Vezon and then gives Olmak to Brutaka, who wears it to replace the one that was destroyed by Makuta Teridax. Mata Nui makes Jerbraz and his sword not invisible anymore, and gives him the ability to turn invisible and turn back visible. Vican wants Mata Nui to undo his mutation by Makuta Mutran because he feels worthy enough, and Mata Nui does so. 

He cures Destral from the Mask of Life’s curse on him and restores his insanity. Destral is happy to be back to normal. Mata Nui then reactivates the Olmak’s power. He also enhances Gelu’s and Surel’s blades to become stronger and give the Ice Tribe warriors the elemental power of ice while their newly upgraded blades can use their powers. Mata Nui does the same thing with Tera, as he has Earth powers, Likus, Ice powers, Oris, Air powers, and Stoanus, Stone powers. Mata Nui trusts Tera and Stoanus because they are not evil like their tribes, the Earth and Rock Tribes, respectively, so that is why Mata Nui gave them their powers. He also heals Surel’s injuries. Everyone thanks Mata Nui for the deeds. Kiina gives Mata Nui his sword, Thornax Launcher, and Click back since Mata Nui comes back to get him ready for the battle. Mata Nui and Click are happy to each other again after so long since Mata Nui controlled the prototype robot. Kiina salvaged the weapons when Mata Nui used the prototype. Mata Nui thanks Kiina for these things. Mata Nui remembers practicing using the Thornax Launcher when he was training with Glatorian before he fought Tuma. 

Mata Nui also uses the Mask of Life to fix the evil revived Red Star people’s scrambled minds, restoring them back to normal, and he gives them and the good revived Red Star people the ability to speak and understand the Agori language. Toa break Marendar out of his Toa Seal, and the Mata Nui undoes Takadox’s hypnotic spell on Marendar. He gives Marendar and the Kestora complete sapience, and then he gives the Kestora the ability to speak and understand the Agori language, so he and his people could reason with them and Marendar. However, when they try to reason with the Kestora and Marendar, these creations of the Great Beings still do not listen, disappointing Mata Nui because he wanted them to be good normal people. Also, the Kestora, Marender, and the evil revived Red Star people want revenge for their defeats. Mata Nui and his people put all of the villains and the Okotan villains, who are the Skull Creatures and Umarak, in prison cells in the new Pit, which the real Hydraxon is now guarding, as he takes Dekar-Hydraxon’s job now that Dekar-Hydraxon is Dekar again. Takanuva remembers the Kestora from the pocket dimension where they attacked a giant creature’s city, and is satisfied to see these Kestora being imprisoned. 

Warriors are getting ready with their weapons, and more weapons are being made by many crafters, including Artakha, Ekimu, and the good Nynrah Ghosts. Everything has been busy. Some of the people are guarding the village, and are building some forts. People have their steeds ready. Takanuva and his allies find a lot of Klakk and use them to cure all Shadow Takanuva, both alive and dead. The live ones thank Takanuva and his allies for this. Takanuva has Brutaka use the Olmak to send the Takanuva variants back to their home universes. The Toa Hagah recruit many Rahi that they studied when they were Rahaga, including the Cable Crawlers, Sea Spiders, Rock Raptors, and Spiny Stone Apes. Mavrah recruits many Rahi that he used to fight the Toa Mahri long ago, including Kinloka and Kavinika, including a mutated one that he kept as a pet. He wants to redeem himself for his transgressions against the Toa Metru. The people recruit Sand Stalkers, and many other Rahi, including some Tahtorak, Kikanalo, Fenrakk Spawn, the Toa Terrain Crawler, and Stinger Whales, including an armed one that the Matoran of Mahri Nui and Toa Mahri had. Midak is training some Ussal. The Bahrag uses the same mutating substance that created the Bohrok-Kal to make a new team of six different Bohrok-Kal. The Toa Nuva remember their fights with the Kal, but they are glad they are on their side this time because of the fact that the Bohrok are doing things for the former Great Spirit Mata Nui. Nixie is looking out for incoming enemies. Jaller finds his Hahnah crab, and they are happy to see each other. The crab works with Jaller again. People store the Masks of Control and Ultimate Power and the top half of the Mask of Time in storage facilities that are heavily guarded. They want to get back the bottom half of the Mask of Time somehow. People find Elemental Crystals and then use them for their equipment. Artakha feels a little sad that he heard that Karzahni is dead since Karzahni was his “brother”, but Karzahni was a disgraceful wretch, and it is time to move on. The Order of Mata Nui is happy to see Mata Nui in person when they approach him, with Helryx speaking to Mata Nui for the Order, but he scolds them for their murderous actions. However, he tells them that since they serve the will of him, they have to make up for the actions by joining the battle. He does appreciate their loyalty, after all. The Order accepts because they are very loyal to Mata Nui, and Mata Nui’s scolding makes them regret their murderous actions, so they have to do this for him. Helryx understands because she is a Toa, and Toa have to follow the Toa Code, so she is considering it. 

Mata Nui is the leader of the people, so he makes a speech on a large podium in front of them. His speech is about their task of stopping Nynrah and thwarting his grand plan. He restored Spherus Magna and freed the Matoran Universe’s people from the hands of Makuta Teridax, but he does not want to allow Nynrah to use this as an advantage to ruin the peace.

During the speech, Makuta Miserix teleports himself, Vezon, and Tuyet away and to go behind a hill near the village because they are not interesting in helping the good guys, and they want to make their own evil plan to do because they secretly want to take over Spherus Magna someday since the Matoran Universe is out of commission, and feel that they need to get something good out of Spherus Magna. Miserix is happy that Teridax is destroyed, but he wished he could have done it if Mata Nui didn’t do it. The Brotherhood is gone, so he has no idea what to do for now. Due to him having banished his inner light during his imprisoned din the island of Artidax, he wants to have conquest on Spherus Magna somehow. Tuyet does not like the fact that Lhikan changed back to a Toa, and she wishes that there is a way to turn the Toa against the people. Since everyone is united, Tuyet has no idea how she can manage. She still wants to have an evil empire and take over Spherus Magna somehow. Vezon wants to join the two villains because he loves to have company. All three agree to come up with a plan to somehow take over Spherus Magna when the war is over.

When Mata Nui’s speech is done, people agree with Mata Nui and cheer. However, they notice that the three villains disappeared, are surprised at that, and wonder where did they go, but Tahu figures that they want to do evil things, so he says if they want to fight the good guys, so be it and he and his allies will be ready to fight and defeat them, even if the trio dare to stand in their way in the upcoming battle. He does not want the trio to distract the good guys. None of them know that the three villains are hiding behind the hill.

While the villains are talking about what their plan will be, they do not notice Atakus and Perditus are hiding another nearby hill, watching them. The duo tell Nynrah through their communication devices about the trio betraying the heroes and what to do with them. Nynrah says that this is interesting and he will think about it. 

To be continued in Chapter 16.

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Chapter 16: Heroes vs. Heroes 

The Hero Factory’s Alpha 1 Team is following their allies, Makuro, Stelt, and Xia, to Spherus Magna. The team are using their Drop Ship to travel through space while the three allies with their space shuttle. It is quite a long trip. The twelve finally see Spherus Magna. It looks beautiful, like it was before the Shattering. The three allies are happy to see their former home while the team is amazed at the planet’s beauty. Quatros, Plant Makuhero, and Earth may be beautiful planets, but this is good, too. 

The twelve land their ships on stable spots on Bara Magna, 200 feet near Tahu’s village. They get out of their ships. They are talking about a plan to find the other Great Beings and their people because they know that their enemies are here on the planet. They decide to go to the new village, which the three allies do not remember being there. On the twelve people’s journey, Malum and tons of his Vorox appear out of nowhere, as Vorox come out of sandy underground in the desert! Malum commands the Vorox to attack the twelve people! He recognizes Stelt and Xia, but he never met the other ten before. The Heroes are surprised to see Malum’s Vorox because they are animalistic, unlike the ones that attacked Makuhero City! This is getting a little more weird for the Heroes. Stormer, Furno, Rocka, Bulk, Stringer, and Surge fight the villains while Breez, Evo, and Nex are protecting the three allies. The three allies remember Malum and the Vorox, but they are surprised at the Vorox being animalistic, Malum leading them, them attacking, and wonder why did this happen. 

There are some explosions, some caused by the warriors’ guns and some by collisions of the Heroes’ Plasma Gun spheres and Thornax from the villains. Warriors from both sides fight with their blades. Furno takes on Malum. Malum attacks Furno with his Flame Claws, but Furno uses his sword to defend himself. Furno tried to attack Malum back, but Malum uses his claws to defend himself, too. Furno kicks Malum on his unprotected spots after every attack by Malum. Stringer is struggling pushing a Vorox’s stinger tail to stop him from striking at Stringer, but that Vorox is winning. However, Bulk saves Stringer by punching the Vorox in the face, repelling him. Stringer thanks Bulk for that. Some of the Vorox surprise attack by digging and coming out from underground. The Heroes look at this closely to time their attacks at the Vorox. Surge uses his new Electric Sword, which is based on his Electricity Shooter, and an electric version of a Plasma Gun, to blast near the Vorox, scaring them. One of these Vorox retaliate by pouncing on Surge. He is about to strike with his tail, but Nex uses his Plasma Gun to blast him, repelling him. Surge thanks Nex for this. One of the Vorox pounce on Breez and tries to strike with his tail, but Nex also stops him. Breez thanks Nex for that. Vorox tries to attack Stormer the same way, but Rocka stops that Vorox. Stormer thanks Rocka for that. The Heroes also wrestle the Vorox after disarming them. It is hard, but they can handle the Vorox like that. Bulk defeats a Vorox in hand-to-hand combat, knocking the Vorox unconscious, and then he throws that Vorox at a few more to hit them, defeating them and knocking them unconscious. It is a tough fight. The villains are no match for the Heroes’ weapons, so they retreat, with Malum vowing revenge. The Heroes are relieved that this fight was over because it was a tough fight. The three allies are okay. Stringer comments that fighting the Vorox is like fighting the Witch-Doctor-controlled Scorpio on Quatros. The twelve people continue on to the village.

Malum and his Vorox go to the Shadowed One’s headquarters in their camp. He tells the One that they have visitors from another world and the fight. The One is surprised about the visitors, so he sends some spies to see who they are, and Malum becomes their guide. 

When the Alpha 1 Team and their three allies arrive at the village, the twelve make a plan. They have to split up into two groups. Makuro, Stelt, and Xia go to one part of the village to find someone they know while the nine Heroes go investigate to other part to see what is going on. After they split, they are looking around in two parts of the village. Makuro and the two Great Beings find Mata Nui and some friends. Both groups introduce each other, talk about their recent events, and then they tell each other about their problems with their villains. 

While the Heroes are exploring their part of the village, they look around to see people in there. They are surprised that the people look like them and the other Hero Factory Heroes! They see that is where their designs come from. The team encounters the Toa Nuva, Takanuva, Gresh, and Jaller, who are talking about their plan to fight their enemies. When they politely get the Spherus Magnans’ attention, the Spherus Magnan heroes notice them. They are surprised to see them because they think the heroes are Anti-Heroes because they look similar, so Tahu tells his fellow heroes to attack them! Rocka says, “So much for hospitality”. Both groups fight! 

Stormer takes on Tahu, Kopaka on Furno, Takanuva on Rocka, Bulk on Pohatu, Stringer on Onua, Breez on Gali, Surge on Lewa, Nex on Jaller, and Evo on Gresh. It is a tough fight. Many of the heroes use flying equipment along the way. They use their blasters at each other, which make explosions in some moments. Some clash their blades at each other’s. Stormer and Tahu fight harder their their comrades. Stormer shoots ice at Tahu and Kopaka, but the Toa use their Fire and Ice powers, respectively, to resist the ice. Furno tries to shoot fire at the Toa, but they also resist the fire. Takanuva uses light to blind the Alpha 1 Team, so his comrades can get an a advantage of them, but the Heroes quickly recover. Rocka uses his new high-tech sword and shield to deflect Takanuva’s blows. Bulk and Pohatu are wresting each other. Onua tries to hit Stringer, but Stringer dodges and then shoots a sonic blast to repel Onua. Breez and Lewa fly around and clash with their blades, but Gali blasts Breez out of the sky. Surge uses his bladed weapon to blast electricity at Gali and Lewa, repelling them. Jaller dodges attacks from Nex’s new version of his Laser Cutter. Evo uses a new version of his Vortex Staff to block attacks from Gresh’s blades and air-power attacks. This is a stalemate. When Tahu and Stormer are about to punch each other in the faces, Mata Nui, Makuro, Stelt, and Xia show up and tell everyone to stop fighting! The heroes look at their allies and do so. 

They ask who each other are and what is going on. Their allies clarify about who each other are and their missions to stop their evil enemies. Tahu and Stormer are still angry at each other, but Gali and Stringer calm them down. 

Stelt and Xia are reunited with the other Great Beings in the village. They are happy to see each other again after a long time since the Shattering. At the campfire, Mata Nui, Makuro, the Great Beings and the eighteen heroes sit down around it. Surge jokingly calls this primitive, but Furno tells Surge to stop, so Surge says, “Sorry”. Mata Nui, Makuro, and the Great Beings about their histories, including introducing themselves, life before the Core War, Makuro’s creation, the Core War, Mata Nui’s creation, Shattering, life in Spherus Magna’s three fragments after it, the Matoran Universe, the Great Cataclysm, Toa’s adventures, Makuta Teridax’s reign in the Matoran Universe, Mata Nui’s adventures in Bara Magna, the battle against Teridax in Bara Magna, the restoration of Spherus Magna, people of Spherus Magna and the Matoran Universe living together, their recent ordeals with Nynrah and his fellow villains, the Hero Factory, the Alpha 1 Team’s adventures and fights with their villains, the Anti-Hero Factory, the Alpha 1 Team’s enemies being on Spherus Magna, and Nynrah’s plan to take over Spherus Magna. 

Everyone understands all of these things. They all agree that they have to work together to stop Nynrah, as they will need each other to fight a very large army. All heroes from both Spherus Magna, the Alpha 1 Team, and their allies form an organization called the Fellowship of Mechanical Heroes. 

Hiding behind a hill near the village is Odina. He watched the whole thing from the moment the Alpha 1 Team and allies arrive in Bara Magna to the formation of the Fellowship. He is worried about this, so he calls Nynrah though his special communication device, “Sir, we have a bigger problem. The Toa and Glatorian got more help from the Alpha 1 Team”. 

The Shadowed One’s spies are surprised at the union, so they go report to the One. When they arrive to the One’s headquarters, they tell the One about it. The One is a little concerned, but he feels confident that he and his army will do fine fighting the newcomers. Atakus and Perditus are watching the spies and the One the whole time. They do not think that the One and his army would do this alone. They believe he would need their and their allies’ help for this. 

To be continued in Chapter 17.

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Chapter 17: Villains United

Nynrah never felt so frustrated. He was doing so well after killing Karzahni and Tren Krom, and he was about to kill some more with the help of Bota Magna Sand Tribe members and the Earth Tribe, but some heroes saved the people. He had the Sand Tribe members, Earth Tribe, Iron Tribe members in Bota Magna, the Element Lords, and Anti-Heroes to help him defeat the Great Beings and their Matoran species allies in Bota Magna and the Great Beings in Bara Magna, but many heroes stopped him from defeating the Bota Magna Great Beings. Zakaz told Nynrah about the Hero Factory, so both had many villains from outer space try to destroy the Hero Factory, but this particular team of heroes from there, the Alpha 1 Team, always thwarted the villains. Zakaz tried to use the Anti-Hero Factory to destroy the Heroes in general, but the Heroes and more of them destroyed the factory. Nynrah also had Odina recruit the Skull Creatures and Umarak, and these villains tried stop heroes in Okoto from coming to Bara Magna, but they failed. What is worse is that people from Bara Magna, Bota Magna, Okoto, and Planet Makuhero are uniting against Nynrah and his fellow villains. Even his other fellow Great Beings and Makuro are back together and are joining them. Odina told Nynrah about it. So much for trying to break their unity. The heroes also destroyed many Baterra, and defeated Marendar. Nynrah knows about Marendar because he is one of the Great Beings that worked on creating him. He had hoped the robot could destroy the Toa to get them out of Nynrah’s way, but that failed. All of these things are becoming a big problem for him. 

However, he still wants to take over Spherus Magna, and he is not giving up. He also knows about the Hero Factory, so he believes that the universe is suffering the same problem as Spherus Magna and the Matoran Universe when it comes to Makuhero City and its associated civilizations in the outer space universe, so he is planning to take over the outer space universe next. He would have completely failed from that if it were not for the precautions that he planned. Nynrah had Zakaz bring the Alpha 1 Team’s evil enemies to Spherus Magna. He heard from Cletus Oappoas that he used the Staff of Repairing to repair the Anti-Hero Factory, so he and the Galactic Conspiracy can use the factory to upgrade the Anti-Heroes with the new upgrades that Black Phantom copied. It is also a good thing that the Anti-Heroes had ruined Makuhero City to try to demoralize the people there, and Marendar was able to kill some Toa before he was defeated. 

Zakaz and his friends, who are Von Nebula and his gang, the Fire Villains, the Witch Doctor, the Legion of Darkness, Core Hunter, the Black Maker, the Brains, the Bota Magna Vorox, and Skrall, have arrived to Spherus Magna through a Black Hole Orb Staff portal. The three villainous gangs are reformed, and Core Hunter is a new recruit in the Legion of Darkness. Nynrah, Zakaz, and Odina are happy to see each other since the Core War, as they hug each other. The Alpha 1 Team’s villains ask what is the next step of Nynrah’s plan. Nynrah and Zakaz tell them that they will explain. They introduce Nynrah’s and Zakaz’s comrades to each other. The two Great Beings want their comrades to work together for Nynrah’s plan, and the comrades agree. 

However, Nynrah warns that this many villains would not be enough to fight a united army of heroes called the Fellowship of Mechanical Heroes. He may have the Earth Tribe, Bota Magna Sand Tribe and Iron Tribe members, all of the Element Lords, some Skrall, Odina, Zakaz, Perditus, Atakus, the Alpha 1 Team’s villains, and the Anti-Heroes with him, and he does have hundreds more Baterra in another hidden base, which is in Bara Magna, but he will need more members for his army. Much more in order to match the the army of heroes. It is a good thing that the Anti-Heroes are getting upgraded. 

He knows about Repgole, Skakdi, the Shadowed One and his new army, which include the Dark Hunters, the Barraki and their armies, and villains in Bara Magna. There is also a lot more villains, which include villains from Okoto, the ones from the Red Star, Roodaka, Nektann, Marendar, and more villains from Bara Magna, all are imprisoned in the new Pit. Atakus and Perditus have told Nynrah about these villains. There are the rest of the villains in the Hero Factory’s emergency prison. Oappoas have told Nynrah that, too. He wants to recruit all of these villains, but the Shadowed One and his forces would not listen because of their ego and powers. Luckily, Nynrah and his forces have great power and power inhibitors, and he is very persuasive. 

Nynrah tells Zakaz to use the Black Hole Staff to send the Anti-Heroes in Spherus Magna back to the Anti-Hero Factory to get them upgraded. When all of the Anti-Heroes that are active are upgraded, Zakaz then tells Oappoas to have these Anti-Heroes to invade Makuhero City to free all of the villains who are imprisoned in the Hero Factory’s emergency prison. 

Nynrah and his forces go to the Shadowed One and his army’s camps, as they are guided by Atakus and Perditus. The One’s minions notice them and raise their weapons at them, but Nynrah says that he means no harm, and he wants to talk to the Shadowed One about an important thing. They allow Nynrah and his forces to come to the One’s headquarters, as they are guided by Lariska. When they arrive inside, Lariska tells the One that Nynrah and his forces want to meet him. The One notices them and asks them what do they want. The One’s army is watching them. 

Nynrah and the One introduce themselves and their armies to each other. Nynrah explains what he has been doing since the Core War, the history of the Hero Factory, and his plan. The One is interested in Nynrah’s story. He tells Nynrah that he knows about the Alpha 1 Team and their three allies being in Spherus Magna, as he was told by Malum about them and his and his Vorox’s fight with them, and the One was wondering who these heroes and their allies are. The One wants to conquer Spherus Magna, too. Nynrah warns the One about the united army of heroes, and he proposes an alliance between Nynrah’s and the One’s armies to get revenge on them and get what they want. 

However, the One at first laughs at this because he is more powerful than Nynrah and his forces, and he has a big army, so he refuses and believes that he can handle the heroes himself. However, Nynrah knew this would happen, so he and his forces use power inhibitors to shut down the One’s and his army’s powers. The One and his army are surprised and helpless! Nynrah warns him that he should not be overconfident because of various heroes, their new tricks that they may have, and the fact that the villains need each other to get what they want. The One and his army ultimately agree to join Nynrah and his army. Nynrah is happy that he got this part of the plan done.

Nynrah and his friends, both old and new, go to see Repgole at his newly-rebuilt fortress, as they are guided by Perditus and Atakus. Several Skakdi that are guarding the fortress. When they notices Nynrah and his forces, they point their weapons at them, but Nynrah says that he means no harm. The Skakdi are kind enough to let Nynrah and his forces enter the fortress. 

Nynrah and his forces meet Repgole, who is sitting in his large throne and surrounded by many Skakdi. He also has Sahmad as his lieutenant because Sahmad has done his errands and was kind enough to be Repgole’s lieutenant, as they talked about Sahmad joining Repgole’s army after defeating Annona. Repgole asks who are Nynrah and his forces and what do they want. Nynrah introduces himself and his forces to Repgole. He talks about what he has been doing since the Core War, the Hero Factory, and his plan. Repgole is interested. He wants to have Repgole and his army to be in Nynrah’s army because he needs them in order to take over Spherus Magna and then the universe. 

Repgole at first laughs at this because he is powerful, so he refuses. However, Nynrah knew this would happen, so he and his forces use power inhibitors to shut down Repgole’s and his army’s powers. Repgole and his army are surprised and helpless! Nynrah warns him that the united heroes would find a way to defeat him by using special means soon, so it is best to join Nynrah and his forces. Repgole and his army ultimately agrees. Nynrah smiles.

Atakus and Perditus guide Nynrah and their forces to Vezon, Tuyet, and Makuta Miserix. They approach the trio. The trio notice and are alarmed, so they prepare to attack. However, Nynrah and his forces use power inhibitors to shut down their powers. Vezon hides behind Miserix’s large body in fear. Nynrah says that he pities them for being no match to the united heroes, and he apologizes for his attacks on them. He was just testing them to see if they are worth being a part of his army, and they did. He warns them about the Hero Factory’s Alpha 1 Team and their three allies joining their enemies, and offers the trio that if they want to get what they want and something good out of Spherus Magna, they have to join him and his forces to defeat their enemies because they need each other to conquer Spherus Magna and then the universe. The trio ultimately accept. Nynrah smiles at this, too. 

He is thinking about the villains who are imprisoned in the new Pit and the Hero Factory’s emergency prison. He wants to free and recruit these villains next. 

The Toa, Glatorian, Matoran, Agori, their allies, and Hero Factory Heroes are getting ready for an upcoming battle. During the time, many of them have been socializing. The Toa Nuva, their Spherus Magnan allies, and the Alpha 1 Team talk about their adventures. 

The Toa talk about their origins, their fights against Makuta Teridax, his Infected Rahi, Bohrok, Bohrok-Kal, his Rahkshi, Piraka, Dark Hunters, and the Brotherhood of Makuta, Teridax‘s reign over the Matoran Universe, and their adventures in Spherus Magna. Takanuva talks about himself as Takua and his adventures. The Toa Metru talk about their Matoran lives, Toa Metru lives, Toa Hordika lives, and Turaga lives. The Toa Mahri talk about their Matoran lives, Toa Inika lives, their adventures around Mahri Nui, Matoro, their ordeals in Destiny War, and their encounter with Repgole. Helryx, Axonn, and Brutaka talk about themselves, the Order of Mata Nui, and their ordeal in Bota Magna. Artakha talks about himself, his relationship with Karzahni, and his life in his island. Ackar, Kiina, Gresh, Berix, and Tarduk talk about Spherus Magna, the Core War, the Shattering on Spherus Magna, their lives on Bara Magna as a planet, and their adventures after the restoration of Spherus Magna. Gelu talks about his life in Bara Magna as a planet and his ordeal in Bota Magna. Ekimu talks about himself, Okoto, and his fights against the Skull Creatures and Umarak. Mata Nui talks about his origins, the Matoran Universe, his coma, death, revival, the Mask of Life, his exile to Bara Magna, his adventures in there, his fight against Teridax over Bara Magna, restoring Spherus Magna, and helping people with their situations after this. The Alpha 1 Team talks about themselves, the Hero Factory, their home planet, and their adventures, including their fights against Von Nebula and his gang, the Fire Villains, Witch Doctor, the Legion of Darkness, Core Hunter, the Brains, the Galactic Conspiracy, Jumpers, and Anti-Heroes. The heroes exchange laughs and smiles. They are amazed at each other’s stories and the fact that they both are involved with the Great Beings. They also talk about their similarities for laughs, and how their stories remind each other of their things. Nixie and Tarduk are very interested in these stories. 

During the conversation, Stormer enjoys teasing Tahu about him with his Fire powers and anger issues. Tahu is a little angry at first, but he remembers his relationship with Kopaka, so he calms down and laughs. 

During the conversation, Surge worries about his belief that his creation has a flaw that could turn him evil someday, but Takanuva and Chiara convince him that he is fine and will not turn evil because he is made to be a hero, like the Toa. Furno and Gavla support their idea, as Furno says that he too had a hard time impressing Stormer when he was a rookie, but he worked hard to do it, and Gavla says that she used to hate her fellow Av-Matoran, but her new friends in Metru Nui helped her make friends, and she was happy about it. Surge feels better, as he sees their points. 

Artakha, Ekimu, Kopaka, Nuju, and Nuparu are interested in the Hero Factory technology. The Heroes are interested in Spherus Magnan weapons and gadgets, including Okotan ones, and the Matoran Universe ones, including the Adaptive Armor. 

Suddenly, a noise happens! It comes from the new Pit! Kopeke, Tamaru, Macku, Taipu, Hafu, and Kapura, who formed the new Chronicler’s Company, with Kopeke in charge, rush in with their Ussal crabs and tell the heroes that there is a breakout in the new Pit! The heroes rush in to the new Pit! Surge and Stormer hate breakouts. 

To be continued in Chapter 18.

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Chapter 18: Preparing for War 

At nighttime, Nynrah and his forces find the new Pit, as they are guided by Atakus and Perditus. The Shadowed One wants to test Vezon’s worthiness of being a Dark Hunter by having do something productive in Nynrah’s mission in rescuing the prisoners in the new Pit. He gives Vezon a new Protosteel spear that looks sort of like the Spear of Fusion and a Protosteel shield that looks like the bladed part of Axonn’s axe to get him ready for the mission. Nynrah sends some villains, including a Dark Hunter named Silence, Vezon, and Core Hunter, which Black Phantom leading the group, to do stealth in order to get to the new Pit and free everything from there. Vezon comments that he is doing some undercover work again because he remembers doing that with Trinuma. He and his new comrades sneak attack some guards, knocking them unconscious, along the way, so they can get inside the new Pit. They see the prisoners. They find a switch that opens the prison cells. They activate the switch, opening the prison cells, freeing the prisoners. The prisoners are happy to free! 

Every guard is alarmed! They call some heroes for help! The heroes arrive, and they and the guards are trying to stop the villains, both the liberators and the prisoners, from escaping. The heroes are trying to stop the villains, but the villains attack them and push them out of the way. Tahu and Stormer try to catch Nektann. Breez, Toa Nokama, Gaaki, and Gali try to get Roodaka. Pohatu, Hewkii, Toa Onewa, Onua, Nuparu, Toa Whenua, and Bulk try to get five prisoners of the original Pit, Drewdika, Tinnurron, Xyron, Zakron, and Zarnak. Kopaka, Furno, Rocka, and Takanuva take on Kulta. Onepu, Midak, and the Ussalry take on the Skull Spiders and their Lord. Ackar, Vastus, Tarix, Toa Nuju, Chiara, Nex, Evo, Gelu, Lewa, and Toa Matau take on some Skull Creatures. The Toa Mahri, Surel, Toa Lhikan, Toa Dume, and Toa Jovan fight some Skrall and Skakdi. Axonn and Brutaka take on Umarak. Hydraxon takes on Guardian and Nocturn. Zaria, Varian, Orde, and the Toa Hagah take on some Dark Hunters. Lewa, Trinuma, and many other Order of Mata Nui members take on Marendar and some Dark Hunters. Many Toa and Glatorian take on the Kestora and some Dark Hunters. Some good Matoran, including Mavrah and Ihu, and Agori, including Berix and Tarduk are trying to stop evil ones, including Ahkmou. Mazeka takes on Vultraz. More fights happen. Every villain push their heroic foes away. Gresh and Kiina take on Silence. However, Silence knocks Kiina on the ground, and then tries to do a blow at her, but Gresh uses his air powers to blow Silence away, saving Kiina. Mata Nui takes on Black Phantom. Black Phantom sees that Mata Nui has Click, who is a bug, as a weapon, as he says to his new Arachnix Drone, “Well, looks like we got some competition”. Both warriors fight, and they are evenly matched, as they clash their bladed weapons, shoot their blasters to make explosions, ans Mata Nui using the Scarab Shield to deflect blows from Black Phantom. It is tougher than fighting Tuma long ago. Then, a Vorox uses a Thornax Launcher to hit Mata Nui. Black Phantom gets the upper hand by trying to use his mace of smash Mata Nui, but Jaller has his Hahnah Crab use his Cordak Blaster to hit and repel Black Phantom, saving Mata Nui. Black Phantom runs away, with Mata Nui calling him a coward. Surge and Stringer take on Core Hunter, but he gets the upper hand and tries to use the Hero Core Remover Tool to take Surge’s Hero Core. However, Lewa comes in and uses a gust of wind to attack and repel Core Hunter, saving Surge. Core Hunter mocks them for caring, making Surge feel bad, as he runs away.

During the fight, Lagma’s and Firace’s Toa groups join the fight. Lagma’s group are United with their Elemental Creatures. They fight some villains. However, when they see the Toa Nuva getting overwhelmed by many villains, Lagma’s group decides to throw the Golden Masks of Unity to the Toa Nuva to help them save themselves. The group and Kopaka and Pohatu urge the Toa Nuva to wear the masks. When all six Toa Nuva do, they combine with the Elemental Creatures, much to their amazement! They feel stronger, and can read the Creatures’ minds! Tahu combines with Ikir, Gali with Akida, Kopaka with Melum, Onua with Terak, Pohatu with Ketar, and Lewa with Uxar. The first five Toa’s elemental powers are increased! Lewa is not used to using Uxar’s jungle powers, but he is getting the hang of it. The Toa use the creatures’ powers to fight and defeat the villains that were overwhelming them. They fight and defeat more villains. The villains are surprised! They run away, regardless. 

Sadly, all of the villains in the new Pit in general escape. Some of them, including Vezon, find the stasis pod facility and a storage for weapons. These villains collect the weapons. Vezon sees Kardas’ stasis pod. He and his comrades free every imprisoned, dangerous, and hostile Rahi from there, including Kardas! Kardas roars. He and Vezon are happy to see each other again. Vezon rides on Kardas again and then Kardas is flying. They are heading to Vezon’s comrades’ direction while he is laughing maniacally. During that, some of the heroes are restraining the other escaping Rahi. They are surprised to see the villains in general getting away! 

All of the heroes sadly see the villains escaping, despite putting the dangerous Rahi back in stasis. Surge feels bad about what Core Hunter said, but Stringer, Lewa, and Pohatu cheer him up. Mata Nui has a bad feeling about the escaping because it could mean making the war worse, and his allies agree. 

Meanwhile, after the Anti-Heroes are upgraded, Zakaz uses the Black Hole staff to summon some Bota Magna Vorox and Skrall to help them. He also comes with them. The villains use the Anti-Hero Drop Ships to get from Cereblak to Makuhero City again. They fight the Heroes in the city again, but this time, they use their combined might to destroy some of the Heroes! The Anti-Heroes also are destroying more of the city! 

They and their Spherus Magnan allies, which Zakaz leading them all, find the Hero Factory’s emergency prison and then free every villain from there, both the Anti-Heroes and others, including Monshark, Scorpigun, and Shock Smash. Zakaz tells these villains that Zakaz and Nynrah want them. All of the villains leave the prison, and they hurt many Hero Factory employees, including Quadal, along the way! Zib is shocked to see this and then goes to Quadal to see if he is okay. He is badly damaged, and then shuts down. Zib feels great sadness. 

The rest of the Heroes, including some members of the Hero Recon Team, including Fortis, the Delta 9 Team, Commando, Arsenal, Bravery, and Thresher, survive the attack, and they notice the villains, both the invaders and prisoners, are heading to the Drop Ships! The Heroes try to stop the villains, but Anti-Heroes that look like the Heroes stop them. This gives the other villains time to get tot the ships. When they go inside, Zakaz uses the Black Hole staff to open a large portal, and when the ships start flying, most of them, including ones that contain Zakaz, Monshark, Scorpigun, and Shock Smash, fly toward there while the others, including all escaped Anti-Heroes, are heading back to the Anti-Hero Factory! They are laughing evilly along the way. The Heroes could not stop them. It was too late. Daniela Capricorn and Mak Megahertz saw everything on live, and they show their sadness in their media. 

Zib reports to Makuro and Alpha 1 Team about what happened in their home city. The heroes and Makuro are shocked! They become very sad. This is becoming worse for them. Their Spherus Magnan friends, including the Toa Nuva, Takanuva, Gresh, and Mata Nui, feel bad for them. 

Stormer, Furno, and Rocka get so angry that they want to avenge their city and fallen comrades. The other Alpha 1 Team members and their Spherus Magnan friends cheer them up. Everyone knows that they have to stop Nynrah and his army once and for all. Makuro tells Zib to bring most of the surviving Heroes from the Makuhero City to Spherus Magna while the rest have to find the other villains in the Anti-Hero Factory. Luckily, the heroes have Brutaka use the Olmak to transport the first group of heroes, including members of the Hero Recon Team, including Fortis, the Delta 9 Team, Commando, Arsenal, Bravery, and Thresher, to their location in Spherus Magna while the other Hero Factory Heroes use their Drop Ships to go find their villains in the Anti-Hero Factory, with the help of the Heroes who have been there when the Factory was destroyed, so they can guide their comrades there. When the Hero Factory Heroes have arrived in Spherus Magna, the Spherus Magnan heroes are amazed to see them! The Alpha 1 Team, Makuro, Stelt, and Xia smile. They introduce heroes from the Hero Factory and Spherus Magna to each other, as many shake hands. The Spherus Magnan heroes are happy that they are getting more help. 

The heroes from both Spherus Magna and the Hero Factory in general are getting ready for war. They use various materials and equipment. The Heroes of the Hero Factory bring their Quatros and Planet Makuhero animal allies to Spherus Magna. They also bring the Jumper, which Breez plans to use for the battle. 

Nynrah’s minions bring their fellow villains from the new Pit to their headquarters. Zakaz’s batch of minions and their fellow villains from the Hero Factory’s emergency prison come out of a Black Hole Staff portal and land their Drop Ships near the headquarters. After they land, they go to the headquarters. All of these villains meet Nynrah and others. Nynrah is happy that he gets more recruits, as he smilies evilly and laughs evilly a little. He recruits the former prisoners into his army. 

He has the Shadowed One have Roodaka be the One’s servant again since the Brotherhood of Makuta. Roodaka gets a Rhotuka Launcher, so she can use her Rhutoka power again. The One also has her be the queen of the Visorak Horde again, as the One and Roodaka collect all seven types of Visorak, and their allies, the Colony Drones, Gate Guardians, and Venom Flyers. They also recruit the Ice Vermin, Chute Lurkers, and Parakrekks to be the Horde’s allies because they have great potential. The One, Roodaka, and Nynrah also recruit Protocairns, Frostelus, and Zyglak into their army because they have great potential, and they have a thing against good people of the Matoran Universe. The Parakrekks join because Protocairns always destroy things, and the Parakrekks eat the wreckage. Of course, one of the Visorak types, the Kahgarak, can summon the Zivon from the Field of Shadows when time needs that monster because the Zivon loves to eat the Visorak. Roodaka also commands the Kanohi Dragon. The One is impressed that Vezon brought the Kardas Dragon with him, so he has Vezon be an official member of the Dark Hunters this time. Vezon says hi to Roodaka because he last saw her before Trinuma sent him on his mission long ago. When Vezon hears about how Repgole was made, he is impressed and jokingly comments that the Piraka are happy to be with more people. He remembers the Spear of Fusion and using it to combine Vezok and Rediak into a monster. Vezon sees Repgole as something more dangerous than the other fusion because he is made of nine people rather than two. 

Makuta Miserix’s armor is modified by the Nynrah Ghost with a fixed arm, so the armor can accommodate his gaseous form. Nynrah has Miserix recruit Rahkshi, Kraata, and the Caravan Crawler. The Crawler is hard to control, but Miserix uses his Rahi Control power to control the creature. Since the Kraata and Rahkshi are wild when they have no Makuta master to obey, Miserix becomes their new and only master. Kraata-Kal is good friends with Miserix, so he has Kraata-Kal as his lieutenant. Since the Brotherhood of Makuta is no more, Miserix is fine being one of Nynrah’s lieutenants. 

The Iron Tribe and Sand Tribe members from Bara Magna and Bota Magna are reunited. Nynrah and the Shadowed One reassemble the Iron Tribe, and have Sahmad as his tribe’s new leader while Repgole still has Sahmad as his lieutenant. The Element Lords of Rock and Sand become the Rock and Sand Tribes’ leaders again. The Element Lord of Sand and the Bota Magna Sand Tribe members are surprised and sad to see their Bara Magna brethren being animalistic. The Element Lord of Fire has Malum and Perditus as his lieutenants while the Element Lord of Ice has Strakk and Metus as his lieutenants. 

Zakaz has all non-upgraded Anti-Heroes in general get upgraded at the Anti-Hero Factory while Zakaz summons most of the Galactic Conspiracy to Spherus Magna for back up, as these villains are armed with weapons. The other villains in the Anti-Hero Factory serve as guards, and Zakaz uses the staff to put a small number of evil Spherus Magnan soldiers to help these villains, and the Spherus Magnan soldiers bring some materials from their planet to the Anti-Hero Factory’s villains for Nynrah’s mech. Heroes who are chasing their villains to the Anti-Hero Factory find the villains over there, but the villains in there in general destroy them. Zakaz is happy that this is taken care of. He brings most of the Anti-Heroes to Spherus Magna while the other villains in the Anti-Hero Factory continue building the mech. 

The villains find and use many resources and equipment, like Xian weapons, to get ready for the war. The Shadowed One uses a pool of Energized Protodermis to make some things. He even talks to the entity from the substance about what should be made, and the entity loves his ideas. The Brotherhood of Makuta is no more, so the entity is interested in the One’s intentions and is willing to help him with them. The villains find and use Elemental Crystals to make weapons with elemental powers. Other weapons use metallic Protodermis, like Protosteel, and Exsidian. Nynrah unleashes all of the remaining Baterra, which are hundreds, and he and his comrades control them to make them attack the army’s enemies. 

Nynrah and his comrades introduce themselves and their comrades to each other because some of them did not know each other. Nynrah is satisfied that he has collected all villains to be in his army, which has gotten extremely huge. Odina is worried about the heroes in general since more Hero Factory Heroes arrive on Spherus Magna, but Nynrah and Zakaz tell him not to worry because their army is big enough to handle that many heroes. Odina is a shy person while Zakaz is a cheerful one. Nynrah is the leader of his newly-grown army, and he has Odina, Zakaz, all seven Element Lords, Miserix, the Shadowed One, Repgole, Nektann, Marendar, Kulta, Umarak, and Tuyet as his lieutenants. The Barraki still serve the Shadowed One, and have five former prisoners of the original Pit, Drewdika, Tinnurron, Xyron, Zakron, and Zarnak, as their lieutenants. Ehlek and Nocturn are happy to see each other, and Ehlek has him as one of his lieutenants again. Tuyet has Turaga Robkel, Ahkmou, Vultraz, and the leaders of the Matoran Civil War as her lieutenants, and leads many Matoran, including evil Nynrah Ghosts. Zakaz has Von Nebula, the Fire Lord, the Witch Doctor, the Black Phantom, the Black Maker, and Cletus Oappoas as his lieutenants while they lead all of the Hero Factory’s evil enemies. 

Nynrah makes a speech on his podium to his fellow villains about the reason why all of them are here, the Great Beings, the history of Spherus Magna, the Core War, what he has been doing since the Core War, the villains’ defeats in the hands of their heroic enemies, and his grand plan to rule Spherus Magna and then the universe. He calls his new group the Empire of Mechanical Villains, and he says that it is time for revenge! All of the villains cheer! Nynrah smiles and laughs evilly. Nynrah is very proud of himself so far. He is very confident that he and his army will defeat the heroes once and for all. 

The battle has began. 

To be continued in Chapter 19.

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Wrong number in the end.

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