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Year of the Tiger LEGO Deals

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LEGO may no longer be providing a calendar for monthly deals, but they still plan to have them every now and then. To celebrate the release of the 2022 Chinese Traditional Festival sets, there are two gifts with purchases available from Shop.Lego.com. First, if you spend $85 or more on any set, you get 40491 Year of the Tiger for free. That should also stack with the second deal, which is if you spend $40 or more on Monkie Kid or Ninjago sets, you get 30562 Monkie Kid's Underwater Journey polybag for free. These are some enticing deals to help you celebrate the Year of the Tiger.

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In all honesty, I'm finding it a little hard to justify sales and special offers like this at a time when more than half of the listed products on the site have been marked as "out of stock" for almost two months now. I mean, isn't the point of such deals meant to clear excess inventory? It just seems to me that, in order to reach the threshold for such free gifts, you have very limited options...

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