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Hewkii and Macku Prototype Dolls.

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Finished these little ones this morning. Was kindly asked to commission Hewkii and Macku MNOG dolls, was unable to commit due to procedure/surgery in 9 days, haven't played MNOG before/was unable to find photos of the dolls in game and had little fabric... *Plush Rush*..Seven days later: Hybrid Matoran style prototypes with what I had on-hand. Hope to retry at drafting true MNOG-accurate plushies when/if I get the chance! 36hrs to make. From PUL fabric layered with knit (tee shirt) fabric on top. Machine sewn w/ handsewn embroidery details. Poly-fill stuffing and faux leather facial details. Hope to refine and make an Instructable tutorial at some point (as I am afraid selling these would violate copyright/trademark laws). Anyway, not really topic worthy since test subjects, but here it is for idea reference in case the tutorial never happens, haha. Thanks for viewing and may you have a great day! ^_^


A840D235-3A47-4160-92C4-CCA64F9EA396.thumb.jpg.243930cd40349fe2dc7abb3b4c88dad9.jpg IMG_3368.jpg.d954c6eb1f261d6377148d52818314f9.jpg 9F7CD500-01E6-428F-AD36-00ABF3EE4817.jpg.bd42e0930e12e873e7fea32a13928328.jpg IMG_3348.jpg.94f2b7b674073a3cc835d7be8c8b1970.jpg IMG_3366.jpg.68c01d10c8352f90c139a6eaf3bf5b58.jpg037F00AD-EAF3-497B-9807-B8C88EB662B4.JPG.51db133666cd842bc7a89b756c6a8ee9.JPG D6871747-0115-4A3B-92F3-ED9D74A43D9C.JPG.9b03b7c3875a89f49d92bed941429bd1.JPG



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Also: shoutout to my mom for letting me temporarily abandon an upholstery project mess to make these
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Mush art thanks to @Bambi




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