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Buying: Collectibles, Euro misprints, PG alts, etc. Offering/trading/selling: Sealed sets, movie edition kraahkan, yellow kaukau, green nuva parts, etc.

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Looking for the following:
-light-blue kaukau
-PG vohtarak in good/perfect condition
-and any other rare stuff. prototypes, collectibles, etc.

I have a good majority of G1 sets sealed, with multiples of boxed rahi/titans sets available to trade with or to sell. The storage room I keep everything in is pretty full so I'm happy to trade things away or sell if you're in the states or willing to pay int'l shipping.
-most bohrok sealed
-most bohrok kal sealed
-all rahi sets sealed
-thornrax with loose seals but otherwise new
-voporak sealed
-5 or 6 euro mask packs sealed
-5 or 6 muaka and kane-ra, assembled
-5 Takadoxes
-4 Nocturns
-2 Gadunkas
-20 sealed kraata canisters
-Bagfulls of krana
-Alt color kanohi/kanohi nuva
-Silver/Gold toa mata kanohi
-silver/protodermic pakari nuva, kaukau nuva, and kakama nuva
-and pretty much every G1 set in assembled condition

I think at least one person here has purchased from me before and thankfully the deadly moose in the area weren't able to get to the packages. Looking forward to hearing from people!

DM me to offer trades/prices. I'll try to post pics when I get off work.

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Hey there! I am just seeing this listing, so hopefully I'm not too late, but I am interested in a few items you might still have. If you are still open to trading or selling let me know and we can DM details:)

:exclamation:currently searching for ANY Gray Plastic Krana Kal (GPKK):exclamation: If you were a member of Proto-squad, or know someone who was, please feel free to get in contact with me


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