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LEGO Creator Expert DeLorean Time Machine is a Thing

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If the Internet is to be believed, the most amazing LEGO set of all time was announced this morning. As you can read over in the LEGO newsroom, 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine will go on sale on April 1st for $170 in the US. The 1872-piece set contains the parts and instructions to build either of the three configurations from each film in the trilogy, although sadly you'll have to buy three copies if you want to display them all at once. While I find the movies entertaining, I don't feel overly compelled to pick this one up, but if you do, you'll want to log onto S@H as soon as it goes on sale next month, as the first batch is sure to sell out fast.

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As much I find this new DeLorean Time Machine set to be very interesting, I think I'll pass on it, as there are other new sets this year that I'm even more interested in. Besides, I already own the early Ideas themed set that came out around ten years ago, and since I'm not really much of a Back to the Future enthusiast, that's probably good enough for me.

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