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Another Bionicle Heroes Mod Releases - The Return of the Real 7th Toa, Voriki!

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The Real 7th Toa Returns - Bionicle Heroes: Voriki Mode Releases

vorikimode logo 12


Hey all - I know I made another thread just last week about a Bionicle Heroes mod, but given the scale and technical achievement I couldn't help but mention this one too. I helped with this one as opposed to creating the entire thing - Hexadecimal Mantis is the man behind what made this mod possible, and model editing in general is an undiscovered country for the game that will allow more comprehensive character replacements like this one. Someone suggested turning Hahli into a sort of pseudo-Toa Mata Nui, making Mahri variants of existing Toa, and more changes that all sound really exciting. The rest of the article is from ModDB (as I did with Double Vision) but given the proximity of these two posts I felt another preamble was warranted. Thank you!


Twenty years ago, rumours began to circulate of a 7th Toa - one who used the element of lightning and carried the rare colour of royal purple. This legend was disproven by the existence of Takanuva - but now, the rumours are made true once again as Voriki finds his way to Voya Nui to defeat the evil Piraka!

This mod pioneers Vertex Editing, a new method of modding Heroes that allows for model manipulation. Whilst it's not yet possible to import completely custom models, vertex editing allows modders to inject plenty of personality into their projects provided you're willing to go through the steps necessary. Whilst Double Vision was the first released mod with vertex editing implemented, Voriki was the first model created this way and all of this would not be possible without Hexadecimal Mantis, who created the scripts and also created Voriki in Heroes himself. I then lent a hand with content like HUD icons and weapon models to learn vertex editing in greater depth, and the result is a comprehensive character replacement mod for Heroes - and the first of many possibilities for what can be done with this methodology! Don't forget to join the modding Discord here to check out our resources, get support, and learn more about modding: https://discord.gg/GdwkjfeqNT

Without further ado - here's what you're getting into with Voriki Mode!


-Jaller Level 1-3 (now Voriki Level 1-3) has been replaced by a "lightning" railgun attack similar to Kongu from Double Vision


Image 7


Image 11


Image 14



-Replaced all Jaller-related HUD icons with Voriki-like icons
-Replaced the Jaller-related splashscreen with the classic Voriki fake
-Jaller's mask has been vertex edited into a "star" shape and coloured purple, transforming him into Voriki
-Jaller's Level 1, 2, and 3 weapons have all been vertex edited to fit Voriki better, with a "railgun" aesthetic
-Jaller's body texture has been recoloured to be similar to Voriki's Mata-body incarnation


changemask voriki 2


vorikigold 10


vorikimask 13


Image 5

Level 1 - Nikila's Bolt Caster - Noesis Render


Image 1

Level 1 - Nikila's Bolt Caster - In-Game


Image 6

Level 2 - Chiara's Lightning Spike - Noesis Render


Image 4

Level 2 - Chiara's Lightning Spike - In-Game


Image 8

Level 3 - Voriki's Thunder Blade - Noesis Render


Image 3

Level 3 - Voriki's Thunder Blade - In-Game



-Replaced Jaller EXE icon with Voriki
-Replaced all textual references to Jaller to Voriki, and all references to Toa of Fire/Mask of Fire to Lightning
-Replaced all references to Toa of Fire weaponry to other canonical Toa of Lightning for Level 1 and 2, and Voriki for Level 3
-New menu logo
-New credits splash screen




EXE Icon


voriki shop 9



Thanks for checking out the mod! Whilst on the surface this is a light-hearted project with a lot of meme potential, it's also an incredible step forwards for Bionicle Heroes modding on the whole and a demonstration of the power of our community already. Want to be a part of it? Join the modding Discord here to check out our resources, get support, and learn more about modding: https://discord.gg/GdwkjfeqNT

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Takanuva would be cool at some point too - Hewkii's head seems about the closest in general shape to an Avohkii and the best chance to make a Takanuva I reckon! As for the modding community, it's thrilling to see a lot of hard work paying off. Some of the mods are standalone (i.e. don't require the base game to run) and the ones that do will work with the version on BMP, and we also have builds specifically built for modding over on our Discord! :) 

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