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Looking to buy Kraata (need 7 to have a complete set)


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Currently need: (Head color/Tail color)

Stage 2: Dark Gold/Black,      Metallic Blue/Pearl Dark Grey

Stage 3: Pearl Dark Grey/Metallic Blue,     Pearl Dark Grey/Lime,     Yellow/Dark Gold

Stage 5: Pearl Dark Grey/Metallic Green

Stage 6: Pearl Dark Grey/Metallic Blue

price range: $3-10 per kraata

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it really is, i had a miserable time, it's filled with people listing the colours wrong (or just not at all) but it's typically the fastest way to find em. i can ask some others i know were collecting if they have extras for trade/sale if you like, although it's unlikely they'll happen to have the ones you're looking for

I discovered the Transblue G2 KauKau!

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