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Poraru (Matoran)

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@Pohaturon Man, you ever see a MOC and the bell in your head dings 'Perfect!'? This not only captures the spirit of your character, it nails the Bionicle universe vibe as a whole.


With so much good detail, where to begin?

+The apron design. Perfect top, excellent choice of bottom. More real cloth parts for builds!

+The stubby hands. Use of functional figures is usually a great choice. Even moreso on a craftsman. Speaking of which...

+The tools. You really knocked them out of the park.  Such a simple yet effective use of parts, and the tiny bust being built out of the boulder is both one of the focal points and the cherry on top. Not to mention the wonderful tie-in back to Pohatu's original set.

+The feet. Granted we didn't see Matoran with opposable toes, but with the mechanical hands, why not? They balance everything out, and look proportionate with the armor.

+Armor. Yes. Let's talk about that too. So you used the snap-on system, which has some beautiful pieces, but one of my pet peeves about it was always how naked figures looked from the back. Is that a Borok paddle on his spine? Whatever it is, it looks great, ties in pallet-wise and thematically, and makes him feel more whole.


This is such a solid build and impressive in its simplicity. The table looks great too.

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Did you know that insanity is contagious? I've been spreading it for years!


All hail Makuta Teridax that creepy guy to my right,Master of Shadows.

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