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Shadow Leech Prototypes

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Recently I acquired two yellow prototype Shadow Leeches. 

I'd like to find as much information about prototype Shadow Leeches as possible. I've made some observations, but that's really as far as I've gotten, as there isn't a lot of information available on them. Attached I have a picture of my proto leeches, as I only want to post images that are mine.

Firstly, there are two kinds of proto leeches from what I've seen. There are the ones I have, that are essentially the final product. The only difference is that they come in unreleased colors, which include translucent yellow, blue, red, and orange, with varying amounts of red speckling throughout them all. Then there is what I think is an earlier version, that includes a prototype Tridax Pod. The Tridax Pod is an opaque orange, with a veinier detailing. As far as the actual leeches here go, there are versions of what looks to be the final mold in opaque orange, but more interestingly, there are opaque light blue ones that have a completely different design, and look more like a hard plastic than rubber. Feel free to post images of these if anybody has/finds any.
Secondly, which this is pretty much "ooh these are kind of similar", I noticed that the Shadow Leeches are extremely similar to squid ammo. When including the prototypes, there are light blue, turquoise, yellow, orange, and red leeches. The squid ammo come in light blue, turquoise, yellow, and orange, which is very close to an identical color palette (as long as we don't take the red speckling in the proto leeches into account). Moving on from the color similarities, the pieces themselves are similar (bar the squid's tails, but we'll get to that). They both have circular heads with large teeth. As far as the tails go, there is an image in the Shadow Leeches page in the Villains Wiki that shows the leeches with tails, very similar to the squid, and looks to be about the same size overall with very similar features. I'm unsure if the picture they show is official or not, though.

That pretty much wraps up all I know/have observed, I would love to hear any information regarding these as they are very special to me and I am looking to someday have a full set of the prototype colors (so speaking of, if you have any, hit my DM's). Thank you for reading all this and I look forward to seeing any information you all may have to provide!


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2 hours ago, (-Kopaka Toa of Ice-) said:

How exactly did you get those? Was it from one of the prototype piece lucky draw events that the BZPower staff sometimes decide to create?

I won't go into details but long story short from a Binkmeister bag

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