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Sale! '01 Kanohi, Kraata, Krana, Kanoka, Mctoran, Inside Tour Kaukau, G2 Sets, & Misc Parts

toa trisabelle

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Hi there! To fund something else I'm selling off some spares that have built up over the years of collecting. Here's a picture and then I'll list some prices of the items!


Prices are in CAD, Mctoran do not come with disks but some disks are sold separately if I have them, and no instructions or canisters for any sets unfortunately.

Umarak the Hunter (missing mask of control): $35

Lava Beast (complete with mask): $30 SOLD

Gali Master of Water (missing golden mask): $25

Lhikan (toa only, no kikanalo but has swords in good condition): $30

G2 Inside Tour Mask of Water #188: Make an offer!

Mctoran Matoro x 3: $18 each

Mctoran Huki x 2: $18 each SOLD

Mctoran Kongu: $20

Mctoran Onepu: $18 SOLD

Mctoran Miru Disk: $5

Mctoran Hau Disk: $3

Mctoran Kaukau Disk x 3: $5

Mctoran Pakari Disk: $3

Onu-Metru Great Disk 619: $20

Kanoka Disks 665, 638, 574, 373, 334, 437, 225, 226: $1 each

Various Slizer/Throwbots Disks (Pictured): $1 each

Various Krana (Pictured): $2.50 each

Various Set Kraata (Listed in doc below): $3 each

Various Wild Kraata (Listed in doc below): $8 each

Various Mctoran Scraps (Pictured): Make an offer!

Black Metru Torsos x 4: $2 each SOLD

Dark Green/Lime Carapar Armour x 2: $8 each SOLD

Dark Green Mantax Foot: $3 SOLD

Flat Dark Gold Keelerak Shell: $3

Infected Hau Nuva (Less green forehead): $6

Maxilos' Mask: $3

Silver Miru Nuva: $5 SOLD

Red Miru: $12

Red Pakari: $5 SOLD

White Pakari: $12 SOLD

Brown Hau: $5 SOLD

Green Hau: $8

Brown Akaku: $5 SOLD

Green Akaku: $7

Gold Akaku: $5

Black Kakama: $10

Lime Matatu: $20 SOLD

Medium Blue Matatu: $15 SOLD

Tan Matatu: $10

Tan Ruru x 2: $6 each SOLD

Light Grey Ruru: $5 each

Light Grey Komau: $10 each SOLD

Lime Komau: $10

Light Grey Huna: $8 SOLD

Light Grey Rau: $15 SOLD

Copper Huna (EU version): $6 SOLD

Green Kaukau Nuva: $5

Blue Kakama Nuva: $8

Kraahkan (Six hole chin) x 2: $5 each SOLD

Lesovikk's Mask: $20

Here is the list of Kraata, both set & wild: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cOg0uYDj6AJSEUI-kfXdKqELmqXnx8_42cY7Xd5Uq1I/edit?usp=sharing

I will also be getting some more items in the next while, including another of Lesovikk's mask, a four hole chin Kraahkan, a dark green Vakama Hordika head, and some more.

Let me know if interested, I ship from Canada and everything except the stuff priced by offer is first come first serve. Given I need the money sooner rather than later, I am really not looking to reserve things for far down the line, but you are welcome to ask. Shipping will be on the buyer but I'll make sure it's the cheapest I can get with Canada Post that will give you what you want with regards to tracking, insurance and shipping times! Feel free to message or comment with any questions. Thanks!!

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I discovered the Transblue G2 KauKau!

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