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The BZPRPG recently-ish introduced a new species, the Draconic Mystix, and I wanted to get into some of that action!


The wing membranes are purely decorative, and clearly not attached to the body itself. If it existed in set form, it would likely make use of cloth. I based the head on a scaled-down approximation of the Tahtorak, and just kind of went ham for the rest.

Oh, here it is, fighting a Rock Lion!


And for good measure, a close-up of the head.


The main head part is the Ash Bear head custom piece from Galva's custom Stud.io pack. The jaw, as you can see, is made with System parts, attached via clips to a bar piece inside. Hope you like it!

His name is Tavo'ssa. You get a like if you understand the reference!

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