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LEGO IDEAS Bionicle Themed Contest

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It looks like LEGO IDEAS isn't going to leave us completely high and dry for Bionicle content; their latest contest is 90TH ANNIVERSARY: BIONICLE THEME CELEBRATIONS. The entry period is from July 21st to August 4th, so less than a week to make something, but there's a plethora of cool Anniversary prizes going out to the winner. (Alas, the winning entry will not be turned into a set itself.) Let's show them that there's still a talented Bionicle building community out here and enter a bunch of cool creations! The judged winners will be announced on August 10th.

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Correction, that's two weeks you have to submit entries for the contest (though they do recommend that you submit no later than a few days before the deadline, in case if you need to make corrections before it can be approved).

So this is now the fifth 90th anniversary contest Lego Ideas has had in five weeks. First was a microbuild of your favorite set, then a castle themed build, then a space themed build, then a pirates themed build, and now a Bionicle themed build. Notably, the grand prize for all of them are the exact same collection of new sets.

I've already entered the microbuild and the space themed contests (I even shared those entries on BZPower's Discord channel), and to be honest, I'm feeling a little burned out by now and will probably not enter the Bionicle one (though I might change my mind if there turns out to be very few entries by the halfway point next Thursday, which could imply I may have a better chance of actually winning that contest).

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