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Trading 2001 Masks for 2001 Masks


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Hi! I've been wanting to work on my 2001 mask collection lately, but as some of you may have noticed, masks have gotten really Really expensive in the past couple of years. So i figure, hey, maybe I can get a better deal and help someone else out at the same time, by trading some of my spares for someone else's.

Here is what I have to be able to trade to you (pardon the blurry image):


Uncommons (trading 1 of these for 1 of my wants each):

  • Lime Huna x1 claimed
  • Dark Grey Huna x1
  • White Miru x1
  • Black Miru x1 (not available, i realized this actually isnt a duplicate, lmao)
  • Brown Akaku x1 claimed
  • Red Kakama x2
  • Green Akaku x2
  • Tan Mahiki x1 claimed
  • Teal Kakama x1 (same thing)

Commons (I can throw some of these in to sweeten a deal from my side if you happen to be looking for any):

  • Silver Akaku x1
  • Trans Blue Ruru x5
  • Blue Huna x2
  • Dark Orange Kakama x4
  • Sand Blue Akaku x4
  • Green Miru x1
  • White Akaku x1
  • Red Hau x2
  • Light Grey Matatu x1
  • Dark Grey Matatu x3
  • Brown Kakama x1
  • Trans Blue Kaukau x4
  • Orange Huna x1
  • Black Pakari x3
  • Tan Komau x1
  • Orange Pakari x2
  • Lime Mahiki x2

Below are my wants - masks I would like to trade for:

  • Black Kakama
  • Blue Kakama
  • Blue Miru
  • Dark Grey Rau
  • Green Hau
  • Green Kakama
  • Light Grey Huna
  • Light Grey Mahiki
  • Light Grey Rau
  • Light Grey Ruru
  • Lime Matatu
  • Lime Rau
  • Lime Ruru
  • Light Blue Komau
  • Orange Komau
  • Red Miru
  • Trans Black Kaukau
  • Trans White Kaukau

And I'm interested in extra of these common masks, if it factors into a trade:

  • Black Huna
  • Teal Miru
  • Yellow Hau
  • Silver Kakama

I'm also on the hunt for most misprints, so if you have specific ones you're selling let me know and I'd be interested in potentially paying money for them. But hey, you didn't come to someone else's B/S/T topic to sell things, did you?

Thanks for your interest, and good luck on your quest to Find the Power.

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believe victims. its actually not that hard, and youd look kind of bad if you were to, say, side with an abuser because theyre your friend

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