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No wheels, another question


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Hi again gathered friends. Listen again my question about Bionicle. I noticed, that in Bionicle universe there are no wheels. At least i didn't see them not in comic books, not in the movies. I remember that when i watched Bionicle 2, in the scene when Vakama Nokama and Matau are going to Canyon of Unending whisper to free thier friends they are travelling in some sort of multipedal wehicle. Now, i strictly remember that on some old forum, if i would be able to provide the link i will, Greg mentioned that when Bob Thompson was in charge of Bionicle story team, he established some rules, one of which was that there are no wheels used in Bionicle, at least not in MU. Now my question is, do any of you have any particular anwer, as to why this rule was established?

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The "No wheels" rule was established in the very beginning to ensure that the franchise had a unique and otherworldly feel to it. Just like how almost everyone has to wear a mask. It was retconned in 2006 when the set designers made a chariot with wheels in one of the playsets and gave Umbra wheels on his feet too. It was then changed from "No wheels in Bionicle" to "No wheels in Metru Nui or on Mata Nui."

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