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You might remember me from when I was looking for playtesters. Well I can now say the QFTM Cube project has reached open beta


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Hello to you all.

If you remember me from a few years back. You'd probably know I started a project around the old BIONICLE TCG Quest for the Masks. You can read about my initial post here

 Well I can finally say that the project is now public and can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2880123317 the game can also be played physically using the cards from the original tcg however due to the cards rarity its better to just proxy the neccesary cards. All assets that's in the mod plus printable draft packs for a real life cube can be found in our discord: https://discord.gg/DJhsDsfwsn

So as for how to play this game: Draft is a different way to play TCG and it was first popularized by tcgs with larger followings like Magic The Gathering. In these tcgs you can draft either new packs or packs from a predetermined card pool called a CUBE. So this is what this project is about. It's about making it possible to draft with the QFTM cards and to build CUBES using these cards.

Now you know what the project is about but you are probably wondering how you play draft? To draft Bionicle quest for the masks, gather 4-5 of your friends and shuffle the card pool by rarity and deck type each card goes to. Then follow the included pack structures in the rulebook(See mod or discord) and distribute all the packs equally among your friends. When everyone is ready each player opens a pack of the same type. This pack is now considered the first pack of the draft, from these packs each player picks one card from their pack and passes it to their right. Each player then picks a second card from the pack they just received and passes it again to the right. This manner of play continues until all cards in the first pack have been picked. Then you do the same thing for the second pack(which should be of the same pack type of the first pack) but this time each player passes to the left. This continues for the third pack but packs are past to the right again. You draft the other pack types the same way, just remember to switch rotation between packs.

Now you know what the project is about and how to play, so I hope to see you in our discord and that you think it's interesting enough to try out.


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