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Lego recently featured in History Channel series


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I watch a lot of shows on the History Channel, and one of them that's currently ongoing is the second season of "The Toys That Built America". The most recent new episode featured Lego (albeit for only the second half of that episode, while the first half focused on Erector Set). While it mentioned a few things I'm sure a lot of us are familiar with (such as where the name Lego came from), there were two things portrayed that I found rather interesting. First, the original Lego bricks (which were hollow without any clutch power) initially sold well, but soon resulted in product returns due to how easily models would fall apart, and that Godtfred supposedly came up with the solution of adding hollow tubes inside the bricks when he accidentally stuck a pencil's eraser between the studs of a brick. And second, after the company successfully expanded across Europe, initial efforts to enter the US market went poorly due to a disastrous partnership with Samsonite, a luggage company with the logistics to cover all of America, but knew very little about how to properly sell a product like Lego.

Did anyone else here get a chance to see that episode? If so, what did you think of it?

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