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Citizens of Bara Magna

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Here is where you post the profile, or profiles, for your Ghosts of Bara Magna character(s). Please make only one post in this topic; if you add more characters later, edit them into your original post, rather than making a new one. This makes it easier for other players to find your profiles. Also, please create your own original characters – that is to say, you cannot play characters from canon, at least not without mod permission.

Within this one post, every character you play (barring special circumstances specifically approved by a mod) should have their own unique character profile before you begin playing as them. Each profile must include your character's species, appearance, equipment, cybernetics and/or vehicle, and a specific weakness. Obviously writing weaknesses is a right pain in the arse, but I encourage it not only for balancing but also as an important aspect of character development. A weakness doesn't have to be physical or combat-specific – it can be a bum knee or an old war wound just as easily as a phobia or a blinding ego. What's important is that you take the time to consider the flaws that hamper your character, and make them more human.

Other optional profile sections, which I still heartily recommend, are your character's rough age, pronouns, gender, basic personality traits, and a biography (if relevant).

Though there is no specifically prescribed structure for profiles, you can look to a goose and Bulik's profile posts for ideas on how you might format yours.

Vehicles and cybernetics will need to be approved by a goose or Bulik. Please contact us by PM or on Discord to make approval requests.



There are two, and only two, species available to players: Glatorian, or Agori. As you may already know, Glatorian are the warriors of Bara Magna, and Agori the villagers, though the gap in their powers is much smaller than that of Matoran and Toa since Glatorian have neither Kanohi nor elemental powers. Their advantage over Agori is their size and their strength, the latter being far more diminutive and ill-equipped for fighting. It is for this reason that Agori fighting in the Arena do so in vehicles. Although both Glatorian and Agori make use of them, only Agori characters have an automatic entitlement to vehicles. As this risks an unfair advantage for Agori characters, I still urge you to request vehicle approval for your Glatorian if you wish, with the caveat that there is a maximum of one Glatorian vehicle per player, which hopefully will still be plenty. The balancing factor is cybernetic enhancements: though all of Bara Magna’s residents have some form of technological augmentation, those of the Glatorian are specialised for combat purposes. Each Glatorian character is allowed two cybernetic enhancements, to be approved by a mod.

You don’t have to take advantage of any of these things – feel free to create a Glatorian without cybernetics, or an Agori without a vehicle. These are just the options that are available to you, and you can always choose to add them to your character at a later point (with mod approval and sufficient IC explanation). 

Vorox and Zesk, which require specific approval (further details below), are considered a distinct species; however, for gameplay purposes, they follow the same entitlement rules as Glatorian and Agori, respectively. The Sisters of the Skrall are not available to play.

It is important to note that, unlike in canon, Glatorian and Agori have roughly human lifespans, leaning at most only slightly longer than our own.



The deserts of Bara Magna are unforgiving, and no one can survive them alone. With the exception of some freelancing Glatorian (who still have to take jobs from tribes, if they want food to eat and roofs over their heads), the people of Bara Magna largely belong to one of six tribes: Fire, Water, Ice, Rock, Jungle, and Iron. A seventh tribe, Sand, has long since devolved into barbarism; the Vorox and Zesk, as they are now known, display only animal intelligence. Split off from the Rock Tribe are the Agori known as the Bone Hunters, marauders who walk the desert in search of easy prey, raiding caravans and villages for resources and slaves.

Though player creativity is encouraged, specific approval from a goose will be required for any character belonging to the Iron or Sand Tribe, with approval being especially difficult to attain for the latter (for, I hope, fairly obvious reasons). These two tribes are otherwise unavailable for play at present.

In addition to the initially available five, custom tribes are welcome. Simply send a mod the name of the tribe, their leader, their colours, and the basic details of their village (name, location, etc) for approval, and boom, you’ve got a Gravity tribe.



  • Agori and Glatorian Only
  • Skrall are Glatorian/Agori
  • Vorox and Zesk are a separate species
  • Agori can have vehicles by default
  • Glatorian vehicles are by request (each player can have one glatorian vehicle)
  • Glatorian can have two custom cybernetic augments (each requiring approval)
  • Most characters are in tribes
  • Iron and Sand tribe characters require staff approval
  • Custom tribes can be created (requires approval)
  • Profiles should have at a bare minimum enough information for other players to understand their rough appearance and understand their capabilities and weaknesses. You are free to be as elaborate or as elusive as you want to format it.
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Nikarra - Kaelynn - Ronan - Muir - Donal Aerus - Montague - Kira - KouraLearu - Alteora - Fuacht - Caana Nessen - Merrill

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Personal Characters

Gender: Male
Species: Agori
Tribe: Unknown (Lives in Tajun)
Appearance: A gold and black Agori with pale blue eyes, Celrys is covered in his own modifications. His right eye has been replaced with a scope, and his left hand is now entirely mechanical, designed so that he can apply whatever attachments he needs to for fine detail work on cybernetic mods, and occasionally even for surgically applying those mods to others.
Approximate Age: Late 20's
Traits: Utterly brilliant and surprisingly personable, Celrys is a True Believer in the power of cybernetics. He believes that it’s through cybernetics that people have the power to reshape not only themselves, but the world around them, and make both better in the process.
Biography: Celrys rose to fame as a brilliant innovator in cybernetic modifications, to the point where the Celtech logo is emblazoned on the enhancements of almost every champion-league Glatorian. To this day, he continues to take interest in unique projects, even as he has outsourced the production of his basic mods to the Celtech facility in Vulcanus. His wealth allows him to live comfortably in his workshop in Tajun, taking the personal commissions that interest him most.
Weakness: Celrys’ curiosity is his greatest strength, and his greatest flaw. When something catches his interest, all concepts of personal safety (and even, sometimes, ethics) go out the window.

Proteus (Teia)
Gender: Female
Species: Agori
Tribe: Ice (Lives in Atero)
Appearance: Teia is an odd mix of white and vibrant blue, owing to her parentage (a father from the Ice Tribe, and a mother from the Water Tribe), although the Ice Tribe influence shines through strongest, through both her blue eyes and her traditionally ice-themed armour. She is short even for an Agori, and though fairly slim, she has a round face and soft features.
Approximate Age: Late teens/very early 20's
Traits: Teia’s odd colour scheme immediately marks her as an outcast, and that has shaped much of her personality. Shy and withdrawn by nature, she kept to herself in Iconox; since her father’s recent death, she has chosen to seek out a fresh start in Atero, and is trying to overcome those traits.

Weakness: As an Agori, Teia is naturally weaker than a Glatorian; her greater weakness, however, is a psychological one. Although she is attempting to be brave and outgoing, she is by nature shy and neurotic, leaving her fighting a constant internal battle against her own instincts.

Gender: Female
Species: Glatorian
Tribe: Jungle
Appearance: Lithe and just a smidge below average height, Leif has the traditional lime and dark green colouration of her tribe, with a greater emphasis on the lime. Her eyes are apple green.
Approximate Age: Early 20's
Traits: Leif is the ultimate image of a Jungle Tribe Glatorian – youthful, inexperienced, and over-eager. Despite not having much of a proven record in the Arena, she sees the forthcoming Great Tournament as her chance to make a name for herself, and become – if not Champion – then at least a Glatorian in demand. Glory is her greatest priority.
Cybernetics: Leif has had her legs and feet fitted with special, shock absorbing technology, in addition to a technology she calls ‘jump boosters’, which both allow her to jump higher than would naturally be possible and slow her descent enough that she can fight from the air. Both modifications were custom-built by Celrys, who took the contract out of sheer curiosity as to whether Leif’s unique strategy could work.

Weakness: Leif is almost suicidally reckless, caring not a whit for her own personal safety, and not truly appreciating just how inexperienced she is in combat.

'Wolf' (Arten)
Gender: Female
Species: Glatorian
Tribe: Serrat (Approved by Bulik)


The Serrata are a small and reclusive tribe based in the Creep Canyons. They hold Skopio sacred, and imbue Spice with religious import, their leaders using it in order to achieve a heightened state of mind. It's unknown exactly how they collect this Spice, only that it does not require killing the Skopio; it may be connected to the strange (but not unpleasant) scent they wear, which seems to render Skopio docile towards them. They have been hunted to near extinction and forced into hiding by Bone Hunters as a result of this, with Hunters killing them for their Spice (which they refuse to trade) and for their perfume. This scent also seems to mark them as friends to the Sand Tribe; though they cannot imitate their language of clicks and guttural noises, the Serrata can understand it, and they communicate in return to the Vorox and Zesk using a unique sign language.

The Serrata are few in number, likely to die out within a few generations. They have only a couple Glatorian, and though at least one always stays to guard their settlement – they do not stay in one location for more than a few months at a time, in order to evade the Bone Hunters – the rest are sent out to freelance, and in doing so collect goods for the tribe. Serrat Glatorian are known to be fierce warriors, though they are treated with suspicion for their strange beliefs.
Serrata tend to have skin in hues of blue or purple, with black as a secondary colour.

Appearance: Wolf wears a silver helm in the likeness of her eponymous animal, and a beige scarf which covers the lower half of her face while she travels. She wears little armour; a metal chestplate, shoulder and knee pads, boots, and coverage on her back. Aside from this, she wears light, loose fabric in shades of grey and black, which leaves only a little of her dark purple skin exposed, the better for surviving the elements. Metal likewise adorns her forearms; rather than being armour, however, this folds out into poison-tipped Mantis Blades.
Approximate Age: Early to mid 20's

Traits: Wolf is withheld and few of words, uninterested in speaking merely to fill silence. When she speaks, she does so with purpose.
Cybernetics: Folding mantis blades in her forearms, tipped with Skopio venom (a potent paralytic), and a toxin regulator. The regulator prevents the venom from killing or otherwise seriously harming her in case of malfunction or damage to the venom delivery system, but it has the side effect of making it quite a bit harder to get drunk. In addition to this, the venom has to be refilled; she keeps multiple vials on her as a result.
Weakness: Wolf's lack of ranged weaponry means that she has to get up close and personal with any foe, and though her sparse armour is good for her mobility, it puts her at greater risk of injury. In addition to this, Wolf's lack of social graces can make interaction difficult for her.

Species: Skrall (Spec Ops)
Tribe: Skrall
Appearance: Skrall lacks the bulk of other Special Forces Skrall; though still tall enough to be imposing, he has a lean, wiry build and favours a traditional Skrall Warrior helmet, rather than that of his brethren. He is usually seen draped in a cloak of black and red, the better to protect him from the sands of the Wastelands.
Approximate Age: Mid to late 20's

Traits: Unusually intellectual for a Skrall, even a Spec Ops Skrall. He holds the southerners in a worryingly high regard.
Cybernetics: Retractable blades in his feet (a forward-facing blade above the toes on each foot, and another facing inwards on each ankle); a regulator which injects a cocktail of hormones and drugs into his system, speeding up his brain functions to such a degree that he perceives the world around him in slow-motion (best used in short bursts; if used for more than a minute at a time, Skrall experiences migraines)
Weapons: A bow and arrow, and a unique Skrallstaff which can split into two parts, connected by a cord, thereby becoming something of a fusion of Skrallscrima sticks and Skrallchaku.
Biography: A few years ago, Tirveus sent a Spec Ops recon team to take the Long Walk south; Skrall was the sole survivor. He has lived in the South since.
Weakness: Not like the other guys – Skrall is treated with distrust and apprehension by the rest of his kind, for his un-Skrall tendencies (respect for the southerners, and even occasional use of personal pronouns) and the superstitious belief that he was Bad Luck to his recon team.

Staff Characters

Gender: Female
Species: Skrall
Tribe: Sisters of the Skrall
Appearance: Visena stands a head taller than any regular Skrall or Sister, with the traditional blue accents of the High Priestess. The specifics of her appearance, however, are almost entirely hidden by her black and blue Sister robes, leaving only her head truly visible, showing blue eyes and a short, feminine crest.
Traits: Utterly mercurial. All that truly shines through is her cold and calculating nature.
Biography: Visena was a destined High Priestess from the moment she was born. That is all that needs to be known.

Gender: Female
Species: Agori
Tribe: Iron
Appearance: Somnii’s appearance is typical for an Iron Agori – primarily rust orange, with accents of dark grey. Her eyes and face are a vibrant green.
Traits: Somnii’s youth is a source of great insecurity for her, and she compensates for this by aiming to seem wise beyond her years. As a result, she’s known for being fair and level-headed, fostering a reputation as a caring and approachable leader. Unlike Raanu, she is more than willing to take immediate action once she has heard what she needs to, something which has helped her as a negotiator and a resolver of disputes, even if it can lead to her occasionally behaving rashly.
Approximate Age: Roughly 20

Biography: Somnii is both the youngest leader in the Iron Tribe’s history, and the youngest currently-serving leader of any Tribe, a position she earned through her surprising business savvy and abilities as a trade negotiator. Since being installed as leader, she has been well-liked and respected by her people for her down-to-earth leadership style and willingness to engage directly with members of her Tribe, especially when solving disputes.

Gender: Male
Species: Agori
Tribe: Bone Hunters
Appearance: Crucius, for the most part, looks like any other Bone Hunter or Rock Tribe Agori, shades of black and grey with (in his case) green eyes. Where he stands apart is his right arm, an advanced prosthetic made entirely of Exsidian.
Approximate Age: Early 30's

Traits: Crucius is feared by Hunters and non-Hunters alike, having quickly risen out of obscurity as the right-hand man and personal envoy of the Ghost. He is callous, pragmatic, and as fiercely loyal to his master as he is ruthless.
Biography: Crucius was part of a Skopio-hunting party that attempted to take down the Leviathan of Creep Canyon; he returned to his clan having lost his fellows and his arm, but accompanied by the one now known as the Ghost, with the giant carcass in tow. His clan was the first to unite behind the Ghost, and Crucius himself has been the voice of the enigmatic figure in all negotiations with other tribes.

‘The Ghost’
Gender: Male
Species: ???
Tribe: Bone Hunters
Biography: The Ghost is a mysterious figure, already shrouded in myth and rumour despite only recently having appeared upon the scene of Bara Magna. He has kept almost entirely to himself since, with his right hand Crucius speaking for him in all negotiations with other Bone Hunter clans, though there are some who claim to have at least seen him, if not met him, though few accounts actually match.
Appearance: Glimpses have been caught of a figure entirely cloaked in black, with four blue eyes.

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GM Profiles:

  • Name: Tirveus (Teer-VAY-us)
  • Tribe: Rock
  • Species: Skrall Leader
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Taller and bulkier than a glatorian warrior, Tirveus stands head and shoulders above his subordinates. He is covered head to toe in thick plate armor, regalia which has been passed down through dozens of generations of generals. The armor proudly displays the scars of many wars, some of which are Tirveus’s own. Lime green runes and reliefs bear a living memory of past victories and bestow blessings of the gods.
  • Equipment: 
    • Zkrallhander: Tall as a glatorian and wide as an Agori, this ceremonial sword is as deadly as it is unwieldy to any but the largest of goliaths. Even for a Skrall Leader, it takes two hands to properly swing with any purpose.
    • Thornax Gauntlet: A launcher built into his mechanical vambrace. Frees up a hand for another blade, at the expense of more telegraphed aiming.
    • Skrallarhorn: An ancient horn carved from the bones of a long-extinct leviathan. The Skrallic fasces, it is an embodiment to the godslaying power of the Skrall people. Whoever wields it has the rightful command of the black legions.
    • Kopis: The traditional curved Skrall blade, emblazoned with runes of a bygone era with a forgotten purpose. For an Agori, it is a sword. For Tirveus, it is a dagger.
  • Cybernetics: 
    • Valkyrie Thrusters: a set of boosters attached to his back that enhance mobility. Useful for superhuman, gravity-defying slides, hops, slams, nad punches.
    • Biochemical Regulator: Adrenaline, morphine, dopamine, testosterone - the works. Gives and takes from each to enhance perception and combat effectiveness.
  • Personality & Traits: A cunning tactician, Tirveus sees the world as a battlefield. Politics, economics, social dynamics - all are war by other means. Only domination of these domains is acceptable. Uncompromising in this respect.
  • History: Hailed as Imperator by his legion long ago, Tirveus leads the last remnants of the Black Legions. A costly but necessary decision, he led his army through a bitter alpine march to Roxtus, uniting the remnants of the Rock Tribe by sharing his leadership of the men with the female priestesses under the dominion of his co-consul. While bringing the men and women the closest together in living memory was a controversial decision, tradition and the fealty of his subcommanders kept such concerns from being contested aloud.
  • Weaknesses: 
    • Gynophobia: There’s something wrong with them…
    • Altered Mind: Biochemistry isn’t a well understood science. At least, to Tirveus.. Side effects of his chemical regulators can lead to what might otherwise be considered erratic behavior.

Personal Profiles:

  • Name: Skrall
  • Tribe: Rock
  • Species: Skrall Warrior
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Skrall marches in unison with his blood brothers, wearing the traditional spiked ‘Skrallhelm’. To the barbarians, Skrall is indistinguishable from Skrall because Skrall and Skrall wear the standard plates of Skrall Warriors in the black legion, but Skrall know what Skrall look like and why Skrall not look like Skrall.
  • Equipment: 
    • Thornax Glaive: Traditional Skrall Kopis on a longer staff that houses a thornax launcher
    • Skutum: A circular buzzsaw shield, bearing the mazelike insignia of the Black Legion painted in blood.
    • Gladerra: A skrallic blacksteel gladius - a shortsword optimized for stabbing with one hand.
  • Cybernetics: 
    • Spinfist: Skrall’s hands are split from his arms at the wrist, where cybernetics allow the wrist to spin around in full rotation. Useful for dextrous, impossible movements of a blade, or spinning a buzzsaw shield to deadly speeds.
    • Firesight: Optical enhancing lens implants permitting the perception of thermal signatures. They glow red when active.
  • Personality & Traits: Skrall is scout. Skrall watches for enemy weakness. Follows orders.
  • History: Skrall is a great warrior, for he was worthy to survive his Skrall training and the march south. Skrall served in many patrols, but has fought few battles.
  • Weaknesses: 
    • Gynophobia: They’re scary.
    • Honorbound: Death before dishonor. Bound by blood to his loyalty and honor. Skrall returns with his shield or on it.
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20230125_164230.jpgName: Kestrel

Species: Zesk

Tribe: solitary

Gender: female

Appearance: Kestrel usually walks hunched beneath a tattered cloak covered in symbols from deep cave ruins. She leans on a staff of twisted wood adirned with bone and metal fragments.

Beneath this disguise, however, lies a sturdy physique and the lithe body of a trained fighter. While not a contender for the ring, the desert is no place for an agori who cannot hold their own.

Their body is adorned with jewelry crafted from scrap. Their wrist bangles and tail piercing are brass, while her earrings are gold, a gift from her mysterious past. Her foreclaws are filed down, but her footclaws are still razor-sharp.


Equipment: Kestrel lives within and works out of a wheeled hut pulled behind an ancient sand bike. The bike itself is disguised to look ramshackle, but is in fact in surprisingly good condirion and capable of high speeds when uncoupled from its load. The hut is usually covered in tattered tarps and cured animal hides. Beneath this layer are hundreds upon hundreds of carefully carved star charts.

For weapons, kestrel has several. Her stave is lighter than it appears, and its bangles make for a dangerous flail-head when deployed as a tool of war. At her back she cardies a pair of bone daggers. The blades are infused with a temporary paralytic and sedative coctail made from plant extracts.

Her final weapon is her stinger tail. Its barb is razor-sharp, and capable of both deflecting a sword strike and delivering a load of potent neurotoxic zesk venom.

For defense, the zesk wears a breastplate of scavenged metal.

Kestrel's greatest asset is her extensive knowledge of the desert. The fungi ahe occasionally sells hint at access to water, and the scrap to some secret location or locations. But those who would seek to find this information through threat or deceit may find that the desert is a large, large place with many quiet spots to rot away.

Personality: Kestrel shows others exactly what they expect to see. She speaks in a contrived pidgin around most agori and glatorians. But to those she trusts, her speach is quick and erudite. In short, you could describe the almost stereotypical "mad trader" guise she wears as a disguise.

Kestrel is naturally curious, and delights in any new knowledge she may be offered. She keeps a hidden library of rare manuscripts in her hut for perusal or reference. She transcribes useful data to add to this collection. She has eve been known to, on rare occasion, trade entire volumes for suitably valuable materials or services.

The defining factor in how Kestrel will treat somebody is how they treat her. Those who meet her with respect will receive it in turn. Those who approach with arrogance will find out just how unhelpful a mad agori can be when she wants to.


Everyone knew to respect the few travelling merchants who occasionally braved the sands and Bara Magna nights to bring strange, exotic (for each settlement) goods to sell at market.
Everyone also knew that Zesk were mindless, soulless pests better left dead than alive.

But what some knew, or bought knowledge of, or found out, was that what everyone knew wasn't always correct. Or, at the very least, accurate.

What if you could take one away. Give them a proper start.

Show them there was more to life than the scrabble.

Some years ago, in Tesara, there had been an agori who, many would say, was mad. And, in a way he was. He spent his evenings staring at the stars, mapping them as if they weren't always in the same place each time that year. He catalogued different types of sand, sometimes by color, and wrote down what he learned.

When they found out what he was keeping in his house, they'd burned it to the ground. They'd stoned the poor man to death, and drove the... thing... back into the desert.

But they were too late. Another fire had already been kindled, brighter and more dangerous than any village blaze.

But some had remembered. Some had stopped the small, pathetic creature from being killed itself. And brought it water when they found it huddled in a nearby cave. Some even brought food.

And one, mad in the right direction this time, brought her a scroll.

People saw what they expected in the merchant. They saw a small figure, swaddled in homespun robes hanging with carved bone jewelry. A rickety vehicle, not even agori sized, she probably could barely operate it, dragged a cart hanging with tattered fabrics and more bone and carved scrap metal decor. They saw exactly what they expected to see, and so she never worried them more than what they knew to expect when talking to a mad desert savage who had been taught Agori.

What many knew was that the Zesk had a name. Kestrel.

What a rare few knew was that Kestrel was curious. In that strange, determined way of people to whom knowledge was a rare gift. And while she would barter for water, herbs, and useful mechanical scrap, she also bartered in knowledge. If you offered her something she did not know, she would smile that strange little smile of hers, and bring you something special. Maybe a fossil she had found and polished of some strange, ancient creature like if a coin had come to life. Or how to fix an ancient battle vehicle that had not run in decades. Or would teach you how to gear down a vehicle's engine so it moved more slowly but towed far more with less wear. That was when they realized all the scrap tacked onto her desert tread bike covered a well-cared-for and smooth-running machine (you couldn't afford breakdowns in a desert, after all).

What three people knew was that, if you fed and cared for a Zesk who had nowhere else to go anymore, you got rare treasures and good food once or twice a year, which could be sold or held tight in this clawing world where luxury was rarely ever a consideration.

What only Kestrel knew was that, if you spoke to everyone in the way they expected and looked like what they wanted to see, they accepted (or at least tolerated) you more easily.
She also knew about why her vehicle never needed new power. It was a secret she had stolen, and would take to her grave. There was only so much you would share with those who destroyed your home and family for the crime of not belonging.

And she alone also knew that painted beneath the fabric of her cart was every star in the night sky.




     Kestrel has no true alleigences, no clan or village to call her own. She has kept others far enough away that they will never hurt her again. One looking to gain her alleigence will have an uphill battle before them.

-Your Kind.

     Zesk are not welcome in many places. Kestrel faces opposition feom those who see her as simple vermin rather than a thinking being.

-Bad Reputation.

   Kestrel's illusory reputation as a mad trader can sometimes undermine the genuinely useful knowledge or warnings she offers to others.


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Name: Aurax

Species: Glatorian

Tribe: Iron

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall, lanky, but not lacking muscle, Aurax wears armor of typical Iron Tribe colors, orange and dark grey.

Equipment: Being a scavenger, Aurax carries tools related to his profession: a pickaxe, shovel, brushes, other assorted digging tools, and a couple of knives. He carries a thornax launcher for defense as well.

Cybernetics: Aurax’s right arm has a mantis blade that can fold out of it. His left arm has a jackhammer in order to help him with excavations.

Vehicle: Aurax rides a Kaxium with the sidecar modified to carry cargo.

Personality: Aurax is a natural loner, and prefers the solitude of looking for old Great Being tech and artifacts to the company of others. He’s not necessarily unfriendly, but he’s often curt.

Biography: Aurax found that he had a knack for finding Great Being technology, artifacts, and ruins early on, which was perfect for his loner attitude. He acquired his Kaxium bike after a particularly fruitful haul of tech. He stays out of Ferrum for large periods of time, only visiting it and other settlements to drop of cargo and resupply.

Weakness: Aurax’s antisocial tendencies come with drawbacks; for example, he’d be an easy target for a group attack out in the desert by himself.

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Out of a whirling sandstorm, to the sound of crashing cymbals and chugging power chords, rides a desert warrior:

Once a slave, now a crusader for vengeance!

To those he fights for, he is...

D U N E    W O L F

To those he fights against, he is...

C  H  A  I  N  S


Species: Glatorian
Age: Unknown, but roughly in his early 30s
Gender: Male
Appearance: Rugged, thickly-built. Square jawed, iron-toothed. His burnt orange skin is covered in scars, especially his back, which bears layers upon layers of whip lashes. He wears these scars as a badge of honour. Also worn as a badge of honour are the piercings, numerous rings, studs and nails that adorn his face and body, once used by the bone hunters to 'tag' slaves. See 'Cybernetics' for mechanical parts.
His garments are sparse, consisting of a form of lightly-armoured black leather jerkin, loose-fitting brown trousers with a large number of pockets, plus a pair of gauntlets and boots, both requisitioned from Bone Hunter raids.
Chains: The very same chains from his time as a slave, weaved with barbed wire. The iconic primary weapon of the Chain Ganger.
Right Arm: Unsophisticated, constructed from vehicle parts in mimicry of a more advanced appendage that his body rejected.
Telescopic Left Eye: Allows him to see over greater distances. Built into the upper corner of his face. The lens is red.
Hahli: Dune's motorbike, a jet black Kaxium V19. Subject to extensive modifications and repairs over the years, Hahli is his closest and oldest friend. Although not much of the original bike is left at this point, Hahli was his escape vehicle, once being ridden by the Bone Hunter Gutbleed, until the cruel slaver met a violent demise at the hands of his own bike's wheels.
Personality: Emotionally guarded and gravely sincere, Dune Wolf is the ultimate Tough Guy. He chews fireroot, kicks Bone Hunter backside and, sometimes, he wonders what he might have been if his life had never been destroyed by those cruel monsters.
Biography: Once a member of the iron tribe, Dune was kidnapped by Bone Hunters at the age of six and exploited as a slave for twenty years.  After countless attempts, he and a number of his fellow slaves killed their masters and escaped. Realising they would never assimilate into Agori society, they kept to the road, wreaking their terrible vengeance on the Bone Hunters, and freeing more slaves to join their crusade. They were the Chain Gang, and they operated in this fashion for four years.
Now, however, thanks to a betrayal, the Chain Gang have been all but wiped out, except for Dune Wolf, who now continues the crusade alone, ever looking to rebuild the Chain Gang.
Weaknesses: Dune is tortured by his traumatic life, having deep psychological and emotional scars. Although he doesn't know it, he also has a rare condition that is slowly killing him, but the effects have yet to be seen.


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Species: Glatorian

Tribe: Blood (Defunct, approved by Goose)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Karak's stance is somewhat hunched or lower down, making his height somewhat deceiving, being even a little taller than your average Glatorian. Despite struggles with food and resources he manages to be noticeably sharp in build, thanks to strict routines he refuses to give up even when malnourished. His natural armour pigment is a pale, fleshy pink, with his red skin heavily displayed. In particular, his biceps under his shoulder pads and arms up to his wrist are almost completely bare, showcasing an array of ghostly white scars, simple in shape but sometimes with more texture and detail, forming images or runes. A few lesser scars can be seen on his unmasked face, and an unseen tapestry of marks beneath his chestplate, only hinted at by his bare abdominal region. His eye colour is a deep maroon. His armour is a mixture of well made brown leather with some rudimentary mineral elements, mostly used in the lining to provide extra protection. He wears something of a mixture between a mask and a helmet, which is made mostly of metal, resembling what we might recognise as an elephant’s skull (technically a mastodon skull), and secured with leather straps around his head. Near the open mouth section is a pair of tusks half as long as a forearm, and a cavity in the centre of the skull allows his eyes to glimpse through. It's worth noting he seems to use warpaint to smear the area around his eyes, to reduce glare.

Skills: The warrior’s path from a young age has long since sculpted Karak into a chance defying machine of a man, battles and fights only having strengthened him in resolve and energy. While crafty, Karak’s virtue lies in his unbreakable tenacity. Because of the painful rituals practiced by the Blood Tribe, Karak’s pain tolerance is absurdly high, to the point it might rival a Glatorian with a cybernetic ability to inhibit just that, and his natural stamina seems like an endless pool. Despite physical disadvantages compared to his Glatorian peers due to his lack of cybernetics, Karak is a dangerous and fierce opponent that makes him a risky person to cross.

Weakness(es): Karak has no cybernetics, and is from a much colder and damper climate than the sands of Bara Magna, which leaves him generally more dehydrated than the locals and more prone to the risk of exposure. He has a limited understanding of the Agori language and has difficulty communicating, and also is rather asocial and distrusting, which was exacerbated by his newfound nature as a foreigner. 

Gear: Karak’s weapon of choice is a large two handed weapon carried on his back, akin to a giant saw. The weapon’s length is about 4 feet in total, with the blades (8 on each side) being made of a sharp glassy black rock found up North in the Skrall/Blood Tribe homeland - that tends to fragment when it shatters. The weapon itself is made from a strong wood, and can be used to batter enemies rather than slice, if Karak so chose. The Blood Tribe’s stance on cybernetic implants has led to interesting technological developments after fierce skirmishes and recovery of Skrall weaponry - one might call them workarounds. One of the more deadly is a mechanical javelin launcher, a long treasured weapon of the Blood Tribe, perfected after years of innovation. It’s a long and hefty rifle-like weapon with glyphs and carvings in the wooden stock, that is capable of firing a single metal tipped javelin before having to be reloaded. Karak also carries barbed variants of the ammunition and a limited amount of black rock tipped javelin’s within the storage compartment of his vehicle. Finally, a short, pointed metal warpick remains at his hip, stolen long ago from a Skrall combatant. 

Vehicle: Karak also possesses a vehicle (approved by Goose), a seized Cendox he named Huracan, in reference to the considerable speed of the vehicle. The vehicle has a mounted thornax launcher, and has two front blades mounted as typical for the combat variant of the vehicle.

Personality: Karak has the demeanour of a vengeful Iron Wolf. By necessity and also by nature he works entirely alone, which has perhaps worsened some of his more distrusting and antisocial traits. He feels as if he is on an alien world, and his Xenophobia has only been made more severe by the several Tribes and their harsh attitude towards outsiders such as himself. He speaks only broken Agori, often mixed with his native tongue. 

Background/Status: A wanderer from the lands North, little is known about Karak. Despite his fearsome nature he is not a bandit nor a brigand, and so his goals remain elusive, a secret he intends to keep to himself until death. The Skrall are his only known interest, but to what end is his own business. 





Species: Glatorian

Tribe: Ice (Exiled)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Vitrum's stature and physique are not notable for a Glatorian, she is about of average height and ambiguous in build due to her fondness for clothing that masks her body. What can be seen of her armour is a muted sand blue, with her skin oddly of a similar pigment. Her eyes on the other hand are a ruby red, usually narrowed in cat-like slits. Her rounded helmet has a rectangular open section for her eyes and decorative metal around where a mouth section might be, depicting a stylised straight mouth in itself. Her armour when visible is polygonal and simple in shape, but is usually covered by a dark beige cloak she wears when out of combat, both to protect from the sand and to protect her identity. The cloak also has a hood if needed. If seen, her knuckles are exceptionally calloused and worn. She is notably generally barefoot on missions to minimise noise as much as possible.

Skills and Cybernetics: Vitrum is a talented and intelligent mercenary who, befitting of her occupation, prefers to keep fights as quick and weighted in her favour as possible. Whilst indeed a competent combatant her niche lies more in the shadows, which allows her to charge more of a premium for her services. She has two cybernetic enhancements (Approved by Goose). The first is enhanced hearing that she can switch on and off which makes her hearing much more sensitive when required. Her second enhancement is much rarer (and is usually hidden by her cloak) and consists of a pair of extremely quiet thrusters that fold out from her upper back, allowing her both to slowly glide for brief moments (longer risks malfunction) but also permit much higher jumps whenever needed, facilitating many more options for reconnaissance.

Weakness(es): It has been a long time since the arena, and whilst Vitrum can hold her own in a fight she is outclassed in sustained conventional combat by more prominent Glatorian. Perhaps less a physical weakness than a barrier to certain employment opportunities - Vitrum refuses to visit Iconox, both for legal and personal reasons. 

Gear: Generally, Vitrum is one to procure specific tools for specific jobs, but in terms of gear carried on her person she has a preference for a collapsible metal shortsword she can stow away on her waist belt for close quarters, as well as a multipurpose repeating crossbow, a weapon long possessed and treasured as well as modified over time. The crossbow has a stock that can fold out to steady her aim but also fold in to conceal under her cloak or hold with one hand - and the weapon is capable of firing a variety of ammunition - her most common is a simple barbed metal bolt but she sometimes makes use of poisoned ammo. The crossbow can hold 5 bolts before the magazine must be refilled - which is a somewhat delicate procedure.

Personality: Vitrum is a closed box, her attitude and appearance are all that she gives away. She doesn’t revel in violence but she also is wholly unafraid of it, which can make her a useful tool for employers that intend to send a message. Outside of her work she keeps her own company - any talk is to further a goal.

Background/Status: Vitrum is a free agent assassin whose past has been carefully buried so as to stay clear of her current goals and aspirations - although if her aversion to Iconox is anything to go by, there might be some clues in the life of the former Ice Tribe Glatorian known as "Filia" who was exiled after a mortal accident in the arena. Whoever she might have been before, she has since literally made a new name for herself in the various crime underworlds of the villages in Bara Magna, and recent events have made her services ever more coveted.

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“No. Sorry, kid, that’s the one thing you can never do.”

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Name: Skyra Daring

Tribe: Jungle 

Species: Glatorian

Gender: Female

Appearance: Skyra is primarily dark green in color, with black as her secondary and face color. She’s lithe in appearance and average in height for a female Glatorian. Her armor is designed to be light weight and allow quick movements while still providing decent protection.


Thornax Launcher

Twin katanas

Vehicle: Skyra possesses a dune buggy that’s been modified for travel between the settlements. It has two seats in the front and two in the back, behind the backseats is a trunk for storing additional fuel and luggage. The buggy trades offensive capabilities for mostly defense, being heavily armored in the front and back. Twin buzzsaws can be deployed from the front bumper, perfect for cutting down obstacles such as vegetation or unwanted pedestrians. 

Cybernetics: Skyra has a chip installed in right side of her head that allows her to give her dune buggy remote commands, such as drive to her current location or run over the annoying s### in front of her. It gives her a general sense of where her vehicle is as well.

Skyra also has jet boosters on the bottom of her feet that allow her to jump at greater heights than she would be able to otherwise, it can also serve as a nasty surprise if she were to plant her foot on someone and then activate them. 

Personality & Traits: Skyra is a free spirit, generally doing what she wants without worrying too much about the consequences. She’s cheerful, and also very blunt. She says exactly what she’s thinking, regardless of how rude it might be.

History: Skyra makes a living mostly by driving people to wherever they wish to go, as long as they can pay up. She has no problem with throwing down in the arenas either but she prefers driving. Currently lives in Atero. 

Weaknesses: Skyra’s carefree and somewhat reckless behavior often gets her into a lot of trouble. Her attention span is awful and she’s fairly easy to distract, though she often distracts the distractor in return.

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The Ash Tribe


A distant offshoot of the Fire Tribe, the Ash Tribe were driven out by their kinsmen many generations ago, following an irreconcilable disagreement around funerary rites and treatment of the deceased.

With metal and exsidian being scarce across much of Bara Magna, some families in the Fire Tribe took to “recycling” these resources from the remains of their dead – removing their implants, reforging their armour, even using their bones to make simple weapons and tools – a practice they saw as the ultimate way to honour one’s ancestors. Fallen friends and family could “live on”, in a sense, continuing to serve their communities and defend their descendants well into the future. When the rest of the Fire Tribe discovered this practice, however, many of them saw it as nothing more than the disgraceful desecration of the dead.

The families who followed this tradition were exiled, and went on to found their own fledgling tribe. Although their practice of taking bones and belongings from the dead is performed only on deceased blood relatives (or on fallen friends, with permission), this hasn’t stopped the spread of reprehensible rumours about them mutilating the remains of their enemies, or robbing the graves of other tribes. Such acts are deemed as vile by members of the Ash Tribe, and anyone caught actually conducting such defilement would meet with exile, or worse.


The Ash Tribe reside in the village of Precipere, located East of Vulcanus, on the opposite side of the volcano. Their village is perched atop the cliffs, overlooking Iron Canyon, with the village accessible only via a sturdy staircase carved into the canyon wall, and a small makeshift elevator – a simple wooden platform connected to a system of ropes and pulleys – being used to carry larger cargo to-and-from the canyon floor. A treacherous network of trails and tunnels also lead directly West, back to Vulcanus, though the volcanic terrain and bitter enmity between the two villages means these are rarely used.

Precipere’s architecture is simple and utilitarian, with basic structures constructed using the abundant stone of the surrounding region. Deep trenches have been dug around the base of the volcano over the years, to redirect the occasional lava flows safely away from the village, while subterranean shelters exist in which the villagers can hide in the event of gas or ash being released from the mountain. Ancestral arms and armour with no remaining family members to forge them anew or carry them into battle are housed in the Hall Of The Honoured, a catacomb cavern beneath the village.

Though the village of the Ash Tribe rarely play host to Glatorian battles, with their warriors usually travelling to other villages to fight, Precipere does still house an arena. Known simply as the Maw, this simple round arena has a coarse dirt floor, and is filled with stone slabs and columns of varying sizes, ringed by a rim of jutting, jagged obsidian.


The Ash Tribe have a profound appreciation for history, and a passion for art. Their entire village is a monument to their past, with families adorning the exteriors of their homes with history through sculptures, carvings, or paintings. The tribe’s official colour is a smoky grey, though most of its members express their artistic natures by decoratively adorning their dull armour with other hues.  

The people of the Ash Tribe have a highly-developed understanding of Agori and Glatorian anatomy, making them adept surgeons and doctors, though the distrust directed towards their tribe means their skills are rarely sought. Among their more common “customers” are scavengers who’ve stolen cybernetics from slain foes and seek to have them installed by someone who won’t ask any questions. Many members of the tribe are also artisans of some kind, specialising in sculpture, smithing, jewellery, or painting, though the market for these goods is also limited in the wasteland.

Outside of their artistic crafts, the tribe’s primary trade material is obsidian. Though less durable than metals, this volcanic glass is sharp and strong enough to serve in the making of certain kinds of weaponry, being especially sought-after for making fine blades such as scalpels, knives, and arrowheads.


The Ash Tribe’s relative isolation, lack of resources, and the grim stigma that surrounds them, have meant the group have in the past gone relatively unscathed by raiders, and unbothered in conflicts between the villages. Small arable tracts in the nutrient-rich volcanic soil and well-trained hunting parties allow the villagers to grow and scrounge enough food to support their small population most years, with water being the main resource they fight and trade for, along with exsidian and metal.

Their current leader is an aged, ailing Agori known as Somok, though many expect he won’t last more than another year or two in the role. With the recent troubles in Iron Canyon leaving them even more cut off than usual from the other villages, and their new prime Glatorian Kehla currently away, the people of the Ash Tribe are at the most isolated and vulnerable they have been in many years. Though they have faced adversity before, there is a sense of apprehension in the air, as many find themselves fearful of what the future may bring.


Name: Somok

Species: Agori.

Description: A soft-spoken Agori with green eyes and grey armour, Somok has led the Ash Tribe for five of his seven decades of life. While time has taken its toll on his body, his mind remains sharp, and his devotion to his people remains as true as it was the day he first took up the mantle of leader.

Weaknesses: Somok is physically frail, and tires easily even from everyday activities. With his best years well behind him, Somok is terrified at the prospect of fading into obscurity if he were to retire, and clings desperately to power to the point of paranoia. Where he once wisely considered the counsel of others, he now views even simple suggestions as attempts to undermine his authority.

Equipment: Somok’s constant companion is a crooked crimson staff, as much a badge of office as it is a necessary walking aid. The staff is by far the oldest item in the village, hailing back to before the Ash Tribe split off from Fire. He also carries a simple bone knife, fashioned from the remains of one of his ancestors.

Background: A career politician, Somok earned his position by campaigning on a policy of conservative values, clinging to historical traditions and practices, and only dealing with outsiders when necessary. The Ash Tribe have remained safe and stable throughout his rule, but also stagnant and isolated, with innovations and pleas for greater diplomatic ties with other villages being routinely opposed under his leadership. In the face of new generations of villagers and a drastically changing world, Somok has struggled to retain relevancy, with many believing that he will soon be usurped by one of the tribe’s emerging younger, more progressive leaders.


Name: Kehla

Species: Glatorian.

Description: A lean, limber Glatorian clad in grey, Kehla is in her early-twenties, but carries herself with the youthful exuberance of a teen. Her armour is somewhat evocative of the style used by the Fire Tribe, though grey in colour, decorated in hues of soft purple and adorned with symbols from her tribe’s history.

Weaknesses: Though capable enough in training, Kehla has never travelled beyond her village or been tested in real combat, rendering her naïve and overconfident in the face of the true dangers of the wastelands. Despite her outward confidence, internally Kehla is still coming to grips with the newfound responsibilities that have been thrust upon her, struggling with the burden of suddenly having her village’s entire future resting on her success in the arena.

Equipment: Kehla’s weapon of choice is Heritage, a kusarigama passed down through multiple generations of her family. The metal used in each component and link in its chain is sourced from the armour or weapon of a different ancestor. The main part of the weapon consists of a modified scythe with two points rather than one, to make it more effective for catching an opponent’s weapon. A length of chain is attached to the bottom of the haft, with a heavy weight at the end.

She also carries a basic knife hewn from the bones of her deceased older brother Behjen. Simple and sturdy, this tool is meant more for utility than combat. It’s true purpose is to serve as a reminder of the legacy she’s trying to live up to.

Her cybernetics are a paired set of augmentations nicknamed the “leapers”. Integrated into her lower legs and feet, these implants allow her to jump great distances even without a run-up, and double as shock absorbers, allowing her to survive the subsequent landings without harm. Much like her weapon, these implants have been handed down through several generations of her family, a testament to their durable design.

Her other equipment includes standard supplies such as a waterskin, bedroll, rations, a basic medical kit, and a battered leatherbound notebook with charcoal for sketching.

Background: Kehla’s upbringing was equal parts sheltered and pampered. Her line had long been the tribe’s most prominent warrior family, and as such she was afforded the best training and education. But from the moment she was born Kehla lived in the shadow of her older brother Behjen, owing to her family’s designs to elevate him to the position of Prime Glatorian.

As the two siblings grew older, the divide in their treatment and training grew ever wider. While Behjen was out hunting in the Iron Canyon or visiting other villages, Kehla was at home studying her tribe’s other specialties of medicine and surgical techniques. When Behjen’s combat training was advanced to facing captured beasts and Vorox, Kehla was still permitted only to spar with other warriors (and she was usually the one made to tend their wounds afterwards). When Behjen finally got appointed to Prime Glatorian, the role of Second went to one of his friends, leaving Kehla sidelined once more.

Then came the day when Behjen, his Second, and several other senior warriors set out on a hunt in the canyon… a simple task, not without its dangers, but one they’d performed on countless occasions… but this time they didn’t return. Their remains were found days later, so ravaged by animals that there was no telling how they’d actually died. And with the sudden loss of the tribe’s most experienced warriors, Kehla went from being her family’s unappreciated spare to the tribe’s new Prime Glatorian, despite no real-world experience in the role. With the Atero tournament fast approaching, Kehla was sent to take her brother’s place in the listings, to see the world and gain the experience she so desperately needed.

It was only after crossing paths with other travellers that Kehla learned of the troubles surrounding the Iron Tribe, and realised that her brother’s demise may have been part of a far larger problem brewing in the confines of the Iron Canyon. But with home now far behind her, all she can do is continue her journey, and hope she still has a home to return to when the tournament is over.


Name: Skrall

Species: Glatorian.

Description: A standard soldier-class Skrall, this warrior wears the customary red-and-black armour of his caste. He has a more wiry physique than most of his kin, having adopted a combat style that favours speed and agility over strength.

Weaknesses: Skrall is eager and ambitious, dreaming of the day he can bear a name of his own, wishing for the status and station that would grant him command over his kin in crimson.This desire for individuality and recognition manifests in a stubborn refusal to back down from confrontations, and reckless, glory-seeking behaviour.

Equipment: Skrall carries the traditional saw-edged shield utilised by most Skrall warriors, but has forgone the usual sword in favour of the additional reach offered by a spear. Both of these tools are made wholly of metal, to be more easily utilised in combination with his cybernetics.

His implants are electromagnetic devices integrated into the palm of each hand, capable of swiftly repelling or attracting metal objects. Skrall most often uses these to throw his spear or shield with horrific force, then retrieve them just as swiftly.

Background: Skrall is a Skrall. A nameless nobody, destined to do his duty then die as one more forgotten face among thousands of others. But Skrall is determined to defy this fate, to do something meaningful and become someone who will be remembered forever more.


Name: Gayle

Species: Agori.

Description: A brawny Agori clad in green and teal, Gayle approaches life with a boisterous, happy-go-lucky demeanour. Over her storied life, Gayle has seen and experienced much of what Bara Magna has to offer, and is always eager to see something new, regardless of the danger, openly stating that she’d rather perish in the jaws of some beast than die a dull death in old age.

Weaknesses: Gayle is perhaps a little too carefree, not stopping to consider that a situation might be beyond her capabilities until she’s already in over her head. She’s also suffers from an anxious, almost phobic reaction to her former tribe, refusing to go anywhere near Tesara, and being nervous and uncomfortable in the presence of other Jungle Tribe members.

Equipment: Gayle’s weapon of choice is a simple hand axe, perfectly good for hacking apart enemies and obstacles alike.

Her vehicle is a standard Cendox model, coloured green and black, its only noteworthy feature being a launcher and motorised winch mounted on the front rather than the traditional Thornax weapon. This launcher can be loaded with a harpoon or net, depending on what prey Gayle is pursuing, with the winch allowing her to reel in the projectile.

Background: A decade ago, Gayle was a simple explorer, until one of her expeditions landed her in the nets of Bone Hunter slavers. After two years in captivity, every miserable day spent hoping and praying that her Jungle Tribe kin would save her, she was able to escape on her own. But, wracked with resentment towards her tribe for abandoning her, she could never bring herself to return home.

Utilising skills learned from observing her captors, she now lives as a hunter of a different kind, taking contracts all across Bara Magna to track down criminals, animals, or treasure. The only contracts she won’t take are for recapturing escaped slaves, for obvious reasons. Similarly, she won’t have any dealings with Bone Hunters.


Name: Avinus

Species: Glatorian.

Description: A veteran Glatorian of Tajun, Avinus is a woman strangely absent of ambitions or aspirations, believing she already has everything she needs in life. She spends her mornings sleeping, her afternoons training, and her evenings drinking, before starting the cycle again the next day. Although dour and withdrawn in the mornings, her unflappable, frivolous personality usually emerges by midday, and she’s earned a reputation for partying long into the night.

Weaknesses: Avinus fights with agility in mind, dressing in lightweight armour that only partially covers her torso, upper thighs, and left arm. The armour is sparse, with the gaps between covered only by simple clothing, while her lower legs and right arm are entirely unprotected.

Psychologically, Avinus is a more lonely and aimless soul than she lets on, already having everything she thought she ever wanted, yet still feeling unfulfilled.

Equipment: Avinus fights in the retiarius style, wielding a trident in one hand and a sturdy rope net in the other, large enough to fully entangle a grown Glatorian. Like many in Tajun she’s also taken to using some of Celrys’ more creative cybernetic technologies, being equipped with the following implants:

Auditory Amplifier – an implant integrated into Avinus’ throat which can amplify her voice in a manner akin to a loudspeaker. Useful for being heard over a crowd, or for disorienting an unsuspecting opponent with a sudden shout.

Pocket Sand Dispenser – a small compartment in the palm of her right hand, capable of being filled with a small amount of a liquid or granular substance, which can then be swiftly and violently expelled by a powerful blast of pressurised air. Although the compartment can be refilled by hand, the air used for the blast function is siphoned off from the user’s respiratory system, requiring around 20 seconds to refill and making breathing more difficult in the interim. Depending on the circumstances, Avinus fills this compartment with confetti, metal filings, or sand snatched up off the arena floor in the midst of a fight.

Background: Avinus has lived for forty years, twenty of which have been spent as a fighter in the arenas. She entered into service as a Glatorian with a vain, youthful craving for fame and glory, and found exactly that, rising to prominence as something of a crowd favourite. She lives what equates to a celebrity lifestyle, publicly partying several times a week and frivolously throwing her earnings away on drink and merriment.

But in recent years, fears have begun burrow into the back of her mind. She’s seen fellow veteran Glatorian age out of the arena, or suffer debilitating injuries that left them unable to fight, or be upstaged by younger fighters, and a few close calls of her own have left her dreading what might befall her if she were to suffer such a fate. She has fame and popularity, but few true friends and no prospects beyond the arena. What life awaits a Glatorian who can no longer fight?

Avinus is in no rush to find out.


Name: Zha’ar

Species: Agori

Description: Zha’ar has the traditional appearance of an Agori of the Rock Tribe, save for the splotchy smears of orange clay warpaint marring her ebony armour.

Zha’ar is known for being more honourable and merciful than most Gatherers, taking no slaves, and always giving her prey fair warning and a chance to peacefully surrender their goods. Unless forced to fight, she always leaves her victims with their lives, and enough food and water to get to the nearest settlement. Though some of her comrades see her as soft for these behaviours, she asserts it to be a sensible survival strategy; a bandit who butchers or enslaves everyone they come across is a threat to be destroyed, whereas one who takes only a little and lets their victims live is a tolerable nuisance.

Zha’ar is almost never seen far from the saddle of her Rock Steed, Solis, named for the sun whose path through the sky is her guide across the Wasteland. His scaly hide is a mottled tan in colour, helping him blend in more easily while traversing the sandy terrain.

Weaknesses: Zha’ar suffers from longsightedness, which makes her both a perfect scout, and a terrible one. Though she can identify prey and landmarks from afar as capably as a counterpart using telescopic lenses or a spyglass, she’s unable to read maps or messages, nor appraise most goods, and so tends to stick to familiar areas and steal only items of obvious value. When travelling, she must navigate by landmarks alone, and can easily become disoriented when terrain is changed, such as after a sandstorm or stampede.

Physically, Zha’ar suffers from a severe limp in her left leg due to her knee being severely injured years ago, reduced to a hobble while on foot. As such, she stays to the saddle most of the time.

Lonely from her lengthy periods of isolation, she has a habit of talking a little too much when she has the opportunity to do so, whether her conversation partner is a fellow Gatherer she’s seeking to trade with, or an unfortunate traveller she’s intending to rob.

Equipment: Zha’ar’s weapon of choice is a hand-crafted shortbow suited to her stature and strength, allowing for fast and accurate fire at mid-to-close range.

Her preferred arrows use obsidian broadheads, being ideal for inflicting horrific flesh wounds, but near-useless against armour. Due to the fragility of obsidian, these arrows often break apart on impact or within a wound, so can’t be reused. As such, she carries a hefty supply of these arrows in her saddlebags. For armoured targets she also owns a much smaller number of metal-tipped bodkin arrows, though these are harder to source and replace, so she uses them sparingly.

With easy access to the paralytic poison of her Rock Steed, she often coats her arrows in this substance to more easily subdue her victims.

For foes foolish enough to close within melee range, Zha’ar also has a simple metal catchpole, useful for parrying the weapons of attackers and ensnaring their limbs. The pole is connected by a secondary rope to Zha’ar’s saddle, allowing her mount’s strength to supplement her own in a struggle against a stronger opponent.

Background: In her younger years, Zha’ar was much like any other Bone Hunter. She trained in Gatherer traditions, learning the ways of the blade, listening to the stories of her kin, and shadowing more experienced warriors on hunts and raids.

But then came the day for her to battle a Rock Steed and become its rider. Though she succeeded, it came at a cost, with her left leg being crushed and broken at the knee in the battle. The limb never recovered, leaving her lame and useless, unable to stand beside her brothers and sisters in battle. She was ultimately abandoned by her tribe, left to fend for herself in the unforgiving wasteland.

She nearly died, many times over, in the years that followed. But slowly she learned new skills and strategies to help her scrape out a modest living in the wilderness. She became skilled at archery to engage enemies from a distance, learned how to safely harvest her steed’s venom to make her arrows more effective at disabling victims, and developed hands-free techniques for guiding her mount so she could fire while riding. She learned how to avoid attracting too much attention, leaving her victims with their lives, and never lingering in the same place for too long.

Nowadays, Zha’ar continues to wander, lacking any ambition beyond stealing or scrounging enough to make it through the next few weeks. She remains on good terms with other Gatherer clans, maintaining small stashes of stolen treasures which she trades to other clans when she crosses paths with them. Though she’s done her best not to draw too much attention to herself, the story of the merciful, clan-less Gatherer has nonetheless spread over the years.

But where that story will go next remains a mystery, even to Zha’ar herself.

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Species: Glatorian

Tribe: Iron

Gender: Indeterminate

Appearance: Agile, lean-muscular build. Yellow-orange with faint green eyes.


  • Basic gladiatorial armour with larger left pauldron and mismatched helmet made of a shinier alloy.
  • Club equipped for Thornax-slinging, buckler, right-hand cestus.
  • No apparent external cybernetics.

Biography: …saw the mirage of a training outpost, should be close.

Weakness: You’ll be like a babe out there.

Post-Red Star Inn


Species: Glatorian

Tribe: Iron

Gender: Indeterminate

Appearance: Agile, lean-muscular build. Yellow-orange with faint green eyes.


  • Basic gladiatorial armour with larger left pauldron and mismatched helmet made of a shinier alloy, equipped with cooling fan.
  • Club equipped for Thornax-slinging, buckler, right-hand cestus.
  • Satchel and water flask
  • No apparent external cybernetics.

Biography: Del emerged from the desert a blank slate, unable to speak, eat or drink on their own. Their seeming inability to perform basic tasks masked an incredible analytic capacity, and they have proven a fast learner indeed. With no memory save for a voice in their head that says (among other things) "find Celrys," Del has set out to Tajun to find the cyberneticist.

Weakness: Little grasp of social cues, no demonstrated combat ability.


Mard & Ahmoa

Species: Agori

Tribe: Jungle and Fire respectively

Gender: Both Male


  • Mard: A little shorter than Ahmoa, lanky and agile build. Green-teal with orange eyes.
  • Ahmoa: A little taller than Mard, solid pugilist build. Red-orange with green eyes.

Equipment: Both wield basic guardsman spears, satchels and water flasks.

Biography: A package deal, Mard and Ahmoa met as part of a travelling theatre troupe and immediately bonded over their shared fascination for the lost musical In Some Other Sky. After the troupe broke up, the couple tried their hand at dramatic duologue to warm review but middling financial success. Strapped for cash, the two Agori have taken up the role of guardsmen for a training ground on the outskirts of Atero while the proprietor sees to business out of town.

Weakness: Their background in theatre has given them a little experience with fight choreography, but actual combat remains well out of their grasp. Thankfully, their role as guards has been largely performative so far, and thus perfectly in their wheelhouse.

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Name: Salwa
Gender: Female
Species: Agori
Tribe: Ash
Age: Approximately late 20s
Appearance:  Salwa’s physique is bent towards the wiry and gangly. She stands rather tall for an Agori, and the customary ashen grey of her armor that reveals her Tribal allegiance has highlights of a maroon red appear on her gloves, shoulders, across her waist and around the eyeholes of her helmet. Her usual choice of helmet is a compact and stubby piece, meant to be a functional piece of protection and little else. Such is the case with a lot of Salwa's gear and equipment, all seeming to be geared towards not drawing attention toward her. The biggest exception to this principle are her weapons, which all carry imprints that reference predecessors in her family or friend circle these tools were passed down from.

Traits: Salwa’s upbringing in the tribe centered her training on the skills of a scout and hunter: maintaining silence, moving for long stretches of time alone, observing great distances, precision shooting, trapping, finding food, riding. These were her duties in the tribe, and while she performed these entirely competently, her recently-gained prominence was definitely unexpected.

Salwa's greatest strengths, the fields where she genuinely is a peak performer are:
- First aid for her and her mount
- Precision shooting (not while on the move)
- maintaining silence and moving undetected (as long as Gatog doesn't ruin things)

The duties she is expected to perform have taken on an increasingly high-risk character, but Salwa is unwilling to shirk her duties, for she understands that her kin is in a troubled spot at the moment. She is a stoic type, not given to speak very often despite feeling like she should do so more often. She is very concerned with trying to live up to the expectations that have been placed on her, and she is determined to learn as fast as possible.

The primary ancestral heirloom that has been passed down Salwa's family is a hunting spear, light and meant for one hand. It is said that this weapon felled many beasts to feed the tribe, a tally that Salwa herself has added little to so far.

Much more to her liking is the Thornax Launcher she inherited from a childless mentor who insisted she was worthy of it despite her attempts to argue. The weapon's capabilities are not in themselves impressive, but it is very well maintained.

She also carries a pair of bone knives that are meant as tools, not weapons.

Salwa's mount, Gatog, is a Rock Steed, the only one of its kind in the Ash Tribe's ranks. This alone makes Salwa stand out, for surely one who is capable of taming such a beast is a talented hunter?

The truth is far less impressive. Simple luck led Salwa to happen upon a wounded Rock Steed with a dead rider still in the saddle. Gatog's companionship was earned by nursing the wounded creature back to health, rather than besting it in single combat. Gatog is affectionate and protective towards Salwa, and a fierce warrior, but Salwa's own inability to fully understand how to train and to control the creature makes their partnership volatile.

Biography: In a word: Luck. This word describes Salwa’s path through life so far neatly and consistently. Her family had a sterling reputation in the tribe's recent history, and Salwa's older cousin was among the recent fallen that left the tribe bereft of its best and brightest. Salwa seemed marked for great things from the beginning of her career, with the entirely unexpected taming of a mighty Rock Steed and the consistent success she had finding food on her hunts. Salwa herself knows it's been a series of increasingly unbelieveable lucky breaks. Now that the Tribe is so short on capable members after the recent tragedy, Salwa has been catapulted to something approaching head Scout in the tribe's ranks, a position she is not at all feeling prepared for.

Weaknesses: She is out of her depth. She has a steed she is not fully trained to handle, her skills at close range are lacking, she is nervous and lacking confidence in her own abilities.

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Name: Jeizmel

Species: Agori

Tribe: Ice

Gender: F

Rough age: early adulthood

Appearance: Not really much to tell. Your average-looking Agori for the most part; white-and-blue in tone, of fairly average build for her species and age, if slightly on the scrawny side. She wears a tattered tunic in and amongst her natural armour, the collar of which has a light layer of extra armour sewn into it to protect her neck. Unlike many inhabitants of Bara Magna, she doesn't wear a full helmet; instead favouring a pair of protective goggles, from behind which shine piercing blue eyes.

Equipment: A barbed blade, usually worn slung over her back, that she has dubbed her best companion: the barbs are stylised to look like icicles, and the blade is longer than a dagger but shorter than a full sword.

Personality: Loyal, above all, to her tribe and her settlement of Iconox; however, Jeizmel's is an odd sort of loyalty. While she is certainly concerned with the well-being of her tribe, above that she holds it - and, by extension, herself - to very high standards of purity that she seeks to enforce in her own way. This has earned her very few friends and even less popularity in Iconox where her ways are seen as bad for business; but for the most part Jeizmel doesn't care what people think of her and sticks rigidly to her own standards... even, and perhaps especially, when they get her into trouble. The exception to this lack of care, however, is that she is desperate to be taken seriously despite her young age; as far as she's concerned, people can think what they want of her, just as long as they don't treat her like a child. Nonetheless, for all her flaws and troublesome attitudes to life, she isn't devoid of positive traits; she's brave, and almost always willing to lend a hand when asked.

Weakness: Reckless, first and foremost. Jeizmel has strong principles, even if they seem indecipherable to anyone else, and will often act on them with little to no warning - and certainly without considering the consequences. As a result, it's not difficult for her to get in over her head in any given situation. The fact that she pays little heed to the opinions of others only exacerbates the issue - she does what she wants, and can find herself in trouble as a result.

As is typical for an Agori, she is also physically weaker than many other residents of the wastelands, although her natural agility compensates for this to some degree.

History: The child of two guards of Iconox. As a young girl, Jeizmel spent a lot of time alone while her parents were busy manning defences of the tribe's interests in the city and beyond. One day, while exploring the mountain slopes beyond the city on her own, Jeizmel stumbled upon a hidden ice cavern. She gazed deep into the crystalline ice within, and at its heart discovered what she would call true purity; something that she would later come to believe that the ice tribe had forgotten. As she grew from a child into an adult, she was trained by friends of her parents in both the art of business and the art of the sword... and she also came to see more of Iconox's unsavoury underside. Disturbed by this, the young Agori began to take it as her personal mission to remind her tribespeople of the purity of the ice that they were named after, which she believed they should be modelling.

Top of her list of practices that needed to be dealt with was the slave trade. This comes not out of concern or compassion for the slaves themselves, although Jeizmel isn't unsympathetic to their plight; rather she sees the whole trade as an ugly blight on Iconox's honour, and has made it her mission to oppose it wherever she can. Eventually, after she was caught in the act of setting slaves free without permission one too many times, she was punished with temporary banishment from Iconox until she learned to respect the tribe's interests.

In Jeizmel's mind, that was exactly what she was doing; but she had no choice but to accept her punishment. Catching the next ride to Atero, as the centre of everything, she is just drifting for now, getting by on whatever odd jobs she can... but she hasn't forgotten her personal mission, and has every intention of ultimately continuing to push for her tribe to reclaim their lost purity.

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Name: Lorqua

Tribe: Jungle

Species: Glatorian

Gender: Female, she/her

Appearance: Light armour of a rich, forest green and cool yellow wreathes Lorqua’s body. Her build is athletic by necessity, but she has a ragged and worn aspect despite her relative youth. Because of her Nectar of Life cybernetics, she often has a look of slight dehydration, skin stretched taut around her face.


  • A javelin, her favoured weapon. Of simple and reliable construction, she keeps a few spares strapped to her back when in the wilderness or the arena.

  • A yellow-painted pelte, the light shield often found held in her left hand.

Cybernetics (Approved by BULiK):

  • Warrior’s Sinews: Below the elbow, her right arm is segmented and threaded with light and strong cords of woven metal. The cords are flexible and can be extended and retracted, giving her arm flexibility and variable length. Even when extended her hand still works ordinarily, and at full extension her arm is twice as long as her own height. She often uses this to climb, grab things at a distance, and extend her reach for leverage when throwing her javelin. When using the javelin like a conventional spear, she can leverage her arm to throw it out further than would be ordinarily possible and then retract it.

  • Nectar of Life: Space in her torso which is surplus to requirements has been replaced with a series of valves and receptacles. These chambers can hold excess water in safe keeping for days at a time, if needed. When she is at the point of dehydration, she can open these valves and filter the excess water back into her system, which allows her to keep hydrated on long voyages. What had to be removed to make space for these chambers, and what effect it will have on her health in the long term? Well, she tries not to think about it too much.

Personality & Traits: A restless soul, Lorqua railed against the conventional structure of Glatorian life until she realized she could leave it altogether. She is curious, often to a fault, and not without a reckless streak. She approaches her goals with an unselfconscious devotion, almost completely unwilling to turn back.

History: Lorqua always strained against life in the villages. It was the wider world which interested her, taken even as a child by stories of times long past and the relics and ruins of those times which could still be found hidden deep in the deserts. Frustrated, she took up work as a caravan guard. It brought her further afield than fighting in the arena full-time, but even still she seeks broader horizons.


  • I am the cat: Lorqua is far too curious for her own good, an impulse which verges on the monomaniacal. On a good day, this can lead to rudeness. On a bad day, this is potentially fatal. She hasn’t had a very bad day yet, but she has no intention of stopping until she does.

  • Innsmouth look: When Lorqua has to drink, she really has to drink. Her cybernetics buy her time, but when they are completely empty she is already beginning to experience dehydration, and likely hasn’t realized.


Name: Skrall

Tribe: Rock

Species: Glatorian

Gender: Male, he/him

Appearance: Skrall is proud to wear armour identical to that worn by a thousand of his brothers and a thousand thousand of his ancestors. His armour particularly has a wind-worn appearance, befitting the rough living of  an outrider for the Black Legion. His face often betrays his thoughts. He is quick to give a sardonic smile, and hides his emotions poorly in general.


  • A great Thronax hurler, wielded in two hands but capable of shooting a Thornax fruit with incredible speed and force. It has a short bayonet proceeding out from below the firing end.

  • A khopesh of typically Skrall style, worn at the hip as a sidearm.

  • A buckler which mimics, in smaller form, the saw-edged shields of the Black Legion. It bears the maze upon its face, but it is small and light enough to remain strapped to his forearm.

Cybernetics (Approved by BULiK):

  • Eyes of the Desert: a series of artificial nictitating membranes which he can draw over his eyes. The first layer provides only protection from wind and sand, but further layers can be activated which provide greater and greater magnification.

  • Longstriders: Skrall can extend flat-bladed claws from the bottom of his feet. They distribute his weight more widely, allowing him to walk atop snow drifts or sand dunes. This conserves his energy over long distances, but also allows him to move more quickly and easily atop any soft particulate surfaces. Furthermore, they can serve as a nasty surprise at the end of his kick.

Personality & Traits: Skrall is proud of his heritage, to be sure. He believes in the Skrall way of life. Even so, he believes that the Black Legion’s strength results from their being willing to do what others will not. As such, he has little affection for dogma. Sometimes one must change or die, and he will do his part to make sure the Black Legion does not die. If this leads him to being given a name, and thus living in the minds of his fellows forever more, then that is all the better.

History: Skrall served as outrider in the great march south. A difficult and dangerous job, for it was the outriders who met with any unforeseen threats. Unlike many of his brethren, Skrall survived. Now he seeks his fortune in the arenas.


  • Skrall: Skrall is loath to shirk from a fight. Not only that, he has the confidence to think he can win. He has obvious skill, but he is still relatively untested. It remains to be seen whether he may yet find himself in over hStis head.

  • Skrall Skrall: Neither is Skrall exactly beloved among his fellows: he is seen as having unnatural ideas about innovation and change. He hopes winning a name will lend him legitimacy in the eyes of his brethren.


Name: Escus

Tribe: Water

Species: Glatorian

GenderMale, he/him

Appearance: Escus has a wiry build, with longer than average arms giving him a slightly simian aspect. He wears thin armour of deep blue and black, favouring ease of movement over heavy protection. He habitually carries himself with a slight hunch.


  • He needs no weapon to fight in the arena, but in the wastelands he carries a great black-bladed battle axe. It has a Thornax launcher mounted on the back of the haft.
  • In order to protect his hands when using his Strike Engines, he wears reinforced gauntlets, with armour plates on the primary striking surfaces.

Cybernetics (Approved by BULiK): 

  • Strike Engines: Escus has had a group of pistons installed in his forearms and lower legs. They are visible even when not in use, jutting from the backs of his elbows and fronts of his knees. When activated, the pistons can throw forth his hands or feet with remarkable speed and force. He uses these often for hand-to-hand combat, and enabling quick mobility with jumps and lunges.

Personality & Traits: Escus likes to fight, though perhaps not more than the average Glatorian. What Escus does have, more than the average Glatorian, is ambition. He's looking for a leg up in the world, and sometimes he comes to thinking that he ought to be given more compensation than he is currently. Why is it that the tribes couldn't exist without the Glatorian, and yet everywhere it is the Agori who rule?

However, this has not always been his way. Escus seldom speaks of it, but he worries that there is an emptiness in him that he cannot fill. He has been an good Glatorian for the tribe, perhaps occasionally even a great one. And yet, he remains unsatisfied. He has never had the fire in him to make him a true master of the Arena, fought with the dispassion of one who is skilled but does not truly believe. Ambition is only his latest attempt to find what can truly satisfy him. He is quick to anger, but that anger hides a deep melancholy.

History: Not yet middle aged, but aware of his aging, Escus has spent his life in the arenas fighting for Tajun. He has enjoyed this life well enough, but he does seek other opportunities, especially of late. He has been many things apart from the Arena, tried his hand at music, at trading, at playing games, at beast-handling. So far, none of these other lives has stuck.


  • Pugilist: Escus is quick to anger, especially when he thinks he hasn't gotten what he's due.
  • Slugger: He's most comfortable fighting in close combat. In fact, he isn't particularly comfortable at range at all. If he can be stopped from closing the distance, he simply isn't nearly as dangerous.
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C A B A L L O   S I N   N O M B R E
Name: Bacchus
Species/Tribe: Agori, of the Rock Tribe
Gender: Male
Appearance: Bacchus appears much like any run-of-the-mill Rock Tribe Agori, with big hands and feet, craggy black and gray armor, and a black helmet with a backward-sweeping crest.  His helmet lacks the customary tusked faceplate, leaving his heavy brow, jutting chin, and shaggy beard exposed.  He wears a well-loved blue scarf around his neck, a blue cloth pauldron on his right shoulder, and a comically large backpack on his back.
*Thornax Launcher- A standard but barely functional Thornax Launcher, accompanied by several overripe Thornax fruits.
*Backpack- Contains a bedroll, canteen, journals, maps, parchment rolls, pocket money, smoking pipe and tobacco, a week's rations, and writing charcoal.
Cybernetics: None
Vehicle: None
History:  Bacchus was once a member of Roxtus' Agori reserve, until his general incompetence and incapability of conforming to the Rock Tribe archetype led to his expulsion.  He contented himself with wandering Bara Magna after that, enjoying the mysterious beauty around him and trying to make friends to share it with.
Personality/Traits: A jovial, surprisingly perceptive, but easily distracted fellow, Bacchus is a self-professed "investigator of the strange," which is essentially his excuse to talk others' ears off about whatever is around that interests him, no matter how mundane it may actually be.  On more than one occasion, however, his short attention span has helped him accidentally stumble upon something greater than what he first set out to find.  He is fond of saying the word "Forsooth!"
Weaknesses: Bacchus' status as a member of the Rock Tribe and... rather annoying personality deny him much of the social goodwill afforded to other tribes.  He is also woefully unsuited for combat, due to his lack of weapons training, natural physical weakness, and staunch refusal of cybernetic implants.  ("It's a matter of pride, m'lad!")

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Name: Selamat

Species: Glatorian

Tribe: Fire/Vulcanus

Age & Gender: 22, Male

Description: A notably fit individual of roughly average height, Selamat's impressive muscle mass and tone is easy to see through the numerous gaps in his salvaged scraps of armor. The sparse bits of plating, which cover little more than the vitals, are nonetheless well-maintained, demonstrating the Glatorian's relative lack of means as well as his dedication to his trade. His somewhat youthful features contrast sharply with the piercing gaze that peers out at the world from beneath his brow, promising wordlessly to all who meet it that its owner will become a champion to his people.

Equipment: Selamat owns few worldly possessions, most of them related to his occupation. Aside from his mismatched set of armor, he owns an epee, which is his weapon of choice in the arenas of Bara Magna. When traveling through the wastes he has instead been seen wielding an 8-foot combat spear, which occasionally makes an appearance in his arena bouts. Lastly, he also carries a well-maintained thornax launcher, and has been known to hold a buckler in his offhand during duels.


Endocrine Modulator: This device, connected to the various organs of the endocrine system, controls the release, binding, and reuptake of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol in high-stress situations. Leads to marginally but noticeably enhanced response time, physical performance and cognition. Also releases endorphins in response to injury. Both effects have drawbacks in and outside of combat situations.

Ocular Enhancement: Optical implants replace the lenses of the eyes, allowing for a greater breadth of peripheral vision to be observed with greater clarity, without causing significant warping in the central component of the image perceived by the user.


0. The Fool: Selamat's weakness is his youth. Beyond simply being inexperienced, he also tends to be rash and impulsive, to act without tempering his emotions with reason. He is also slow to correlate information which contradicts his preconceptions.


Name: Skrall

Species: Glatorian (Skrall)

Tribe: Rock/Roxtus (Skrall)

Age & Gender: 37, Male

Description: Cutting a lithe and fit figure, Skrall nonetheless stands a head shorter than an average example of his species. Typically outfitted in light armor and a cloak that blends in with the sandy dunes, it is clear at first sight that Skrall is not meant for the front lines. One should not take this to mean that he lacks martial prowess, though many have-- and those who have tried to act on this presumption bear the scars of such attempts. Nonetheless, Skrall is viewed contemptuously by many of his peers, seen as cowardly and unreliable to have at one's side in a pitched combat. These perceptions are only heightened by Skrall's age; it is uncommon for a Skrall to live to the ripe old age of 37 without having been 'separated from the chaff,' that is, without having been entitled. But Skrall is content with this. His comrades need only to do their jobs, and he will do his own.

Equipment: Skrall typically wears a light covering of dull armor, readily concealed beneath a drab, sandy brown cloak of burlap. He is, however, trained to fight as skillfully in more traditional armor, and readily equips himself with such when circumstances call for it. At his hips, several weapons can typically be found. The first, on his left, is a smaller version of the typical Skrall blade, albeit without the built-in thornax launcher. Beside it is a simple dirk, more of a utility knife than a proper weapon, but more than capable of killing in a pinch. On his right is a standalone thornax launcher, a small, single-shot one designed and very well-maintained to be deadly accurate at short to middling ranges. Concealed on Skrall's person are no fewer than 3 additional blades: A main-gauche inside the cloak; a stiletto sheathed at his right shoulder; a push dagger in a concealed ankle holster. Beside all these weapons, Skrall often carries a rucksack filled with rations and supplies to facilitate survival on solo missions that take him out upon the dunes, as well as reconnaissance gear such as a spyglass.


Respiratory Overhaul: Replacing the clumsy operation of a normal being's lungs, this enhancement allows its bearer to achieve a state of constant respiratory airflow via the introduction of numerous redundant ventilation points across the torso. This makes it incredibly difficult for the bearer to become winded or be manually suffocated. These benefits last for as long as the bearer avoids repeated direct damage to ventilation points, as well as total submergence in liquid - or, more common on Bara Magna, sand. It also allows the bearer to speak constantly without pausing for breath, a feature of dubious benefit. Noteworthy is that this system replaces rather than augments the normal function of the lungs; the enhancement itself obstructs diaphragmatic breathing and, if function ceases, the bearer will be effectively disabled at best and will soon expire at worst.


I. The Magician: Skrall's unique qualities cause him to be isolated and alienated from the larger Skrall cohort. This has led him to become accustomed to working on his own and being self-reliant compared to other Skrall, but it has also ruined his ability to work with or meaningfully form bonds with others. He views other people as tools to be utilized for his own ends, a tyrant made all the more petty for his lack of a kingdom to rule over.

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Name: Dornak

Species: Agori

Affiliation: Fire Tribe (Secretly working for Rock Tribe)

Gender: Male, he/him

Appearance: A small, shrinking figure in dark red armour with yellow eyes.

Personality: If you’re looking for trouble, you should head in the opposite direction of where Dornak is going. While not particularly selfish or heartless, any threat to Dornak’s well-being overrides any other concerns he has. Indeed, this unfortunate strain of cowardice has led to him doing various odd jobs, the oddest of which is becoming a secret informant for the Skrall, even if he’d rather not have anything to do with the brutal, imperialistic, strangely hung-up on gender Rock Tribe.

Equipment: A small sword, for when begging doesn’t work.

Vehicle: Thornatus - For the sole purpose of escape, when necessary. [Vehicle approved by BULiK]

Weakness: Spine Sold Separately - There’s virtually no fight or flight instinct here - only flight, all the time. Dornak is willing to go to sickening lengths to save his own skin, despite whatever moral qualms he might have. That said, if backed into a corner, he might not be as harmless as his behaviour suggests.


Name: Maxas

Species: Agori

Affiliation: Water Tribe

Gender: Male, he/him

Appearance: An honest water tradesman with an honest face, light blue armour and suspicious, frenzied pale blue eyes.

Personality: With Tajun’s criminal underworld being actively cultivated by its leadership, naturally, the honest members of society will feel somewhat alienated and fearful. Maxas, however, always felt alienated and fearful. He may appear calm and collected at first, but it’s an act - he’s utterly convinced that he’s always being watched, and that everyone is out to get him - his tribe, the other tribes, the Skrall, the Bone Hunters, the Element Lords, the Vorox and Zesk, the Spikit, the Sand Stalkers, the Sand Bats, the sand, his mother, his tribe again…

Equipment: Maxas always carries bottles of his product on him… well, they’re mostly his product. Some are poisonous, some are actually a caustic acid. The bottles have tiny differences in colour so he knows which is which… hopefully. He also carries a war hammer. He’s made sure it’s not been sabotaged.

Vehicle: Kaxium - Specialized for the quick transport of water, the side-car designed to carry strapped down containers of the element. [Vehicle approved by BULiK]

Weakness: They’re Watching Me! - Though he tries to pretend otherwise, Maxas’ paranoia means he believes he’s perpetually under surveillance even in the empty expanse of the desert. Believing that everyone else is disloyal and treacherous, means that he must also be disloyal and treacherous, even when it’s in his best interests not to be.


Name: Lutenus

Species: Glatorian

Affiliation: Jungle Tribe

Gender: Male, he/him

Appearance: Tall, broad-shouldered, clad in pale green armour with crimson eyes. adorned with a cybernetic device wedged in his skull and a red robotic eye.

Personality: Soft-spoken, polite, cultured, and utterly ruthless, believing that Tesara has a divine right through the Element Lord of Jungle to rule the desert. While outwardly affable and friendly, Lutenus will do whatever he believes is necessary to the Jungle Tribe’s best interests. As for his own interests, convinced that cybernetics are the future, Lutenus aspires to become more machine than man, and believes that others should share this desire, firm in his notion that this is the best strategy to overcome the inevitable conflict with the Skrall menace.

Equipment: In the arena or on the battlefield, Lutenus dual-wields Thornax Launcher and an exquisitely crafted axe known as Treesplitter.

Cybernetics: Lutenus’ right eye (your right, not his) has been replaced with a cybernetic substitute, capable of perceiving things more clearly than any organic eye, with telescopic zoom and infrared functions. The metallic cap sticking out of his head is an unusual device developed by Celrys that Lutenus can allow to control his actions - essentially, letting a logical machine take over instead of the emotional organic, though it only seems to work if facing an armed opponent. [Cybernetics approved by BULiK]

Weakness: My Skull Runneth Over - The metal device planted into Lutenus’ skull influences his brain functions. As such, if damaged, it could cause both psychological and physical damage, ceasing motor function, causing an overload of fear-inducing hormones, rendering Lutenus unconscious, or other debilitating effects.


Name: Vraek

Species: Glatorian

Allegiance: Ice Tribe

Gender: Female, she/her

Appearance: Lithe yet muscular, standing tall in white with black tribal patterns and bright violet eyes.

Personality: Proud, yet noble, Vraek lives for the arena, snobbishly looking down on those who utilize cybernetic implements or extensive armour into battle, taking her duties as one of Iconox’s Glatorian very seriously, though desiring to battle worthy opponents more so than win. Unfortunately, Iconox’s indulgence in the trading of lives through slavery has soured her, but she cannot simply abandon the Ice Tribe over it… can she?

Equipment: Alongside the traditional Thornax Launcher, Vraek carries an Exsidian Spear.

Cybernetics: None. She claims it’s because she hasn’t needed any, but Vraek privately looks down on those who use mechanical implements, in spite of their uses and Iconox’s present monopoly on Exsidian.

Weakness: Honour Before Reason - Vraek carries a very rigid personal moral code, that allows for her to continue fighting for Iconox despite its slave trading, but forbids her from taking any action deemed dishonourable - attacking from stealth, attacking while an enemy is down, stealing, and such.


Name: Skrall

Species: Glatorian (Skrall Warrior)

Allegiance: Rock Tribe (He is Skrall)

Gender: Male, he/him

Appearance: He is Skrall. Black armour, red eyes, red highlights.

Personality: He is Skrall. Loyal, disciplined, taciturn, only speaking when needed. He is Skrall. He was born. He was trained. He will fight. He will die. He will, however, not understand why everyone else is so afraid of females. For Skrall, it is his fellow males who seem to give him pause…

Equipment: He is Skrall. He carries the Saw Blade Shield, and a Tribal Design Blade.

Cybernetics: None. He is Skrall. Though sometimes, even lowly warrior-class Skrall earn cybernetics in recognition of deeds, this Skrall hasn’t earned any cybernetics, because no one has recognized his deeds.

Weakness: He Isn’t Skrall - He is Skrall. But sometimes he doesn’t… feel like Skrall. He does not understand these feelings. He does not know any way to be, but Skrall. This doubt is a poison that must be expelled… mustn’t it?


Name: Taldrix

Species: Agori

Allegiance: Bone Hunters Gatherers

Gender: Female, she/her

Appearance: A hardened veteran of the desert, Taldrix stands in old and rusted black armour from her Rock Tribe origins, with sunken, bright orange eyes. Her features bulky, yet gaunt from obvious Spice use, she conceals this through both her helmet and a black cloth around her mouth.

Personality: Even raiders need bureaucrats. Responsible for cataloguing the various ‘transactions’ the Bone Hunters Gatherers make, particularly in reference to slaves and Spice, Taldrix treats raiding and pillaging like it’s a professional occupation, all the while keeping track of numbers, appraising the value of taken slaves, and trying carefully to both moderate her Spice usage and conceal her own disgust at what she has been reduced to (and failing at both). While Taldrix acts eerily calm, cold, cruel and apathetic most of the time, on Spice she becomes highly aggressive, paranoid, and self-pitying. She has a specific hatred for the Skrall, as their gender politics forced her to leave the Rock Tribe for the Bone Hunters Gatherers when she was young.

Equipment: Apart from her dual metal bone blades, fashioned from the metallic skeletal remains of a large desert creature, Taldrix carries a supply of Spice at all times, as well as an extensive amount of parchment to chronicle her Gatherer dealings and work out the math, as well as various sharp metal implements designed to ‘tag’ slaves. She rides the Rock Steed ‘Nuth’, who often must also carry various other rolls of parchment and other bookkeeping implements.

Weakness: The Spice Must Flow - Most drug dealers know better than to sample their own product. Taldrix does not, having taken to it to try and take her mind off her troubles.


Name: Xyde

Species: Agori

Allegiance: Ash Tribe

Gender: Non-binary, they/them

Appearance: A rotund, rollable looking character in ashen armour and bright green eyes.

Personality: The Ash Tribe may be stigmatized throughout the desert, but you wouldn’t know that from Xyde, willing to lend their considerable medical expertise to anyone who needs it, an eternally sunny optimist in a land of greed, betrayal and misery… though they are painfully aware of that. In fact, mocking the perception of their tribe and the moral failings of others is their greatest amusement. They also have a way with animals, able to tame a Spikit, the two heads named Zin and Zyn (pronounced exactly the same).

Equipment: Various medical substances and implements, many of them obsidian, are carried with them at all times, as is an obsidian blade for self-defense, or when particularly large incisions need to be made. There is also the tamed two-headed Spikit, Zin and Zyn. Granted, Zin and Zyn don’t always pay attention to Xyde… except when they need them to tear someone apart with their teeth.

Cybernetics: Their hands are made entirely of mechanical prosthesis, designed to be more flexible and less shaky than their original fleshy variants.

Vehicle: A wagon pulled by Zin and Zyn, which carries a great deal of herbs, chemicals, medical parchments and surgical tools. [Vehicle approved by BULiK]

Weakness: Do No Harm - Xyde really doesn’t want to hurt anyone. They will, of course, if push comes to shove, but only once all other options are exhausted. They’re also compelled to try and alleviate the suffering of anyone they meet, even people it would be wiser not to do so.

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What do you do when you’re born red?

When you have the physique but lack the powers?

You’re an outcast, for you were clearly not one of them. If you’re not one of them, you’re just skrall. Skrall hate and fear you - but not as much as the others hate skrall.

Where else could you go? Nowhere else will have you. Your place is with skrall.

They tend to forget that. So you remind them with scars:

Your scars remind you of who you are not.

Their scars remind them of who you are.


Name: Skrall
Tribe: Rock
Species: Skrall
Gender: Female
Appearance: At first glance, a standard skrall warrior…perhaps a bit slimmer around the shoulders, balanced out by surprisingly strong legs. Beneath the black and red armor are chords of muscle akin to steel tension wires, covered in an above-average amount of scars for your typical skrall warrior - not gained in the arena.

  • Dual ‘skrallkri’ knives, one sheathed in each shoulder pauldron. They are equal parts tool and weapon; the hilt ends in a spike that aids in climbing.
  • Thornax Glaive: Traditional Skrall Kopis on a longer staff that houses a thornax launcher
  • Skutum: A circular buzzsaw shield, bearing the mazelike insignia of the Black Legion painted in blood.


  • Integrated grappling hook installed in left forearm: High tensile strength wire attached to a projectile hook that splits open once it hits its intended target. The wire comes from a small winch that has enough power to hold twice her owner’s weight, plus a little extra safety margin. Once again primarily intended for climbing, but long since repurposed for numerous other uses like hunting or a makeshift tripwire or garotte if need be.
  • Rock steed crampons: A set of articulated metal claws attached to each foot. Mostly geared toward making traversal of harsh terrain easier - aka climbing - their ability to extend and to clamp down hard enough to find purchase in solid rock do give skrall’s kicks and stomps a nasty edge in combat. They also allow her to walk on walls and ceilings if those are structurally strong enough to hold the weight of someone hanging from them.

Personality & Traits: Next to her actual armor, skrall puts on the additional emotional armor of giving off as many ‘do not mess with me’ vibes as possible. Whether she actually feels that way is hard to say, she mostly keeps her interactions with her peers to the minimum needed to get down to business.

Lone Iron Wolf: You can trust them not to trust you.


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Name: Xani

Species: Agori

Gender: Female

Tribe: Ice

History: In her youth, Xani was a passionate crafter who created many wondrous items out of crystal. Yet much to her frustration, this brought her little wealth or recognition. Things changed when Exsidian was discovered and demand for cheap labour shot up. Shoulders deep in debt, Xani took a risk and entered the slave trade. Soon enough, she proved to be very good at the job, which made her a rich Agori known throughout Iconox. No one really knows how she is able to make such good deals with her trade partners, the Gatherers, and she certainly won't share her secrets with those who failed to appreciate her craftsmanship.

Description: Rather tall for an Agori, if somewhat frail. Her body is mostly white as snow with some spots of dark blue. Strangely, she wears an elaborately crafted crystal mask to cover her face.

Personality: She appreciates the fine arts and is very nimble with her fingers, but looks down upon those who do not share her appreciation of beauty. She generaly distrusts those who come from other tribes (except for her trade partners). While originally she engaged in slave trade out of desperation, she has now fully embraced her new life and feels nothing but contempt for those who seek to take her livelihood away from her.

Equipment: She carries a chisel and a hammer with her, a remnant of her past profession, and a Thornax launcher for self-protection. She also has a satchel with various useful items and plenty of currency.

Weaknesses: She is not a warrior and has no real experience in fighting. She also doesn't really get along with anyone else.

Vehicle: Xani owns an unarmed Baranus V7 chariot which she acquired from the Rock Tribe in exchange for several slaves. It is pulled by a "tame" unnamed Spikit and has a cargo sled attached to it, which is usually used to transport slaves.

Edited by Daniel the Finlander
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still alive somehow

BZPRPG profiles

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Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/him

Species: Glatorian

Tribe: Water

Wiki Page: Luka

Appearance: Yellow and blue armor, with bright yellow eyes. He is tall and has an average athletic build. The relative lack of scratches and dents in his armor suggest that he is newer to the Arena than others. He has a confident and optimistic demeanor.

Approximate Age: 24ish

TraitsProjecting a type of heroism commonly found in old myths and stories. He genuinely wants to help people in need and does not want to beg for permission from alliances or government bodies to do so.


  • Cyan Sword: One wavy longsword common to Tajun that normally is deep blue. However, this is a slight green tint to this one, hence the name. It is extremely sharp but also pristine-looking, giving a clue to the relative lack of experience of its user.

BiographyLuka was born in an unknown, tiny settlement that once existed to the southeast of Tajun — between the home of the Water tribe and the imposing Vulcanus. However, Bone Hunters raided the settlement when he was just a child, and he was one of few who escape to tell the tale. He was adopted by two Agori workers in Tajun and began working as a water-gatherer from then on. Only in the last six months did his Agori caretakers give him their blessing to train to become a fighter for Tajun. His passion is personal freedom, and dispises the slave trades that go on in the north.

Cybernetics (approved by a goose):

  • Return to Me: There is a beacon and magnetic apparatus inside the hilt of Luka’s Cyan Sword that is paired with cybernetics in his head and right hand. Once he raises and opens his right palm, the sword with fly to him — spinning and slicing anything in its path from anywhere within the radius the size of Arena Tajun. This sword does not need to be visible for this to work, but a strong enough being or machine could prevent it from moving if held in place.
  • Smasher: Tubes and wires extend from Luka’s spine to different spots on his arms. When activated, Luka’s arms grow and get super strength. This allows him to carry heavier objects or use his Cyan Sword with more lethality.

Weakness: Luka is naive and inexperienced in the real-world. He is prone to a black-white view of Bara Magna and morality, and there are facts about the land that he was not taught in his upbringing. Once such example is his cybernetics — he has not yet connected his battle prowess with the very forced labor that he seeks to abolish.

While Luka is very strong and intuitive in his combat, he has not mastered the more advance fighting techniques. However, once Luka is supposed to an unfamilar move, he picks it up quickly.

Edited by Emzee
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"hey girl: here’s an idea, but… it’s up to you:

You’re the boss of this operation."

[BZPRPG Profile] [Ghosts of Bara Magna Profile]


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Content Warning: sexual assault, (heavily internalized) victim blaming.

name: none
tribe: none
species: you are no longer skrall.  you are nothing now.
gender: none
age: something between 20 and 40. slaves are young or they are dead.
appearance: a starving physique picked out in shades of charcoal and dark red.  slinking, deferential.  better not to stand out.
equipment: a slave has nothing but their scars.
cybernetics: once the night was your friend, chill and diamond studded.  you cloaked yourself in it, put in eyes to pierce it and gentle steps that would not.  this is useful even now.  it is useful to work at night without stumbling. it is useful to be seen and not heard, except when you surprise them and they beat you.

biography: you have lost everything.  you once had a place, a point of pride.  but you were stupid, even though you thought you were intelligent, even though you delighted in games of stones and rhetoric.  (foolish things, female things.)  maybe the young sister would not have not have noticed you if you did not delight in such things.

none of this matters now. you are slave.  you do what they tell you, tell them what they ask, and no more.  (even a slave can still listen, can still know things best left kept.)

weakness: you liked it. you liked it when she smiled at you, liked it when she touched you. (until you tried to leave. until she made you stay.) this is your fault. this is your punishment.

you are stupid, but not blind. you know the other women, know they are not like sisters. (she cried, she said she was sorry.) you know the sisters, if you saw one you might run. (you might kill her.)

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There's a dozen selves inside you, trying to be the one to run the dials

[BZPRPG Profiles]

Hatchi - Talli - Ranok - Lucira - FerellisMorie - Fanai - Akiyo - Yukie - Shuuan - Ilykaed - Pradhai - Ipsudir

And some aren't even on your side.

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Name: Akrianos
Tribe: Unknown
Species: Glatorian
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall and lean. Akrianos wears old, unpainted silver armour; long dulled and marred by the elements, and covered by a sun-bleached and sand-stained surcoat of black and white, which appears to have once been something of great esteem. His helmet if of the same material and colour as his armour; handcrafted in a simple shape, but with many hand-carved details of unknown origin, and banded with a cross-shaped and rivet studded strip of metal, with holes for his pale yellow eyes in the horizontal band, and vertical vents near his mouth.

Akrianos carried a massive sword and a morning star, but both have been seized by his captors.

Cybernetics: Sword Link: With the sword in hand, Akrianos can use his cybernetics in his arm to activate a function on his sword which electro-mechanically converts it to a large tower shield.

Stimulant Pump: Over the years, Akrianos has continually tweaked this cybernetic, providing him with an on-demand cocktail of various stimulants, granting him enhanced strength, speed and endurance in combat for brief periods. The stimulants aren't regenerative though, and are limited to four uses before needing to be topped up at the nearest location with traders.

Personality & Traits: Akrianos is calculating, driven, and adaptable; capable of striking out solo or working with allies, as the situation suits. He prefers diplomacy when possible, but remains alert, prepared, and calm, even in the most insufferable situations. A cybernetic craftsman and ronin by trade, Akrianos spends most of his time exploring Spherus Magna, stopping in cities for work both as a warrior and to upgrade cybernetics of the lucky few.

Weaknesses: Akrianos refuses to give up, to a fault. His tendency to wander off the beaten path can wind him up in trouble, as well.

Background: A warrior and craftsman of no renown, Akrianos makes his living as a wandering mercenary and cybernetic repairman across Spherus Magna. His age is unkown, although he looks as though he's seen many battles, and even more miles. Although the few who know him see his wandering as aimless, Akrianos has dedicated his life to a search, which he keeps to himself. On his latest journey between Roxtus and Atero, however, he encountered Bone Hunters, and has spent the past several months in servitude at their Stronghold, awaiting the right moment to escape.

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"This spot marks our grave; but you may rest here too, if you like."


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