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A Pool of Blue Protodermis!


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This is how I make my resin masks. If anyone has any questions please ask.

I use a clear transparent resin base and add a blue resin dye to my base. The reason I add a blue dye is to prevent yellowing of my printed models. A very light tint of blue is required to prevent yellowing, however with these masks, I wanted a stronger blue tint, so I upped the amount of blue dye used.



It takes about 2 hours to print out the two masks.



Then they are cleaned in 99% Isopropyl alcohol, I have a washing machine for the parts.



The next step is that all the masks are placed in a UV chamber and cured for 30 minutes.




After this the masks are primed for painting, each mask is dipped in a custom dyed food grade resin, that is used to make cutting-boards.

Then the masks are cured with dry heat for 72 hours. The last step is to use a pen-knife to remove anything, from around the mask’s connector pegs.



Completed Masks






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The pictures are good for showing the steps of the process, but some written description might be useful so people actually know what's going on. These images alone probably don't mean much to people who don't already know how the resin-printing process works. 

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