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Looking for Toa Nuva Pens


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Ahaha, the Nuva Pens.  I don't even remember them being advertised back in 2002, and I was hyper focused on the theme back then.  Crazy.

They have not been easy to track down.  Black Six found Pohatu Nuva at one of the BrickFairs once and I bought it from him, and two years ago Onua Nuva and Kopaka Nuva popped up on Bricklink at fairly expensive prices and like a fool I purchased those too.  Still, I've been keeping a tracker on Bricklink for these for almost 10 years now and have hardly gotten any hits.  (Although looks like Pohatu, Onua, and Kopaka pens were purchased on Bricklink last December, but that wasn't me.  So I guess they do periodically pop up now.)

If you can browse thru vendors at Lego conventions, that's probably the best way to locate them.  I can think of three or four different occasions when vendors have had Bionicle pens (mostly the Mata, but as I said earlier Black Six found a Nuva).  They seem to be a novelty item that most of the fan community didn't pick up back in the day, so hard to tell if a lot of folks have em here still.

Best of luck in your hunt for em!  (Nope, not selling mine, sorry :D )


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