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BZPower's Best Bionicle Toa Bracket Round 3

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We have our semi-finalists for Round 3, after 119 votes. We're down to just nine Toa, so their numbers are dropping quickly, but we're that much closer to seeing who will be the top favorite. You can vote now for the third round, which will be running until mid-March. Meantime, you can see the results for the second round here, or read on for some of my insights.

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Only three votes to make and I happen to have a little extra time available today, so I decided to get my votes in right now.

Seeing the options available, I can't help but think how amusing it would be if the winners of this round turned out to be Tahu Mata, Jaller Mahri, and Lhikan. Talk about a firefight in the final. :lol:

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Formerly known as Takanuva's Symbol, I rejoined BZPower on October 10, 2012.

These days, I am perhaps best known for my obsession with all Lego video games.

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I dunno, at this rate we're potentially looking at a Tahu vs Kopaka showdown with Lhikan as a third wheel.  But hey, maybe the numbers will change this time; they already have less of a lead than when I checked this morning.


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