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Tales of The Mangai Chapter 2: Audiodrama

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"We're born for this. They aren't."
Toa Aidau had seen much. Much time, much hardship, all to mold his boastful youth into the reserved Toa of Ice most knew well. But his pride never left him, nor did his sense of duty.
Aidau prized his stature as a Toa, and more than that, saw it as something no Matoran should ever concern themself with being equivalent. Toa were to be above Matoran, to do what they couldn't, battle who they couldn't, go where they couldn't. This was the ideal Aidau took to heart.
No matter the foe, he would sooner face them himself than let someone else shoulder the duty. And so he did, to the end.
The Mangai Project presents Chapter 2 of the Tales of the Mangai, now reimagined for our Tales of the Mangai Audio Drama series! You've read the tale. Now live it.


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