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LEGO Minifigure Fabric Gown + Tutorial and Pattern

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A little LEGO dress tutorial, at last-though 17 months have passed!


Hoping to make less simplistic version in the future (dreaming of doing a bridal gown with extravagant layers!), but as nothing is guaranteed, thought I might as well set this simple one free! Thanks for the read!





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IMG_0692.GIF.3309bb29bcc7460f3b8786a87af44771.png.da7133cb92dbb2189370ddfa6f4d46de.png Member-Made Emote Topic h.jpg.3e4ad884a1ceef85d03b81b5df0c09ef.jpg

Original Mush art thanks to @Bambi





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  • Mushy the Mushroom changed the title to LEGO Minifigure Fabric Gown + Tutorial and Pattern

Hi Mushy! Beautiful work as always - I especially love how perfectly the blue matches Jasmine's blue! As someone who just got back from the arts and crafts store looking for a specific shade of fabric, I am amazed. That's an awesome dream of making your own extravagant bridal gown, and I'd say you're well along on the way to achieving that dream :)

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(disclaimer: none of this banner art is original, I just smooshed it together in gimp. Torchic, Matau)
Those pesky firespitters... 
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