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How the Mask of Light’s peaceful ability works

How the Mask of Light’s peaceful ability works  

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Hi, guys. Whenever I asked fellow Bionicle fans about how to deal with villains and the Nui Stone, some people say that Takanuva could use the Mask of Light to make corrupt people “good” and “free from addiction on the Nui Stone” by making them peaceful and able to understand others (I always notice that in Facebook groups and Instagram). Well, there’s one problem with that: the effects of the mask could likely be temporary. Plus, you shouldn’t literally change a corrupt person’s mind forever like that. It’s sort of taking away someone’s free will. Also, some villains’ minds could be strong enough to resist the peaceful effects of the mask. Why else was Takanuva not shown to have used the peaceful ability? Plus, the Noble version of the Mask is weaker than the Great one, so the duration of the peaceful effects is shorter. 

When Takanuva became a half-Toa of Light and half-Toa of Shadow, and then Pohatu saw Takanuva shooting Shadow blasts, Pohatu confused him as a Makuta in disguise, so he threatened to kill Takanuva. Takanuva was thinking about using the mask to help Pohatu understand that Takanuva is the real Takanuva, but he knew that Pohatu could feel his mind being touched by the mask’s peaceful power, so he would kill Takanuva right away because a Makuta usually wants to attack people’s minds. Takanuva had to use another way to prove himself to Pohatu. 

So, using the mask is not an easy way to defeat your enemies. I just want you guys to understand that. I mean, in that new Sonic the Hedgehog game called Sonic Lost Frontiers in 2022, Sonic was going to use his Super Sonic form to defeat three more Titan robots to save the day right after destroying the first Titan just because his Super form is powerful, which made him believe that his task was going to be short and easy. However, turrets on an island made him lose the Chaos Emeralds that gave him his Super form, so Sonic had to collect the Emeralds again to defeat the second Titan on that island. He did not have an easy time over there, like how he experienced in the first island. It was the same pattern on four islands, and these tasks were lengthy and hard, rather than short and easy. You see what I’m talking about? 

If I want Takanuva to try to use the mask on someone, it would be corrupt Matoran (Ahkmou, Vultraz, rogue Nynrah Ghosts, and the Matoran Civil War leaders, for examples), Toa (Tuyet, mutated Toa Hagah, and Dark Hunters that were once Toa), and that Turaga guy who went insane and sent Matoran from Lesovikk’s island to the island of Karzahni. I think people who could resist the effects are that evil Great Being who pretended to be Velika, corrupt Agori, corrupt Glatorian, Skrall, Dark Hunters, Skakdi, and every other villain because they’re so corrupt that they would not want to listen to reason.


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I voted temporary, just because the mask would be OP anyway, but honestly the Avohkii's peacemaking power (and the Kraahkan's emotional powers, too) were never really seen in-story, it was just something we learned in descriptions of them.

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Looking at the description, the wording of the power is very strange. The way you talk about it in your question I thought it was something in the vein of Rahkshi Anger/Fear powers, forcing a target to feel a different emotion. But looking at the description in the Encyclopedia - "it also brings understanding, turning anger into peace and enemies into allies" - it sounds like something different. 

Based on that wording, it sounds more like the mask is meant to help ease disagreements, resolve disputes, etc. by somehow giving the parties involved a mutual understanding of one another, and it's through that understanding that peace is achieved (rather than the mask somehow "curing" people of selfish or cruel desires). If all the mask actually does is "spread understanding", then I'd argue that someone who already understands that what they're doing is morally wrong, and are choosing to do it anyway, would be completely unaffected.

Addressing the actual question, all of the other powers in canon that effect people's emotional states are temporary, so it stands to reason that the Avohkii's would be as well.

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I can't say anything new that hasn't already been said - I agree that the effect logically would be/should be temporary, especially that emotions are pretty naturally temporary. 

What jumped to mind with the wording of that power specifically was Axonn's ability to cure insanity. Although that's not a temporary effect, it seemed similar in that it regulates a state of heightened disequilibrium. Perhaps both provide a sort of jolt or emotional reset of sorts. 

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