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The Official Epics Library
Welcome! :D Here, we'll be keeping a collection of epics, so feel free to submit yours to the list! 
How To Submit:
Do not PM me. Post the information in this topic. Remember that after your epic has been added, your post will be deleted. Of course, if your post was deleted and your epic wasn't added, feel free to repost the link.
When logging your story into this topic, use this format (you'll be replacing all of the words in all caps with your own information):


Rating Guidelines:
PLEASE LIST ONLY ONE RATING!! Give the highest rating you plan for the epic to ever have.
NR: (Stories that just began and don't have any action yet)
G: (Stories with no blood except maybe a cut and standard action)
PG: (Stories with little blood and/or violence)
PG-13: (Stories with medium violence and/or some blood and/or minor cursing)
(R and X-rated stories are not allowed since they would entail breaking BZP rules!)
Annus Mirabilis (PG-13) by Sumiki Review Topic
Alternate Metru, The (PG) by Toa Kranan : TOUAB Review topic
Adventures of Sandstorm, The (PG) by Phantom Terror Review Topic
Adventures of Sandstorm Part Two, The (PG), By Phantom Terror Review Topic
Amethyst:Tacker's Story (PG-13) by fishers64 Review Topic
BIONICLE: The Forgotten Bond, (PG), by Pahrak. Review topic
Best Kept Secrets, The (PG-13) by The Wretched Automaton Review Topic
Beginning Of The End, The (PG-13) by MCGPY
Battle between brothers(PG-13) by Parazan Review Topic
Bioni-Lords Book 3: Kako (PG-13) by Pahrak Review topic
Bionicle: Time for time (PG-13) by Toa Kayn Review topic
Bionicle Chronicles: A Hero Rises (PG-13) by Flaredrick: Forgotten One Review Topic
Bionicle Mafia Uprising: Book 1 - Isolation (PG-13) by Voltex ; Review Topic
BIONICLE: The Future (PG-13) by TheKanohiIgnika Review Topic
BIONICLE: The Legend Corrupted (PG-13) by WalkLikeAZombie Review Topic
Bionicle - Legend of Earth (PG-13) by Toa Andrew Review Topic
Captive's Return, The (PG-13) by Liam Dick (Funkydude527) Review Topic
Chronicles of the Cold-Hearted (PG-13) by NatoGreavesy Review Topic
Dare to Dream (PG-13) by Tekulo: Toa of Gales Review topic
Darkest Light, The (PG-13) by Varkanax39 Review Topic
Different Ignition (G) by Toatapio Nuva Review Topic
here]Dimension]Dimension Hoppers (PG-13) by TNTOS Review]Review Topic
Dimension]Dimension Hoppers: The Other Tale (PG-13) by TNTOS Review]Review topic
Dawn of the New Century(PG-13) by TNTOS Review Topic
Endless Blue (PG-13) by bonesiii Review Topic
End of the Beginning (VIDEO PODCAST SERIES) (PG-13), By Joev14, Review Topic
Enigma (PG-13) by Karzhani the Utahraptor, Review Topic
Eradication: The Lost Toa (PG-13) By Vezon of the Olmak Review Topic
Extermination (PG-13) by Voltex - Review Topic
Extraction (PG-13) by Voltex - Review Topic
Fire (PG-13) by fishers64 Review Topic
Fate of Yrenta (PG-13) by The Iron Toa Review Topic
Folly of the Toa, The (PG-13) by Scorpion_Strike Review Topic
Forgotten Destiny (PG) by Toatapio Nuva and others Review Topic
Gilead (PG-13) by Irrie Review Topic
Gorge, The (EXO-FORCE) (PG) by Joev14 Review Topic
Golden City Origins (EXO-FORCE), (PG) by Joev14 Review Topic
Gunsmith, The (PG-13) by IX. Dymex Review topic
Herald of Darkness, The (PG-13) By ZOMBI3S Review Topic
Hopeless Dream, The (PG-13), by The Spectral Mask, Review Topic
Independence  (PG-13) by Bonkle Review Topic
Into the Darkness, (PG-13) by Varkanax39 Review Topic
In the End (PG-13) by TNTOS Review Topic
In Our Bones (PG-13) by Pahrak, Review Topic

KIRAK THE SCAVENGER (PG) by Logan McOwen Review Topic
Knights of the Green, (PG-13) by Joev14 Review Topic

Life is a Blank: A Story of Metru-Nui (PG-13) by Hahli Historian Review Topic
Lone and Level Sands, The (PG-13), by Ballom, Review Topic
Mind in Darkness, A (PG) by Pahrak, Review Topic
Metru Nui: the Fall (PG-13) by LanceMuch7 Review Topic
New Directive (NR) by Alijar. Review Topic
Psycho (PG-13) by Tyler Durden Review topic
Post-Matoran (PG-13) by Moo! Review Topic
Powers That Be Continuation, The (PG-13) by Joev14 Review topic
Peace Origins (PG) by Joev14 Review
Powers That Be, The (PG-13), By Joev14, Review Topic
Prophecy Of The Six, The (PG-13) by FrozenPancake_(S) Review

Quest for Amiibo, The (PG) by Voltex - Review Topic
Return, The (PG-13) by AZBlue Review topic
Rise of DEATH, The (PG-13) by Vezon of the Olmak Review Topic
Rise of the Rookies (PG-13) by Sumiki Review topic
Return Of The Toa, The  (PG-13) by TheMegazordman1 Review Topic
Shadows of Miserix: Season 1 (PG) by Joev14 Review Topic
Shadows Coil, The (PG-13) by Varkanax39 Review Topic
Secrets of the Star (PG-13), By Joev14, Review Topic
Sinister Forces (NR) by Dude w/ a Hat Review Topic
Species (PG-13) by Kopekemaster Review Topic
Team, The (PG-13) by fishers64 Review Topic
Tale of Yrenta (PG-13) by The Iron Toa Review Topic
Tales of Bota Magna (PG) by Joev14 Review Topic
Time of the Mask Makers, The (PG) by Pahrak, Review Topic

Uprising, The (PG) by Parazan Review Topic
Unseen Light (PG-13) by Toa Of Virtues and Master Inika Review Topic
Vanquished Alliance (PG) by Irrie Review Topic
View from Above, A (G) by WhereFMF Review Topic 

Wings (PG-13), by Inferna Firesword Review topic
When To Trust The Chronicler (PG) by Moo! Review Topic
Wartime Journal of a Toa (PG-13) by The Iron Toa Review Topic
Warrior's Tale, A (PG), by Phantom Terror Review Topic
Yesterday Quest, The (PG-13), By Joev14, Review Topic
{ N/S, A - Z }

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[url=http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/24246-a-rude-awakening-the-visions-of-thasos-as-recorded-by-iaredios][b]A Rude Awakening: The Visions of Thasos[/b][/url] (PG-13) by [url=http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/55513-iaredios-the-desert-dude/]Iaredios[/url] - [url=http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/24247-the-visions-of-thasos-review-topic]Review Topic[/url]



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