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Short Stories Contest History

Hahli Husky

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Welcome to the new Short Stories contest collection topic! Since we have to log out to look at the previous SS Contest History, not to mention this older one here, I think it's time for an updatable topic. :) Thank you Senjo for running the old topic! Most of the information here was gathered, edited, and commented on by her. Old forum links will be marked with a lovely little *, so be warned!


Please DO NOT ask when the next library contest is going to be. Many contests require brand new epics, so the staff do not wish to share contest dates and details until the topic is posted.


NEW CONTEST INFO WILL BE ADDED once all Contest History and Library Collection topics are public. I can only juggle so much at once, but no worries, it'll be in this week. B-) If anyone can give me links to contests between the Library Summer Olympics and the old forum going down, please please do so. I think it would be SSC 6 and 7? I already have the information for the contests held on the new forum. Thanks!


Short Stories Contest #1*

July 2 - August 2, 2004

Results topic*

Host: Schizo Kaita

Theme: All entries must contain the sentence: ”I fear that I am slowly losing my sanity,” he thought wearily.

Prizes:- First place: a Chronicler’s Staff donated by Schizo Kaita- Second place: a Vahi, also donated by Schizo Kaita- Third place: a rare EU-only 2001 Nestlé promo CD-Rom, featuring Toa games not available on the US versions, donated by Nova Nuhvok.

Total qualified entries: 29

First place: The Sentence*, by Shioi*

Second place: The Graveyard*, by MataNuiHero*

Third place: Deep Within the Drifts*, by Janus*

Judges remained anonymous.


2nd Short Stories Contest: Poetry*

November 16 - December 8th, 2004

Results Topic*

Host: Hahli Husky

Theme/Requirements:1. Your poem must be between 8 and 30 lines long

2. Somewhere in the poem, you must include this sentence: "And the feeling, it burned, like the Red Star at night.". You may change the tense of the word ‘burned’ (into such as ‘burns’) if you like.

3. And please guys, make your poems rhyme.

Prizes: (supplied by -CToT-)- First Place: two Vahi masks- Second Place: one Vahi mask- Third Place: one Vahi mask

Total Qualified Entries: 50 (Entries Topic)*

1st Place: Entry 19*, by Bohrok Kal of Death.

2nd Place: Entry 35, Un extase de aveyle emotion* by Speaker Trancendent

3rd Place: Entry 46, They Don't Understand* by <>~Paharakgirl<>~

Judges: -Janus-Tomiam-Nova Nuhvok-Lhikan-Orochi Anagennisi-Nirika The Sun Toa-BCii-xccj


Epicfest: Entry and Results topic*

June 1 - June 30, 2005

Host: Hahli Husky

Theme: To write a Bionicle Short Story that goes along with a writer’s already-post epic or epic series.

Notes: Stories could be submitted to EpicFest without being entered into the competition. The Short Stories submitted were not judged alone, and neither were the Epics they correlated to judged alone. The two were judged together, as a whole.

Prizes:- First: Nestle Bionicle Promotional CD-ROM (provided by Janus), and Le-Metruan Great Disc (provided by Arch-Angel!)- Second: Unsigned Comic Con version of the first Bionicle comic (provided by Schizo Kaita)- Third: Golden Vahi (provided by Roodaka)

Total Qualified entries: 65

First Place: Stolen Virtues: Dark forces*, and it’s epic Stolen Virtues*, by Roodaka*

Second Place: The Silent Shadow*, and it’s epics The Chronicles of Light Book I* (as well as Books II and III), by The Shadowed One*

Third Place: The Toa of Destiny, and it’s epic The Saga of Lhikan*, by SPIRIT*

Semi-finalists:- Caesar Borealis- ToM Dracone- SylverWynd- Smeagol4- Trissy's Insanity in Writing- Celestial Dragon- Motago


Short Stories Contest #3: Songfics!*

November 1 - November 22, 2006

Results Topic*

Host: ToM Dracone

Theme: To write a songfic

Prizes:- The First Place winner will receive set 8731 Toa Kongu, lifetime Premier Membership, and a post count increase of 500 posts;- Second Place will receive one-year Premier Membership and a 250 post count increase;- Third Place will receive six-month Premier Membership as well as a 100 post count increase;- ... and the Honorable Mentions will receive a 50 post count increase each.

Total Qualified Entries: 62

First Place: Everybody's Fool (Everybody's Fool* by Evanescence), by T-Hybrid*

Second Place: Roaming* (Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day), by Black Chimaera Epsilon*

Third Place: Lariska's Angels* (Angels by Within Temptation), by Rikki*

Judges:Turakii #1 LavasurferSPIRITTwenty-TwoAoranToM Dracone


Short Stories Contest #4*

November 21, 2007 - April 14, 2008

Results Topic*

Host: Hahli Husky

Theme/Requirements: Entrants must write a short story based off of an illustration made by ToM Dracone

Prizes:- First Place: One illustration of any of the winner's Bionicle fanfics, drawn and colored by Lady Kopaka- Second Place: One illustration of any of the winner's Bionicle fanfics, drawn by Nikira- Third Place: A $10 gift certificate for the Lego Shop-at-Home website

Total Qualified Entries: 66

First Place: Makuta's Downfall*, by Macku: Toa of Bubbles*

Second Place: Behold a Pale Horse*, by Brave Dragon*

Third Place: A Certain degree of Impropriety*, by Arpy*

Judges:AoranDouble O' Dalek-Lawliet-Senjo-Smeagol4


Short Stories Contest #5: Valentine's Day*

February 14 - March 22, 2009

Results Topic*Host: Hahli Husky

Theme/Requirements: Write a romance-themed story of your favorite Bionicle pairing

Prizes:- First place: Huki and Maku McToran (McDonald's Matoran/Tohunga) sets- Second Place: Copper Kanohi Huna (volunteered by Toa Velox), and choice of Jala or Hahli (she's custom-made, navy blue feet and Kaukau and everything) McToran (McDonald's Matoran/Tohunga) sets- Third Place: Whichever McToran the 2nd place winner did not choose

Total qualified entries: Almost 60

First Place: Chasing Cars* by Kagha*

Second Place: Kulagi's Date* by Xccj*

Third Place: Forgotten Letter* by Lady Kopaka*

Judges:Senjo-Black Oyster Pearl-Macku: Toa of Bubbles-The Snoopy82


Short Stories Autumn Olympics 2009*

October 1, 2009 - November 28, 2009

Host: Hahli Husky

The Events:

1. Team Writing - October 6th - 12th, 2009

Event 1 Details

Winner - Team One, aka Team Yes, comprised of members:- Janus*- Iranu055*- Multivac'sEntropicDilemma*- AZBlue*- Tifosi 92*

Team Yes's story thread*

Event 1 total entrants: 4 teams x 5 entrants each = 20 participating members (LOL WRITER'S MATH)

2. Library Scavenger Hunt - October 13th - 19th, 2009

Event 2 Details

Winner - Jedi Master J.*

3. Traditional SS Contest - October 20th - 31st, 2009

Traditional contest entries*

Total number of qualified entries: 18

First place - Jedi Gali*, Murder From Within*

Second place - Snoopy82*, Walking Home*

Third place - Janus*, The Shallows*

Judges:Exo-FatLolwut Meso SpaegefefrwewrSaiph~Shadow Kurahk~MesonakCap'n KopakaxccjStand-in judge - Avohkahs' Sparks


Library Summer Olympics 2010*

July 1, 2010 - September 24th, 2010

Results* (make sure you scroll the post; results for all 3 library sections are there)

Host: Hahli Husky

Theme/Requirements: This contest is comprised of a series of 'events' - that is, specific contests, one for each Library forum: Epics, Short Stories, and Comedies.

The Events: (In order of execution)

1. Short Stories: 700wd Fest Pursuit - July 1st - July 23rd

Event info can be found here.

In this first event, contestants are required to write a short story based on either:1) An epic (or epics) they've already posted, or 2) An epic (or epics) posted by another member.

The short story(s) must contain elements of the original epic(s), like characters, situations, and/or places.

SS Results:

First Place: Despair* by Tolkien. Based on his epic Unknowledge*

Second Place: The Tournament of Shadows: Absolute Chronicle Preamble - The Phantom Thieves* By Kumata Nuva. Based on his epic The Tournament of Shadows*

Third Place: Glimmers in the Abyss* by Grant-Sud. Based on his epic A Fallen Legacy*


The Point of No Return* by Lazzy the Spazzy. Based on Nid's epic Arachnophobia*

I, Spy* by Snoopy82. Based on his epic The BZ-Metru Story*

The Healer's Story* By Xander004. Based on his epic, The Toa With Black Eyes*

The Moment She Heard Glass Shatter* by Rising Moon. Based on his epic Nightfall*

The Webs We Weave* by Skrilax. Based on his epic Hostage Diversion*


First place: $15 Amazon Giftcard, lifetime Premier membership, and 500 posts

Second place: One year Premier membership, 250 posts

Third place: Six-month Premier membership, 100 posts

SS Judges: xccj Toa of Dancing

2. Comedies: Triple Insanity Pole Vault - July 26th - August 12th

Event info can be found here.

3. Epics: Unlimited Relay - August 14th - September 4th

Event info can be found here; scroll the post.


The links have been checked, but please let me know if any of them are broken or misleading, or if you see any mistakes in the record-keeping or typing. And if you have anything to add, feel free to say so! This is for everyone's benefit. :)


Happy reading!!

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