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Sans name that is. Excuse for the bad quality, my new camera would get here one of these days and my parents have the old camera I had. Anyway, the 2.0 recently got here a few weeks ago, since I got my freshly new Furno, Stormer and Breez 2.0 I decided to test the mocing capacities. I came up with three mocs - Here's one of them, and by far my favorite.

imagen17.jpg Name: Daniel "Scratch" ClarkeOccupation: ScientistEquipment: Gravity Gun, Spears, Catching Claw and Infrared VisionBiography: Daniel Clarke was one of the first fully mechanical creations of the Great Beings, with no soul or emotions. He used to work closely with the Great Beings, seeing the creation of the Mask of Life and the creation of Mata Nui.When the Energized Protodermis was first found, Clarke felt betrayed as the Great Beings tested the substance on him, the result was something rather interesting from the viewpoint of the Great Beings, the Protodermis gave Clarke a soul, now having a soul and feelings. A secondary effect left Clarke blind for life.After the Core War happened, the Great Beings began to develop a failsafe in case something went wrong, the result was the great Mask Of Life - The Kanohi Ignika, and a giant mechanical being called Mata Nui that was sent off the planet a few moments before Spherus Magna shattered into pieces. When The Shattering occured, Clarke was left in Bota Magna where he positioned his home in a cave, getting resources from the wildlife of the planet and developing a multi-tool shield equipped with Spears, a Claw and a shooting device that altered the gravity of the objective. After Mata Nui reunited the three pieces of Spherus Magna into one, Clarke began to help the survivors on Bota Magna getting them to a safe place. FrontBackSideviewSideviewFront (again) Consider that I only have three of the new sets, so I don't have that many possibilities.

Do not trust corrupted memories.

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