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The first combiner I made with HF Parts, and one of my favorites! Made using parts from Rocka, Nex, and Evo. Enjoy!http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=494514Comments and criticism encouraged! :)

Credit to Moist! from the Spectral Avohkii Enterprises for the super sig!


^The Chronicles of Chandu: ElementElites, Ivu, Equinox. An epic written by cylex7^

"I applaud your valiant ways in the face of futility." - Makuta Kazyx, CoC

Chapter 6 of CoC ElementElites is up!!! Please review!

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I've seen a recent influx of combiners - especially Hero Factory ones - in this forum.I do understand the challenges of building combiners. It is very rare that three or more sets in a wave contain colors that actually look good together, on one MOC. This fellow? Well ... he's a little on the technicolor end of things. Specifically, yellow, gold, and orange are too close on the color wheel to look good together. However, you could eliminate the green, white, and purple parts (of which there are very few) and still be left with essentially the same MOC. Doing that wouldn't exactly ameliorate the color issue, but it could help to alleviate it.Anent the shape of the MOC, there are two areas that require attention: the lower torso (and, by extension, the entire torso) and the legs. The legs are simply way too thin and need bulk - bulk that you could move from the lower torso, which looks like it has too much armor on the lower section. Even if you didn't modify the legs one bit, I think the whole MOC could be improved by rearranging/redoing the torso armor and/or entire chest.I would bring up other, smaller issues that I have with the MOC, but I think you did a pretty good job for a combiner.

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I can say that you understand the concepts and are experimenting with the techniques of the HF system, but I'm afraid the aesthetics need a bit more work. First, the upper torso needs the widest and heaviest armor, not the belly. Second, the legs are attached rather strangely. However, unless you are willing to add more sets to the mix, I'm not sure if there is a solution. Finally, the limbs are weirdly long and thin. Chest armor makes great limb armor on larger MOCs. However, I like the use of heads as connectors.

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I do believe that you've learned how to use the HF system quite well, but your color placement is... lacking.Before I go onto the colors of this moc, there's a few other things I'd like to point out. First of all, the stomach and chest area. Most tall mocs and combiners need to have larger upper chests, not larger stomachs. Simply turn your torso armor 180 degrees, and it would look much more intimidating, and impressive.Another thing that bugged me was the arms. Much to spindly. Your use of feet armor is daring, but in the case of the arms, strange looking. Replace the top golden feet with Hero body armor and the lower with hero normal armor to create a more natural look that pleases the eye.Now onto the colors. First of all, I understand that making combiners is very difficult, thanks to the lack of colors. That, however, does not mean you can't create an awesome combiner. Look to the lego Evo and Furno 2.0 combiner. It blended colors well (In my opinion, anyway) and gave off a solid look. The best way to get the look you want is to constantly mess around with the moc until satisfied.


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