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Selling Bionicle collection (2001-2007 - Titans & playsets)

Michiel Wouters

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I've recently decided to sell my childhood Bionicle collection, which consisted of almost all sets from 2001-2007. I have already sold most of my canister and small box sets, but still have plenty of Titans, playsets and Kanohi for sale. I prefer selling my sets in bundles (e.g. keep titans of the same year together).
The sets are 100% complete, in very good condition, and include almost all spare parts (checked with Bricklink inventory). Original instructions are included for each set, but no boxes.
The prices include PayPal G&S fees, and exclude shipment. Shipment to the US would cost around $40 for example (tracked+insured). Local pick-up is possible if you happen to live in or near Belgium.
2002 Master Builder Set
  • Price: €100
2006 Titan bundle (Reserved)
  • Contains the Titans AxonnBrutaka and Vezon & Fenrakk
  • Price: €250
2007 Titan bundle (Reserved)
  • Contains the Titans Nocturn and Maxilos & Spinax
  • Price: €200
2005 Playset bundle (Reserved)
  • Contains the sets Visorak battle ramTower of Toa and Battle of Metru Nui
  • Price: €125
2006 Playset bundle (Reserved)
  • Contains the sets Piraka outpostLava chamber gate and Piraka stronghold
  • Price: €150
Kanohi & Krana
  • 8 alternate color Toa Mata Kanohi
  • 2 silver/gold Toa Mata Kanohi
  • 1 alternate color Turaga Kanohi
  • 6 alternate color Toa Nuva Kanohi
  • 23 Krana
  • Price for full bundle: €200
  • Purchase of single Kanohi's and Krana's can be combined with other sets. They will be priced according to Bricklink sold averages in this case.
Feel free to contact me with any questions / picture requests!


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