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Muli the Matoran


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Muli's a Ga-Matoran of Mata Nui, who helps watch over the docks of Ga-Wahi and keep dangerous Rahi from their shores, in-between fishing for sport. She likes to joke that her strength stems from being secretly a Po-Matoran whose copper oxidized to blue in time, but nobody takes it seriously.muli3.thumb.png.5c63ad9758d623aa73936bac474bf974.png

I always loved the medium blue hue for Kanohi, and I finally got my hands on the Ruru. muli2.thumb.png.3fd988e95d1007499d088a7f4670a31f.png

Pretty good poseability! The one non-legal attachment is the 2L rods used for the elbows, split from a 4L rod. They can be swapped with a 2L axle for accuracy, but I prefer the articulation


Bonus instructions here, built using Stud.iomulinew.pdf

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