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Happy 20th anniversary, Mask of Light movie!


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Hi, guys. A day late, but happy 20th anniversary to the direct-to-video movie, Mask of Light! It is a reason why I love Bionicle. It gave me a great understanding to Bionicle’s G1 story. I love how the character look more natural and organic, like the muscles, to show that the characters are bio-mechanical, but they should have been more accurate to their sets. I was surprised to see Takua being a main protagonist in the story and became what he was told to search for, the Toa of Light named Takanuva. I wish the movie had shown the Le-Matoran, Onu-Matoran, Ko-Matoran, and more masks for the Matoran in general, as I wish Matoro and Kopeke were here. Plus, more variety on the eye colors. I also wish the movie’s prologue could have talked about Bionicle’s 2001, 2002, and early 2003 story arcs just to get a better idea about what’s going on in the movie’s story. Anyway, the movie had a good story. It’s my childhood. :)

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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This film felt LIFE-CHANGING as a kid. Looking back at it, it's a total piece of ******, it disrespects the lore & Bionicle in general so much, but man-oh-man it meant so much to me when I was 9.

#makeBionicleG1andHeroFactorysharethesameuniverse and #giveBionicleansHeroFactorytheirownliveactioncinematicuniverse 
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