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i had a crazy idea, what is we merged Bionicle with other themes like idk Ninjago, i think garmadon would look great in a bio form, especially the oni......

and other themes to like how abt eggman bio?

its worth thinking abt, 

pls post some pictures of mocs of ideas.........

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You had me at Ninjago, sold me at Galidor. Surprised no one's done that yet, even as a joke. (Or maybe someone has idk lol.) I don't have the parts to do any MOCs of the sort, but here's to hoping you gave someone an idea.

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Blehhh I draw things and like to rummage through Lego history and/or theme lore | Portal to all my social medias | There's some joke here about my fondness for both Zane and Matoro

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3 hours ago, Lenny7092 said:

Hey. We all have a right to say our comment. It’s rude, man.

okay that's fine I just feel like you are treading over the same ground over and over again.

19 hours ago, Lenny7092 said:

I would merge Bionicle G1 with Hero Factory. Plus, Ninjago with Nexo Knights, Hidden Side, and Dreamzzz

what about acting on this creatively by writing stop motion animating, building, or anything else to make this a reality?



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