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Looking to Trade Masks for Kraata

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Hello, I have a group of masks worth about $40 on Bricklink that I'm looking to sell or trade. I'm looking for Kraata Leechs of any stage/color or these masks:

Miru Nuva (Adaptive Armor Style B), Baranus V7 / Skopio XV-1 Flip Mask (Bright Light Orange)

Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss details.

Thank you


FYI, the Rode and the Lime Ruru are no longer available.


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On 2/10/2024 at 2:59 PM, Chrono Vogon said:

I would prefer to do kraata 4 kraata trade. Could you let me know what you have so we can work something out?

Sorry for the late reply. I'm not really interested in trading kraata for kraata at the moment. Would you be willing to trade kraata for krana masks however?

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