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Hero Factory has Teridax-wannabes.

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Hi, guys. I have been studying Hero Factory. Five of the main antagonists are like parts of Makuta Teridax from Bionicle. Here’s how it is: 
1. Von Nebula - A tall mastermind and would-be conquerer who wear black armor, has red eyes, uses a staff, and does gravity. 
2. Fire Lord - A tall megalomaniac villain who absorbs energy. 
3. Witch Doctor - A tall maniac who uses a staff and mind-controls animals 
4. Black Phantom - A tall and smart mastermind and would-be conquerer who wears black armor, and uses a staff. 
5. The guy who created the Brains - This guy also wears black armor. He creates the Brains, which are like Kraata and can mind-control beings. 

So, there. Quite interesting about these Teridax-wannabes. You guys ever thought about that? :)

Note: I would expect Confused Piraka and Master Inika to say something unreasonable, so if they do, please go along with my idea, not saying your non-constructive ideas. You guys have been doing it a lot to my topics lately. So, I’m looking at you guys.

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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4 hours ago, Lenny7092 said:

please go along with my idea

If you're looking for an echo chamber where everyone mindlessly agrees with you, don't post your opinion on a public discussion forum. 

4 hours ago, Lenny7092 said:

Five of the main antagonists are like parts of Makuta Teridax from Bionicle.

I get the point you're trying to make here, but "dresses in black and has red eyes" is probably the most common stereotype in all of fictional villainy. That alone doesn't make a character a deliberate riff on Makuta Teridax specifically. It's also worth noting that despite how he was sometimes described in-story, none of the official set versions of Terry actually have black armour, nor does his depiction in the movies. 

As for your other notes, the Makuta species were given so many powers that they probably overlap with just about every villain Lego has ever made. Not everything is connected, or a deliberate reference. 

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Wait till you hear about Skeletor, Shredder, Megatron, Voldemort, Palpatine, Mordred, Thanos, Darkseid, or Maleficent.

(My point is that none of the traits you identified are unique to Makuta or even to LEGO. Megalomania, imposing height, black armor/clothing, and use of enslaved servants are all common tropes surrounding antagonists.)

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