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Well, this is a Toa of Sonics I made. I might make an epic about his quest.JukalHis SwordBackReleirheim the 1st swordZaepros the 2nd swordShane the 3rd swordR'uthgare the 4th swordCharon's Bane the 5th swordJukal is a Toa of Sonics from the island Rewen Fex. His gold armor piece was given to him by a powerful Toa of Light. It gives Jukal limited light powers. His sword, the Clockwork Blade, is his main weapon. It isn't special, but he can channel his powers with it. His mask is a Kanohi Volitak, mask of stealth. His gun shoots a concentrated sonic blast. He was sent on a quest to retrieve five legendary blades to deafeat Talkariss. The first blade, Releirheim, is the finest crafted and unbreakable. Zaepros is the source of the element of electricity. Shane is the blade of light and shadow. It is a powerful weapon in the right hands, whether for good or evil. R'uthgare is a weapon only for the brave of heart. It seems to be part of the right wielder. Charon's Bane is the most powerful sword ever forged. It is the bane of darkness, which means it is a blade of light. If someone somehow acquires this blade, it will deem them worthy and grants them the power of time when wielding this blade. Only Charon's Bane can defeat Talkariss.Anyways, I might make an epic on Jukal's quest. Comments and critisism, but please, don't mention the red pins. I ran out of black ones.

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He looks a little... malnourished? While aspects of his design work well alone, the compilation gives him a very frail and somewhat unsteady look, particularly the high shoulderplates and comparatively huge mask. Bulk him out a little and he'll be fine. I like the simplicity and... un-clustered-ness... of the weapons, while still being generally custom and unique.

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i kinda pf agree with takal about being malnoursished. but sometimes the weaker forms are what hold great power. I will say i like the different swords you have for him especially the first and second ones. when i first looked at him i thought his shoulder armor reminded me of the sand troopers from star wars since they have the orange thing on their shoulders. other than that it is a great moc i only recomend adding some more armor to him.


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Hmm...yes, a bit thin. But I do like that eye color. "His Sword" SUCKS. And back view has a foot sticking out the back?!Releirheim is nice, goes with the thin guy look. Zaepros is also great, the curving almost looks like an epic paradox. Shane is a generic sword, I guess...and doesn't fit with him well.R'uthgare is wonderful, the glowing effect and angle makes it seem like a quick yet heavy blade, something that would just plain look epic swooshing through the air at the enemy.Charon's Bane doesn't look right in the hands of such a thin warrior, but if you beefed him up...all the swords would look fine on him. 7/10, just for the great swords. Without them, 4/10.


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