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Has anyone tried to contact Lego Customer Service?

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Hi, guys. When you are wondering about something or you need something, you would ask Lego Customer Service to help you with something. However, there can be some unhelpful situations. Here are my experiences: 

1. When Bionicle was 19 in 2020, I asked LCS if they got any plans for Bionicle’s 20th anniversary. However, they said nothing about it (Bionicle’s 20th anniversary sort of wasn’t celebrated), but they said “what you said would give our designers good ideas” (I don’t think that’s helpful much in my opinion). They also told me to focus on today’s themes like Ninjago. 

2. A few months ago, I asked LCS if they would be willing to share Hero Factory’s preserved online and print content to the fans. However, they said they can’t do that. They keep changing people. They still want me to focus on today’s themes. 

Basically, the people that I talked to did not help me much with Bionicle’s anniversary and Hero Factory’s preserved online and printed content. They should focus on the past things again, so legacies will be preserved. It doesn’t hurt to do it, does it? This is a good reason why we have to ask Mask of Destiny and other Bionicle fan communities like them to contact the guys who worked on some Bionicle works and Hero Factory, and these guys could hopefully uncover the mysteries of some of Bionicle’s media (last year, Mask of Destiny contacted a guy named Peter Mack, who worked on the Mata Nui Online Games and the online animations), like Bionicle: The Legend Reborn’s soundtrack, and restore Hero Factory’s lost stuff. 

Anyway, have you guys contacted Lego Customer Service before? Did they give you the same problems, or did they help you a lot on a certain situation?

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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The customer service page clearly lists the topics they're responsible for. No Lego representative is going to answer questions about sets that haven't been officially announced, and digging up archived content from long-dead themes isn't LCS' responsibility. 

Complaining that Lego's customer service didn't adequately answer questions that don't fall under their purview in the first place is like complaining that a restaurant couldn't service your car. It's not their job. 

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I called LEGO Customer Service for the first time in 2006 when I bought Brutaka and his weapon pieces weren't included, and they sent me replacements for free. I called them again in 2008 over some of the new joint pieces breaking and also received complementary replacements (which also later broke, but that's not Customer Service's fault). They're not really there to answer the kind of questions you were asking.

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