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Agni and Kalama - a Mata Nui short story (STORY UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

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Edit: Upon reflection, I find this story somewhat lackluster. Until I decide what to do with it, I will be removing it from my list of stories and adding a STORY UNDER CONSTRUCTION in the topic title.


Ever had a friend/coworker who constantly complained about something but you never had the guts to call them out, so you just kind off let them go on and on? Agni knows just that kind of Matoran. I'm back with another little snippet of Matoran life, this time focusing on members of the Ta-Koro Guard. Enjoy!



Agni and Kalama marched slowly back and forth on one of the fortified walls of Ta-Koro.

“It’s so hot in this village,” said Kalama as he passed Agni.

“Mm-hm,” mumbled Agni in response. After a few steps, the two Ta-Matoran reached the towers on either side, lifted their weapons, turned around and slowly marched in the other direction. Agni looked straight ahead.

“Everything is so red and hot,” added Kalama as he passed Agni.

“Mm-hm,” mumbled Agni in response. When the Miru-wielder reached the other side, he eyed the village entrance down below. Then he lifted his weapon, turned around and marched slowly in the other direction. Kalama soon came near.

“I wish there was something to do,” moaned the Matatu-wielder as he passed. “There is nothing to do in this village.”

Agni was about to suggest Kalama try lava-surfing. Then he remembered his comrade had already dismissed the sport as too dangerous mere minutes ago. Instead, he simply mumbled in response and marched towards the other side. There, he stopped, lifted his weapon, turned around and marched in the other direction.

“What do you think I could do, Agni?” asked Kalama as marched towards his comrade. “To pass the time in this village I mean?”

Agni paused so he didn’t automatically respond with another mumble. As Kalama came near, he suggested: “Perhaps, comrade, you could take time to ponder the virtue we guards live by.”

“Yes, Duty,” said Kalama. “I will ponder the virtue of Duty. Thank you, Agni!”

“You’re welcome,” replied Agni flatly. As the Miru-wielder reached the other side of the wall, he once again looked down at the entrance. To his delight, he saw a familiar figure with a black Komau standing at the gate.

“Ho, Nuri!” he called.

The Komau-wielder looked up.

“Have the other guards returned from their mission yet?”

“I’m afraid not,” called Nuri back. “There is no word yet from the Captain or the others.”

Agni’s shoulders drooped.

“I have to go back now,” called Nuri. “You and Kalama will have to extend your shift until they return.”

Extend my shift … with that lethargic Husi named Kalama, thought Agni, barely stopping his optical sensors from twitching at the thought. Before he could plead with Nuri to take his place, the Komau-wielder turned back and left. Agni simply sighed and saluted. He lifted his weapon and turned around. As he composed himself Kalama, who had continued marching the entire time Agni was speaking to Nuri, was coming towards him to the other side. Agni straightened his back and marched forward.

“I’m very grateful for you, Agni,” said Kalama as he passed. “You are my favourite marching partner.”

“Mm-hm,” mumbled Agni in response.

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This one got me thinking with the last line. Why does Agni ignore Kalama's declaration of gratitude? Is he just tuning out everything Kalama is saying by this point? Or is it too little too late for Agni to care even if he wanted to? I have been on both sides of this dynamic before and I was curious to see if this plot would go anywhere. More than any of your other brief snippets of everyday Mata Nui life, this one has the potential to be the most interesting but as is leaves the most to be desired.

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  • TahnokTrapper changed the title to Agni and Kalama - a Mata Nui short story (STORY UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

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