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Finally Finished my Bionicle Collection [Bragpost]

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Finally finished my collection! Took about 4 years. Cost about ~$15,000 as I started after 2020 when the prices spiked. A terrible decision? Perhaps. But I was bored. I've had it appraised and insured. Do you know how hard it is to find someone who can appraise this who also can drive to come see it? 

I'm not going to caption each image for this forum since you guys know what stuff is. Thank you to the regular users of this forum who got me started and put up with my dumbass questions. I think the "rares" topic is what finally got me to pull the trigger on starting this. Bionicle wouldn't be what it is today without you all. 

DM me if you're selling something I don't have. SDCC Kanoka, Kanohi prototypes, 3-color Kraata, and the like. I'll gladly kill or be killed for a white huna. 

The masks cost more but the Kraata are the component I'm most proud of. Took years to find all the random ones. Plus, I got both colors of orange! Nobody else seems to collect these even though they are distinctly different.  No sane person should start a Kraata collection right now. Wait until bulk lots show back up on Ebay. My bad on making those disappear. 

I have 3 Kaukau's with bubble cheeks. I've heard they come in 5 colors. It'd be cool to get the others but it's so pedantic I don't care much.

Also I'm going to fix that guide I wrote with about 25 factual corrections I got from you guys and FB. Plus better charts. However work has turned into a nightmare in the short-term so it will have to wait. Ty all for the info. It will, eventually, be finished. 
















image0 (29).jpeg

image1 (20).jpeg







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Absolutely killer collection! I’m pretty happy with my smaller collection, but seeing this definitely makes me somewhat wish I hadn’t traded some of the other prototypes and collectibles I’ve had. Oh well! It’s pretty fun looking through everything you have- I was honestly surprised to see so much of the super rare stuff, I don’t know if you’ve shared much or any of it prior, but if you have I must’ve missed it. 

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